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TCUFrogHouses.com Now Booking Spacious Student Rentals Near TCU

June 15, 2015 – – TCUFroghouses.com of Fort Worth, TX has begun leasing houses conveniently located within a roughly 1 mile radius of the Texas Christian University (TCU) in Fort Worth. With only about a dozen houses listed for this fall session at the University vacancies in student rentals near TCU are limited, with 4 of their houses already taken up by prospective residents.

Since a sizeable number of students studying with the Texas Christian University move to Fort Worth from regions that are not commutable regularly, most of these students prefer to live off campus. A comparatively better environment to live and study, off campus accommodations tend to provide values and skills that cannot be acquired while living in a campus accommodation. The majority of the off campus accommodations are arranged by small groups of students that help distribute the cost of living, therefore, acquiring essential money management and budgeting skills. Some families also lease such houses for a few years in order to maintain their close family bonds while studying at the University.

The TCU Froghouse provides its services to its customers by performing a property search at their website. The clear layout of the site enables users to easily browse their available accommodations and related details. Prospective tenants can select a house to match their requirements and price range. Highly detailed pictures of the house helps students acquire a feel of the place they might be living in for the next year or more. The houses have been maintained and furnished according to a respectably high standard. Since these accommodations have been used by successive tenants, timely refurbishments and maintenance schedules are required. In addition to this, the monthly rent is also listed enabling them to adjust their budgets accordingly. All listings contain information of the rooms, layout of provisions along with the date from when tenants can expect to move in. The houses are conveniently located near to public transport routes and retail facilities to reduce travel time and costs for students.

The TCU Student Housing company was founded by a TCU graduate and former football player, Troy Kunkel, ergo the name of the company originating from TCU Horned Frogs, the athletic teams representing the TCU. Living near the campus as well as being a former student of the University itself, Mr. Kunkel is knowledgeable and actively involved in the requirements and facilities that are necessary for prospective students. By establishing themselves in the local area, TCU Froghouse remains interactive and involved in the local community, providing them with a prominent public reputation. A statement from the TCU Froghouse team can be found at http://tcufroghouses.com/about-tcu-froghouses/ Information and interaction with the public is also carried out through the TCU Froghouse’s Facebook page enabling them to answer questions and promote their lettings in a hassle free manner.


Contact TCUFrogHouses.com:

PO Box 12324 Fort Worth, TX 76110

ReleaseID: 60001792

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