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Discover Trending Spring 2023 Destinations for American Travelers with Cozycozy, the Largest Accommodation Search Engine

Looking for the best American city to visit this Spring? Cozycozy, the most extensive vacation lodging platform in the world, is here to help!

New York, NY, United States – March 28, 2023 /MarketersMEDIA/

Spring has finally sprung! After enduring months of chilly winter weather, the arrival of this season beckons travelers to venture outdoors to enjoy the blooming flowers and warmer temperatures with a refreshing holiday escape.

With cozycozy, the world’s largest accommodation search platform, there’s no need to scroll through countless booking platforms to find the perfect vacation accommodation. Their unique search engine searches hundreds of platforms, including Airbnb, to ensure that travelers get the best price possible, and with over 20 million options at their fingertips. 

Cozycozy has gathered the top trending domestic destinations for American travelers, to spark inspiration for their spring vacation. Despite the high demand for these locations, there are still thousands of available accommodations to choose from, thanks to cozycozy.

Top 10 Trending U.S. Destinations & Available Vacation Accommodations*

Travelers can enjoy a tropical vacation without requiring a passport! Florida offers visitors the perfect combination of warm weather and beautiful beaches within the United States. 

Last year, American travelers flocked to East Coast cities such as Boston, Washington D.C and New York City to relax.** However, this season, they are heading to the Sunshine State where popular cities like Miami Beach, Key West, and Tampa offer a wide range of exciting activities such as nightlife, nature expeditions, and amusement parks.

One Click Away From the Perfect Vacation Stay! 

Finding the best vacation accommodation rental has never been easier, thanks to Their unique accommodation search platform looks through hundreds of booking websites including,, VRBO, Expedia, Hostelworld, and many more. They are the only platform that even includes Airbnb in their searches. 

Users have over 20 million listings to choose from, and their helpful filters allow travelers to narrow down their search by location, price, reviews and amenities, so they can easily find what they are looking for in one place. Best of all? Their prices are fully inclusive, so there are no additional fees at the time of booking.  

Cozycozy makes planning vacations stress-free!

Methodology: Data for trending destinations was gathered utilizing Google Travel Insights (search for domestic accommodations between 12/1/2022-3/11/2023). Data for accommodation availability was gathered from internal website metrics. **According to Google Travel Insights for trending destinations search domestically between 12/01/2021-3/05/2022.

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About Us: Cozycozy is the only search engine that allows travelers to compare the full range of accommodation options available, so they’re guaranteed to find the place that best meets their needs and always at the best price. Cozycozy offers all available accommodation solutions in one search: hotels, apartments, houses, youth hostels, lodges, boats, tree houses, cottages, cabins, and more.

Contact Info:
Name: Mayra Lopez Rocha
Email: Send Email
Organization: cozycozy

Release ID: 89092767

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Design Machine And Industrial Electrical Equipment Supply At LOVI-TECH

LOVI-TECH is a company specializing in consulting, improving, designing and installing automated systems, providing electrical and pneumatic equipment for industry and civil use.

Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – March 28, 2023

LOVI-TECH was established on November 27, 2019, as a company specializing in consulting, improving, designing, and installing automatic machinery systems. The company also supplies electrical and pneumatic equipment for industrial and civil purposes.

The products that LOVI-TECH produces and supplies to customers include:

  • Extruded aluminum and its accessories. 
  • Plastic cable chains. 
  • Vibratory bowl feeder. 
  • Electrical wires, power and signal cables. 
  • Leveling feet and casters. 
  • Connectors and jacks.
  • CNC electrical equipment. 
  • CNC accessories include timing belts, pulleys, motor couplings, round slide bushings, linear guide rails, and screws. 

LOVI-TECH’s items are made from high-quality materials and undergo rigorous production controls.

Customers contact the consulting department to place an order or come directly to the LOVI-TECH headquarters. After discussing the product and the quantity to be ordered, LOVI-TECH and the customer will agree on a deposit payment.

LOVI-TECH’s products are covered by a 3-month warranty from the purchase date. A warranty is free provided if the following conditions are met: 

  • The product belongs to the warranty category.
  • The error comes from the manufacturer.
  • The warranty period on the warranty card is still valid.
  • The warranty card is intact, not patched, erased, modified, or dirty. The warranty card contains full information: product code, serial number, manufacturing date, user name, address, and purchase date.
  • The product’s warranty sticker and seal (if any) are intact.

Customers should note that certain products are not covered under warranty or will incur warranty fees if they fall into any of the following cases: 

  • Not included in the product list covered by warranty.
  • Do not meet the warranty conditions stated in section 1.
  • The product’s serial or model number does not match the Warranty Certificate.
  • Damage or malfunction caused by the user.

For any product, customers should refrain from trying to repair it themselves or taking it to non-manufacturer-authorized service centers. Instead, customers should bring the product to the manufacturer’s authorized service center for accurate and safe repair/maintenance.

LOVI-TECH’s customer service team will inform customers of complete information about any warranty fees before initiating the warranty process. The product’s warranty period depends on the policy and availability of replacement parts at LOVI-TECH’s service center. The estimated warranty period will be specifically announced to customers when LOVI-TECH receives the product.

The LOVI-TECH brand is built on expertise in each department, high responsibility, and strict technical supervision to create high-quality, finished products. In addition, departments within the company regularly exchange work and share experiences and ideas to build a dynamic and creative LOVI-TECH.

With an experienced and professional technicians team, LOVI-TECH promises to provide customers with the best service experience, from high-quality products to quick and attentive support services. Products are accompanied by home installation and maintenance. Product and service quality are the top priorities of LOVI-TECH. For more information on LOVI-TECH, please visit

About LOVI-TECH: LOVI-TECH is a company specializing in consulting, improving, designing and installing automated systems, providing electrical and pneumatic equipment for industry and civil use. With the motto “Collaborate for mutual success” and the orientation “Quality creates prosperity”, LOVI-TECH has continuously strived for human resources and production facilities to build brand reputation and customer trust through the design and supply of quality products.

Contact Detail:



About Us: /LOVI-TECH/

Contact Info:
Email: Send Email
Organization: LOVI-TECH Joint Stock Company
Address: 39/25A, Street 4, Quarter 3, Linh Tay Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: (+84) 908 040 191

Video URL:

Release ID: 89092853

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Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleaning Company Trained to Handle Cleanups Professionally

With over 15 years of experience, Cendecon provides 24/7 professional cleanup services for traumatic events, ensuring the site is returned to its pre-event condition.

Los Angeles, California, United States – March 28, 2023 /MarketersMEDIA/

As crime rates continue to increase in the city, the need for professional and reliable crime scene cleaners has become increasingly important. A leading Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleaning company, Cendecon is committed to providing prompt and professional cleaning and remediation services for various crime scenes.

The company’s team of experienced technicians is certified to use state-of-the-art tools in any situation, from blood spills to meth lab cleanup. Their extensive training allows them to safely handle biohazardous materials, approaching each job with high professionalism. The response team is also trained to manage the onsite situation with sensitivity and discretion.

Cendecon understands that dealing with the aftermath of a crime can be a traumatic experience for both individuals and businesses. Its team of technicians prioritizes the safety and comfort of its clients by providing quick and thorough cleaning services while strictly adhering to legal and safety protocols.

For more information, visit

In addition to crime scene cleanup, Cendecon also offers a wide range of services, including biohazard remediation, hoarding cleanup, and mold removal. The company’s comprehensive approach ensures that all potential hazards are addressed, leaving the affected area safe and clean for future use.

Cendecon’s expertise extends beyond traditional crime scenes. They also specialize in cleaning up after suicide, unattended death, and accident scenes. Its technicians are trained to handle these situations with sensitivity and compassion while maintaining professionalism and efficiency.

The cleanup company has been fully committed to providing exceptional services to its clients. They have received numerous accolades for their work, including being recognized by the National Crime Scene Cleanup Association for their contributions to the industry. Cendecon’s commitment to excellence is evident in its attention to detail and thoroughness in every job they undertake, taking pride in its ability to restore safety and peace of mind to its clients during times of crisis.

The company’s services are available 24/7, ensuring they can respond to emergencies at any time with technicians on standby to provide quick and efficient cleanup services, minimizing the potential for further contamination or damage.

Cendecon’s services are not only limited to emergencies. It also provides pre-emptive cleaning and disinfection services for businesses and residential properties to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Its services were especially important during the height of the pandemic and continue to be an effective solution to mitigate future waves of the COVID virus, ensuring the safety of individuals and communities.

The company’s commitment to safety and professionalism is also reflected in its adherence to OSHA regulations and industry standards. The company’s technicians undergo regular training and certification to ensure they are equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques.

As a leading crime scene cleanup and remediation company in Los Angeles, Cendecon is committed to providing top-class service to its clients. Its commitment to professionalism, sensitivity, and excellence is evident in its work and has earned them a reputation as one of the best in the industry. Their comprehensive approach to cleaning and remediation ensures that all potential hazards are addressed, leaving the affected area safe and clean for future use.

About the Company

Cendecon is a trusted and reliable crime scene cleaning company that has been serving the Los Angeles community for over 15 years. Their comprehensive approach and dedication to professionalism and compassion have earned them a reputation as one of the best in the industry. With their state-of-the-art tools and equipment, certified technicians, and commitment to safety and adherence to legal and industry standards, they are equipped to handle any situation efficiently and sensitively.

Contact Info:
Name: Ethan & Vanessa Phearson
Email: Send Email
Organization: Cendecon
Address: 4627 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027
Phone: 877-800-8110

Release ID: 89092764

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Seattle Crime Scene Cleaning: When Dirty Jobs Need to Be Done Right

Washington biohazard cleanup company, Bio-Wash provides efficient and professional cleanup services. The company’s technicians are IICRC certified and use the latest equipment.

Redmond, Washington, United States – March 28, 2023 /MarketersMEDIA/

The aftermath of a crime scene can be a gruesome and stressful experience for victims, their families, and even law enforcement officers. Having a competent crime scene cleanup crew on hand can quickly remove all traces of the crime, ensuring the area is properly decontaminated and safe. This is where Bio-Wash, a Seattle crime scene cleaning company, plays a crucial role in restoring the site to its pre-incident condition.

Bio-Wash specializes in 24-hour emergency crime scene cleanup services in Seattle, Washington, and its surrounding areas. With over 15 years of experience and some of the most respected industry leaders in the U.S. as owners, Bio-Wash is dedicated to helping people in their darkest hours. The company also deals with hoarding cleanup and mold remediation.

The company is licensed and ensured, quick to respond and provide its emergency services, and addresses the needs of law enforcement, property owners, and families who have been affected by a traumatic event.

For more information, visit

Bio-Wash has trained and IICRC-certified technicians to use the latest technology and cleaning solutions to ensure the affected area is thoroughly sanitized, deodorized, and restored to its original state. They can handle all forms of crime scene cleaning, from homicides to suicide, and even biohazard cleanup. The technicians also have a balance of professionalism and compassion and are trained in medical waste handling and transportation.

Bio-Wash’s crime scene cleaning services include the collection and disposal of any potential biohazards, especially blood and body fluids. The company also offers biohazard remediation services such as hoarder cleanup, meth lab cleanup, trauma scene cleanup, and infectious disease cleanup. The company’s team cleans and sterilizes any affected surface, including walls, floors, and furniture, to guarantee that no hazardous diseases or bacteria are present.

The company is owner-operated and its mission is to bring discretion, compassion, and solutions to its customers. It also understands that each situation is unique, and there is no cooker-cutter approach for every job.

Bio-Wash delivers its high-quality services at a reasonable price. The company understands that dealing with the aftermath of a crime can be a financial burden, which is why it offers competitive pricing and work with insurance companies to ensure that clients receive the best possible coverage. 

The company has established a strong reputation in Washington for its professionalism, expertise, and dedication to providing its clients with the highest level of care. The company has received numerous accolades and positive reviews from satisfied clients, who praise the company’s timely response, attention to detail, and compassionate approach.

Bio-Wash employs the use of eco-friendly cleaning products and processes. The professionals at the company adhere to stringent rules to guarantee that all biohazardous items are disposed of safely and ethically. The company is dedicated to offering its clients the greatest degree of care and attention to detail, guaranteeing that their premises are safe and free of any biohazardous pollutants.

Using the latest equipment and highly trained cleaners, Bio-Wash can clean and disinfect any crime scene and biohazardous situation. Countless positive client reviews attest to the commitment, professionalism, and quality of service provided by this company and its team—a trusted partner in crime scene cleanups. 

About the Company: 

Bio-Wash is a leading provider of biohazard cleaning services in the Seattle area. The company offers a wide range of services, including crime scene cleanup, hoarding cleanup, meth lab cleanup, and infectious disease cleanup. Bio-Wash is committed to providing its clients with the highest level of care and attention to detail, ensuring that their properties are safe and free of any biohazardous materials. The company’s team of experts is trained and certified to handle all types of biohazard situations and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a thorough and effective cleaning process.

Contact Info:
Name: Christopher Fansler
Email: Send Email
Organization: Bio-Wash
Address: 10909 Avondale Rd. NE, Redmond, WA 98052
Phone: 877-260-6660

Release ID: 89092762

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9jaNews.Net: Revolutionizing the Media Landscape

9jaNews.Net: Revolutionizing the Media Landscape

California, United States – March 28, 2023

Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, has always been at the forefront of innovation and change. Recently, a new player has entered the media landscape and is quickly making waves., a digital news platform, has revolutionized the way Nigerians consume news and information, and has become a leader in the media space not just in Nigeria, but in all of West Africa.

Founded in 1984 as a weekly newspaper by James Edosa, 9janews has evolved to become a 24/7 digital news platform that is now the go-to source for breaking news, investigative journalism, and informed opinion pieces. With a strong focus on accountability, transparency, and social impact, has built a reputation as a reliable and unbiased source of news.

What sets apart is its approach to journalistic excellence: its reporters are trained to ask hard questions and hold the powerful accountable, while remaining objective and fair. 9janews’s reporters have conducted groundbreaking investigative reports on subjects ranging from corruption in government and human rights abuses to environmental degradation and health crises.

Moreover, 9janews digital platform is designed to be user-friendly, accessible and engaging. The mobile-friendly platform ensures that users can access news and information on their phones, even in areas with poor Wi-Fi or erratic power supply. This has allowed the platform to reach a wider audience, especially in rural areas where traditional media platforms have limited reach.

In addition, has made it easier for Nigerians to engage with news and information by using social media as a channel to disseminate news stories, build relationships with its audience, and gain insights into the issues that matter most to Nigerians. With over 1 million followers on Twitter alone, 9janews has become a prominent voice in the national conversation.

Perhaps equally important is 9janews dedication to social impact. The platform’s coverage of social issues like girl-child education, Sanitation, poverty, and healthcare has led to increased awareness and engagement among its audience, who have gone on to advocate for change in their communities.

In conclusion, 9janews has revolutionized the media landscape in West Africa by providing a reliable, accessible and impactful platform for news and information. The platform continues to set the standard for investigative journalism and accountability, and has set the tone for other media organizations in the region. Its user-friendly and mobile-friendly platform has ensured that all Nigerians have equal access to news and information, regardless of their location or socio-economic status. 9janews significance in the media space in Nigeria and West Africa can not be overemphasized.

Contact Info:
Name: James Edosa
Email: Send Email
Organization: Edosa Media
Phone: +2348060875645

Release ID: 89092743

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6clicks Appoints GRC Leader Shireen Fernandez to Lead Asia-Pacific Region, Growing to Meet High Demand for GRC Transformation

With this appointment, 6clicks continues its rapid growth trajectory, as it expands its presence in the APAC region and delivers its market-leading GRC platform to a growing number of customers.

Melbourne, Australia – March 27, 2023

6clicks, the GRC innovators, today announced the appointment of industry leader Shireen Fernandez as vice president of the Asia-Pacific region (APAC), a new position, focused on the continued growth in the Asia-Pacific region to meet the increasing demand for GRC transformation across the industry. Fernandez will be responsible for local sales, strategy and support for new and existing customers through growing a direct team and increasing and empowering regional or global partners. Reporting directly to Michelle Torrey-Teunissen, chief revenue officer, Shireen has been promoted from her position of director of strategic partnerships where she has proven indispensable in supporting and growing partners across the region.

“The Asia-Pacific region has been a hotbed of activity, as countries add their own regulations and companies grapple with efficiently managing governance, risk and compliance, following local requirements and struggling to comply with ones brought by doing business in various places around the globe,” said Torrey-Teunissen. “6clicks provides a powerful, modern platform for managing rapidly evolving requirements and policies, and Shireen is especially well-suited to lead our efforts in serving the entire APAC region.”

Fernandez added, “I am excited at the opportunity to lead our efforts in the APAC region. I believe that 6clicks is uniquely positioned to help companies in this region manage their GRC challenges and meet regulatory requirements as part of a comprehensive governance framework. I look forward to working with our customers and partners to leverage our platform solution to mitigate their risks and drive their success.”

Fernandez has deep experience in risk, compliance and security, with a proven track record in GRC. Prior to 6clicks, she served as Proposition Sales Specialist for Refinitiv and business development manager and risk specialist for Thomson Reuters. She also served as business development manager and client relations manager for RISQ Group Pty Ltd. Fernandez has most recently completed a Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance and Risk Management from the Governance Institute of Australia (formerly Chartered Secretaries of Australia). She also holds a double masters in international relations and international Communications from Macquarie University, a Graduate Diploma in Management from Central Queensland University and a bachelor’s in information technology (Management), among others.

With this appointment, 6clicks continues its rapid growth trajectory, as it expands its presence in the APAC region and delivers its market-leading GRC platform to a growing number of customers.

Request a demo of 6clicks here.

About 6clicks

Recognizing the immense challenges facing risk and compliance teams, 6clicks was founded to apply the power of AI within a productive management framework to exponentially advance teams. Aside from being fast to implement and easy to use, 6clicks is making waves in the market through:

Hub & Spoke architecture – designed from the ground up to support multi-tenanted distributed deployment – perfect for large enterprises, advisors and MSPs.

Hailey, the 6clicks AI engine that does in seconds what would take weeks, including compliance mapping and policy gap analysis, and now control set and control description automation – a boon for compliance professionals.

Fully integrated content – no ‘uploads’, external data feeds or a lack of traceability – all you need is baked into the platform.  

As the name suggests (read: “The founder’s story: How 6clicks was born and what’s behind the name”), 6clicks makes it easy to manage risk and compliance—faster and with greater accuracy, consistency and scalability. Designed for advisors and businesses and powered by AI and integrated content, 6clicks is taking on giants like ServiceNow, Dilligent, OneTrust, RSA Archer and Galvanize by reinventing how automated GRC operates.

Contact Info:
Name: Elaine Suezo
Email: Send Email
Organization: 6clicks

Release ID: 89092741

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The Convergence of Sports & Wellness with Med Spa and Beauty

Traditional sports and wellness services are starting to converge with the med spa world to provide a new range of attractive treatments.

Celina, TX – March 27, 2023

For years, health & wellness businesses have provided services to aid body recovery, promote relaxation, and encourage rejuvenation. These services include all the traditional techniques one might expect, such as massage, facials, waxing, cryotherapy, compression therapy, etc. 

However, there has been a massive shift in the industry that’s seeing a convergence between these services and the Med Spa arena. c3 Aesthetics is one of the companies leading this transition as it embraces Med Spa and beauty services following a massive investment and rebrand. 

An Expansion of Services

c3 Aesthetics & Wellness was formerly known as Collin County Cryo, previously offered mostly sports recovery and wellness treatments. Thanks to their recent investment in technology they are offering new Med Spa services like Botox, dermal fillers, body sculpting, IV drips, micro-needling, Diamond Glow facials, vitamin injections, and much more. 

This represents a massive expansion of services that pinpoints a new direction for the Texas-based company. Just like many small businesses the pandemic created unique challenges for the business. The challenging times forced the owners to re-evaluate their existing business model and seek out innovative ways to pivot their business. They soon realized that adding Med Spa services was a perfect fit that would allow them to provide more value to their existing clients while expanding to a new client base. c3 Aesthetics still offers its traditional sports recovery and wellness services. In fact, they even invested in a state-of-the-art cryotherapy chamber,  but they also provide the most innovative med spa services in the industry.

Thanks to the inclusion of these new services, c3 Aesthetics can truly help their customers look and feel their best.

Safety Is the Top Priority

Adding these new services to the existing portfolio of services did not come without its concerns. For example, state requirements dictate that some of the new services provided require a medical director. Fortunately, this was an easy transition for c3 Aesthetics as they were already under medical supervision.  c3 Aesthetics has always been committed to keeping its clients safe during all types of treatments.

Good faith exams are provided to ensure that clients are suitable candidates for their respective services. 

Overall, it’s a very exciting time in the health & wellness industry. People are taking a different approach to wellness, placing more of an emphasis on beauty as well as overall health. Companies need to adapt, and that’s exactly what c3 Aesthetics has done. The convergence of traditional health and wellness services with new Med Spa services makes this company a one-stop shop for health, wellness, and beauty needs.

About c3 Aesthetics & Wellness

c3 Aesthetics was established in 2015 as Collin County Cryo, offering innovative cryotherapy, sports recovery, and wellness services Over the years, the company often added new modalities for its growing customer base. Most recently, c3 Aesthetics put a greater emphasis on Med Spa treatments. It’s a locally-owned business located in Celina, Texas. They now offer state-of-the-art sports recovery, wellness, and Med Spa services. In fact, they provide  everything from Cryotherapy, massage and compression therapy to collagen induction, Botox, and IV drips.

For more info, visit the website here:

Contact Info:
Name: Bill Potts
Email: Send Email
Organization: c3 Aesthetics & Wellness
Address: 2750 S Preston Road, Celina TX 75009
Phone: 2144573272

Release ID: 89092756

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Dallas Crime Scene Cleanup – the People Behind the Scene

The crew at Red Responders provides discreet and professional biohazard and death scene cleanup services.

Dallas, Texas, United States – March 27, 2023 /MarketersMEDIA/

They are known by various names the world over—forensic cleaners, bio-hazard specialists, mop men—but they all play an important part in cleaning up sites after a gruesome homicide or accident. 

Red Responders, a leading Dallas crime scene cleanup service, is equipped to clean, remove, and dispose of unwanted materials from the scene safely and effectively, following strict protocols set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Transportation. Its technicians are trained to handle all types of potentially infectious and hazardous materials, using specialized equipment and cleaning agents to ensure that the affected area is fully restored to its pre-incident condition.

The need for professional crime scene cleanup services in Dallas is significant. Traumatic events can occur anywhere, from homes and businesses to public spaces such as parks and schools. Crime scenes can leave behind dangerous biohazardous materials, including blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially infectious materials that can pose a serious health risk if not handled properly.

Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth areas, Red Responders’ team understands that cleaning up after a traumatic event, such as a crime or accident, can be overwhelming and emotionally exhausting for those affected. The company’s goal is to help residents and businesses in the affected area recover from traumatic events by providing fast, professional, and discreet crime scene cleanup services.

For more information, visit

The main function of crime scene cleanup services is to restore the affected area to its pre-incident condition following a traumatic event such as a crime, accident, or death. These services are typically performed by trained professionals who are equipped to handle the unique challenges associated with crime scene cleanup.

Biohazard Cleanup is one of the primary services provided by Red Responders. The proper removal and disposal of biohazardous materials such as blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially infectious materials that may be present at the scene mitigates any serious health risks and require specialized equipment and cleaning agents to be removed safely.

Red Responders will also be responsible for decontaminating the affected area to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and other pathogens. This involves using specialized cleaning agents and disinfectants to thoroughly clean and sanitize the area. Some events may leave unpleasant odors that linger for weeks or months if not addressed properly. The company’s odor removal service identifies and removes any odors associated with the incident, using specialized equipment and techniques to ensure that the affected area is free of malodors.

Red Responders has the expertise to handle the proper disposal of biohazardous materials and other materials is an essential service and must comply with all local, state, and federal guidelines for the safe disposal of hazardous materials.

Finally, as part of the crime scene cleanup services, the company is responsible for restoring the area to its pre-incident condition. This may involve removing and replacing carpeting, drywall, and other materials that have been damaged during the incident.

Red Responders provides discreet and professional services, working closely with agencies, families, and businesses to ensure that confidentiality and privacy are respected during the cleanup process. The company’s technicians are trained to be sensitive to the needs of those affected by traumatic events and strive to provide a supportive and caring environment for its clients.

About the Company: 

Founded by Steve Keller, Red Responders is the most trusted biohazard remediation company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, specializing in crime scene, death, suicide, homicide, or any other extreme cleanup. With his passion for helping others, he has set a vision of service excellence for the company. Its highly trained technicians perform cleanup services efficiently, safely, and in a timely manner. 

Contact Info:
Name: Steve Keller
Email: Send Email
Organization: Red Responders
Address: 2131 N. Collins St, Suite 433-622 Arlington, TX 76011
Phone: 817-773-9035

Release ID: 89092761

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing West Hartford Firm Celebrates 92 Years In The Industry

The Manchester, CT, firm has operated since 1927 and has been family owned for 46 years. Four generations of the family have participated in the business.

Manchester, Connecticut, United States – March 27, 2023 /MarketersMEDIA/

Patrick Daigle Hardwood Flooring Inc. and Brian Daigle are pleased to announce that the hardwood floor refinishing West Hartford company offers a menu of services to area customers. The company repairs hardwood floors, dustless sanding and refinishing, and new installation. Customers looking for a local reliable, trusted flooring firm in the area should look to the experienced professional team. The company has provided high-quality work, refinishing hardwood flooring and offering various material choices.

The company aims to ensure that customers enjoy the product for many years. Patrick Daigle Hardwood Flooring helps educate customers on adequately maintaining their flooring. The firm was founded by Patrick Daigle and is now run by his son Brian Daigle and grandson Alex Daigle. The firm is well known for its professionalism and expertise throughout Connecticut. It has more than 15,000 satisfied customers. In addition, friends, family, and realtors recommend the firm to others.

Additional details are available at

Patrick Daigle Flooring is a professional firm that sells, installs, repairs, and refinishes hardwood floors. The company offers personalized, one-on-one, excellent customer service. The experienced team takes great pride in their craft and the complete satisfaction of customers. The company and its employees are fully insured. It holds a Connecticut home improvement contractors license. The firm has membership in the Homebuilders Association of Hartford and the Connecticut Business and Industry Association.

Safety is an essential part of the business. Brian Daigle has received his Safet y Certificate from OSHA. The employees go through a detailed safety program once a year, plus many review sessions throughout the year. The fleet of trucks is equipped with all the proper safety equipment, fire extinguishers, and Material Safety Data Sheets. If, for any reason, a customer needs to know about one of the listed products, customers can review the MSDS in the vehicles or may contact the office at Patrick Daigle Hardwood Flooring.

About the Company: 

Patrick Daigle Hardwood Flooring Inc. has many decades of experience. The business has been around for more than 95 years. A positive reputation is the result of excellent products and services. 

Contact Info:
Name: Brian Daigle
Email: Send Email
Organization: Patrick Daigle Hardwood Flooring Inc.
Address: 54 Hilliard St, Manchester, CT 06042
Phone: +18606439191

Release ID: 89092749

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Avon Hardwood Floor Refinishing – Exquisite Surfaces that Enhance Home Value

Based in Connecticut, the team of professionals at Patrick Daigle Hardwood Flooring Inc. provides end-to-end services, including delivery, installation, sanding, and finishing.

Manchester, Connecticut, United States – March 27, 2023 /MarketersMEDIA/

Hardwood floors are a timeless feature in any home, offering warmth, character, and durability. However, over time they can become scratched, dull, or discolored, requiring refinishing to restore their original beauty. 

In Connecticut, homeowners can turn to Patrick Daigle Hardwood Flooring Inc., an Avon hardwood floor refinishing company that revitalizes homeowners’ floors and enhances the value of their homes. The family-run business offers personalized and one-on-one full fledge services from sales and installation to sanding, repairing, and refinishing all types of hardwood floors. 

Refinishing a hardwood floor involves sanding the top layer to remove scratches, stains, and imperfections, then applying a new finish to protect and beautify the wood. It is a process that requires specialized equipment, skills, and knowledge of wood types and finishes. 

Customers choosing the installation of hardwood floors can select between a natural or prefinished surface. With unfinished hardwood floor installation, the raw wood is delivered to customers’ homes, installed, sanded, and finished. 

Apart from providing prefinished and laminate flooring, the team also provides repair work for patched, missing, and damaged floorboards. They conduct a series of checks before determining the type of wood species and grade best used. 

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Old or damaged hardwood floors can trap dirt, dust, and allergens, triggering respiratory problems such as asthma or allergies. The dustless containment system used by the team at the Patrick Daigle Hardwood Flooring Inc. protects homeowners from dust triggers by removing dust particles and leaves minimal cleanup for the homeowner. 

The team of professionals uses low-VOC (volatile organic compound) stains and sealants that emit fewer harmful chemicals, reducing the risk of indoor air pollution. They also offer an eco-friendly finish for the safety of homeowners. 

While some homeowners may attempt to refinish their hardwood floors themselves, doing so is a complex and labor-intensive process that requires expertise and precision. By hiring a team of experts at the company, homeowners can avoid the risks of DIY refinishing, such as over-sanding, uneven coating, or damage to the subfloor. They have the necessary equipment, tools, and techniques to achieve smooth, even, and long-lasting results and can advise homeowners on the best finish options based on their lifestyle and humidity levels.  

With over 15,000 loyal and satisfied customers, the team at Patrick Daigle Hardwood Flooring Inc. is well known for its professionalism and expertise across Connecticut. The team abides by old-fashioned values like honesty, integrity, and personalized customer service and takes pride in offering high-quality workmanship at a reasonable rate.

Their dedication to creating, refinishing, and maintaining beautiful custom hardwood floors well positions them as the leading flooring company in Connecticut. 80% of the company’s customers are referrals—a testament to their excellence in craftsmanship.

Patrick Daigle Hardwood Flooring Inc. offers a range of benefits for homeowners in Connecticut who want to restore the beauty and value of their hardwood floors. From improving the appearance and indoor air quality to increasing the resale value and sustainability of homes, refinishing hardwood floors is a cost-effective and professional option that requires the expertise and skills of a trusted company. 

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Patrick Daigle Hardwood Flooring Inc. is a reputable company specializing in high-quality hardwood flooring products and services to customers across Connecticut. The company built a solid reputation for delivering exceptional craftsmanship, unparalleled customer service, and competitive pricing. Its team of skilled and experienced professionals is committed to using eco-friendly and sustainable materials, ensuring its products meet aesthetic and environmental standards. 

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