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Australia citizens now can get their Vietnam Visa On Arrival at Greenvisa | SproutNews
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Australia citizens now can get their Vietnam Visa On Arrival at Greenvisa

Vietnam now open and welcome all travelers and business people to Vietnam. Thanks to that, getting visa to Vietnam is now very easy and straightforward.

Australia citizens now can get their Vietnam Visa On Arrival at Greenvisa

May 13, 2017 /MarketersMedia/

According to the Vietnamese government, Vietnam recently introduced an e-Visa application system for citizens of 40 countries, including Australia and Spain. This is a great news for Australia travelers who are looking for Vietnam visa for Australian. The e-Visas system will allow citizens of these countries to visit Vietnam for up to 30 days.

Now Australia visitors no longer have to ship their original passport to the Vietnam Embassy in their country as they can perform the entire procedure online, which enables them to apply for the Vietnam Visa On Arrival in a very short time. Moreover, it is especially convenient for those who are currently staying far away from available Embassies or Consulates. Not only that, dealing with the immigration authorities becomes faster and easier than the past as they can hire a Vietnam Visa On Arrival processing service to do it on their behalf. This is when Greenvisa.io comes in handy as it has more than ten years of experience in processing Vietnam visa on arrival for residents from over 190 nations.

Greenvisa is a global leading in affordable-travelling agency specializing in several traditional services at Vietnam International Airport for citizens of foreign countries over the globe.

People can find more information of Vietnam visa online Australia at Green visa.

Once Australia citizens decide to choose Greenvisa Vietnam visa service, they can benefit from an easy-to-use, secure online application system which can save them time and money. They can also enjoy the quick processing time of one hour convenient for those who require urgent visas. Not only that, the agency gives users the transparent, affordable service fee without any hidden charges. The company also offers support 24/7, which means visitors can contact them for help at any time of the day. Finally, in case the visa is declined by officers, the company will refund everything to their users with no question asked.

The agency offers professional advice and an optimized system which makes applying for a visa quick and straightforward, without the trouble of handling paperwork and confidential documentation, and scheduling a visit to an embassy which can take a lot of time and costly. visa for vietnam from australia

To apply visa for Vietnam from Australia, Australian citizens fill out the online form and submit application, they will need to settle the payment and wait to receive confirmation through their provided email. After that, one visa approval letter would be processed directly, taking about two working days or less based on the selected option. When the progress has been done entirely, their Visa Approval Letter would be scanned and sent to their provided email as a first legal document to pass the airport customs.

The last stage happens when travelers arrives at the airport. Vietnam’s airport customs will first approve their Visa Approval letter while they will be picked up and escorted by GreenVisa staff to the Vietnam Immigration Department to get Visa stamped. Tourists before coming to the airport should prepare some required items relating to the visa stamping fee and two standard 4×6 cm pictures.

All in all, Greenvisa.io service offers Australia citizens a great opportunity to visit and enjoy native cultures, spectacular sceneries and delicious cuisines of Vietnam easier and more convenient.

To apply for Vietnam Visa From Australia, Australians can access to Vietnam visa on arrival fast service at Green Visa.

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