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Exclusive Distributor LLC Sells Gold To Royal Maya.

Federation of Royal Maya Acquires Gold, Funds Development

April 30, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

Exclusive Distributor LLC is proud to announce the sale of mineral gold to His Majesty King Philip IV of the Federation of Royal Maya. His recent purchase and acquisition of over $3B (three billion dollars) USD of Gold from Exclusive Distributor, is what this future economic giant needed to begin building their infrastructure. The Federation of Royal Maya is an emerging nation off the northeastern coast of Cuba. Its land mass spans several islands in the Caribbean. This announcement comes amid news of development projects beginning in the Federation of Royal Maya.

The Federation of Royal Maya is one of only a few nations with gold-backed currency. The official currency, called Manna, will be used, in part, to fund the nation’s green infrastructure projects as the country expands.

Present-day countries moved off the gold standard long ago, although many central banks still hold significant gold reserves, including the United States of America with approximately 8,000 metric tons.
The Federation of Royal Maya believes the Gold standard is a secure, profitable method of funding their currency, so much so it is rapidly moving to gold-backed crypto currency, the Olympus crypto token, in a global collaboration with The Republic of Sierra Leone and Malabwe Mines Company Limited of the Republic of Zambia. Both Sierra Leone and Zambia have already backed the Olympus token with over $2 billion in gold.

Through the efforts of King Philip IV, the Federation of Royal Maya is strong on the global market and is positioning itself to boost trade economics worldwide. The Federation has a keen eye towards helping refugees and others displaced by natural disaster and war. Among other goals, the nation is working toward building the sustainable infrastructure and training programs necessary to become a hub for technology in the Caribbean.

For more information on the Federation of Royal Maya, their efforts, and new development projects, contact the Office of Media Relations of the State: Minrex.gob@frmgov.org

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