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Oded Bahat is Featured in an Interview on Ideamensch.com

During the Interview, Dr. Bahat Answered a Variety of Questions, Including the Advice He Has for People Who Are Interested in Studying the Field of Dentistry

Los Angeles, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 30, 2016 / Oded Bahat, an internationally recognized periodontal surgeon who is based in Beverly Hills, California, was recently featured in an interview on Ideamensch.com.

During the interview, Dr. Bahat answered different questions about his storied career, including what inspired him to become a periodontist and how dentistry meshes with medicine. To learn more about Oded Bahat, people may “like” his Facebook page.

As this interview with Oded Bahat noted, he has always been interested in medicine. What attracted him specifically to pediodontics, he noted, was the combination of the thinking process and surgical execution.
For people who are not sure what the field of periodontics actually involves, Dr. Bahat explained that it includes the structures of the teeth, bones and oral tissues, as well as the various diseases and health conditions that can affect them.
“Periodontics also includes dental implants, which are for those that don’t know, small screws that help replace the root of a tooth,” he said, adding that the esthetics side is also very important.
“Periodontists also work to reconstruct both soft tissue and bone to achieve pristine oral esthetics that is part of facial esthetics.”
As for how dentistry and medicine are intertwined, Dr. Bahat said there are a variety of different diseases that are a part of the field of periodontics that are also associated with medical conditions. These include diabetic disorders and heart ailments, he noted.
When asked what makes someone a clinically successfully periodontist, Oded Bahat credited both dedication and the ability to be a continuous learner.
“I would also say that practicing periodontics in accordance with evidence is crucial,” he said.
For people who are interested in studying the fascinating field of dentistry, Dr. Oded Bahat offered some helpful advice.
“The dentistry field is continuously making amazing strides in technology and how that relates to treatment procedures. For someone looking to get into the field, it would be extremely helpful to familiarize yourself with the latest peer-reviewed pieces of literature,” he said.
Also continually reading and learning about the field will also help aspiring periodontists to be successful, Dr. Bahat noted.

About Oded Bahat:
Oded Bahat is an internationally renowned periodontist focused in dental implants periodontics, surgical implant placement, esthetic plastic and reconstructive procedures. Please learn more about Dr. Bahat at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/odedbahat.
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