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Decental Capital Launches Bitcoin Investment Platform

The newly launched cryptocurrency service provider aims to help new investors navigate the digital arena

April 29, 2021 / /

Newly launched cryptocurrency service provider Decentral Capital has proudly announced its intentions to change the landscape of crypto investing for new and experienced investors alike courtesy of its Bitcoin investment white-glove service.

Helping Canadians Capitalize On Crypto

While cryptocurrency is the hottest topic in the world of investments right now, digital assets still only account for 0.2% of the global asset base. There is still time for investors to embrace the digital revolution, and Decentral Capital’s new and exciting platform is focused on helping new and inexperienced individuals do it in style.

Decentral Capital’s innovative practices apply the strategies of prestige finance to crypto and Blockchain assets and are built to outperform traditional markets. Unlike many, the company uses real human agents to handle all client interactions and investments. This approach enables new investors to fully understand their trades and investment practices before, during, and after the process.

The human touch also allows Decental Capital to match investors to an investment approach that suits their specific requirements. Whether aiming for annual returns or long-term growth, individual investors can enter the market with confidence. Likewise, plans can be made to suit all capital levels.

Decentral Capital provides a safe and secure crypto wallet that is backed by industry-leading cybersecurity technology while personalized order execution makes it one of the most versatile crypto service providers as it allows for phone, email, and online placements. All investors are able to track their progress with help of advanced tools while simultaneously retaining the human support at all times.

In addition to personalized support for all traders, the service is supported by a plethora of helpful tools to help investors get to grips with Bitcoin and gain a deeper understanding of crypto. From insights into market behaviors to technical elements, such as when the last BTC will be mined, can allow new investors to perform like experienced professionals. After all, they have an army of experts behind them.

Bitcoin is still the most exciting investment opportunity on the market, which is why crypto continues to dominate the headlines. For individuals who have considered but resisted investments due to a lack of knowledge, Decentral Capital’s newly formed platform with meticulous attention to detail is a very attractive solution.

About Decentral Capital

Decentral Capital is a dedicated cryptocurrency service provider that focuses primarily on Bitcoin, the number one crypto coin on the planet, and is regulated by the government of Canada. The company aims to help Canadians invest directly into the digital future for short, mid, and long-term gains.

The company focuses on helping investors navigate through the digital currency investing challenges while focusing on its core principles of Transparency and Trust to provide a springboard for success in an era where the “internet of money” is king.

More information is available at https://decentralcapital.ca/. Alternatively, Decentral Capital’s press contact Eric Kasanowski can be reached at 1 (844) 960-4381 or info@decentralcapital.ca. Mail queries should be sent to 1308 Hornby St. Vancouver, BC, V6Z0C5, Canada.

Contact Info:
Name: Eric Kasanowski
Email: Send Email
Organization: Decentral Capital
Address: 1308 Hornby St. Vancouver, BC, V6Z0C5, Canada
Phone: 1 (844) 960-4381
Website: https://decentralcapital.ca/


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