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Jacob Frydman – Providing Food To Low-Income Families During Passover

Frydman believes that the centuries-old practice of giving to “the wheat fund,” or Ma’ot Chitim, is an important responsibility for those who are able to help the less fortunate and feels honored to be able to participate in this special Mitzvah.

NEW YORK, NY – December 31, 2016 /MarketersMedia/ —

Leading expert in real estate business, with a proven track record in value-added real estate investments, Jacob Frydman has partnered with the National Committee for Furtherance of Jewish Education (NCFJE) in a joint imitative to feed hundreds of economically disadvantaged families in the New York metro area to take part in Passover Seder. Frydman believes that the centuries-old practice of giving to “the wheat fund,” or Ma’ot Chitim, which exists to provide low-income families with matzah and other gifts during Passover, is an important responsibility for those who are able to help the less fortunate and feels honored to be able to participate in this special Mitzvah.

NCFJE is dedicated to providing fast, discreet, and dignified services to all sectors of the Jewish community. Since 1940, its many programs have been offering protection, food, and education to thousands around the nation. Chabad-Lubavitch, the Hasidic movement known for outreach to the community in the spirit of brotherly love, is the principal on which NCFJE was founded. Among the variety of educational and social services offered by the NCFJE, there are programs built around the holidays, including Passover, aimed at ensuring that the financially struggling Jewish families in the community are able to properly enjoy the essential holiday traditions and festivities.

The major Jewish spring festival of Passover is a time for spiritual reflection among families. The ritual meal is a centerpiece of the holiday, while a new garment for each year’s holiday is the long-lived tradition. During this year’s festival, through the generous giving of other donors like Jacob Frydman, the NCFJE is pleased to be able to deliver over 3000 pounds of shmurah matzah, 100 cases of wine, and 100 Macy’s gift cards to the underserved families of the NYC community. While by partnering with local children’s clothing stores, they were able to obtain clothing vouchers to include in the holiday packages. The organization has already helped over 600, mostly Russian, families around the New York City area by providing them with the special Passover packages of shmurah matzah, wine, grape juice, and clothing vouchers. Over the next few days, another 600 families will be gifted, while 30 families have already received their Macy’s cards.

Frydman’s philanthropy reflects his commitment to the Jewish community and the faith’s ancient traditions. In addition to contributing to the NCFJE’s Ma’ot Chitim Fund, he has also donated to the Toys for Hospitalized Children program and worked alongside the Released Time program, which allows Jewish children to leave school early one day a week to study Jewish traditions. These programs work together to strengthen the Jewish community now and for future generations.

Over his 30-year career in the property investment industry, Jacob Frydman made a positive and lasting impression along the East Coast. Through his various acquisitions and housing development projects, he has renovated over 5 million square feet of American property by building urban retail outlets, medical office buildings, financial center offices, and assisted living facilities. He often speaks at Columbia University and in the Master’s Lecturer series at New York Law School, discussing the business and ethical elements of real estate managers to aspiring students. Frydman is an avid philanthropist, often donating much time and capital to organizations that require financial and emotional assistance. He cares greatly for his Jewish community within New York, and is a supporter of many other charitable committees, including The Chabad of Dutchess County and The Brem Foundation.

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