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BOC Sciences Promotes Drug Development by Pharmaceutical Impurity Identification

BOC Sciences recently introduces pharmaceutical impurity identification services to accelerate drug development.

Shirley, United States – December 29, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

BOC Sciences, a New York-based company with a long-term commitment to providing pharmaceutical discovery services and raw materials, recently introduces pharmaceutical impurity identification services to accelerate drug development.

The potential biological activity of impurities and their interaction with drugs may diminish drug efficacy or produce severe toxic effects. Therefore, analysis and control of drug impurity levels and its side effects are crucial in drug research and manufacturing process. As a leading pharmaceutical service provider, BOC Sciences has been providing drug manufacturers with a wide range of impurity identification services to help reduce the impurity content in drugs.

In 2018, the FDA reported the existence of several impurities in various angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) that contain the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) valsartan. This report immediately triggered an alert of potential hazards and drew several therapies into the mire of a product recall. In face of the urgent need to understand how impurities are formed and prevent them from entering the final drug product, BOC Sciences proposes some serviceable solutions including impurity identification and isolation for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

“We own a robust impurity identification system contributed by multiple tools such as LC/MS/MS, LC/DAD, and NMR,” a senior researcher at BOC Sciences said, “These superior technologies are certain to ease the burden of drug research and stimulate its development.”

For instance, through preparative HPLC, BOC Sciences can separate and identify impurities from APIs or pharmaceuticals easily. Moreover, accompanied by advanced technologies and experienced personnel, BOC Sciences can provide professional advice on the mechanism of impurity formation and formulation modification to reduce impurity level, likewise assisting global partners in smoothly conducting drug research and production.

In addition to the provision of impurity identification services, BOC Sciences also produces thousands of pharmaceutical impurities, degradation products of active pharmaceutical ingredients, metabolites, and excipients under the guidelines and restrictions described in the international pharmacopoeia monographs. Owing to the persistent endeavors of BOC Sciences and other pharmaceutical institutions, drug R&D is expected to prosper continuously.

Features of BOC Sciences’ services
Multiple identification tools on site
GMP compliant analytic testing services
Competitive price
High efficiency and accuracy

For more information about the pharmaceutical impurity products and services at BOC Sciences, please visit https://www.bocsci.com/products/impurities-8.html.

About BOC Sciences
As a leading custom service provider in the pharmaceutical industry, BOC Sciences has cultivated cutting-edge technologies and platforms to support drug development. The research team of BOC Sciences has accumulated abundant experience for years, rising to be a trustworthy cooperative partner in the fields of pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and life sciences.

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