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Hot New Dating Guide Uses a Surprising Technique to Help Women Find “Mr. Right”

Brighter Life Publishing announces the February 1, 2016 release of its newest dating book, “Realing Him in: The Essential Guide to Manifesting Your Perfect Guy,” designed to help single women take empowered action to find their “Mr. Rights.” For more information go to http://www.RealingHimin.com.

Earlier today, Brighter Life Publishing announced the launch of “Realing Him in: The Essential Guide to Manifesting Your Perfect Guy” (pun intended), a new dating book to help single women finally find their own “Mr. Rights” – with a surprising twist. The book, set to go live February 1, 2016, is already on pre-order on Amazon or at http://www.RealingHimin.com. For anyone with even a passing interest in the world of dating and relationships, this book will be worth paying attention to, as it’s set to shake things up.

Currently, the market is flooded with “how-to” books teaching women “how to get any man to fall all over her,” or “what rules a woman must follow in order to get a man to like her.” This is not that. This book’s goal is to help single women bring in the man that is right for her, and eliminate the rest. Becky Ringler (aka “The Love Sensei”), Dating and Relationship Coach and author of the book, makes a point of saying that “things are going to change when ‘Realing Him in: The Essential Guide to Manifesting Your Perfect Guy’ launches.”

Becky Ringler continues… “Where most competitors feed the idea that it’s not okay for a woman to be herself, and that a man will only fall for her if she is playing by ‘The Rules’ or some stupid game, this book teaches women to actually be themselves, and how to actually attract the perfect guy for them into their lives. In ‘Realing Him in…’ the goal is to teach each woman not only how to appreciate and celebrate the amazing catch she is, but also how to use the power of manifestation in a fun and powerful way – to actually ‘real’ in the man that is right for her – rather than using tricks to get the wrong men falling over some woman she is pretending to be. The book hopes to inspire women to realize that they are enough, and that their ideal man really is out there, just waiting for her, and to guide her to do just that in a fun and powerful way!”

After many years as a therapist and entrepreneur, Becky finally realized her passion in life: helping women (and men) to find (and keep!) their perfect mates. Thus, The Love Sensei Coaching was officially established in the Spring of 2015, and is what prompted her to finally write “Realing Him in: The Essential Guide to Manifesting Your Perfect Guy.”

Currently, there are no other books on the market that compare to what “Realing Him in: The Essential Guide to Manifesting Your Perfect Guy” offers. Filled with personal and fun examples and enjoyable exercises, “Realing Him in…” aims to not only will help each woman realize that being herself is the best arrow she has in her dating quiver, but also helps her to see where she might be sabotaging herself without knowing it, so that she can get out of her own way and start “realing” in her perfect man in no time! This fun and refreshing take on dating is predicted to make this first book from “The Love Sensei” (Becky Ringler) a popular choice with single women in the dating scene who are looking for some fun and concrete guidance that works. It’s time to get “real” in order to find “Mr. Right.”

Once again, “Realing Him in: The Essential Guide to Manifesting Your Perfect Guy” is set to launch February 1, 2016. To find out more, the place to visit is http://www.RealingHimin.com

For further information about The Love Sensei Coaching, this can be discovered at http://www.TheLoveSenseiCoaching.com.

For more information about us, please visit http://www.TheLoveSenseiCoaching.com

Contact Info:
Name: Becky Ringler
Organization: The Love Sensei Coaching (a division of Brighter Life Enterprises Inc.)
Address: 75-5660 Kopiko St, Ste. C7, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

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