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Targeted App Rating Increase Ranking Downloads Real Time Alert Service Launched

A new app review and download service has been launched, helping new apps to get off the ground with real reviews by real people. This can help to snowball a big download or marketing campaign, as rankings are directly related to downloads and reviews.

Miami, United States – December 31, 2016 /PressCable/ —

Appiness, a new app review service, has launched for companies and individuals who want to gain traction on the app store and get their creations in front of more people. Through building up a catalog of good reviews, app developers are able to generate more sales because their customers are more likely to trust what they’re offering when there are good reviews backing them up.

More information is available on the company website at: http://appiness.io.

The company offers a streamlined, easy service that gives customers real people offering real downloads and then writing real reviews of their products, so each review will be high quality and tailored to the product it is written for.

This means that each review will be believable and work towards helping the app developer to get more real world downloads and sales of their product, creating a snowball effect that can turn their app into a highly popular product.

Appiness takes all the hard work out of the hands of the developers by making sure that the app gets downloaded and reviews. Whether the developer wants reviews for Apple apps or Android, they can be catered for. This helps apps to stand out from the pack, which is useful when app developers have spent so long making their product.

When signing up to the service, app developers can specify what market they would like to tailor their reviews to. After this, downloads and reviews are arranged, getting the product in front of real people who will then continue to use it if they like it.

Ranking in the app stores is directly related to downloads and reviews, so this service can help to kickstart a potent marketing campaign or help to get new apps noticed so they can they pick up traction with their target market.

The site explains that getting started is easy, and is simply a process of choosing the right package based on how many reviews are needed. Every time a review is completed, the developer gets alerted, so they can track the progress in real time.

For more information, please visit http://appiness.io

Contact Info:
Name: Myles Saulibio
Email: support@appiness.io
Organization: App Depths LLC
Address: 382 NE 191st St. #80635, Miami United States
Phone: 8008928102

Release ID: 158099

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