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Free or Discounted eBooks Offered to Help Freelancers Recover Post-Pandemic

The website Freelance Work Guide is offering a library of eBooks free or discounted for several days in March 2021, with the aim of providing resources for recovering from the impact of COVID-19.

February 25, 2021 / /

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected freelancers around the world. Freelance Work Guide is helping freelancers to regain their footing with free or discounted access to The Ultimate Freelancing Library from 12th March to 16th March 2021.

The pandemic has had a profound impact around the world, and freelancers have been some of the worst hit. Traditionally having little job security, many have had difficulty seeking their usual levels of work during the pandemic. Additionally, many full-time and part-time employees have begun to freelance in an attempt to make up for hours or jobs lost due to the pandemic. These circumstances have meant that many have been struggling financially but have been using freelancing to stay afloat and recover. Some freelancers who may have started off moonlighting have now transitioned to full-time freelance work. This might be because they have lost their full-time job or have had their hours reduced, or even because it is more convenient to freelance when locked down at home.

The flexibility offered by freelancing is beneficial not just now but also for the future too. Freelancing has proved to be a reliable way to earn more money for both existing freelancers and anyone who has taken up freelancing in the last year. The working landscape is changing continually, and the pandemic has had a significant effect on the way that people work. Freelancing offers a flexible way for people to earn the money that they need and boost their finances while also leveraging a flexible form of income that will still be useful in the future. However, many feel that they need help to build their freelancing career and to keep work coming in.

The website Freelance Work Guide aims to help make things easier for freelancers, both those established before the pandemic and those who have recently begun freelancing. The Ultimate Freelancing Library, a library of eBooks on the topic of freelancing hosted on the site, will be made available for five days in March, from 12th Match to 16th March inclusive. Freelancers will be able to download each of the 12 books in the library for free or discounted, including titles such as guides to skills assessment, mistakes to avoid, how to win contracts, achieving better work-life balance, freelancing in rural areas, freelancing as a woman, facing international competition, and more.

All the books are available to download as Kindle eBooks from Amazon and usually cost around $5. They can be read on any device that has the Kindle app, which can be downloaded to any computer or phone, as well as on Kindle eBook readers.

Discover more about Freelance Work Guide and The Ultimate Freelancing Library at https://www.freelance-work-guide.com/. For questions and comments, please get in touch with John Cosstick; call 61 0412339176, email john@freelance-work-guide.com, or write to 82 Brunswick Road, Mitcham, Victoria, Australia 3132.

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