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Up My FICO Opens Office at Gainey Ranch A Company Powered by New Business Funders- Credit Restoration Increasingly Important in New Economy

PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / August 31, 2016 / In response to rising demand for improved credit, Up My FICO, LLC opens a second office at Gainey Ranch Financial Center. In an age in which “credit is king,” more individuals and businesses are in need of improved credit ratings.

Up My FICO is unique in the industry, however. It promises to raise a credit score 50 points in just 30 days or a minimum of one removal is completed or full amount of money is refunded. This is unheard of in the credit improvement industry.

“Our second office reflects our commitment to serve this growing market,” says Troy Bohlke, CEO of Up My FICO. “In fact, we are just getting back to the pre-recession era in which demand for our services was exploding.” Even with this expansion, Bohlke is cautious and taking the growth slowly and deliberately.

“Actually, the location of the office is not important,” claims Bohlke, “Since we don’t always meet directly with the majority of our clients.” Up My FICO is able to help clients in any location – all states and all counties around the world. Credit and banking are universal. The same rules apply everywhere. Incidentally, New Business Funders and Up MY FICO took over the national headquarters of “Pita Jungle” one of America’s fastest growing franchises, in the Scottsdale Financial district in Gainey Ranch.

The majority of Up My FICO’s clients are people looking to purchase a home or other high-ticket items. They find out very early on that their credit report becomes a hindrance. They have either been turned down outright or expected to pay a higher interest rate.

Businesses fall into the same situation, only they are looking to make capital expenditures to help grow the business. Credit can be improved using proven methods – some quickly, others take longer. But the 30-day promise places Up My FICO as an industry leader. In fact, states Bohlke. “We are now to helping businesses build their Dunn & Bradstreet as well as individuals looking for a fresh start.”

The credit score is the 3-digit number called the FICO score. FICO is a formula for evaluating credit, even though there may be slight differences in the scores generated by the three major credit reporting bureaus. This score is generally provided when a credit report is ordered. While there are many credit repair companies, Up My FICO adopts the more challenging and thorough approach called “credit restoration.” Unlike credit repair, credit restoration achieves a permanent and instantaneous change to your credit report.

The average FICO score in the USA is 695. There are ways to quickly improve this, but you need the help of a professional who knows how the game works.

For more information, contact Mike Kettell at 1-855-680- FICO (3426) ext #103 or visit their site at www.newbusinessfundres.com.

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