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Zen Wireframe – The Simplest Software To Create Website & App Wireframes

Zen Wireframe launches a new wireframing tool.

November 29, 2021

If someone just entered the massive field of UX design, they probably have heard of the term ‘wireframes’. Wireframing is an important aspect of the product design process.

There are many wireframe tools available in the market that help create wireframes fast and easy. However, looking for the one that will work for any project and is within a reasonable price range can be a bit difficult. To meet this market demand, Zen Wireframe was launched. It is an easy-to-use online software to create wireframes of mobile apps, websites, or any projects that need UI planning. With 58+ pre-made components in its wireframe tool, users can drag and drop to make a website mockup or mobile wireframe in just a few minutes. Optimized for speed, Zen Wireframe allows users to create wireframes in minutes. Non-designers can even use this easy & interesting interface to build up wireframes with ease. That is UI design, made accessible. In addition, users can invite clients and team members to comment, view, or edit their work, everything in real-time.

A wireframe is a graphical representation of the layout and the design of an application or website. In a way, a wireframe is a basic blueprint of a project. It gives the structure and layout for how the content will be displayed on the user interface. Wireframes are useful as they make it simple to view how the project will appear before any design work is done. Wireframes are an excellent tool for expressing ideas graphically. When it comes to the design process, wireframes can be very useful. But, they should never be utilized to replace an interactive prototype. There are three types of wireframes: high, medium, and low fidelity. Low-fidelity wireframes are fundamentally sketches made on a piece of paper with little detail. Medium-fidelity wireframes include more detail in their design, while high-fidelity wireframes include all the details users get in the end product. The wireframing process most probably starts during the product initiation period. At this phase, designers define the product’s scope, work on the ideas, and acknowledge business needs.

A low-fidelity wireframe is a fast visual representation of a product. It’s a layout sketch of an app, website, or other projects that show the basic content and structure, but not complete details. At Zen Wireframe, the company believes that low-fidelity wireframes are the ideal solution for that first stage of planning and drafting the project. Fast, compact, yet compelling. With low-fidelity wireframes, users need not spend much time on what the font should appear or how to get the message across.
For more information, visit: https://www.zenwireframe.com/

About the Company: Zen Wireframe is an easy online tool to build wireframes for any application and website.

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