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SEI Club, Private Matchmaking & Dating, Offers Upscale Venue and Exclusive Services

Nov 30, 2015 – SEI Club is pleased to announce that the elite dating club screens applicants for character, personality, high moral values and integrity in order to ensure that only like-minded people are invited to become members.

Says an SEIClub spokesperson, “Since our dating club initiates close relationships and romantic friendships, it’s imperative to screen applicants for more than just the ability to cover membership fees. A person’s character and personal views regarding other people are just as, if not more, important.”

Over the past 10 years, the executives of the club have worked to help entrepreneurs, CEOs, hedge fund managers and other wealthy commitment-minded professionals around the globe to meet and individuals people with the similar/ compatible interests and coming from the similar socioeconomic backgrounds. The club is known as one of the most exclusive matchmaking and dating clubs in the world. Given the level of integrity of SEI Club members, it is estimated that between 25-35% of applications are accepted.

Introductions are provided which are personalized, discreet and professional. When they don’t initiate passionate romances, they have been known initiate invaluable friendships, personal and business networking opportunities… again, this is likely due to the like-mindedness and excellent matching of the club’s individuals.

Exclusivity is the hallmark of the SEIClub.com membership. Applicants and members can choose the type of relationships or dating preferences, which best suit their focus and interests.

Gentlemen members receive introductions to beautiful women who are kind, warm and financially autonomous. Women members are introduced only to gentlemen who are intelligent, established, and successful. The process is simple, solid and reliable. There is an area for 50-plus members, as well. Adults aged from their 20s to late 70s and older are welcomed. As an international club, SEI Club has thousands of exceptionally elite, eligible members in all age brackets.

Application for membership begins with completing a basic membership form and participating in an in-person consultation in order to get an understanding of matchmaking and dating preferences and goals. Membership applications are initiated via the SEI Club website.

SEI Club reviews share positive reviews and feedback from SEI Club members. Says one woman about her match, “He’s the perfect balance to everything I am,” clearly stating that her matchmaking was professionally well-done. The gentlemen’s reviews equally celebrate the service they received. While no service can possibly be all good, all the time, SEI Club reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

For membership into the exclusive matchmaking and dating service, you can apply through the SEI Club website.

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