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Lai & Turner Law Firm PLLC Welcomes Eric Strocen as Director of Family Law Division

Eric Strocen joins Lai & Turner Law Firm PLLC as Director of Family Law, blending legal experience with community commitment. With empathy and innovation, he aims to elevate family law practice in Oklahoma, ensuring personalized support for every client.

Oklahoma City, OK, Oklahoma, United States – April 24, 2024

Lai & Turner Law Firm PLLC is thrilled to announce that Eric Strocen has joined the team as the Director of our Family Law Division. With a robust background in various areas of law and a proven track record of compassionate advocacy, Mr. Strocen is set to bring a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to our esteemed clientele serving as an Oklahoma Family Law Attorney.

Starting his practice in 2021, Mr. Strocen initially worked for a non-profit law firm specializing in eviction defense, providing crucial support to Oklahomans in need. His career trajectory then saw him independently manage a large caseload across various practice areas. His experience is notably comprehensive, with experience in handling both State law issues and cases within the Tribal Courts of the Cherokee Nation.

Beyond his professional achievements, Eric brings to our firm a spirit of competition and teamwork honed through years of participation in sports and games. From being a part of his undergraduate institution’s Men’s wrestling team to engaging in the intramural chess club and enjoying sports with his family, his competitive nature is balanced with a deep sense of community and support.

At Lai & Turner Law Firm PLLC, we believe our clients deserve strong representation that’s both skilled and empathetic. Eric Strocen embodies this philosophy, with a deep commitment to ensuring that every client feels supported every step of the way. His approachable nature, combined with his legal prowess, makes him an invaluable addition to our team.

As the newly appointed Director of our Family Law Division and an OKC Family Law Attorney, Eric Strocen is poised to lead with a vision that underscores empathy, and empowerment. Understanding the complex emotional landscape of family law cases, Mr. Strocen is committed to fostering an environment where clients feel genuinely heard and supported. Under his leadership, the division will focus on delivering personalized legal strategies that not only address the legal aspects of a case but also the human elements involved. His approach is centered around collaborative problem-solving, ensuring that every client benefits from a tailored approach that meets their unique needs.

Eric’s extensive experience in various legal settings, especially his adeptness in navigating the intricacies of both State and Tribal Courts, positions him uniquely to enhance our firm’s services. He plans to leverage this background to expand the Family Law Division’s capabilities, introducing innovative practices that cater to the diverse demographics of Oklahoma, including Oklahoma Divorce Attorney services. This includes enhancing access to legal resources for underserved communities and strengthening our advocacy in matters involving indigenous rights within family law contexts.

Moreover, Eric Strocen’s arrival heralds a significant impact on the wider Oklahoma legal community. His dedication to community service and legal education demonstrated through his past involvements and ongoing commitments, aligns with our firm’s ethos of giving back to the community. We anticipate that his leadership will not only elevate the standards of family law practice within our firm but also contribute to the broader discourse on family law issues in Oklahoma. His presence in the state is expected to inspire a new generation of lawyers to approach family law with a blend of rigor, compassion, and innovation.

Eric Strocen’s leadership marks the beginning of a new chapter for our Family Law Division. His comprehensive approach to legal practice, combined with his profound understanding of the Oklahoma community’s needs, promises not only to lead our division to new heights but also to make a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve. We are excited about the positive changes his presence will bring and are confident that our clients and the community at large will greatly benefit from his contributions.

Please join us in welcoming Eric Strocen to Lai & Turner Law Firm PLLC. We look forward to the contributions he will bring to our Family Law Division, helping us further our mission to provide comprehensive and compassionate legal services to our community.

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