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Speak Like A Yogi Releases New Yoga Sanskrit Program

June 30, 2015 – – Denver, CO based company, Speak Like A Yogi, has announced that they have recently released a new Yoga Sanskrit program through http://www.speaklikeayogi.com The company is unique in that unlike other yoga based businesses offering digital tools for their exercise regimen, Speak Like A Yogi, gives practitioners the chance to learn how to properly pronounce poses and other terminology the same way that a Yogi would. The Asana series offers three levels, all available as a digital download. The company has said the following regarding the release and the goal of the product for their customers:

“Inspired by sacred vibration. Created so Sanskrit is accessible to all. Driven by the teacher in all things. Living each day to spread more love and light,”

Speak Like A Yogi is promoted as a highly effective learning tool to better understand the yoga culture and experience. It allows everybody from stay at home parents to busy professional women to find themselves speaking and thinking the way that a Yogi would in Yoga Sanskrit. Other benefits of the program, listed at http://www.speaklikeayogi.com/#!shop/c1mwp,’>http://www.speaklikeayogi.com/#!shop/c1mwp, include its ease and promise for quick results, deepened practice, a larger vocabulary, and of course being able to feel the sacred vibrations which are often associated with this practice. They explain:

“Sanskrit has been spoken and chanted for centuries. Through that time we have discovered and rediscovered the benefits of the vibration created within our bodies. Bathe in the sacred sound. Learning makes us all glow a little bit more. Personal enrichment allows our inner light to shine brighter. Learn More. Share More Love and Light.”

The courses can be viewed at https://gumroad.com/l/level1, which helps to break them down with a description of what each includes. The newest course to hit digital download offers users experience in a number of poses such as Supine Twist, Tree, Upward Facing Dog, Warrior II, and more, along with a pronunciation guide. The download can be purchased on the site for $20; the two following courses are offered at the same rate, making the entire package $60, which Speak Like A Yogi has suggested is a great value for such high quality educational enlightenment. The company is quoted in saying:

“Whether you are a seasoned yogi, new to yoga, a yoga teacher, or a teacher in training – Speak Like A Yogi is for you! Our simple and easy to follow pronunciation guide will naturally increase your comfort and confidence in your next yoga class, whether you are at the front of the room or on your mat. “

To help newcomers better understand exactly what it is that the company is offering, they supply a helpful 90 second video, which is meant to show how the program works. The video is downloadable and available to any Yoga enthusiast around the globe. More media is available through the company’s social media accounts at Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. This supplies interesting articles, photos, and more to those who are curious about Speak Like A Yogi, or who have enjoyed the many available courses and crave more.


Contact Speak Like A Yogi:

Zaphne Kemp
5275 Highline Place
Denver Co 80222

ReleaseID: 60002099

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