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NFtTECH: №1 NFT Creation And Trading Infrastructure

In this article, we will be happy to tell you more about the NFtTECH project and the technologies we use. We will also introduce you in more detail to the NFTT token.

March 30, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

NFT Tech is building the world’s first NFT matching engine with a technology that can be implemented by any NFT marketplace. Minimum values are assigned to NFTs and the matching engine allocates liquidity towards this value.

How does our platform work?

Creating and collecting Digital Art has never been so easy:
One-click NFT creation, no coding knowledge needed;
Find a market for your creations. Artists can issue authenticated single edition digital artworks;
Every NFT is certified on the Ethereum blockchain. This eliminates forgery and provides historical provenance.

Our investors can buy and Sell Through a Liquid Marketplace. NFtTECH is the first digital art marketplace with a sophisticated matching engine. Trade NFTs like any other liquid asset by accessing the bid-order book. NFT owners can resell their assets on the secondary marketplace. Each art piece is evaluated through our NFT valuation system.

NFT holders can, thanks to our site, acquaint potential investors with their creative product. Display your art collection to patrons around the world. NFTs can be showcased in a VR gallery or digital display. Entice collectors on the secondary market by promoting galleries. What can artist do:

1. Borrow funds by using your NFT as collateral;
2. Hedge against possible declines by borrowing stablecoin assets like USDT;
3. Extend your NFT collection using borrowed funds.

If you want to become a liquidity provider, the following possibilities open before you: NFT evaluation systems will be shared with other platforms, liquidity providers for the NFT Tech matching engine can also fill the order books of other digital art marketplaces, liquidity providers can allocate liquidity towards the lowest valuation of a NFT allowing them to acquire assets at the lowest possible value, the engine can automatically resell NFT’s acquired at the minimum and stream the profit to LPs.

1. Governance Token Launch
2. Web3 Wallet and Vault Integration
3. Collection and Storage Facility Integration
4. Onboarding additional NFT Minting Partners
5. Beta Release of the NFT Tech Society Product
6. Development of the World’s First NFT Liquidity Engine

1. Programmable NFT Tech Oracle
2. Beta Release NFT Liquidity Engine
3. Additional NFT Minting Features and Safety
4. The World’s First Liquid Marketplace and Trading Terminal
5. Franchise and Distribution of the NFT Liquidity Engine Globally

1. Live Marketplace with Minting, Storing and Liquidity
2. Staking through our Liquidity Provider Reward Program
3. Yield Arbitrage via our NFT Tech Engine Algo Trading Bot
4. Continued development of NFT Minting Process and Liquidity Boost

1. Launch of the NFT Marketplace 2.0
2. Focus on onboarding the most relevant NFT Artist
3. Additional NFT Minting Features for Creators and Traders
4. Release of the further on development in 2022 and 2023

Introducing NFtTECH to the community
It is very important for us to have feedback from our audience, hear your suggestions and receive feedback on the technologies that are used to develop our project.

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Organization: NFtTECH
Website: https://nft.tech/

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