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ParentShield Child SIM Lets Parents Set Up Word Alerts

The real-time technology can notify parents whenever concerned words are triggered in their child’s text messages.

October 26, 2021

The UK’s only dedicated child-specific Mobile Network provider has introduced a new tool that allows parents to monitor their child’s safety during text conversation by using real-time alerts to notify them of any potential worrying information that has been exchanged.

A Notification Service For Any Phone

The ParentShield alert system is one that is designed to help parents stay in the know regarding their child’s mobile phone activities without invading their privacy. Without letting parents see the whole conversation, the software can be triggered by any words or phrases that could be sent via text message.This allows parents to build their own personal and secret list of sensitive words and phrases, appropriate for their child’s needs. Word lists are never seen by anyone apart from the parent. Crucially, the network allows parents to do this remotely without ever taking away the child’s phone.

When a word or phrase is sent or received to/from the child’s phone, parents are instantly notified. In turn, the software empowers parents in this tech-centric era. The tools can be used to protect them against bullies and online predators while also preventing the threat of sharing personal data or sending inappropriate messages that could come back to haunt them.

ParentShield is the only Mobile Network that provides Parents with real-time alerts of potentially-concerning words or phrases used in their children’s text messages. Because ParentShield operates within the Network, and not via an App, this works on ANY mobile phone or smart watch, with or without Internet access. This means pre-teens and teens can have the phone that they want rather than a “kid’s phone” while also avoiding the need for parental controls. It creates a situation where teens are able to show their responsible side while parents are still able to gain an overview.

The instant push notifications additionally ensure that parents maintain a sense of control 24/7, even when they are at work or when their child is out. The feature can be used in conjunction with a range of additional tools including call recording, school block controls, and spending controls to avoid unnecessary and unexpected phone bills. Unlike parental controls that have to work with a phone’s existing features, it is built from the bottom-up with families in mind. It is a one-of-a-kind solution.

About ParentShield

ParentShield is a UK Mobile Network designed to help parents introduce their youngsters to the world of mobile phone ownership in a smart, sensible, and safe manner. Its rolling monthly contracts integrate a range of safety features to ensure that children gain a sense of independence without facing the risks that they might when using traditional carriers. It is already helping thousands of families become more tech-savvy than ever before.

More information is available at https://parentshield.co.uk/. Alternatively, ParentShield’s press contact Graham Tyers can be reached at 01283 707057 or hello@parentshield.co.uk. Postal queries should be addressed to Pioneer House, Derby, DE73 7HL.

Contact Info:
Name: Graham Tyers
Email: Send Email
Organization: ParentShield
Address: Pioneer House, Derby, DE73 7HL
Phone: 01283 707057
Website: https://parentshield.co.uk/


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