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New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer – Surgical Black Box Helps Prevent Errors & Medical Malpractice

New York, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 31, 2015 / Several states throughout the country have bills pending which would give patients the right to have surgical procedures videotaped or otherwise recorded. One such bill, called Raina’s Law, is being considered in New York and is named after a woman who died during surgery as a result of anesthesiologist negligence. Another, Assembly Bill 255 or the Julie Ayer Rubenze Law, is being considered in Wisconsin. That bill is named after a young woman who also died due to anesthesia complications during surgical procedures

The bills aim to help prevent surgical errors and to make it easier for patients and their families to pursue malpractice claims when mistakes happen. However, while these bills could have an impact if states pass these laws, some are concerned action on the state level is not sufficient to prevent surgical errors.

The Hill recently published an article by the brother of Julie Ayer Rubenze, for whom the proposed Wisconsin law is named. He argues federal lawmakers should make several fundamental changes applicable to the entire country to bring down the rate of injuries and fatalities during surgical procedures.

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