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Mallika Chopra talks ‘Living with Intent’ and Finding Balance

Los Aneles, CA – Are you a busy parent who is constantly juggling your kids’ activities, your relationships, and your many commitments? Recently, Kids in the House sat down with Mallika Chopra, founder of Intent.com, to find out what it means to live with intent and hear her advice on finding balance.

Growing up as the daughter of Deepak Chopra, Mallika Chopra was introduced to meditation at an early age. Chopra says that meditation should not be stressful or complicated, and that one should not get worried about doing it wrong.

“What mediation helped me do was feel more secure in who I was. Meditation made me feel not as lonely because I had a sense of peace and confidence,” says Chopra.

However, like most mothers, businesspeople, and spouses, Mallika says that one she does not always have everything figured out, and that despite meditation everyone faces challenges.

“My biggest parenting challenge is just finding balance,” admits Chopra.

She says that creating “The Balance Wheel” with her father helped her take a closer look at the areas in her life where she was surviving versus thriving.

“Once I was able to see where I was struggling,” says Chopra, “I was able to start setting these little intents to make some changes in my life. And that really was the beginning of this path to intent for me.”

When asked about her advice for parents facing stress, Mallika says that it’s important to pause and remember what is truly important.

“Taking the deep breath. Remembering at the end of the day we have to think about the health of our child,” says Chopra. “Remember what it means to live a life where I’m healthy, I’m happier, I’m more connected, and I feel more purposeful.”

As the founder of Intent.com, Mallika’s biggest piece of advice for parents struggling to find balance is to set goals and follow through on them because it will instill a sense of personal accomplishment. These goals can range from committing to be on time to every meeting to losing that extra five pounds after the holidays.

“When we do set goals, we want to create things that we can achieve but are also sometimes a bit of a stretch. When we get specific about them then we really can figure out the action plan to make them a reality in our life.”

To hear more of what Mallika and see the full interview with Kids in the House, click here.

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