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Double Dip Games Announces The Closed Beta Launch Of ShooterPals.io

Indie blockchain gaming startup, Double Dip Games, officially Announces the Closed Beta Launch of ShooterPals.io, a play-to-earn platform shooter game with NFT character skins

February 27, 2022

The team at Double Dip Games have again reiterated their commitment to delivering the best possible gaming experience to as many people as possible across the globe as the blockchain gaming company recently announced the Closed Beta Launch of ShooterPals.io. The move will allow NFT holders to play the shooter game and earn while having fun competing with others.

Several industries have continued to take advantage of blockchain technology and its inherent solutions. The global gaming industry has undoubtedly benefited from the increasing adoption of blockchain, with the growing popularity of NFT and play-to-earn games further substantiating this claim. However, Double Dip Games seek to take the experience a notch higher with the launch of ShooterPals.io.

The ShooterPals.io project is designed as a play-to-earn platform shooter game featuring endless multiplayer action and NFT character skins. The gaming ecosystem comes with several features that stand it out from other similar projects, with the Closed Beta Launch on February 22 enabling NFT holders to play the game at https://shooterpals.io/play.

Players are able to unlock Closed Beta access by holding a ShooterPals NFT in their MetaMask wallet. ShooterPals NFTs are ERC1155 tokens on Polygon Network (Ethereum blockchain layer 2). Players sign into the game with MetaMask and customize the appearance of their character with their Pal and Hat NFTs available on OpenSea. NFT holders get the first chance to earn ShooterPals Chips (CHIPS) tokens playing the game, before the eventual token launch. Players earn CHIPS tokens with each Kill and for holding a Top 3 position during each match.

ShooterPals Launch NFTs come in various rarities that determine their max supply – Common: 100 Supply, Rare: 20 Supply, and Legendary: 4 Supply, each having their unique benefits to holders. As part of the move to reward members of the all-inclusive ecosystem, CHIPS tokens earned during Closed Beta will be distributed to players at p2e + token launch in Q2 2022. The tokens can be used to buy exclusive NFT skins and collectibles, reduce transaction fees at the ShooterPals Marketplace, which will be launched in Q3, and as a wager in high-risk, high-reward game modes that allow for increased earnings potential, with additional use cases to be announced in future. There are also plans to give away 2 million Chips to interested people.

For further information about ShooterPals and to receive free CHIPS tokens at P2E launch in Q2 as one of the first 1,100 members to join the ShooterPals Discord server, visit – https://discord.gg/aMzJWhsv78.

Contact Info:
Name: Brian
Email: Send Email
Organization: Double Dip Games
Website: https://discord.gg/aMzJWhsv78

Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xe5zVc23jrc

Release ID: 89065918

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