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ChoDoSi – The Largest 2ndhand Warehouse In Vietnam

Vietnam – June 28, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

Fast fashion is more and more popular in society because of low prices and fast trend updates. The rise of consumers towards the latest styles and an increase in the purchasing power of consumers, especially among young people, to satisfy the desires of instant gratification. However, the fast fashion industry is often referred to as “one-time wear” because it is quickly “outdated” in an increasingly updated and developed society. Fast fashion contributes to pollution, waste and planned obsolescence due to the cheap materials and production methods it uses. Fast fashion products take a long time to decompose, but they are not recyclable, as they are mainly made from synthetic materials. For these reasons, sustainable fashion – a fashion trend at the forefront of the fashion industry- was, is and will always be the inevitable trend. And one of the ways to support sustainable fashion applied by many young people is to buy secondhand clothes to make the most of the using value of clothes, with the quality always good and still looks so trendy. Cho Do Si is one of Vietnam’s largest general secondhand clothes warehouses. This is the right place for everyone who needs to buy bulk to trade this item.

Ten years ago, grasping the demand for sourcing quality 2ndhand goods and diverse designs of domestic sellers, chodosi established a general 2ndhand warehouse and gradually became one of the leading suppliers of 2ndhand goods. The largest 2ndhand parcel in the country. With 10 years of efforts and continuous improvement, they have more than 1000 customers stretching from the North to the South with a very diverse customer file, from big sellers to small market traders and even students who are in need of start-up. chodosi.vn’s business principle is to put product quality and customers’ interests first, so chodosi.vn will be the first choice for those who are looking for an unmixed warehouse. chodosi is committed to bringing customers the best quality and most distinctive packages:

o  Imported high-quality goods, unadulterated quality. Goods with high newness and beautiful designs

o  100% imported raw materials from abroad

o  Wealthy experience, good product selection techniques

o  Huge profit potential

o  Always update new and hot products

o  Competitive price

o  Prestigious import source

Sustainable fashion contributes to minimizing the impact of fashion on the ecosystem, towards recycling, and saving water and natural resources. The use of recycled, biodegradable fabrics/fibers reduces the burden of disposing of fashion waste into the environment. Buying and reusing secondhand clothes contributes to environmental protection.

In addition, advocating for sustainable fashion is advocating for fairness in wages and benefits for workers in factories. It gradually changes consumers’ perception of sustainability not only in the fashion industry but also in many other fields. Sustainable fashion is still an inevitable trend that we should all follow, and the act of buying and reusing secondhand is also an act of joining hands for a better future for humanity and the environment.

For more information, click at: https://chodosi.vn/.  

About the company: chodosi.vn was born to support sustainable fashion with the best clothes quality. They provide quality, reputable packages, guaranteed not to mix poor quality goods.

Contact Detail:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chodosihcm/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/chodosihcm

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8uQLgfl84BqLIMyFswn9_Q

Contact Info:
Name: Phan Manh Toan
Email: Send Email
Organization: Cho Do Si
Address: District 9, HCMC
Phone: 0789.789.815 – 0584.345.789
Website: https://chodosi.vn/

Release ID: 89077493

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