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KickFire Classics Video Demonstrates How The Magic Trump Ball Can Help Users Make Decisions

Meant for fans and foes, Trump’s magic decision making ball allows you to seek Presidential advice for all of life’s burning questions.

KickFire Classics Video Demonstrates How The Magic Trump Ball Can Help Users Make Decisions

Farmington, United States – June 30, 2017 /MarketersMedia/

KickFire Classics, a toy manufacturing company dedicated to pulling kids away from digital devices and introducing them to old fashioned fun, recently released their newest creation: President Trumps’ Magic Decision Making Ball. The novelty toy, designed to make light of the new controversial president, includes 20 of the statements Trump is most known for, including, “You’re fired!” and, “Do it! I’ll pay the legal fees!”

In a new video, KickFire Classic executives demonstrate just how easy it is to make a decision when you consult the Trump Ball. From small decisions like what to eat for lunch, to larger ones like which benefits package to choose, the team puts their fate in the hands of the world’s most powerful man. To see how the team gets stumped and turns to the wisdom of Trump, view the full video here.

According to the creators at KickFire Classics, Trump’s Magic Decision Making Ball is created for everyone from Trump fans to foes and made to unite all of us.

“It’s really the perfect gift for your most liberal friend, your die-hard conservative relative, or just about anyone living in this great nation at this time,” Janelle Page Misbach, CEO of KickFire Classics claims. “This is in no way intended to be a political statement one way or another – it’s really just meant to bring all of us together to laugh a little.”

The original Magic 8 Ball has developed a reputation as a fun fortune-telling device. While many variations have come about, this is the first time a variation on the classic toy has been released based on the current president of the United States. Those ready to seek presidential advice for all of life’s burning questions can purchase Trump’s Magic Decision Making Ball at KickFireClassics.com.

About KickFire Classics:

KickFire Classics is a toy manufacturing company in Kaysville, Utah dedicated to producing high quality classic toys that are both challenging and exciting enough to lure children away from their digital devices for some good ole fashioned fun. To see the full line of KickFire Classics toys, visit KickFireClassics.com.

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