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New Mobile Punch Card Released

December 31, 2015 – – Extreme Marketing Innovations LLC, a business in Phoenix, AZ, is proud to announce the launch of the next generation mobile punch cards. This is designed to be a new way to revolutionize and redefine a business. Despite being released only recently, the mobile punch cards are already proving to be popular.

“What our mobile punch card does is something that has never been seen before,” says Evan Bustamante from Extreme Marketing Innovations LLC. “It is an opportunity for businesses to actually live within the smartphones of their customers. It helps them to increase customer loyalty, leading to customers who return again and again. It can also fully integrate with Beacon and GPS technology, which is the best loyalty experience that can be offered.”

The company has released a number of statistics that show the importance of this type of solution. They state that 48% of shoppers determine whether or not they will be loyal to a company the very first time they shop there. Furthermore, they state that loyal customers provide 67% more revenue to businesses than first time shoppers. Finally, they state that just 15% of a business’ customer base accounts for as much as 70% of their total sales. This demonstrates the importance of creating loyal customers.

Extreme Marketing Solutions encourages everyone to ‘Like’ their Facebook page on https://www.facebook.com/ExtremeMarketingInnovations/. This gives people an opportunity to be kept up to date with industry news, and to join in the conversation about what this news means for them as well. It also highlights more details about the new mobile punch card.

Evan Bustamante adds: “We offer three different plans for our mobile punch cards, so that people can get the package that is right for them. These plans are the Lite, Business and Professional plan. We encourage everyone to check out our website to see what these plans are and what they can mean for them.”

Extreme Marketing Innovations LLC is known for their great mobile marketing solutions. They believe in thinking outside of the box to give their customers the best possible solutions. This is something that has earned them an excellent reputation.


Contact Extreme Marketing Innovations LLC:

Evan Bustamante
(844) 793-9873 ext. 700
2415 East Camelback Road #700
Phoenix, AZ 85016

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