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Blintn, Sharing Industry Insight in the Kyoto Filmmaker Lab

Kyoto Filmmaker Lab is the training program for young of Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival(KHIFF) to provide an international networking place for young filmmakers. The founder of Blintn gave a speech in one of the main sessions.

Toyko – December 7, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

“Kyoto Filmmaker Lab (KFL)”, held in Toyko from 3rd to 9th November, was completed successfully. 

Kyoto Filmmaker Lab is the training program for young of Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival(KHIFF) to provide an international networking place for young filmmakers.

Source: Kyoto Filmmaker Lab – Blintn Session

Various juries and guests invited to TIFF (Tokyo International Film Festival) and Kyoto Historical International Film Festival (KHIFF) were joined as lecturers. The project hosted by the Kyoto Prefectural Government, The Museum of Kyoto, Toei Company, Ltd., Shochiku Studio Co., Ltd., Toei Kyoto Studio Co., Ltd., etc., brought together industry elites from around the world.

In the 15-year history of Kyoto Filmmakers Lab, a total of 430 participants from 51 countries, selected from 1,872 applicants from 111 countries, have experienced KFL workshops and collaborated with each other in Kyoto.

For one of the main sessions invited Peter Choe, the CEO, and founder of Blintn, as a speaker. The lecture took place at the Kyoto Museum on the industry trends and professional analysis of independent film distribution to young filmmakers. Enthusiastic filmmakers from 50 countries attended this session, and the response was overwhelming and full of creative questions.

Peter Choe indicated, “It was an honor to participate in KFL’s Master Session. In order to support this media industry and professionals, Blintn would continue to provide content information as a B2B content database that helps find hidden IPs that can be remade into great works and those great works to get more visibility to global companies.” 

Blintn also actively cooperates with other associations and organizations, such as the IP pitching event at ACFM co-hosted with the Unifrance. Also, it is planning to expand more cooperation with film festivals, film markets, and organizations supporting this industry worldwide. 

About Us: Blintn, a leading B2B content database, helps companies search for IPs to finished films and tv series and locate the rights holders’ information.

Blintn+, a B2B funding platform, enables selected media companies to find quality projects to invest in, co-produce, and pre-buy globally.

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Name: Lonnie Ren
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Organization: Blintn

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The Ridiculously Small Cutlery That Fits in a Pocket— 
Uphold Makes Plastic Silverware a Thing of the Past

Live on Indiegogo, Uphold Cutlery is a ridiculously small folding travel cutlery to help eliminate single-use plastics.

Central, Hong Kong – December 7, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

Uphold, the ridiculously small and pocketable cutlery set that eliminates the need for disposable plastic silverware, is live on global platform Indiegogo after an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign raise.

Every year, billions of single-use plastic waste ends up in oceans worldwide. Faced with this environmental crisis, countries have raced to ban plastic silverware in response – inadvertently making eating on-the-go much more difficult as plastic cutlery is eliminated. With Uphold Cutlery users can enjoy fine metal-head cutlery no matter where they are, all in a convenient travel-size carrying case that fits in a pocket.

“I had this idea of a compact travel cutlery set all the way back in 2017, when our team was looking at how folding geometries can make travel goods easier to carry by making them as flat as possible. News about possible bans on single-use plastics surfaced in 2019, and the pandemic that followed accelerated the calls to action around the world, as plastic waste shot up astronomically,” says Director and Co-founder Eric Tong on the inspiration behind the project. “During this time, major countries around the world began legislation to ban the distribution and use of single-use plastics. We took the opportunity and accelerate product development to get the product ready!”

Uphold Cutlery offers the lightest and slimmest travel cutlery system available. The set is a 5-piece kit custom-fitted inside a carrying case. The case slides open to reveal the spoon, fork, knife and two handles neatly arranged; all laid incredible flat. The mesmerizing bit is that the spoon and the fork transform from 2D to 3D objects when they are pinched and folding along the fold lines which cause the utensil heads to curve and bend into shape. The handles slot snuggly into the tail ends of the heads and help them lock into shape.

Each utensil is made of titanium alloy heads, aluminum alloy handles, and food grade TPU / TPE folding connectors. Each piece is graded to last over 3,000 uses and replaceable utensil heads are available to purchase. The custom-designed carrying case keeps utensils heads and handles separated and avoid food cross-staining and bacterial cross-contamination. The innovative, removable utensil head and origami-inspired folding design keeps the case measuring 100mm at its longest and a mere 10mm thick. 

“Travel cutleries are conventionally designed to resemble regular tableware. They do not operate well with portable food containers which are often narrower and taller than regular crockery. Uphold Cutlery is ergonomically designed for takeaway boxes and soup cups. The larger angles on the utensils and the more rectilinear fork and spoon head designs are designed for taking food from these taller and narrower containers with flat-bottoms, and to maximize scoop area within a really compact package,” adds Tong.

Uphold Cutlery is live and available to pre-order on Indiegogo:

About Uphold

Uphold is a Hong Kong company founded in 2020. Our mission is to uphold the environment through the elimination of disposable utensils. We innovate in ergonomics and geometrics to create revolutionary portable and reusable designs. Our products redefine on-the-go lifestyle and are not only stylish but also functional and sustainable.

Eric Tong is the Co-Founder and Principal Designer of Uphold. He graduated with a Graduate Diploma in Architecture from The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL in 2004. He worked for renowned late architects Zaha Hadid and Future Systems and developed a passion in industrial design. He is devoted to design innovation and in the ten years since his studio’s establishment, his work won multiple international awards, including the Good Design, Good Design Singapore, IF, Design For Asia, Golden Pin, and Perspective A&D Trophy Awards. Eric is a Council Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (HK Chapter), and an Ex-Executive Committee Member of the Hong Kong Designers Association.

For more information on Uphold, please visit


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Organization: Uphold

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Yo WhatsApp 2023 v9.5 APK Download-Get Extra Exclusive Features Not Available on Whatsapp with This App

Yo Whatsapp is perfect for users who are looking for a more flexible, advanced and updated privacy mod of the official Whatsapp.

United States – December 7, 2022

Yo WhatsApp is a mod version of the original Whatsapp (WA). With the new version of Yo WhatsApp, users can get a lot of extra features that are unavailable in the official Whatsapp.

The biggest advantage of this application is that it gives a greater charm to the WA. With the Yo WhatsApp mod, users can customise themes, personalise conversations with all contacts and get a variety of emoji stickers to liven up their conversation. 

Some other features that distinguish Yo Whatsapp is its built-in app lock where users can skip the step of installing a third party app locker to protect their privacy. With Yo Whatsapp, the built-in app locks can protect users’ data more comprehensively and securely. 

Having uncompressed picture quality is one of the features that the official WA lacks. The Yo Whatsapp is able to allow users to share photos with friends and loved ones which are no longer compressed. Users can also enhance the resolution to view the images and send up to 10 images at once. 

Another distinctive feature is leaving a group secretly or anonymously. Leaving a group can be embarrassing as it notifies group members of the user’s departure. YoWhatsApp does a great job of avoiding this embarrassment by only notifying the group admin only. 

Other extremely useful features include, freezing last seen, aeroplane mode, DND mode, and more. In addition, Yo WhatsApp is also dedicated to protecting the privacy of each user. Yo WhatsApp adds more privacy options to protect their user’s private life.    

For more information on Yo WhatsApp and how to download the latest version of Yo Whatsapp, please visit

About Yo Whatsapp

Downloading Yo WhatsApp APK has become the choice for many more people. Yo WhatsApp is different from the original WhatsApp in that its features always surprise users. With the new version of YoWhatsApp, users will get a lot of extra features that WhatsApp doesn’t have. 

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Name: Yo Whatsapp
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Organization: Yo Whatsapp

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Alfa Chemistry Initiates Contract Manufacturing, Filling & Packaging Services for Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

Alfa Chemistry is now a globally leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative cosmetics, with all products made of natural, green, and harmless ingredients.

New York, United States – December 7, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

The history of using cosmetics can be traced back to about thousands of years ago. Today, an increasing number of consumers are getting accustomed to using cosmetics and personal care products each day for the purposes of cleaning, protecting, beautifying, and enhancing attractiveness. Alfa Chemistry is now a globally leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative cosmetics, with all products made of natural, green, and harmless ingredients.

In general, cosmetics and personal care products can be classified into seven categories, i.e., oral care, skin care, sun care, hair care, decorative cosmetics, body care, and perfumes.

“Currently, dozens of hand sanitizers, skincare, body care, and hair care products are readily available at Alfa Chemistry,” said the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry.

Some cosmetics and personal care products obtainable from Alfa Chemistry:

  • Hand Sanitizers, including: alcohol hand sanitizers and alcohol-free creamy hand sanitizers
  • Skin Care products, covering: cleanser, toner, serum, facial cream, moisturizer, night cream, eye cream, mask, primer, etc.
  • Body Care products, encompassing: body wash, body lotion/cream, body oil, hand lotion, neck cream, etc.
  • Hair Care Products, including: shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, hair styling, etc.

In addition to ready-for-use commodities, Alfa Chemistry is also capable of formulating, manufacturing as well as packaging and labeling skin and hair care products in all forms of liquid, lotion, cream, gel, butter, balm, and suspension.

Cosmetic Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is a more cost-effective way for desired product delivery. Possessing a professional R&D team that consists of trained and experienced scientists, Alfa Chemistry is able to produce and develop high-quality personal care products to meet various batch sizes and different order quantity requirements according to customized formulas.

Cosmetic Filling & Packaging

Alfa Chemistry’s lab and plant facilities are also suitable for filling and packing. On the one hand, its state-of-the-art filling systems are able to fill bottles with different volumes. On the other hand, bottle packaging and labeling are also within Alfa Chemistry’s capacity. Meanwhile, the complete process is conducted under the guidance of strict hygiene requirements and regulations according to cGMP to ensure high quality.

“We have rich sources in material packaging, from glass and paperboard to plastic, such as HDPE, PET, and PP. Not to mention our sophisticated experts, who know how to beautify products via different packaging designs. With concerted efforts from both sides, we believe brand identification and market sales can be achieved. Last but not least, we can also provide a full testing service to ensure the selected packaging materials are compatible with cosmetic products.” Further added the Marketing Chief.

Please visit the website or contact us to learn more.


Alfa Chemistry has made commendable progress in the last year and has now become an ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier of high-quality chemicals as well as a provider of custom synthesis and testing services. Aiming to bring healthier and more enjoyable lifestyles to its customers worldwide, Alfa Chemistry has recently launched a new product line for cosmetic and personal care products.

Contact Info:
Name: Tylor Keller
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Organization: Alfa Chemistry
Address: New York, USA

Release ID: 89086122

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Media Mogul Jason Binn Reflects on DuJour Media’s Early Success, Award-Winning Website Launch

Luxury Media Publisher Jason Binn recently looked back at the early success and continued impact of DuJour Media’s 2012 website launch.

New York City, New York, United States – December 6, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

Jason Binn, longtime DuJour Media CEO and luxury publishing pioneer, recently reflected on the early success of, including the site’s initial impact and recognition as Webby Awards honoree. 

Launched by Binn in 2012, became an immediate hit, instantly garnering buzz across a number of online heavyweights, including The now-luxury publishing mainstay also attracted more than 40,000 unique visitors just hours after going live, quickly establishing a firm industry foothold and influence that continues to this day. 

One year after launch, Jason Binn and the staff took home the 2013 Webby Award for Best Homepage. This honor remains a testament not only to Binn’s experience and extensive luxury media savvy, but also the amazing web design and publishing team behind what is now luxury media’s top digital magazine.

Now reaching more than 3 million readers across the country, DuJour Media and remain at the pinnacle of luxury publishing, producing unique, engaging, high-quality luxury content that connects with readers and leaves an inspired and indelible imprint on the luxury market. By leveraging his experience and knowledge of the luxury lifestyle, Binn has built a veritable luxury publishing empire that stands out as the go-to in the niche. 

Before transforming DuJour Media into the center of the luxury media universe, Jason Binn had carved his path with the building of numerous high-profile luxury brands. Binn’s journey to publishing prominence began with the 1992 establishment of Miami’s famous Ocean Drive magazine. 

Just six years later, Binn followed up this success with the founding of Niche Media, a regional luxury publisher responsible for such notable luxury touchstones as Gotham, Boston Common, Aspen Peak, Los Angeles Confidential, Michigan Avenue, and Hamptons Magazine

About Us: About Jason Binn
Jason Binn is an experienced luxury magazine publisher and the Founder and CEO at DuJour Media, a leader in the luxury publishing niche. In 2005, Binn was honored as Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” and was listed as one of the Forbes 400 by Forbes Magazine.

Contact Info:
Name: Pat Davis
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Organization: DuJour Media
Phone: 646-706-7669

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David Woroboff Launches Scholarship for Entrepreneurs

California Entrepreneur David Woroboff Provides Scholarship Funding To Students Who Want To Become Business Owners

Los Angeles, California, United States – December 7, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

Students studying to become entrepreneurs can now apply for the David Woroboff Scholarship for Entrepreneurs. The scholarship is open for university and college students undertaking a course to become entrepreneurs in the future. Students in high school who will attend a college or university to pursue a course that will nurture them to become entrepreneurs are also welcome to apply. The scholarship will be awarded to a student based on a short essay competition. All eligible students must participate in an essay competition not exceeding 1000 words explaining the topic “product or service that will help underprivileged people”. The student will be awarded a total amount of $500 to pay for tuition and education. Mr. Woroboff will also mentor the student and help them bring their idea to reality. Along with the essay, students should provide their phone numbers, name of school attending, and a personal Bio. Interested students should email their responses no later than 5/15/2023.

David Woroboff has first-hand experience with how the rising cost of education is putting a lot of pressure on students studying on the road to becoming entrepreneurs. Although many talented students are passionate about becoming entrepreneurs, not all can afford the right education. The high cost of education has forced students to drop out of school while some must work part-time to earn money for their education. No one understands the struggles that students studying en route to become entrepreneurs go through more than Mr. Woroboff. For that reason, he is offering a scholarship fund to a student that has the vision. He is offering his scholarship as a way to give back to the community to nurture a future entrepreneur. Through his scholarship, David Woroboff wishes to raise awareness of the many challenges that future entrepreneurs go through in their many years of studying. He also hopes that his scholarship will not only ease the financial burden of the most deserving student but also open more opportunities for student entrepreneurs to find the help they need.

Since the year 1986, David Woroboff has improved America’s health and safety through leading-edge technology. He is an innovator who served as a Corporate Director of Strategy for Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Hughes Electronics. As a Director, he was part of the team that came up and built the DirectTV system. He started his career at AT&T Bell labs in an accelerated management program and then was moved to Southern California to be on a Top Secret government communication project. Woroboff was also the Vice President of the innovative software company Attivio in Boston. He is the one who founded 24/7 Call-A-Doc which is now recognized as a leader in the mental health and telemedicine industry. He studied at SUNY Albany where he graduated with a BA in Business Administration. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern California. He also holds an Executive Business degree from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA. Having many years of experience and success, Woroboff wishes to give back to the future generation of entrepreneurs by offering a scholarship fund to help the future entrepreneur. All interested students should visit David Woroboff’s official scholarship page for more information. 

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Name: David Woroboff
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Organization: David Woroboff Scholarship

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Specialist Dermatologist Dr. Hande Ulusal rejuvenates health tourists in Turkey with Magic Touch

Lengthy cosmetic procedures with long convalescences that interrupt our daily lives are giving way to new “Magic Touch” applications. Using less intrusive techniques like mesotherapy, anti-aging laser, light-based device, Dr. Hande Ulusal ensures that everyone visiting Turkey for medical tourism returns to their country rejuvenated.

London, England, United Kingdom – December 6, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

The trend of rejuvenation through aesthetic surgery is a thing of the past. Painful, lengthy cosmetic surgeries that hinder daily routines are giving way to ‘Magic Touch’ procedures. This technique ensures a new appearance and vitality is given only to those areas which patients want to enhance, using targeted touches. 

Dermatology specialist Dr. Hande Ulusal has been serving her clients since 2010 at her clinic in Istanbul. As a seasoned dermatologist, Dr. Ulusal helps clients, who choose Turkey as their health-tourism destination, to achieve the youthful image they desire, using less intrusive methods such as laser, light based devices or mesotherapy which are all part of the Magic Touch technique.

Dr. Ulusal said, “As the technology improves, we are developing alternative solutions to cosmetic surgery to avoid lengthy operation and recovery times. With the Magic Touch technique, we help our patients achieve the youthful appearance they deserve as soon as possible. We promise non-surgical rejuvenation,” she added. 

“We ensure our patients are informed in detail about our procedures both before coming to Turkey and at the time they visit the clinics. Magic Touch includes applications such as botox, mesotherapy, anti-aging laser, light based devices. Each procedure is directed towards the areas that patients want to revive. The results that Magic Touch achieves can be observed in a very short time.” 

Eliminates age wrinkles

Turkey is in high demand as a destination for Magic Touch aesthetic techniques. Each technique has a rejuvenating function on different parts of the face. Mesotherapy accelerates blood circulation in the skin and allows the tissue to regain its former firmness, and helps the skin to become supple by increasing its water retention capacity. Anti-aging laser treatments also help remove wrinkles that begin to form as we age, revitalizing the skin. 

Aesthetic and Beauty Specialist Dr. Hande Ulusal prioritizes patient satisfaction in every technique she administers, adding treatments such as blemish removal, skin care, eyelid aesthetics, hair and crack mesotherapy as well as offering the benefits of Magic Touch. 

Dr. Ulusal commented, “I carry out my scientific studies with a particular focus on aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology. My team and I draw up personal roadmaps that fit the expectations of each patient visiting our center. We offer them both safe, hygienic and practical rejuvenating aesthetic treatment.”

For more information, please visit:

Contact Info:
Name: Senem Söylemez
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Organization: Hande Ulusal
Phone: +90 537 778 55 61

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Sweeppea Is Revolutionizing Sweepstakes by Offering Brands of all Sizes the Ability to Create and Manage Sweepstakes and Contests.

Giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests have never been easier to create and offer than with Sweeppea.

United States – December 7, 2022

Everyone wants to win. One of the best ways to give customers a chance at winning is with a giveaway or sweepstakes. Sweepstakes promotions grab the attention of customers with the chance of winning a fabulous prize. 

Sweeppea is the easiest way to set up legally compliant sweepstakes or contest promotions. Businesses can rest assured that legal and state compliance details will be taken care of. 

Sweeppea’s Self or Full-Services

Sweeppea’s team is ready to help with any giveaway, contest, or sweepstakes a business can think of. These campaigns are great for bringing in new customers, collecting emails, and boosting sales.

Sweeppea offers a self-service, online platform for creating campaigns, or full-service sweepstakes creation and administration. The Sweeppea Platform has a step-by-step wizard that walks the user through the process of setting up their sweepstakes. From creating the entry page, drafting official rules, and drawing winners, with Sweeppea brands can choose to create their own campaign or hire the Sweeppea team to build and administer the sweepstakes on their behalf.

Sweeppea offers free consultations and legal compliance advice for sweepstakes and contests. 

The benefits of offering a giveaway

Sweeppea’s goal is to “turn participants into customers”. As a cost-effective promotional tool, sweepstakes and contest reach new customers and drive sales by incentivizing consumers to make a purchase to participate or engage with the product as part of sweepstakes entry. 


To generate sales, capture participants data, increase website traffic, build product awareness, and grow social media followers, sweepstakes and contests are the way to go. Sweeppea provides the tools, legal guidance, and promotional expertise to ensure your sweepstakes is a success.

Contact Info:
Name: Marcos J. Menendez
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Organization: Sweeppea
Address: United States

Release ID: 89085934

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Imagine and Wonder Publishers, New York, announce the release of Liberty DeVitto’s new children’s storybook, Love, Santa Claus.

Music legend and renowned Billy Joel band member Liberty DeVitto releases Love, Santa Clause—A Humble-Hearted Christmas Story

New York, NY, United States – December 7, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

Imagine and Wonder publishing house launches a new book Love, Santa Clause—A Humble-Hearted Christmas Story, written by musical icon Liberty DeVitto with noted children’s author Simon Mills, AKA Sir Rhymesalot.

Love, Santa Claus is a love letter to spiritual enlightenment and servant-hearted contentment. Follow Santa through his annual rituals and see the legendary icon of Christmas in a whole new way.

Liberatori “Liberty” DeVitto (born August 8, 1950) is an American rock musician. He is best known for his work as a drummer for New York singer-songwriter Billy Joel’s recording and touring band. He has also been a session drummer on recordings of other artists. He is credited as a drummer on Billy Joel records that have sold 150 million units worldwide. Liberty has also performed with artists such as Paul McCartney, Stevie Nicks, Mick Jagger, Roger Daltrey, Ronnie Spector, Karen Carpenter, Phoebe Snow, Elton John, Meatloaf, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Morello, Elvis Costello, and many more. In 2013, he was inducted into The Classic Drummer’s Hall of Fame.

Born in New City, DeVitto moved with his family to Long Island in 1951. Shortly after graduating from Seaford High School in 1968, Liberty headed out on the road with Detroit rocker Mitch Ryder. His first recording experience—with Long Island’s Richie Supa—soon followed. During a tour to promote their album, an auto accident resulted in injuries that would prevent DeVitto from playing drums for a year. A steady Long island live gig intended to ease him back into music led to the formation of the group “Topper,” which would eventually become Billy Joel’s band.


In Love, Santa Claus, we discover the deep well of meaning that lies beneath the well-known character of Santa. What drives one of the world’s hardest-working icons to keep going on his biggest night of the year. Millions of homes to visit in every corner of the globe but never a complaint from the bearded bringer of gifts.

Liberty has put a beautiful spiritual spin on the old tale by revealing his own deeply held faith and his love for what he does. If it were possible to love Santa even more, this is the book that can make it happen.

After the release of Liberty’s autobiography, Liberty—Life, Billy, and the Pursuit of Happiness, in March last year, Liberty discussed the idea of children’s books with his book producer and noted children’s author, Simon Mills. Mills’ who writes children’s books under the pseudonym Sir Rhymesalot was thrilled to collaborate on the project with DeVitto to add his proprietary visual rhythm and rhyming technique along with his distinctive writing ability to Liberty’s beautiful take on the heart of Santa Claus.

About Us: Imagine & Wonder is a New York-based publisher of beautiful and unique children’s books.

Contact Info:
Name: Steven Wilson
Email: Send Email
Organization: Imagine and Wonder Publishers New York
Address: 28 Sycamore Lane Irvington NY 10533
Phone: 646 644 0403

Video URL:

Release ID: 89086118

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Net Reputation Named a 2022 Top B2B Company by Clutch

B2B review platform Clutch recently listed as one of its Top 1000 B2B Companies for 2022.

Sarasota, Florida, United States – December 7, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

Net Reputation, an industry leader in ORM and digital branding services, has recently been honored as a Clutch Top 1000 B2B Company for 2022. NetReputation received this award following an extensive analysis of the company’s online reviews, performance ratings, and extensive track record for exceptional customer service. 

A reputation management specialist since 2015, Net Reputation (also known as was listed among the top 10 Clutch companies for Digital Strategy, recognized as a sought-after 2022 provider of results-driven digital strategy and search engine optimization services for businesses. 

Currently posting an impressive 5-star rating on Clutch’s B2B review platform, remains focused on delivering results and providing the best experience possible to every client. 

“We are so proud to receive this award and be recognized as a top Clutch 1000 company,” says Adam Petrilli, Founder and CEO at “To be featured among so many great B2B brands that put a premium on customer service is such an amazing honor. This award is yet another testament to our team’s commitment to clients and designing innovative solutions that deliver results fast. We strive to go above and beyond to help brands achieve their online goals, and our dedication to the customer experience is without equal in our industry.”

Based in Washington, D.C., the popular B2B review platform named Net Reputation a top digital strategy provider after researching and evaluating numerous companies in the advertising and marketing field. Brands across various business sectors were evaluated and scored based on Clutch’s strict set of criteria, used to determine the best in customer service and industry performance. 

This award marks the third honor Net Reputation has received from Clutch this year. The ORM solutions company was recognized as one of Clutch’s Top Sustained Growth B2B Companies in February, and is currently listed as Clutch’s Top Corporate Communications Agency for 2022

About Us: About is an online reputation management and digital branding solutions provider headquartered in Sarasota, Florida. Founded by digital services innovator Adam Petrilli, Net Reputation works closely with businesses and high-profile individuals to build brands that empower success and profitability on the web. Net Reputation offers a wide range of services that deliver results fast, including reputation management, review management, content removal, SEO, online branding, 24/7 online monitoring, and more.

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Name: Caroline Hunter
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