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Dream Baby Dream: A Contemporary Dance Theatre Performance At Meeraqi Bangalore

Meeraqi, the organizer of the new Dream Baby Dream, A Contemporary Dance Theatre Performance In Bangalore Indiranagar announced their event will be held at Meeraqi on 8th April 2018.

Bangalore, India – March 31, 2018 /PressCable/

Dance Lovers looking for the latest information on dance theatre performance can register to attend Dream Baby Dream: A Contemporary Dance Theatre Performance in Bangalore Indiranagar scheduled for 8th April 2018 at Meeraqi, 601, 1st Floor, 12th Main, Opposite Hagen Daz, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, 560038 Bangalore

Meeraqi is sponsoring this year’s event, which features the following artists:

Sahiba Singh – original concept and choreography

Irene Fiordilino – co-choreography

Sahiba Singh, Irene Fiordilino, Lexman Kumar, Tanushree Singh, Yashu M, Anurati Gupta, Madhu Das, Megha Roy, Raam Kumar, Sankalp Sharma – cast

Full details on the event can be found on the company website at https://meeraqi.com.

When asked about the reasons behind creating this event, the host of the event, Sahiba Singh said:

Dream baby dream it not set out to teach a lesson and end with a moral. Dream baby dream is not archived and will never repeat itself the same way too.

It’s not preachy and we do not have the answers to anything. But it is a collection of combined wisdom, the wisdom that belongs to us – our specie. It’s a commentary on our delights and plights. A focus on our fears and ecstasies!

Look at it as a jig saw puzzle, a puzzle that you are a part of, and so are the dancers/ actors. A puzzle that has to be put together except as soon as you put it together, it will disappear and vanish, like it was never meant to be arranged.

We will be dealing with palettes, paradoxes, dreams, intersections, paradigms, anti-matter, love, secrets and insects. So if you relish the odd and the unexpected, and love the bridge between words and ideas, Dream Baby Dream will intrigue you to know more. If we can make you slightly more curious, we will be encouraged to be more curious for the future.

The Meeraqi website has full details about the sessions at this year’s event. Interested parties can visit the website at: https://meeraqi.com/dance-theatre-performance-in-bangalore/

Contact Info:
Name: Sudeep Battacharya
Email: info@meeraqi.com
Organization: Meeraqi
Address: Meeraqi, 601, 1st Floor, 12th Main, Opposite Hagen Daz, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore, Karnataka 560038, India
Phone: +91-99727-99969

For more information, please visit https://meeraqi.com

Source: PressCable

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