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Panakeia Technologies’ ‘Medimojo’ app to store, track & share health data from anywhere, any device

Medimojo is the newly launched mobile application, developed by Panakeia technologies, that allows the user to Store, track and share their medical data and access it whenever and wherever needed. The app is a called as a ‘digital health assistant’ that stores all the health records to present visually analyzed reports and connecting to the doctor whenever required.

The user or the patient will need to upload a picture/PDF of the report and the app will analyze the report based on visual trends for key health factors such as blood count, sugar, HBA1C, Cholesterol among others. These reports can be shared with the doctors so that they can do initial diagnosis without spending much time on each patient. The app helps in early detection of any possible health issue and improves the health outcomes.

The users can upload important health documents on the Medimojo app, which are free to be shared and printed. These documents are completely safe and secured while they can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere. The app provides predictive analysis in a simple-to-read format and it can be used to track any ailment over a certain period of time.

The users can create profiles for their whole family and track their health records easily. It can be used to follow up with the doctor from anywhere through chat, voice and video call without having to travel all the way. The app also provides a platform for the users to order medicine online at a discounted price and get it delivered right to their doorsteps.

Medimojo app is designed with an aim to make people more aware about their health and support them in achieving a healthier and happier life. It goes by the saying, ‘prevention is better than cure’ and helps the user in detecting any potential health trends through their health analysis report over time so that they can take preventive measures at an early stage and save the hassle of going to a hospital.

Moreover, the app is completely free of cost and available for download at Google Play.

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Company Name: Panakeia Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Contact Person: Medimojo
Email: support@medimojo.in
Phone: +91(852)7193363
Country: India
Website: www.medimojo.in

Source: ABNewswire

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