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CollegeListed Makes All Educational Institutions Available To Anyone

San Francisco, California, 09/09/2016 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Choosing the best university or college has become considerably easier now: CollegeListed is here to provide every student and parent with comprehensive information about any school they might want to look at. College search has never been so easy – find your perfect school in as few as three clicks!

Trying to select a proper higher education institution sometimes seems more difficult than passing the final tests and exams! It’s all because students tend to get lost in the countless number of choices there are and their parents can’t keep track of all the criteria for smart college comparison. Difficulty in finding the most suitable school results in students demonstrating low motivation levels and high undergraduate drop out rate.

One shouldn’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right university or college, but who has the time to compare hundreds of top universities in the USA, getting to know all their majors, admissions stats, and scholarship possibilities? So here’s how CollegeListed can make the process of choosing colleges in the USA easier and faster!

Rank all American Universities in Hundreds of Categories

CollegeListed.com search system allows you to rank thousands of universities and colleges by various criteria that are most important to you. Before you begin with college comparison, you need to know what kind of colleges and universities there are to consider. For this purpose you can explore different colleges in or outside of your state, then you can narrow down your search to public or privately-owned higher educational establishments, as well as rank them by your particular major or tuition fee.

One of the most popular features is to compare colleges by their acceptance rates, which allows students to see what educational institutions are difficult or easy to get in.

Majors Are Just As Important As The School Itself!

What you want to study defines your college choice in many ways. If you have your mind set on a particular career or specialization, then you should compare colleges by the majors related to that. It’s no secret that many of the universities and colleges in the USA are famous for preparing the best specialists in their particular areas. And Collegelisted allows you to find these institutions by filtering them according to your preferred major.

Do you want to be a lawyer? – Then you probably want to consider top universities in the USA for legal sphere only. Have you always dreamt of becoming an engineer? – Then filter your results by technical majors and get rid of other distractions!

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Steve Jobs

Maybe you are still considering different majors – then check Collegelisted to tell you all about admission criteria for this or that specialty and see what kind of GPA you have to maintain in order to be accepted. A successful career starts with a dream that is backed by real facts and hard work – so make sure you know what is required to get into your dream school and go the whole hog trying to pursue it!

Collegelisted knows how to get into the top universities in the USA

America is home to some of the world’s best schools that draw students from all over the world. Harvard, Yale, Brown and etc quality of education is a golden standard for any university or college, while their admission exigency has served as the reason for numerous stereotypes and even movies. But are they really that impossible to get in?

Using a Collegelisted college search, you can also get a realistic picture of what kind of students Ivy Leagues schools are looking for, choose the program where you have most chances and better prepare for the exams.

Are you wondering what kind of schools you can consider based on your current academic achievements in general? Then use CollegeListed.com tools to help you with that – GPA calculator will determine your grade point average and give you a clear idea of what kind of score you will have to show to the admission board at the end of your final year. And you can always filter colleges by the GPA or SAT numbers they have previously accepted to estimate your chances and whether or not you need to concentrate your effort in some other areas.

Stuck With College Comparison – Turn to Collegelisted.com For Help!

Study endeavors are already hard enough – there’s no reason to start suffering already at the college selection stage! Collegelisted is created to make college comparison quick and easy. Our team works daily to find the most recent and relevant data and group it in the most understandable and user-friendly way.

Let us worry about finding you the right college – you can devote all your time and efforts to presenting yourself in the best light on the admissions board application! Go to CollegeListed.com and filter exactly the colleges and universities you want to see. A great future begins with the right education and we know where you can get it!

For more information visit our site CollegeListed.com or contact email info@collegelisted.com

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