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Extensive Range of Carbohydrates from BOC Sciences Await Further Exploration

New York, NY, United States – July 5, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

It is proverbial that there are several primary functions of carbohydrates in the human body: energy production, energy storage, building macromolecules, sparing protein, and assisting in lipid metabolism. Thanks to these multi-functions, carbohydrate has become the R&D focus of many (bio)chemical manufacturers, with the purpose of upgrading its quality and enriching product types. And it is no exception to BOC Sciences, the established supplier specializing in copious chemical compounds.

BOC Sciences’ carbohydrates include monosaccharides, disaccharides, oligosaccharides, and polysaccharides, which cover the main types of carbohydrates in the market or what have been discovered in nature. Within its carbohydrate product range, BOC Sciences can additionally offer tools for the design of carbohydrate-based molecules, multi-step synthesis of complex chemicals, purification of carbohydrates, etc.

These carbohydrates, accompanied by advanced techniques and methodologies, represent a treasure trove of potential for pharmaceutical applications. BOC Sciences’ expertise in this field has also boosted the prosperity of carbohydrate-based drug development (CBDD) over the past years. One of its technicians said, “The recently approved carbohydrate drugs glycosidase inhibitors and sulphated glycosaminoglycans are all developed on the basis of a stable and mature carbohydrate supply chain, where we have made our special contribution with high quality carbohydrates and all-sided services. “

It is usually cumbersome and expensive to carry out a large-scale production of carbohydrates. To relieve the researcher or pharma companies of cost pressure, BOC Sciences tries to improve its production efficiency and extract cost-savings without compromising quality. “According to the feedback from many customers, when using our carbohydrate products plus GMP-grade manufacturing services to develop related drugs, the challenges of costly ingredients and inconsistent supply they confront are overcome to a large extent,” the technician added.

Among all the carbohydrate categories, BOC Sciences allocates much attention to the development and manufacturing of monosaccharides. It is the simplest but most important carbohydrate since oligosaccharides and polysaccharides are formed by linking several monosaccharides together. Meanwhile, the biological functions of monosaccharides are multitudinous, such as storage, release of energy, and formation of cellular structures. Given the vital roles they play, BOC Sciences greatly expands its efforts to provide customers with high-quality monosaccharides at optimal prices. Its popular monosaccharides include glucose, fructose, and galactose, all enjoying admirable sales.


BOC Sciences is a (bio)chemical supplier based in the United States. Its leadership is a forward-thinking team of experts with valuable insights into biology and chemistry. Offering comprehensive carbohydrates with certified quality, BOC Sciences is voted as one of the most trusted partners in the pharma industry.

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