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Quezon City, Philippines – The third annual outreach event held by Empower2Play (E2P), a U.S. Boston based non-profit, exceeded its goals by hosting 300 children and families, serving more than 2,500 meals and attracting 100 international and local volunteers to put on a sports camp for inner-city children in Quezon City, Philippines. E2P also gave away thousands of school supplies and awarded 12 new “Achieve Success Educational Scholarships” to children who showed leadership and high potential. This year’s camp was sponsored by dozens of local and international sponsors like The Hershey Company, Buffalo Wild Wings, Unilever, United Airlines, SM Markets, Roar Energy Drinks and many more.

On August 29 & 30, volunteers gathered from all over the world at Marcos Field in Quezon City to teach 300 local inner-city children the unfamiliar sport of American football in under 48 hours. The camp was the culmination of an 8 day & night Immersion Tour where international student ambassadors and adult volunteers explored, experienced and lived in the real world of an average Filipino student.

While the camp was a great success in bringing local businesses, children, and families in the area togther to achieve a common goal, it was even more successful at changing the perspective of the international volunteers who attended the camp who also acted as coaches.

All volunteers spent a night in the homes of last year’s scholarship winners – living, sleeping and eating in less than 8 sq-foot homes, with make-shift walls, no-flush toilets and no amenities. The camp was the capstone event that helped Empower2Play identify young potential leaders in the community who exhibited traits such leadership, determination, teamwork and willingness to learn.

Regardless of their athletic ability, these students were offered educational scholarships that will allow them to excel at school by removing obstacles such as a lack of transportation, food, electricity, or school supplies.

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Delayed and re-routed flights, typhoons and thunderstorms that ravaged the field and surrounding areas, cuts, bruises and stitches were all part of the game. In the end, the event was the largest camp to date and certainly the most exciting. Although unexpected torrential rains rendered the field unusable after the semi-final games, instead of heading home to escape the weather, parents, kids and volunteers stayed for hours, dancing and hugging in the rain together as the camp came to a close.

Empower2Play isn’t just about the sports camp or the scholarships – our mission is to make the world a smaller place by bringing people together, and helping them experience life in a new way, through new eyes – as one world community,” said Empower 2 Play founder Coach AK Ikwuakor. “Through the collective efforts of our sponsors, volunteers, and the local community, we did just that. We connected people from all walks of life and created a wonderful, empowering and educational weekend for the children that was far beyond anything we could have ever imagined.”

The Empower 2 Play Immersion Tour and Sports Camp experience will be featured in an upcoming documentary, “You’re Not Alone”, that showcases the everyday life of a local scholarship recipient, Realyn Manila, as she overcomes trials and tribulations to work towards achieving her dream of becoming a doctor.


Launched in 2013, the mission of Empower 2 Play is to empower under resourced commmunites through athletics, life skills development, and economic development for the purposes of improving children’s social and economic mobility. Empower2Play strives to empower communites one sport at a time.

To learn more, visit www.empower2play.org or call us at (310) 272-0860

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/4e1GnByyrBI

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“International Immersion Tour & Sports Camp draws

100 volunteers to help 300 children in The Phillipines”

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