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House Carries The Family’s Heart – Thiet Ke Nha Dep Moi

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Vietnam – October 6, 2022

Many people compare the house to a place to go and come back but have to admit that there will be times when someone wants to be outside a little more. The house – a place to regenerate energy – does not always make everybody want to come back after a long tiring day. That may not sound right, but it is a fact worth pondering over.

Talk a little about the issues making a person not want to return home. It could be the family nature living in that house or the house itself. What is not good should be fixed. If the job is not suitable, consider quitting. If a family doesn’t get along, find a way to reconcile. A house designed to prioritize connection between members is a way to reconcile family feelings.

The house is like a human. It has a cycle according to the circadian rhythm of a day, month, year and always has opposites. The corresponding spaces are determined depending on the daily experience or the time and frequency of meetings. A day must have a family gathering time, a month must have at least one relatives/friends gathering, and a year cannot miss the reunion time at the old year end and the new year beginning.

The living room is not only the main house’s interior but also a place for the whole family to gather and chat after a long day of studying and working. Therefore, the living room designer must ensure aesthetic integrity and, at the same time, create a common living space to connect members. Guests should not have to go through long corridors or other house rooms to reach the living room. That will affect the homeowner’s privacy, obstruct the vitality flow and dissipate positive energy. Architecture and interiors need to be arranged to create a sense of solidity, ventilation, lights and especially closeness.

More important space, the kitchen makes a great contribution to family bonding. Whether in Western or Eastern lifestyles, the cooking and eating place is always the starting point for family gatherings and reunions. In a broad sense, the kitchen is not only an area – a room – a cabinet that serves as a place to prepare and serve daily meals but also has entertainment and communication functions. This place is a strong expression of the bond between family members, which the living room has been unable to do yet. Architects must design the kitchen to show comfort and warm space, clarifying the main function of keeping a fire in the family. Kitchen counters should be arranged in an L or U shape, ensuring the distance between the counters and appliances for convenience during use. It is possible to make a set of 3 sinks – refrigerators – stoves to form a triangle with sides no more than 3m to facilitate movement and complete work in the kitchen. The dining table shape is optional, but it should be large enough to hold all kinds of food – the cook’s love.

The owners must determine the most important place in the house to express their soul, style and space structure there. Unlike the commonly used models, a special house contributes to promoting the members’ return home feeling. Life sometimes goes by so fast that people do not have time to reflect on how tasteless the days have been. Busy days with work sometimes make many people gradually forget the cozy, comfortable and happy family moments in their dear home. Therefore, let’s make the home a special place to return to, save beautiful memories and take care of all family members.

Thiet Ke Nha Dep Moi is a company that provides beauteous, modern, cozy designs and interiors for households, restaurants, shops, businesses, etc. During its operation and development, the company has been successful in many projects of different sizes, receiving much love from customers. Thiet Ke Nha Dep Moi’s orientation is to become a companion in building houses for all customers. An advanced company that puts people at the center to create differentiated and high-quality products with a work ethic.

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About the company: Thiet Ke Nha Dep Moi is a company specializing in providing modern and social trends designs of houses, villas, hotels, shops, etc. Operating with a focus on quality, professional responsibility and customer-centricity.

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