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Drinking Water Has Never Been More Fun with Plant Nanny 2

Fourdesire's Award-Winning App Encourages Healthy Hydration One Glass of Water at a Time

TAIPEI, TAIWAN / ACCESSWIRE / June 30, 2020 / Summer 2020 is predicted to be hotter-than-average across the country according to The Weather Channel. An analysis from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration concluded that this year has a 75% chance of being the warmest year in history and a 99% chance that it will rank among the top five ever recorded. While individuals and families alike look forward to all the fun activities summer brings, especially following months of staying at home in response to the coronavirus, hydration is key to remaining healthy and safe in the summer heat. Fortunately, Plant Nanny 2, nominated by users for Google Play's Best of 2019, is here to ensure that individuals stay hydrated through the "gamified" water consumption reminder app.

When users on the app record each glass of water they drink, they also water the app's plants, which helps them visualize the importance of hydration while also making the experience interactive and fun. Each day, app users can collect adorable plants and care for them, ensuring the plants remain hydrated so that they can grow up and stay healthy.

"We always take good care of others, but we forget to take care of ourselves. It is called a ‘Plant' Nanny because plants, like humans, need to replenish an amount of water every day," said Wei-Fan Chen, producer of Plant Nanny 2. "When the user opens the app and records drinking water, the plant will also get the corresponding experience value and grow, just like the user who becomes healthier. In Plant Nanny, we recreate external constraints through virtual characters, redefine goals and meaning by giving users the role of nanny, and give milestones through the growth of plants."

Human body weight is predominantly made up of water, about 70%. The health benefits from drinking it are endless. The functionality of several organs, cognitive ability and mood are hindered to an alarming degree if the body's total water content drops by as little as 1%. However, the average American only drinks 1.8 cups a day despite The Mayo Clinic's suggestion that adequate water consumption is somewhere between 11 and 16 cups a day. When properly hydrated, one may notice improvements to the digestive system, healthier skin, and a boost to both mood and energy levels. Maintaining proper hydration is the first step in developing healthier habits that can lead to a healthier lifestyle. The Plant Nanny 2 app encourages users to stay hydrated in a unique, fun and easy way.

"I downloaded Plant Nanny as a recommendation from a friend and fell in love with the app!" exclaimed Krysten McClure, a regular Plant Nanny 2 user. "I'm the kind of person who has never drank enough water. When I started developing some health issues, I wanted to start drinking more to counteract it. So far, I have over a 100-day streak. Plant Nanny is one of my most used apps. I also have it set up to remind me every hour, which has definitely helped me with having good water drinking habits as well."

In this new era of technology, Fourdesire – the creators of Plant Nanny 2 – recognized that a powerful way to gain engagement is through "gamification." A study performed on "gamification" presented a positive correlation between cognitive, motivational and behavioral learning. Through the incorporation of certain design elements, like points, badges, avatars and competition, it nurtures users to strive toward new goals. In addition, it has been noted that the self-determination theory plays a strong role in gamification. Motivational behaviors can stimulate the need for competency, autonomy and social relatedness by matching psychological needs to those of game design.

Gamification illustrates the idea that by accomplishing a small goal, it can expand the reach to so many more. Plant Nanny 2 promotes safe hydration by providing instant gratification and rewards. The app helps monitor water consumption by sending reminders of when the plant – and user – may not be receiving enough. By sending these reminders, Plant Nanny 2 provides a visual representation that will allow users to better digest and comprehend the subject matter.

"The really good designs are those that allow users to play. Designs that inspire users to have fun can make them so loved and want to use them every day," Chen said. "I call this design method "Playable Design". That can inspire playfulness, let people look at old things from a new perspective, willing to challenge the possibilities, be more creative, and stay motivated."

Additionally, Plant Nanny 2 enables users to customize their water consumption goals with a variety of adorable and lively plants with unique personalities that make tracking hydration fun and rewarding.

It can be tough knowing where and how to start cultivating new habits; that's why Plant Nanny 2 is here to help. Check out the App Store or Google Play to download now and start creating a path to healthier living.


About Fourdesire

Fourdesire, the company behind Plant Nanny 2, was founded in 2012. Fourdesire is a Taiwanese app design studio whose gamified lifestyle tools bring entertainment, design, and technology together to help people complete essential everyday tasks in an engaging and non-stressful way. With more than 25 million users worldwide, Fourdesire's playful apps allow users to face all kinds of practical concerns: from physical health and weight loss, to mental health and self-care, to financial literacy, and more. Fourdesire is trying to bring fun into every aspect of life, giving deeper meaning to the way people play. All apps are available in the Apple and Google Play stores. For more information on Fourdesire, visit http://fourdesire.com/en/.

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