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Brand Building Podcast Hosted by Norman Farrar Announces This Week’s Guest

Brand building podcast host Norman Farrar announces Guy Constantini as this week’s guest on “I Know This Guy.” Constantini is an entrepreneur and expert in the video game, virtual reality and entertainment worlds.

November 30, 2020

Norman Farrar, widely known as The Beard Guy, continues to provide top-notch guest speakers on his popular brand building podcast, “I Know this Guy.” This week, Farrar interviews Guy Costantini, a master in the video game, virtual reality (VR) and entertainment worlds. This episode, “The Vanguard of Virtual Reality,” is being aired in a special two-part series.

To listen to the first part of the interview with Constantini, visit: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/i-know-this-guy-with-norm-farrar/id1518495668

Constantini is a leader in digital marketing strategy and the Vice President of Global Interactive Marketing for Skydance Media, which is known for high-profile blockbusters on franchises like The Old Guard, Terminator and Mission Impossible. Constantini is working on multiple VR titles, such as the recently released and critically acclaimed “The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners.” While diving head-first into virtual reality is his current focus, Constantini also serves in an advisory capacity to a select number of companies, with the mission to change the games space for the better. His podcast episode airs Nov. 24, 2020.

In his career, Constantini has had the chance to work on several industry-shaping games like “The Witcher 3,” “League of Legends,” “Marvel Contest of Champions” and many more. “The only thing I love more than games is my family and getting my friends hooked on the game of the hour,” he says. Always looking for a challenge, Constantini wanted to get more than just his friends hooked on games; he set his sights on getting hundreds of millions of players to do the same.

Before getting into the video game and entertainment space, Constantini worked for several years in the high-growth tech startup and music industries in New York. Eventually, he made the decision to move to Southern California, where he could pursue his dream of working in entertainment.

On the “I Know This Guy” podcast, Farrar and his son Hayden discuss success, failure and life lessons with some of the most interesting people they know. Well-known around the globe for his work helping companies with brand identity design, Farrar himself has over 30 years’ experience as a self-made entrepreneur. His passion for helping others has led him into a mentorship role, and he now uses his flair for networking to share the knowledge of his network to the world.

Information about “I Know this Guy” can be found on Patreon, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Youtube. For those interested in learning more about marketing a small business online, please visit the official “I Know This Guy” website today.

About Norm Farrar

Entrepreneur and businessman Norman “The Beard Guy” Farrar stands at the forefront of the economic mega-machine known as Amazon Marketplace. As a leading expert with over 25 years of product sourcing, development, and branding expertise, Norm is an advisor to many and an inspiration to all.

Throughout his career, he has worked with big brands including Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, Dell, Microsoft, Target, Hershey, 20th Century Fox, Molson’s, Cadbury and a wide variety of emerging businesses that are celebrating sudden escalation in profitability and sales as a result of taking action on his advice and proven methods.

About Guy Constantini

He is a leader with 15+ years of experience bringing organizations from nascent to dominant in the Video Game, Entertainment, High-Tech Software, and Life Sciences industries.

http://www.cdprojektred.com/ | costantini.guy@gmail.com


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