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Sevoflurane, Isoflurane and Desflurane Market is expected to reach USD 1.5 billion by 2022: Hexa Research

Hexa Research Added a Latest Research on “Sevoflurane, Isoflurane and Desflurane Market” and is expected to reach USD 1.5 billion by 2022 in comparison to USD 1.2 billion in 2014.

These three chemicals are inhalation agents and have been used by anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, and anesthesiology assistants on a consistent basis. They are very strong and cost less, with minimum damage to the ozone layer.

Market Drivers

One of the primary factors, triggering expansion in the sevoflurane, isoflurane and desflurane market includes cardiovascular and respiratory diseases affecting the geriatric population. Rising cancer, orthopedic, spinal and gastro-intestinal cases have also furthered the market. Cataract surgery is a major contributor to the global market and will need a higher production of these chemicals.Growing accidents and emergency cases also add income to the inhalation anesthesia market. Universal insurance coverage as well as constant improvements in medical infrastructure also ensure the development of the sevoflurane, isoflurane and desflurane market. These agents are administered to patients prior surgery, making the induction of general anesthesia much simpler.

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A major factor hindering the market is the quantity of CO2 released in the environment,leading to global warming. Actually, only about 5 percent of the gases are consumed by patients. The rest are released into the atmosphere and make it unhealthy. The most practical solution for this problem is the anesthetic recycling of products used during the administration of general anesthesia.

Products Overview


Sevoflurane is one of the most commonly used volatile anesthetic agents. It is administered to babies and children. Sevoflurane is ideal for patients with asthma or sensitive air passages. But its side-effects include delirium and agitation. It can be given quickly without the use of intravenous instruments.

Sevoflurane would capture over 70% of the worldwide sevoflurane, isoflurane and desflurane market by 2022. The agent is expected to exceed USD 1 billion by the same year. It’s widely utilized for being low-priced and possessing therapeutic benefits.

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Isoflurane is a halogen ether utilized frequently by veterinarians. It is administered intravenously, relaxes the muscles and reduces pain. Isoflurane has also been used for inducing sleepiness for long durations during surgery. It is expected to register a CAGR of about 10% by 2022.


Desflurane is a halogen ether used in general anesthesia. Its effectiveness is one-fifth of isoflurane. Desflurane cannot be administered orally and requires an electrically heated dispenser to distribute the vapor. It is mostly administered to bariatric patients and in cases of surgeries lasting for short durations.

Regional Overview

The United States has a large geriatric population. This has led the region of North America to occupy the biggest share in the worldwide inhalation anesthesia market in 2014. Surgical ambulatory and inpatient procedures are the driving factors of North America.

Asia Pacific will experience the fastest growth by 2022. This is owing to the rise of chronic diseases and need for better health infrastructure in the region. Medical tourism combined with insurance coverage will play a huge role in sustaining the growth of the sevoflurane, isoflurane and desflurane

Key Players

The market is currently dominated by AbbVie and Baxter International. However, it can expect strong competition from manufacturers like Lunan Pharmaceutical Group and Piramal Enterprises.

Piramal Enterprises currently has isoflurane and sevoflurane production underway. It will manufacture generic desflurane by 2016. AbbVie has sevoflurane and isoflurane under production. Baxter International is the only one that manufactures all the three products.

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Anesthesia has some unhealthy effects. The recycling companies of Deltasorb Technologies and Anesthetic Gas Reclamation reprocess anesthesia containers and gases from hospital vents. Rising investments by the aforementioned players would also accelerate the sales of the sevoflurane, isoflurane and desflurane market.

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