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Best Selling Author, Sam Eaton Publishes The Trouble with Pink Wheelbarrows Book for Human Resource Focused Entrepreneurs

Human Resource Business Coach Sam Eaton is excited to announce her new book titled The Trouble with Pink Wheelbarrows: Insight, Inspiration, and Ideas for Budding Entrepreneurs.

Cambridge, UK – September 21, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

Sam Eaton has released her new book, The Trouble with Pink Wheelbarrows: Insight, Inspiration, and Ideas for Budding Entrepreneurs. The book guides entrepreneurs with the tools they need to start and grow their businesses. It offers a humorous yet thought-provoking glance at entrepreneurship to empower entrepreneurs and help them succeed in their endeavors. The Trouble with Pink Wheelbarrows is filled with interviews and personal stories from Eaton’s own experiences as an entrepreneur with more than 25 years of building consultancies worldwide. She offers readers advice on being resilient in the face of difficult times and creating a thriving business.

There are close to 15 million businesses that all want to make a difference,” said Sam Eaton, Human Resource Business Coach and best-selling author, “and yet, they all sound the same.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Guidance Financial, about 20% of businesses fail within the first year, and 50% fail within the first five years. Businesses and budding entrepreneurs often struggle because they do not have the expertise to handle specific challenges. Currently, many companies fail to get noticed because they do not know how to focus on their goals or have little idea about scalability. This is where Eaton’s expertise helps with her balanced assistance and know-how. The HR Founders Mastermind is the core 10-week program Eaton offers to cover critical topics needed to grow an HR business. Details about the HR Founders Mastermind and community are found at www.MindAbilityConsulting.org

Eaton is known for her signature workshop: Increase Margins by 30% in 90 minutes. She helps entrepreneurs build successful businesses even in some of the most challenging situations. Eaton offers a complimentary “Are You Selling Your Worth” quiz that allows individuals to identify gaps in sales capabilities and assess if they are focusing on the right thing to grow company revenue.

A Global Business Consultant specializing in Human Resources, Eaton has more than 25 years of experience building consultancies worldwide through her company, MindAbility Consulting. She describes her book as a reference guide for entrepreneurs, helping them connect and gain valuable insights from stories and interviews. The book is suitable for small businesses, budding entrepreneurs, independent contractors, and self-employed HR professionals who need a bit of guidance to succeed and remain motivated.

The book includes heartfelt truths and vivid storytelling that paves the way to strategic learning and development. Her book is a must-read for those starting their new business and trying to increase their sales. The Trouble with Pink Wheelbarrows: Insight, Inspiration, and Ideas for Budding Entrepreneurs book is available on Amazon.

About MindAbility Consultancy:

MindAbility Consultancy Limited is a company that helps HR and people consultancy founders to succeed in their businesses. The company, run by Sam Eaton, offers a unique coaching system to help founders manage their business access knowledge of scaling companies, how to avoid the pitfalls, and increase profit margins. Eaton and her team have helped several founders increase their revenue margin or profitability through her strategic coaching and consultancy services. To know more about Mind Ability Consultancy, please visit www.MindabilityBusinessCoaching.com.

About Sam Eaton:

Sam Eaton is the owner of MindAbility Consultancy, which focuses on providing customers with commercial knowledge. She is a well-known business coach in HR and consulting with more than 25 years of experience in HR. Eaton is an author, the host of the Future Speak Podcast, and an exceptional speaker who has participated in numerous conferences and workshops worldwide.

Eaton is on a mission to help business owners build a business and succeed on their own terms. Her goal is to improve the lives of their families by empowering HR business owners and solopreneurs to realize their business goals using MindAbility’s unique growth programs tailored to their individual needs. She believes in building business for her clients and has helped several HR consultancies succeed. Eaton aspires to redefine the HR industry and people consultancy founders globally through her strategic advice and guidelines.

Contact Info:
Name: Sam Eaton
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Organization: MindAbility Consultancy Limited
Address: England
Phone: +44-7540-345-465
Website: https://mindabilitybusinesscoaching.com

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