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Scaling Your Successful Business Can Be Challenging… According To Rick Rahim

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / June 30, 2019 / Rick Rahim says it’s easy to build a successful, high-quality business if you focus on quality and value for your clients. “Any passionate and hard-working person can create a business and succeed,” says Rahim. “But scaling it is the true challenge,” he says.

Rick is the President of BusinessVenures.com. He has built many successful businesses from scratch. “Starting a business is easy,” Rahim says. “Making it grow is hard.”

Rick says that virtually anybody with a true passion for what he or she does can eventually build a profitable small business through trial-and-error. He says the key to success is a willingness to accept failure and adapt. “It’s okay to try and fail so long as you learn from the failures and strive not to repeat them.”

“Once you build a successful business, how do you grow it and maintain the quality that made you successful?” Rick says it’s easy to control quality and service when a startup company is small enough for the owner to be hands-on. But Rahim says growing pains can be very real and often threaten the success of an expanding company.

“The key is to hire coachable people,” according to Rick. Rahim advises “hire open-minded people who show a willingness to learn.” He says “Traditional mentors will advise you to hire experienced people who can take over many of your daily functions.” But Rick advises entrepreneurs to instead hire coachable people who are eager but not necessarily as experienced.

Rick says it is more important to build a training system and solid policies for your employees. “Focus on building the recipe for success that can be duplicated by the people you hire.” Rahim says you should strive more for a system that can be followed by anyone you hire.

According to Rick, “If you want to scale, you must first build a system and the tools so you can hire other people to help you grow.” Rick is a big believer in using technology to track and improve the metrics of his various companies.

“Stay away from hiring the ‘know-it-alls’ who claim they can come in and make your business better,” says Rahim. “Those are the exact people who cannot be trusted to run your business the way you want it run.”

Instead, says Rick, “hire people who are confident, yet willing to learn.” Rick says “if they insist they can come in and fix everything, they’ll never be willing to accept your leadership.”

For Rick Rahim, scaling any company revolves around building systems that allow your employees to succeed. Once the systems are in place, hiring and training becomes much easier.

Rick Rahim with Jerry Seinfeld

*Rick Rahim is the Founder of BusinessVentures.com and has grown many large companies throughout his career. Rick is a veteran helicopter and airplane pilot, having volunteered and personally flown over 1,100 children in his helicopter through his volunteer organization at FreeHelicopterRides.com. Rick is also a successful author.

SOURCE: BusinessVentures.com

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