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NaijaTab, biggest forum for discussion in Nigeria.

NaijaTab is Nigeria’s biggest forum for users to post and discuss on current news affairs happening in Nigeria as well as acting as a patriotic movement.

Lagos, Nigeria – January 26, 2022 /MarketersMedia/

Naija means Nigeria, and it can be written as 9ja, which are both short forms of writing Nigeria. Another definition of Naija can be interpreted as other things, usually in Nigerian music or movies. The word Naija is commonly used in the Nigerian entertainment industry, and it’s an informal way of writing in Nigeria. That’s where the biggest modern Nigerian Forum, the NaijaTab was inspired.

Much of 9ja news is posted in this forum, where an internet-based discussion among users is actively done. These postings are separated into moderated or unmoderated. There will be a group of moderators for moderated posts or just one who will assess and review the messages before they are allowed to be posted. This ensures that all conversations are being pivoted back to their fundamental points. Newsnow Nigeria is also posted for users to keep updated with the latest news happening in Nigeria.

NaijaTab Naija Forum Community is a patriotic movement devoted to promoting respect for our nation’s most important symbol, the flat of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The mission of this establishment is to re-awaken the much needed patriotic and nationalist fervour of citizens to put the nation first in all aspects of life. It’s also to accord the nation’s rightful place as a symbol of its existence.

The vision for this forum community is to call on all Nigerians to work together in building a tremendous united, prosperous, peaceful, harmonious nation of collective will and vision. All tribes and people will live together in peace and love with proper respect for each other’s culture and view. The forum also aims to build a nation of equal opportunities for its citizens, rule accountable and compassionate leaders, a country of pride to the black peoples worldwide, and a significant player in world affairs.

Apart from being a symbol to promote patriotism among the Nigerian users, the forum is also a place for users to discuss other more leisure and personal stuff such as entertainment from sports to the latest movies and tv shows. Users can also talk about personal finances, literature and get relationship advice from other users.

About NaijaTab

NaijaTab is the biggest forum platform in Nigeria. It comprises posting for Naija News, Naija Gists, News Naija and 9ja news. Users are able to post in the forum to discuss news and politics, religion, celebrity news to have a healthy online discussion regarding what interests them the most. Apart from that, the NaijaTab Naija Forum Community is also a patriotic movement for the Nigerian people.

Contact Info:
Name: NaijaTab
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Organization: NaijaTab
Address: 123S Akoko Ave, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: +2348060278645
Website: https://linktr.ee/naijatab

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