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Online Marketing Advice Published: How Adding A Simple Text File Can Greatly Improve Site SEO

August 31, 2015 – – London, UK, AUG 28, 2015 – Most website owners don’t even know about humans.txt. It’s a secret message. It’s about humans and can only be read by humans. It helps the internet user to know the people behind the creation of a website. It’s called ‘humans.txt’ and it contains information about the people who have built the website. In keeping with their mission to educate website owners, White Hat SEO (www.whitehat-seo.co.uk) has just published a new blog post entitled ‘Humans.txt‘.

The article discusses how to create this file and just where to post it within the site’s map in order to gain the maximum effectiveness. It’s easily formatted and is a sibling to the robots.txt file.

“Our SEO rating and subsequent businesses noticeably improved for over a month now since we have started with Clwyd and his team of SEO professionals,” states satisfied customer, Maxine. “With a campaign that is within our budget, they have done more for us than the other advertising company.”

The article describes then, in step by step format that is easy to follow, just exactly what to say in the file and how to upload it to a website. Once it is published, the website programmer will need to add a reference to it in the header tags of the website.

“Of course, the file may be read by scam scrapers and evil robots,” stated Probert. “So if one is not comfortable adding some of the information such as their email address, that works. The important thing is having the file. A website is often a piece of art. We just don’t like the artist to sign their work. With humans.txt that is now possible.”

Using analytics to deliver marketing services to the business sector, Whitehat SEO Ltd. draws from established systems in delivering services, as well as keeping up with recent trends and developments in the industry. Their personalised approach to every SEO project allows them to provide guidance, clarity and the opportunity to move their clients far ahead of competitors not making full use of the latest technology.

To read the article, visit www.whitehat-seo.co.uk.


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