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Streamer-Gamer Khalil Saeed Rizq Making Footprints In Programming Service

Khalil Saeed Rizq is changing lives and having fun with his programming skills

Riyadh – June 1, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

They say don’t wait for an opportunity, create it. This is a code that Khalil Saeed Rizq took to heart since he was young. Khalil Saeed Rizq began to develop his programming and marketing skills when he finished high school. Today, he’s the Chief Information Officer of SOLAV, and he also earns a living from streaming and uploading video games.

Khalil Saeed Rizq started his career as a programmer in 2000. Since he hadn’t gone to a university like the average programmer, he worked extremely hard to stay on top of his game. When he found success, he thought about giving back to his community. In 2002 he started a non-profit organization to equip the handicapped with programming skills so that they would look for employment and become self-reliant. Playing video games has always been Khalil’s favorite pastime. He used to spot bugs, especially in video games, and he would find a solution. Then he would report the bugs in different video games, and he would sometimes also put together tutorials for playing the video games. These activities gave his morale a major boost and drove him into becoming a professional gamer.

Having scaled the heights of success as a programmer without a college education is not a small achievement. Khalil considers his community to have played a major role in uplifting him. In his free time, he writes down his thoughts on different subjects. He doesn’t charge for his writings, as he considers it a way of giving back to the community that built him.

As a professional gamer with a superior understanding of the complexities of video game software, he is galaxies ahead of his peers. He uses his marketing and programming skills to ensure that he is winning. He shares his thoughts with his followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Programming is thought to be a tough subject, but Khalil has defied the odds by excelling in it. He has given back to society, and he’s now scaling his talents at SOLAV and still earning by streaming and uploading video games.

About Khalil Saeed Rizq: most people have to go to school to learn to program, but some people have a propensity to the discipline. Khalil belongs in the latter group. What sets him apart most is that he’s passionate about lending a helping hand. As a gamer at heart, he uses his programming and marketing skills to excel in his favorite pastime.

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