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Experts reveal 2019s biggest Media Trends to Look For

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / January 29, 2019 / In 2019 being seen is everything. Entrepreneurs and Public Figures are taking their hard earn dollars to market their brands on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. However, experts weigh in that none of those outlets are as effective as getting featured in major publications and podcasts.

Today’s experts explain their success and projects they are working on:

Jonathan Medina

Jonathan Medina is the Managing PR specialist at Influencer Press that manages publicity for Influencers and for a few clients worth over $100M.

With no client acquisition specialist, Jonathan has been able to book prospects on his calendar all year long while making his first high 5 figure month in only 3 months of ever being in the online marketing space.

Jonathan Medina grew up in a small town called Grandview where the estimated population of the town was around 10,000 people.

Usually, in small towns, it’s almost impossible to dream about ”the life” because you don’t see the fancy cars, the nice clothes, big mansions.

But only 3 months into online marketing what it would take most of us years – Jonathan accomplished in a few months.

He hit his first ever 5 figure month to now he’s being featured as a top PR specialist on major publications like Entrepreneur and Nasdaq. Media is important to get verified on Facebook and Instagram therefore, media is his focus.

Josue Arteaga

Josue Arteaga is the COO of Influencer Press and Manufacturing Influencers. Named as a prodigy and maverick of PR by both Inc and Entrepreneur magazine. Worked with over a 100 millionaires/high performing entrepreneurs by the age of 20.

Business prodigy and Grandview


, Josue Arteaga, runs the operations of one of the most exclusive PR companies, Manufacturing Influencers. His clients range from some of the world’s richest and most famous public figures. Managing the brands and press of the influencers of tomorrow, the team at Manufacturing Influencers, are one of today’s top PR firms, focusing on helping clients reach their end result with their brands through PR.

”Our methodology is that PR is the single biggest growth hack to building that indestructible brand that you want. What happens when you build that brand organically vs paid ads? Warmer leads, warmer intros. The buyer’s journey is shorter. That’s why you see all of the top people in their space like Sam Ovens, The Omnipresent Guy himself, Scott Oldford, Tai Lopez share out their PR because it builds that trust with a new audience. That’s why Chris Winfield gets on major TV segments because he can create a 7 figure business through that alone.” says Arteaga.

At 18 years old he started his PR business landing clients such as

Famous Tonio Skits. By the age of 19, he tripled his business well over 6 figures. At 20 he scaled to $50,000 a month and has been featured on numerous major publications.

”If you want something the universe will test you on how much you want it. If you want to be on major publications you’re going to have to think of new and creative ways to reach journalist and reporters.”

Nathan Ray Ortega

Nathan Ray Ortega is the Founder of Influencer Podcasts he helps Millionaires, Influencers, and other highly respected individuals, by getting them

on podcasts to share their powerful stories to impact the lives of thousands to millions of people worldwide

But at the beginning, Nathan had to do endless free work for three years, within those years, he had 16 different jobs at the age of 20, was homeless sleeping in a car with his pregnant girlfriend, changing in public park bathrooms. Eventually, he figured out the only way he would be able to start charging for his services would be to work with the most powerhouse entrepreneurs that many people respect in order to gain the rub off effect.

Eventually, Nathan became the go-to guy for getting people

on podcasts, he has been able to silver tongue his way in building a strong network and has enabled him to work with the top entrepreneurs current to date such as Ed Mylett net worth of 400 million and made the 50 under 50

in Forbes, Danny Morel who runs 40 million dollars worth of businesses, Sam Bakhtiar who made 53 million in revenue in the year 2018

Therefore he has been able to bring out a voice in every personal brand and business that has enabled tremendous results for his clients and anyone looking to become a guest on any show such as, giving them a unique voice that can be heard worldwide, to gaining credibility, building a cold following, allowing them to create and share social proof through their interviews, and helping business owners close more deals through the power of becoming a podcast guest.

Julio Martinez

Julio Martinez is the Operations Manager at Influencer Press which manages press release for influencers and entrepreneurs worth well over 100M.

With only a high school diploma and a hard work ethic, he knew he was supposed to be a part of something greater.

While working with Influencer Press he has secured features for high-end entrepreneurs on the most prestigious publications around the world.

”Entrepreneurs worldwide come to us because they know they will receive the results and exposure they need to become a powerhouse in their industry,” explains Martinez.

Having great content and a large following base is a step towards social media verification, but Martinez knows that the key is to also have a handful of features on various publications under your belt because that will secure that blue check mark everyone desires.

Samuel Madera

Samuel Madera is the Chief Strategy Officer at Influencer Press who has helped several entrepreneurs earning over 7-8 Figures obtain the right media exposure they need in order to take their personal brands and businesses to the next level.

After earning his bachelor’s degree in media and communications from the University of Washington Bothell, he has made himself known in the world of public relations. Helping CEO’s and influencers place their name as one of the best in their industries using the power of


”Obtaining press is only half of the journey. The rest of the journey is teaching my clients to leverage every bit of press linked to their name in order to gain more exposure through other forms of media besides press. Press is only a visual if you don’t use it to its full potential. If you want to be known as the best in your industry, remember that people won’t give you a nickname because you ask them to give it to you. They need sources that will make their claim true.”

Several people get the press but don’t use it to their advantage. Then they begin to find

to be pointless. It’s about using it as leverage to gain more media exposure and increase the value in yourself and your business.

Usually, someone would much rather buy the product with a five-star rating over a product with a two-star rating. With

, it’s no different. If someone’s services or personal brand is linked to several press pieces and other forms of media such as podcasts or television, then most likely their business will be preferred over a business that’s missing press.



SOURCE: Influencer Podcasts

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