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ScrapeUp – Real-Time Proxy API For Web Scraping

ScrapeUp is a US-based company that offers premium web data extraction services at highly approachable prices.

August 29, 2021

With the advent of technology and rapid traffic of information, the competition between digital brands became far more intense. Companies that refused to upgrade obscure technologies are still manually gathering and compiling data; the time invested in such ventures could be allocated into numerous other projects that could improve various elements of the brand.

ScrapeUp is a US-based company that has developed a convenient, easily implementable solution for web data extraction. The brand offers an exquisite platform that seamlessly combines data extraction and real-time proxy application programming interfaces.

One of the highlighted features of ScrapeUp is the rotation of more than 70 million IP addresses. The company states, “we use a mixture of the datacenter, residential, and mobile proxies to ensure reliability.”

The importance of rotating IPs lies in online visibility while using Google browsers. Usually, Google engines would block users that use such a program, but fortunately, ScrapeUp planned with an eclectic bank of versatile IPs.

“Scrape any webpage page with a simple API call. Never worry about proxy pools and captcha checks again. ScrapeUp uses real Chrome browsers in combination with a highly advanced proxy network. Once you call our API, we will spin up a browser, connect to a proxy and retrieve the website information.”

ScrapeUp is fully committed to customer satisfaction and frequently hosts polls where customers can add suggestions regarding new features that the platform will incorporate in the future.
The brand offers four pricing plans that provide different benefits and advantages to potential customers.

The basic Free package allows new customers to test the platform for free, which offers five concurrent requests, datacenter IP Geotargeting, 10,000 API calls, email support, and standard proxies.

The Hobby package costs $29 per month, and it offers the same benefits as the Free package, with the main changes being ten concurrent requests and 250,000 API calls instead of 100,000.

StartUp package costs $99 monthly, and it offers residential IPs instead of standard proxies, 25 concurrent requests, and a million API calls. The most versatile package for established companies in the Business package that costs $249 per month. It offers 50 concurrent requests, residential IPs, JS rendering, and 3 million API calls.

The ScrapeUp platform can be a valuable tool for multinational companies and smaller brands, as well as entrepreneurs and hobbyists. The platform allows users to “extract data from News Articles, Job Data and Career, Travel, Hotel and Airline Data, Product, Pricing and Review Data, Financial, Crypto & Stock Market Data and many more.”

The deliverability of ScrapeUp paired with affordable pricing options offers potential customers a unique opportunity to enhance the efficiency of their businesses in a sustainable, easily implementable fashion. More information about ScrapeUp can be found on the brand’s official website.

Contact Info:
Name: Stephen Cotter
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Organization: ScrapeUp
Address: United Kingdom
Website: http://scrapeup.com/

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