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VEM – TU VAN DAU TU UC – Trusted Provider Of The Australia Immigration Consulting Services

VEM – TU VAN DAU TU UC tells about its services.

January 27, 2022

Australia is well known for being a nation of immigrants. It has always been a top choice of migrants when it comes to seeking a place to live a better life. With its world-class education system and highest living standards, Australia is a dream destination for many people all over the world who wish to receive the best education and the best quality of life. However, Australian Migration Law is considered to be the most complex and unpredictable in the world since it is often revised. Furthermore, there are a great number of people struggling to fulfill their dream of migrating to Australia due to good and bad service quality offered by various agencies at some point in time. At VEM – TU VAN DAU TU UC, they are proud to be a highly experienced Australian migration agency with profound knowledge in Australian Immigration Laws. With more than 20 years of operation, VEM – TU VAN DAU TU UC has successfully helped millions of investors and families across Vietnam by providing them with Australian business visas solutions. Thanks to VEM – TU VAN DAU TU UC’s assistance, a significant number of clients have become permanent residents and settled in Australia.

With three offices in Vietnam and one headquarter in Australia, VEM – TU VAN DAU TU UC has been standing out amongst other agencies in Vietnam with their uniqueness. Firstly, a qualified migration consultant has registered with the Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) – MARN: 1577877. Therefore, the company has provided clients with top-notch services which meet Australian migration standards. Secondly, VEM’s migration consultant is also a member of the Immigration Institute of Australia (MIA). For that reason, their clients can be the first to receive any latest revision and updates of the Australian migration laws and policies. Lastly, VEM – TU VAN DAU TU UC’s offices are located in both Australia and Vietnam, offering their clients full package service including consulting, valuation, and conducting visa processing procedures. Additionally, VEM – TU VAN DAU TU UC also supports their clients in investing in a wide range of areas such as real estate and the stock market in Australia.

Mr. Phong Cao – an immigration consultant licensed by the Australian Government stated that the rate of Vietnamese people applying for Australian investment visas has increased sharply over the past few years. Nevertheless, the number of visas granted is extremely low. To be specific, the main reasons can be that the applicants did not submit all the necessary documents, the visa application submitted did not meet the standards, or the applicants probably did not provide enough documents supporting their financial proof. To avoid visa refusal due to the above-mentioned problems, Mr. Phong Cao and VEM – TU VAN DAU TU UC will assist clients from the very beginning by:

– Assessing skills and documents, checking to see if clients can obtain the number of migration points required by Australian immigration and investment. In case they do not meet the requirements of revenue, audit, or immigration, Mr. Phong Cao will guide clients on how to maintain and build their financial capacity.

– Auditing, collecting, and preparing financial documents with the investors to submit to the Immigration Department.

– Advising on feasible and safe investment channels for clients.

– VEM – TU VAN DAU TU UC office in Australia continues to support clients when they arrive in Australia with regular visits, advice, and further contact. After that, we will continue to support a family-sponsored visa.

Clients’ journey to applying for an Australian investment visa only stops when they officially become permanent residents in Australia because they deserve to be supported by the Australian standard service!

For more information, click at:

About the Company: Victory Education Migration – VEM is the right place for the candidates to enroll name if they want to settle in Australia.

Contact Detail

Headquarter in Australia
Address: Level 24-25, 108 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Phone: (+61) 865 578 833

Contact Info:
Name: Phong Cao
Email: Send Email
Address: SAV.6-03.06 The Sun Avenue, 28 Mai Chi Tho, An Phu Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: +84909 112 310


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Marked Since Day 1 Pushes The Envelope With Vampire In Chicago

Marked Since Day 1 is an American model and musical artist. The Marked 1 has released a brand-new album, Vampire in Chicago, featuring 19 original songs.

United States – January 27, 2022

David Gabriel, otherwise known as Marked 1, as well as the artist behind Marked Since Day 1, is an American independent model, a musician, and one of the most distinguished performers on the contemporary Chicago scene.

An esteemed model and a well-established artist, the Marked 1 presents his fans with Vampire in Chicago – an eclectic sonic masterpiece comprised of nineteen all-original tunes.

Black Potpourri opens the album. Nostalgic, dark sensibilities dominate this tune and set the mood for the rest of the record. Gabriel took a hard-left turn with Dark Porcelain, shifting from EDM-focused instruments and programmed percussions to a classic rock setup of a live guitar, drums, and a driving bass.

The Marked 1’s Vampire in Chicago returns to electronica with Demon Dealer. Departuring from electronic and rock styles, Gabriel takes a deep dive into the waters of trap music. With Devil Face, the Marked 1 seamlessly blends the elements of the album’s previous tracks, combining rock guitars, trap beats, and Gabriel’s exquisite singing style.

The ‘U Cry’ is a heartfelt ballad that relies heavily on somber electronic piano leads, backed with trap percussions and lyrics that paint a picture of a painful heartbreak. U Cry premiered on YouTube on the 26th of May, 2021.

One of the album’s highlights is Dirty Little Lips, portraying the dark, bloodthirsty vibes of Vampire in Chicago. The official music video for this track was released on the 25th of October 2021 on YouTube.

Intoxicated II is bound to become a fan-favorite for the sheer fact that the track is brilliantly performed by live musicians and is accompanied by electronic effects. Following in the footsteps of the original Lady Death released in 2020, the Marked 1has released the sequel on the 4th of April and featured it on Vampire in Chicago.

Vampire in Chicago, the title track, showcases the elements that dominate the album. Dark, intricate lyrics blended with solid rhythm and outstanding leads grace the track, complementing Marked 1’s authentic singing style.

After numerous other hits on the record, the Vampire in Chicago is closed by Witches – a strong indie song driven by a thundering bass and Gabriel’s voice.

Marked Since Day 1 has been among the most prolific active artists in 2021. David Gabriel continues to push the envelope and challenge his fans by experimenting with different music genres but remaining true to his lyrics and singing.

Vampire in Chicago is a semi-conceptual double album wonder that broke into hip-hop, trap, electronic, and rock music. Die-hard fans of heavier styles, as well as rap enthusiasts, have something to look forward to on Vampire in Chicago.

More information about Marked Since Day 1 is available on his official Instagram profile.

Contact Info:
Name: David Gabriel
Email: Send Email
Organization: Marked Since Day 1
Address: United States

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Seaside Wavy Goes The Hardest With His Comeback Album

Talented hip hop act, Seaside Wavy, releases a new project titled “I Go The Hardest” as he makes a comeback after a short hiatus from the scene

January 26, 2022

Seaside Wavy is making the grandest possible comeback into the music scene as he drops another potential hit in his latest project titled I Go The Hardest. The talented Seaside act is coming back after a 6-year break, a move that has been described as the perfect timing, as he seeks to treat his fans and lovers of good music to another amazing listening experience.

Music remains a universal language and one act that has seemingly perfected the art of reaching millions of people worldwide is Seaside Wavy. His latest project, a 5 track EP, offers a unique mix of everything and all shades of amazingness, from the powerful lyrics to the engineering of each song, further reiterating the creativity and ingenuity of the act that have endeared him to millions of people worldwide.

Seaside Wavy starts the fantastic journey with Altima and Black El Camino, two singles that got an amazing reception from fans and have continued to enjoy massive airplay. The artist offers his fans a feel of what they have been missing over the years, with a smooth flow that will leave listeners putting them on replay. Seaside Wavy undoubtedly put in a lot of work in the project, drawing inspiration from his life experiences and happenings around him. The project delivers a mixture of songs, allowing listeners have a seemingly different but improved side of Seaside.

The hip hop artist bears it all in the project, featuring only one act, “That Weird Kid,” on the single titled Yama Bounce. The single is a reminder of the good old days of rock, blessing the ears of the crowd with the kind of music they desire. Seaside Wavy starts hard and continues with the same energy throughout I Go The Hardest as he ends the EP with Better off dead, giving listeners one last taste of what 2022 and beyond hold for music lovers. The good bop song delivers “out of this world” rap with dope punchlines, bringing the all-rounder project to an amazing end.

I Go The Hardest is currently available on all major streaming platforms for listeners worldwide.

For more information about I Go The Hardest and other projects from Seaside Wavy, visit his social media pages on Instagram and Twitter.

Courtesy of Cutty TV LLC

Contact Info:
Name: Cutty TV LLC
Email: Send Email
Organization: Cutty TV LLC

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Bravo Pharmacy Announces New Medication Packaging Service to Improve the Health of Jamaica Plain Pharmacy Patients

BravoPak from Bravo Pharmacy provides a simpler, safer medication experience through convenient, personalized packaging, using the latest in pharmacy robotics.

January 26, 2022

Bravo Pharmacy, a forward-thinking pharmacy in Jamaica Plain, MA, recently added BravoPak, a new service designed to prevent dangerous medication errors for patients taking multiple prescriptions. BravoPak removes the guesswork for patients, by allowing Bravo Pharmacy to pre-sort and package patient medications, labeling each dose by day, date, and time. The convenient, easy-to-open packaging makes taking prescribed medications are more straightforward, and hassle-free.

BravoPak allows for greater independence in care-at-home situations and can accommodate prescriptions, OTC meds, and even supplements. Studies show that more than half of patients on multiple medications do not take their medications correctly. Medication non-adherence leads to 125,000 preventable deaths and more than $500 billion in avoidable healthcare costs each year.

“BravoPak eliminates the confusion and inconvenience for patients taking a large number of daily medications,” said Dmitry Linkov, Owner, Bravo Pharmacy. “The date-and-time stamped pouches mean no more pill sorting and fewer errors. Our patients tell us they’ve experienced life-changing improvements to their health, and family members are thrilled that their loved ones don’t skip doses or accidentally take too many of these vital medications.”

Bravo Pharmacy offers the BravoPak service at no charge, and will even deliver the medication to customers for free.

“I’ve been using BravoPak for 1 month, said Collette G., of Jamaica Plain. Before, I’d have to open up each bottle, place each pill one by one into my organizer. It took time and I risked making a mistake. It was so frustrating having to go through this process. Now, I just tear off a pouch and I’m done!”

With BravoPak, taking medications on-the-go is especially simple—in just seconds, patients can tear off the medication pouches they’ll need. This can help busy patients to continue to live more independently.

“I love to travel, and just hate bringing all my bottles,” said Charlotte B. “The BravoPak helps me remove the restrictions. It makes my meds easy to transport and store. And takes less space in my bag. I don’t need to worry about missing a pill when I’m away.”

The BravoPak service is made possible by Bravo Pharmacy’s installation of the RapidPakRx™, a pharmacy robot designed and manufactured in the United States. With 23 vision systems and three layers of integrated machine vision pill detection, verification, and inspection, RapidPakRx can provide a high volume of multi-med pouches with unparalleled accuracy and speed, at a very low cost.

BravoPak is available immediately. To learn more about BravoPak, visit the pharmacy’s newly updated website at, or call Bravo Pharmacy 617-553-2501.

“With BravoPak, our patients have peace of mind knowing their medications are in one place, organized by day and time. Less hassle and less worrying means overall wellness will improve. And that’s Bravo’s mission, said Dmitry Linkov, Bravo Pharmacy Owner. We invite you to Bravo to learn more

Covid Testing

Bravo has invested in technology for accurate, rapid, and convenient onsite Covid testing: from PCR to antigen. We provide results in 30 minutes.

About Bravo Pharmacy

Bravo Pharmacy in Jamaica Plain, MA is a locally owned and independently operated full-service pharmacy that has been built up from humble beginnings. We’re where we are today because of our passion, patients, and family. We provide wellness services to help people stay well and partner in your good health. Bravo is a family-owned business working to make our community a healthier and happier place. Our team is passionate and determined to serve with a heart.

For more information, please refer to the contact details below.

Contact: Dmitry Linkov
Address: 3158 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130
Phone: 617-553-2501

Contact Info:
Name: Dmitry Linkov
Email: Send Email
Organization: Bravo Pharmacy
Address: 3158 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130
Phone: 617-553-2501


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Oak Health Foundation Launches Fully Health: a Mental, Physical, & Spiritual Health Clinic

The organization aims to integrate the Gospel message into mental health treatment.

Laguna Hills, CA, USA – January 26, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

Oak Health Foundation, a mental health organization that integrates Christian faith with comprehensive healthcare resources, has launched Fully Health: a mental, physical, and spiritual health clinic. This launch aligns with the foundation’s vision to ​​see hearts healed, souls saved, aspirations attained, and God glorified.

Fully Health patients will receive comprehensive outpatient mental health care along with professional, spiritual counseling. Each participant will undergo a rigorous, objective-based therapy program.

The team at Fully Health believes that your spirit is a core part of who you are. Addressing your spiritual health needs is essential to the whole healing process.

In many Christian communities, there remains some stigma regarding mental illness. The Fully Health clinic hopes to be a bridge for these communities that addresses misconceptions and encourages people to seek professional help for their mental health problems.

In the words of one Fully Health client: “It [integrative treatment] has helped to see God in different situations rather than just relying or focusing on myself. I do think it has helped my recovery, but it has also influenced my relationship with God at times. I do think that I have learned more about myself and how I perceive and understand God in my life, and it has helped to better understand the ‘why’ to my reactions to different situations.” Fully Health opened their virtual doors for telehealth appointments on December 1st.

Fully Health is 100% cash pay, operating on a sliding scale. Generous donors help the clinic provide subsidized care for individuals with financial need to take their first step towards attaining freedom and healing.

To learn more about Fully Health or to make an appointment, visit or call 877-553-8559 (877-55-FULLY).

About Oak Health Foundation
Oak Health Foundation is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization that integrates Christian faith with comprehensive healthcare resources by providing education about mental health in light of the Gospel, promoting holistic recovery from mental health issues, and raising awareness about the prevalence and stigma around mental health disorders. To learn more, visit

Contact Info:
Name: Joseph An
Email: Send Email
Organization: Fully Health

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Prazoli Products Launches its Proposal Ring Box on Amazon

Prazoli Products, a family-owned e-commerce company, has recently announced the launch of its proposal ring box on Amazon. The product has been designed for the perfect proposal, made using walnut wood, strong magnets, and a velvet cushion. Continue reading →

Independence, KY, United States – January 26, 2022

Prazoli Products is pleased to announce the official launch of the company’s premium quality proposal ring box on Amazon. This family-owned e-commerce company is dedicated to creating products that make life’s celebrations more special.

To find out more about the product, please visit

Made with walnut wood, strong magnets and a velvet cushion, Prazoli Products’ proposal ring box is a modern and discreet esthetic. It fits easily in any shirt, jacket, or jean pocket. To ensure a perfect fit, the product has been tested with almost all types of engagement rings to ensure a perfect fit. Besides making proposals picture-perfect, this ring holder keeps rings safe at home or on the go.

“For decades, there has been a lack of unique, beautiful engagement ring boxes, until now. This ring box is created by couples, for couples to make your proposal unlike any other,” said Prazoli Products spokesperson Aline Hobart. “Imagine how good it’s going to feel when you get down on your knee, pull out the ring, ask the question, and hear the word yes break out from the tears of joy and emotion. She won’t say no to this.”

Prazoli Products offers an impressive selection of celebratory products designed specifically for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, childbirth, and much more. The company also publishes useful relationship tips and gifting ideas through its blog.

The company’s impressive range of products can be seen on the Prazoli Products Instagram page.

Recommending the ring box, a highly impressed user said, “I have a collection of rings, and when I go to sell one of my diamonds, it will look gorgeous in this case. It is handmade, and it is well made. I certainly recommend it.”

For more information about this uniquely designed engagement ring box, please visit






About Us: Prazoli Products is a family-owned e-commerce company specializing in creating high-quality products that make each of life’s celebrations even more special.

Contact Info:
Name: Aline Hobart
Email: Send Email
Organization: Prazoli Products
Address: 6232 Dukes Ct., Independence, KY, 41051, United States
Phone: (513) 884-5016

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Pet Carrier Backpack from BriskTails Successfully Launches on Amazon

BriskTails is pleased to announce that its pet carrier backpack is available via Amazon. The brand was launched to relieve pet owners from using substandard pet products that often endanger pets. Continue reading →

Wilmington, DE, United States – January 26, 2022

BriskTails, a brand dedicated to ensuring safe travel with pets, has recently launched its pet carrier backpack via Amazon. Since then, the product has already received rave reviews from many users. Founder Jane Nichols says she created BriskTails so that other pet owners do not have to experience losing their pets how she lost her beloved cat, Paw.

To find out more about the product, please visit

Jane Nichols is an avid pet lover who considered her house cat Paw no less than her life partner. She spent most of her time with her pet and always wanted him to be with her. However, she lost Paw forever due to using a poor-quality cat backpack carrier.

Though Nichols was very excited about the new backpack, Paw was not enthusiastic about traveling in it. Nichols stuffed her pet into the backpack and hit the road on her bike. She realized later that she shouldn’t have counted on the quality of a substandard product.

“Paw easily tore and went through the backpack. And so, at the next turn, the cheap fabric of the backpack could not hold it, and my cat was gone,” Nichols recollects. “From a sudden lightness behind my back, everything inside me went cold. My beloved, my Paw was crushed by the rush of cars.”

Nichols founded BriskTails to ensure that no other pet faces Paw’s ordeal. The brand’s first product is a high-quality pet backpack made with sturdy and breathable material, durable bottom, and SDS-zippers. Openable mesh windows and an extension section provide ample space for pets. Convenient for both pet and owner with its soft pads and waist protection, this puppy carrier is an excellent gift for anyone who has small dogs or cats.

“My wife and I have a collection of animals currently have three cats and two dogs, and we need to be able to reliably move our animals and take them with us on occasional trips. We also like to take them outside for some fresh air and this carrier helps us with that. This unit is very nice, built well, with quality material and has a side pouch which expands outward to allow the animal inside a bit more room when relaxing, which is really a big selling point in my opinion. We both love this carrier and use it frequently…we cannot recommend it highly enough,” a delighted user mentioned in his Amazon review.

To learn more about BriskTails and its new pet backpack, please visit





About Us: We’re dedicated to creating quality pet products for safe and fun travel with your pets.

Contact Info:
Name: Jane Nichols
Email: Send Email
Address: 3601 Old Capitol Trail, Unit A-7, Suite 129732, Wilmington, DE, 19808, United States

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NaijaTab, biggest forum for discussion in Nigeria.

NaijaTab is Nigeria’s biggest forum for users to post and discuss on current news affairs happening in Nigeria as well as acting as a patriotic movement.

Lagos, Nigeria – January 26, 2022 /MarketersMedia/

Naija means Nigeria, and it can be written as 9ja, which are both short forms of writing Nigeria. Another definition of Naija can be interpreted as other things, usually in Nigerian music or movies. The word Naija is commonly used in the Nigerian entertainment industry, and it’s an informal way of writing in Nigeria. That’s where the biggest modern Nigerian Forum, the NaijaTab was inspired.

Much of 9ja news is posted in this forum, where an internet-based discussion among users is actively done. These postings are separated into moderated or unmoderated. There will be a group of moderators for moderated posts or just one who will assess and review the messages before they are allowed to be posted. This ensures that all conversations are being pivoted back to their fundamental points. Newsnow Nigeria is also posted for users to keep updated with the latest news happening in Nigeria.

NaijaTab Naija Forum Community is a patriotic movement devoted to promoting respect for our nation’s most important symbol, the flat of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The mission of this establishment is to re-awaken the much needed patriotic and nationalist fervour of citizens to put the nation first in all aspects of life. It’s also to accord the nation’s rightful place as a symbol of its existence.

The vision for this forum community is to call on all Nigerians to work together in building a tremendous united, prosperous, peaceful, harmonious nation of collective will and vision. All tribes and people will live together in peace and love with proper respect for each other’s culture and view. The forum also aims to build a nation of equal opportunities for its citizens, rule accountable and compassionate leaders, a country of pride to the black peoples worldwide, and a significant player in world affairs.

Apart from being a symbol to promote patriotism among the Nigerian users, the forum is also a place for users to discuss other more leisure and personal stuff such as entertainment from sports to the latest movies and tv shows. Users can also talk about personal finances, literature and get relationship advice from other users.

About NaijaTab

NaijaTab is the biggest forum platform in Nigeria. It comprises posting for Naija News, Naija Gists, News Naija and 9ja news. Users are able to post in the forum to discuss news and politics, religion, celebrity news to have a healthy online discussion regarding what interests them the most. Apart from that, the NaijaTab Naija Forum Community is also a patriotic movement for the Nigerian people.

Contact Info:
Name: NaijaTab
Email: Send Email
Organization: NaijaTab
Address: 123S Akoko Ave, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: +2348060278645

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Congratulations! NAVEE N65 Electric Scooter Was Recommended by WTMR @CES 2022

Featuring with a series of excellent performance and innovative details, NAVEE N65 stood out during the WTMR @CES 2022.

January 26, 2022 /MarketersMedia/

NAVEE is an innovative brand belongs to SUZHOU Brightway Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, who is a leading high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D, production and distribution of e-scooters and e-bikes, aims to help with people on micro-mobility with technologies.

NAVEE N65 electric scooter is the first flagship product with many innovative designs, glad to be recommended by WTMR@CES 2022.

2022 World Tech Media Recommendation (a.k.a CES TECH Award), referred to as “WTMR @CES 2022”, was scored by a jury consisting of more than 20 top-notch tech journalists in terms of product innovation, performance, specifications, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and appearance. This year, the team has reviewed 148 technology products and selected 15 outstanding products, NAVEE N65 electric scooter included, and NAVEE brand was awarded innovative brand among over 100+ brands.

“A wonderful non-polluting product for congested cities. This scooter is the answer for people who are too attached to their cars, gets them on their feet, moving a bit more. With the folding design, it will not take much space when not in use or under your desk in the office. The long range is definitely a big plus. “ Evaluated by WTMR@CES 2022.

Features of NAVEE N65 electric scooter
• Innovative design of double rotation folding system;
• Ultra-long range up to 65 km
• 25% superb uphill climbing ability;
• 10 inch off-road pneumatic tires;
• Rated power 500watt brushless motor;
• Max loading weight 120kg;
• 17cm wide magnesium alloy deck;
• Front E-ABS brake with rear disc brake;
• Separated big HMI;
• Three speed levels;
• Support cruise control and energy recovery with APP.
• Ultra-bright front light

NAVEE will bring more excellent products to help people with micro-mobility this year. According to the marketing team of Suzhou Brightway, NAVEE S65 electric scooter will be launched on Indiegogo around April and May, NAVEE S65 will feature suspension system, which can provide riders much more comfortable riding experience and help the riders enjoy the riding of travelling and commuting. For more information, please stay tuned on Indiegogo.

Xiaomi Invest Suzhou Brightway

On 15th Nov, Suzhou Brightway Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd announced that it had received funding from Xiaomi Corporation, Shunwei, Inc., becoming an ecological chain company of Xiaomi. And now is the electric scooter supplier of Xiaomi.

For more information, please visit;

Contact Info:
Name: Peter Chen
Email: Send Email
Organization: Brightway Intelligent Technology

Source URL:

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ArtWallStreet Unveils Tiger HUAT NFT Collection, CryptoBeng & Lian Collection

ArtWallStreet stays on track with its mission to make Web3 and NFTs accessible to everyone after launching the Tiger HUAT NFT Collection and CryptoBeng & Lian Collection.

Singapore – January 25, 2022

ArtWallStreet, a leading platform for newcomers to NFTs, has unveiled its Tiger HUAT NFT Collection, which features 8888 NFTs uniquely designed by ArtWallStreet’s in-house designer.

On track with our goal of making NFTs available to everyone, ArtWallStreet said the NFTs under the Tiger HUAT NFT Collection are free to redeem for everybody as part of the platform’s appreciation for the New Tiger year.

In addition, five random lucky users will also receive a $88 USD angpao when they redeem one of the NFTs.

ArtWallStreet has also announced the CryptoBeng & Lian NFT collection, a series of NFTs inspired by Singaporean culture.

“The NFTs are made by artist Louisa Raj, who paints women in crypto and whose notable work includes a commission for Serena Williams as part of a campaign by BOLT Global to celebrate bringing more women into the crypto and blockchain industry,” said Aleksandar Abu Samra, Chief Product Officer at ArtWallStreet.

Ah Beng and Ah Lian are stereotypes applied to specific groups of young Singaporean men and women, who display common characteristics such as having dyed hair and wearing loud fashion.

Ah Beng and Ah Lian are iconic Singaporean street personas, reflecting an attitude, a mindset, and a way of communication. This collection includes variations of different ethnicities in Singapore. Individuals can check out the CryptoBeng & Lian Collection, as many of the super rare NFTs are already sold out.

ArtWallStreet has led the charge in enabling newcomers to begin their journey into NFTs. They are based in Singapore and backed by Antler, a global early-stage VC.

“Understanding how cryptocurrencies work, the cumbersome user experience of setting up wallets, and being up-to-date with the latest NFT collections while navigating gas fees and crypto scams all present significant barriers for the growth of the NFT ecosystem,” ArtWallStreet stated.

The innovative platform provides a superior user experience for those who aim to familiarize themselves with the critical aspects of interacting with Web3 and owning NFTs.

In addition, ArtWallStreet has announced that it is building an open ecosystem with options to interact with interoperable platforms such as OpenSea, for newcomers and power users alike.

Those who want to check out the Tiger HUAT NFT Collection, CryptoBeng & Lian NFT collection, and ArtWallStreet and what it has to offer may visit the website for more information.

Contact Info:
Name: Ellis
Email: Send Email
Organization: ArtWallStreet
Address: Singapore

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