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ASPCA Charity To Benefit From New Abstract Online Art Gallery Launch

Abstract Art Gallery USA is celebrating the launch of its new online art gallery by giving 20% summer sales to ASPCA. Further information can be found at

Tucson, USA – July 31, 2016 /PressCable/ —

In a new change of pace, online art gallery “Abstract Art Gallery USA”, will be celebrating the launch of its new online gallery service by giving 20% summer sales to ASPCA. It’s reported the event will take place throughout July and August 2016. All buyers of original art during this period from the site directly will be named in the donation.

In a space where most competitors simply advertise on Facebook and fail to cause much of a stir, Abstract Art Gallery USA has opted to be a little more new with the inception of its new art gallery online service. While realizing social media has its merits, doing something for “the furries” of the world will be of a true benefit.

Kriska, Online Manager at Abstract Art Gallery USA, says: “The artists wanted to be new with the art gallery launch because its important to give abstract art lovers an affordable, easy to navigate option.

“It should be really worthwhile and everyone is hoping it will bring lots of art lovers togehter. It should go great unless everything sells and the site goes blank!”

Abstract Art Gallery USA has always thrived on the idea of standing out and making a commotion. It’s all part of the fun and it’s going to simple and easy way to buy direct from artist, which we think is better than businesses who choose to do things the ‘regular’ way. This launch celebration is just one of the many ways Abstract Art Gallery USA achieves that goal.

When asked about the new gallery option for online art buyers, Kriska said: “It’s going to be an easy way to buy and navigate the art collecting process”.

Abstract Art Gallery USA’s Art Gallery Online service is set to ‘go live’ July. To find out more about the service and Abstract Art Gallery USA itself, it’s possible to visit

For more information, please visit

Contact Info:
Name: Kriska Garmo
Organization: Abstract Art Gallery USA
Address: 4729 E. Sunrise Drive, No. 244, Tucson, AZ 85718
Phone: 5202615671

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Moxie SEO Announces Opening Of Newest Location In San Antonio, Texas

Moxie SEO, a Texas leader in SEO consulting, has opened a new branch in San Antonio in order to offer comprehensive search marketing solutions to more businesses than ever.

Austin , United States – July 31, 2016 /MarketersMedia/ —

Search Engine Optimization is the most important strategic tool a business can have when looking to make sales online. Traditionally preferred by national heavyweights for its broad strokes approach, local SEO has now enabled consultancies to offer the same great results in highly targeted regional markets, ideal for small businesses. Moxie SEO is a search engine marketing consultancy based in Texas, and offers unbeatable SEO services to SME’s. The business has been so successful in Texas that they are now opening a brand new branch in San Antonio, in order to serve more people than ever before.

Moxie SEO San Antonio will enable the company to expand into new territories, offering businesses in San Antonio and the surrounding area the very best in locally optimized online marketing solutions. In order to do this, Moxie SEO has headhunted the very best SEO consultants and online marketers in San Antonio, and trained them to be able to deliver Moxie’s unique approach. To encourage new customers, they are even offering a free SEO audit to identify opportunities and areas for growth in a business’ current online strategy.

The opening of the new branch marks a major expansion for the company, which is already looking to grow out of state into more new territories next year. The new office will offer small to medium sized businesses proven ways to increase their online visibility, help them become an authority online, and enable them to passively attract a constant stream of new customers.

A spokesperson for Moxie SEO explained, “We are thrilled to be able to announce the opening of a new branch of our business. This has been made possible only thanks to the hard work and success of our existing teams, and by the willingness of San Antonio’s finest to join with us under one banner to offer unbeatable service, results and value to customers. The new branch will surely be a game changer for us, and for businesses in and around San Antonio.”

About Moxie SEO: Moxie SEO specializes in providing search marketing consulting for small to mid-market businesses. The company offers a result-driven, ROI focused approach designed to improve their clients’ online visibility, website traffic and sales conversions. Their experienced and expert teams are committed to providing the very best experience for the best value.

Moxie SEO San Antonio
4007 McCullough Ave Ste 298
San Antonio, TX 78212-2420

For more information, please visit

Contact Info:
Name: Chandler Smith
Organization: Moxie SEO
Address: 1101 W 34th St #660
Phone: 512-900-7660


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Red Smoothie Detox Factor Review Uncovers How To Make Red Smoothie To Shed Stubborn Fat

In the newly released Red Smoothie Detox Factor program author Liz Swann Miller states that living a healthy, leaner lifestyle starts first by going through a process called detoxification.

Las Vegas, United States – July 31, 2016 /MarketersMedia/ —

Liz Swann Miller’s Red Smoothie Detox factor, a doctor certified detoxifying method based on clean delicious plant based ingredients to help people lose weight and reduce stomach fat without physical suffering. It also works to reduce risks of various diseases such as blood pressure, GIT disease etc. The core ingredients of this smoothie are Chia, Maca, Cocoa and Vanilla. By combing the extract of these with red, purple and blue fruits, a powerful weight loss smoothie will be made.

Red Smoothie Detox is a 21 days meal program, which is unbelievably the shortest duration one can ever imagine to work for weight loss and shredding body fat. The brain behind Red Smoothie Detox, Liz Swann introduced the concept that switching fewer refined carbs with the food which is difficult to digest will help in low calorie intake.

Liz Swann who is the author of this product is a nutrition guru and a health expert. She described her own journey from being chubby to charming in her introductory video and also mentioned how she came up with this phenomenal idea. She has revolutionized this era with her red smoothie where green smoothies were always in fashion.

Visit The Official Red Smoothie Detox Factor Website To Learn More About The Benefits of Red Smoothies

The detox process removes these harmful toxins and allows the body and cells to begin working properly. This results in the fat cells being able to perform correctly by utilizing stored fat for energy instead of holding on to it for prolonged periods of time. In addition, the process outlined by the Red Smoothie Detox Factor also claims that removal of the toxins provides a boost to the body’s immune system and helps to cleanse the colon.

“One of the main advantages to drinking Red Smoothies instead of Green Smoothies is that the individual will receive a lot more minerals and vitamins geared toward fat loss. A common reason people have trouble removing stubborn weight is because the body is lacking the proper vitamins and minerals the body needs to transform fat into usable energy,” reports Liz Swann Miller.

In the Red Smoothie Detox Factor program Liz Swann Miller explains that one of the key ingredients found within the Red Smoothies is Maca. Additional ingredients are Cocoa, Chia and Vanilla. Each of these help to create a red smoothie loaded with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Vanilla and Maca have a number of benefits including fertility and antioxidants. Chia promotes a healthy body and brain and Cocoa helps with aging, heart disease and a number of other issues.

Click Here To Download Red Smoothie Detox Factor PDF Guide by Liz Swann Miller

Each recipe featured within Liz Swann Miller’s Red Smoothie Detox Factor program are naturopath approved which is what people should look for when researching smoothie recipes. Many major smoothie chains add fillers such as corn syrup, sugar and other items which lessen the effect of the smoothie. The Red Smoothie Detox Factor is a simple solution for slimming down and getting rid of stubborn weight.

The Red Smoothie Detox Factor program is all natural and none of the recipes contain gluten or filler ingredients. Vegans, Vegetarians and even meat eaters will enjoy the delicious, healthy recipes. These red smoothies are unique and can even be used as a supplement for a meal.

For more information, please visit

Liz Swann Miller’s Red Smoothie Detox Factor has provided people with a healthy approach to slimming down without long, boring workout routines which is simple and enjoyable.

Red Smoothie Detox factor book is available for $10 discount for a limited time. Interested folks can avail this opportunity. Red Smoothie Detox Factor comes with a 60 day money back refund policy. If in case customers are not happy with the results it delivers, they can ask for a refund of their money.

For more information, please visit

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Name: Michael Houz
Organization: Red Smoothie Detox eBook Recipe


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UK Youth Soccer Player Sean Black Completes Successful Season With Southern Connecticut State University

Sean Black has now completed his first season with Southern Connecticut State University, and is aiming to make the All Academic Team en route to earning his professional soccer debut.

New Haven, CT , United States – July 31, 2016 /MarketersMedia/ —

The UK is the home of soccer, the most popular sport in the world. The game is hugely popular throughout Europe, and is gaining traction in the USA after the US team performed commendably in the last World Cup. As a result, American colleges and universities are now starting to recruit some of England’s finest hopefuls. Rollins College in Orlando, Florida identified one such talent, and signed Sean Black. Sean attended the Pass4Soccer Showcase in London and has trained alongside some of soccer’s household names, and has now transferred to Southern Connecticut State University (, where he is looking to continue his success on and off the field, in the classroom.

Sean Black was a two-year team captain at high school, and won various player of the year awards alongside league and county cup titles, he was later named the Academic Athlete of the year. Making him a perfect candidate for college soccer teams, Rollins College recognized this and recruited him to play for the Men’s Soccer team.

Once transferred to Southern Connecticut State University, he earned a 3.7 GPA in his first year, making the Dean’s list, and was selected for the Northeast-10 Commissioner’s Honor Roll. This year, he is gunning to make the All Academic Team, and hopes he can make the step up to a professional team in the US.

A spokesperson for Sean Black explained, “Sean has done tremendously well in transitioning to America. It is important to understand that he has been successful in exceling not just on the pitch but in his academic studies, all while in an entirely different system to the one he is familiar with. This speaks to his tenacity and drive to succeed, and we have every confidence he will continue to develop into a star player with the Southern Owls, with a bright future ahead of him. We wish him the very best in his pursuit of success at Southern this year.”

About Sean Black: Sean Black is a sophomore student from London, England, who plans to major in Business. He is a college soccer player, representing Southern Connecticut State University in the NCAA Division II. With numerous achievements already to his name, he plans to build toward a professional soccer career in the US.

For more information, please visit

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Name: PRWhirlWind
Organization: PRWhirlWind
Address: 100 washington ave
Phone: 2032035555


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A-1 Auto Transport Expands Services To Provide Vehicle Shipping To Costa Rica

A-1 Auto Transport has increased its service capabilities to offer greater reach than ever before, with the ability to deliver vehicles to and from Costa Rica.

Aptos , California – July 30, 2016 /MarketersMedia/ —

Transporting vehicles is an essential part of worldwide logistics, and enables auto companies and individuals alike to get vehicles from point A to point B without putting thousands of miles of wear and tear on them. A-1 Auto Transport Inc. has been one of America’s most trusted suppliers of auto shipping for twenty years, and has recently increased their reach to go international. The latest territory to benefit from A-1 infrastructure is Costa Rica, which could help open up the whole of South America to the company.

The move has been strategic in nature, and in response to significant demand from clients both existing and new. The move will enable A-1 to ship cars to and from Costa Rica with impunity, offering the very best service and undoubtedly the best value available, for both businesses and individuals.

The move to Costa Rica also gives the company a central point in the narrow connection between North and South America, creating an essential waystation on the way into a huge new market. The implications for A-1 are deeply exciting, and will likely be just as exciting for a new wave of customers.

A spokesperson for A-1 Auto Transport explained, “Our name carries with it decades of experience, and the trust of hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients. That’s why where A-1 goes, success has always followed. We are committed to putting the customer first. All solutions are designed to increase our efficiency, whether it be live satellite fleet tracking, green eco-friendly initiatives or targeted service expansions like these, to allow us to deliver an even better experience to more customers. We are excited about entering the central American market, and look forward to fielding enquiries from new clients.”

About A-1 Auto Transport: A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. is a leader in the car shipping industry. They own and operate over 30 modern auto transport carriers equipped with satellite tracking, through a network of more than 40 terminal facilities in the continental United States. Their experienced, expert teams offer time-tested and approved solutions. Members of SmartWay Transport, they lead the way with the latest green initiatives designed to protect the environment.

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Contact Info:
Name: Joe Webster
Organization: A-1 Auto Transport, Inc.
Address: 9032 Soquel Drive #200 Aptos, CA 95003


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My Server Planet Offers Dedicated Managed Server Packages For Ultimate In Ease and Security

My Server Planet’s new dedicated managed server packages allow businesses to get the best of all possible worlds, for the best price available.

Milton Keynes , United Kingdom – July 30, 2016 /MarketersMedia/ —

Servers are the physical drives that create the space we populate online, and are responsible for holding all the data for every website, video, social network and email service there is. Businesses need servers to manage their digital world, but buying and maintaining servers is a hugely expensive infrastructure cost that many can’t afford. Managed servers offer the best possible alternative, and My Server Planet has a reputation for offering the best managed servers UK customers could wish for. The company, which already offered both managed servers and dedicated servers, has now decided to combine the best of both packages, to offer managed dedicated servers to businesses.

A dedicated server means that a business doesn’t share its drive space with any other user, which automatically makes it more secure and less vulnerable to exploits – in a shared server, the weakest link could cause problems for everyone.

Equally, managed servers enable businesses to simply stop worrying about their digital infrastructure, outsourcing the job of an IT team to consultant specialists who oversee the performance, optimization and protection of servers on a business’ behalf.

The dedicated managed servers will allow people to get all these advantages in a scalable solution, meaning it will be as feasible for small businesses as it is for multinationals, levelling the playing field.

A spokesperson for My Server Planet explained, “We are thrilled to be able to offer this new package to businesses, which we believe offers the ultimate solution for anyone concerned about the security or maintenance of their digital infrastructure. This makes it easier than ever to ensure customer data stays safe, servers stay online, and disasters are mediated in the minimum possible time. With 24/7 support, a dedicated account manager and incredible rates, we believe we offer the best possible solution for businesses of all scales. As a result, we’re excited to roll this service out to new customers.”

About My Server Planet: My Server Planet is a fast growing UK data centre, providing cost-effective solutions for every business’ storage and connectivity needs. They offer connectivity, leased lines, broadband and cloud solutions in an all in one business package, readily available and fully scalable. This allows businesses to get a single solution that take scare of all their needs.

For more information, please visit

Contact Info:
Name: Nicholas Cocchiarella
Organization: MyServerplanet ltd
Address: STANLEY COURT, milton keynes, MK46 5NH


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Full Throttle SEO Launches In Phoenix, Arizona To Provide Unbeatable White Hat SEO Solutions

Full Throttle SEO is a brand new SEO consultancy in Phoenix, which has just launched to offer businesses in the area a better alternative for their online organic marketing.

Scottsdale, AZ, United States – July 30, 2016 /MarketersMedia/ —

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the most essential strategic tools for businesses looking to attract customers online. Up to five times more effective than traditional online advertising over the long term, it is obvious why many businesses seek to master the art. Full Throttle SEO is a brand new Phoenix SEO company, that aims to transform the way businesses in Arizona use SEO, and get them the best possible results in the process.

The new Phoenix internet marketing company will provide local SEO services to Phoenix based companies, together with other locations throughout the southwest. Their plan is to be able to service national clients by Q1 2017.

Owner and founder D.B. Brooks worked for 7 years as a webmaster and SEO consultant for the U.S. Football Academy, before starting Full Throttle SEO. The U.S. Football Academy currently ranks #1 on the first page of Google for keywords in both Arizona and Las Vegas – their two primary territories.

The company’s approach will use traditional on-page SEO and link building techniques to increase the perceived authority of a brand online, while using press release SEO to increase legitimacy and backlinks, and video marketing to create a person-centered approach that will dominate the competition in winning customers’ clicks.

D.B. Brooks himself explained, “Our plan is to use social media outlets such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach potential business clients. We will present them with a compelling business case that will outline the difference between their current approach and what we’re capable of delivering. This will make obvious the value of our innovative offer, and allow us to rapidly develop a portfolio, leading to national rollout by early next year. The only way we’ll succeed is by providing extraordinary service and results, so that’s exactly what we intend to do.”

About Full Throttle SEO: Full Throttle SEO uses the most effective white hat techniques to achieve the highest rankings in Google searches and no other major search engines. Their unique approach uses a combination of traditional SEO together with video and press release SEO to create unparalleled results. Founded in 2016, the company provides SEO to businesses in the southwest and nationally.

For more information, please visit

Contact Info:
Name: D.B. Brooks
Organization: Full Throttle SEO
Address: 7620 E Mckellips rd Ste 4, Scottsdale,AZ 85257
Phone: 1-800-663-1912


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Credit Xtra Singapore Launches New Website To Promote Their Services More Effectively Online

Credit Xtra Singapore has created a brand new website that will enable more people than ever to access their services, and discover their business organically online.

Singapore – July 30, 2016 /MarketersMedia/ —

The online world is a hugely competitive one, and businesses risk being drowned out of the conversation by the sheer number of other providers out there. Having a great website is the best way to make a powerful first impression, by helping new audiences discover products and services. Credit Xtra Singapore has been successful for years in providing loans to all who need them, thanks to a unique way of working. Now, the company is looking to expand its reach with a brand new website design, aimed at drawing new customers into the fold.

Credit Xtra Singapore’s new website ( has been created within a fully responsive framework, to ensure people can view the website seamlessly on any device or screen size. What’s more, the site has local search engine optimization embedded into every page, to make it as easy as possible for new customers to find the website on sites like Google and Bing.

The site includes a comprehensive overview of their services, as well as a resource center that can help people understand the finer details of licensed moneylending, and the advantages it can offer. There is even a newsletter covering the latest trends and announcements within the industry, to demonstrate their expertise and ensure customers are up to date with current circumstances.

A spokesperson for CreditXtra Singapore explained, “We are pleased to be able to launch our new website, which will help more people than ever to get the kind of financing they need for the things in life they value most. We want to be able to help people follow their dreams, and financial viability is traditionally a huge barrier to that. So, as often as we can, we remove that barrier with sensible options for financing. This new website will make it easier than ever, for more people than ever, to find those options and secure a loan.”

About Credit Xtra Singapore: Credit Xtra Singapore is a loans company like no other, which promises to be professional, agile, caring and transparent with all their customers. They believe affordable financing for those important life purchases should be available to as many people as possible, and will go to great lengths to ensure people can find the financing they need.

For more information, please visit

Contact Info:
Name: PRWhirlWind
Organization: PRWhirlWind
Address: Peace Centre, 1 Sophia Road #01-11/12, Singapore 228149 Singapore 228149
Phone: +65 6338 8829


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Business Consultant Imran Md Ali To Offer Growth Hacking Seminars Based On Own Successes

Imran Md Ali is a business consultant who took his own consultancy business to the success it is today. And now he is sharing how he did it in a new series of seminars on growth hacking.

Singapore – July 30, 2016 /MarketersMedia/ —

Imran Md Ali was chosen as Singapore’s representative in the recent Global Entrepreneurship Summit’s satellite events, called JUNS, to share his experience on how he leveraged technology to breed new businesses and run them on autopilot. For many, this is the ultimate dream, and that dream is now being put within reach of more people than ever. After three years as a successful start-up consultant, Imran Md Ali is now offering a series of seminars to disseminate his knowledge to more people than ever before.

The seminars will draw on his own experience, creating businesses like the Contemporary Artisans Gallery, which supplies hotels with art to the tune of a five-figure monthly revenue, Saga Coaching, which supplies sports coaching to MOE schools, and Education Profit Systems, a business consultancy for private school marketing, all set up and made profitable within 2 months.

The seminars will be based on his two books, The 10 Step Marketing Formula, and also Breakthrough Business Strategies, both of which are available on The focus will be in growth hacking – how to set up and automate a business in the least possible time, with the best possible results.

A naturally gifted speaker, Imran has given talks at United Nations Headquarters in New York as well as at Mindvalley’s Headquarters. The seminars promise to be invaluable for entrepreneurs, businesses and those looking to develop their personal brand.

A spokesperson for Imran Md Ali explained, “The seminars are now available to all manner of institutions, who can book Imran Md Ali to speak at their conferences, events, educational courses or private organisations. Individuals can also organise independent events with their own guest list. These seminars promise to unlock the keys to explosive growth, and will cover starting a business from scratch, social media marketing, positioning and branding, and face to face deal closing.”

About Imran Md Ali: Imran Md Ali is a serial entrepreneur, owner of the Contemporary Artisans Gallery, Saga Coaching Singapore, and Education Profit Systems. His work as a master of the start-up has seen him coach hundreds of business clients to achieve explosive growth an overnight success. He is now offering this knowledge in the form of business education, offering seminars on growth hacking.

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Organization: Amusement Digest


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Man Severely Wounded In California E-Cig Explosion, Prompts Potential E-Cigarette Explosion Lawsuit

July 30, 2016 – – reports on an e-cigarette explosion that occurred on June 22nd in California that is the 134th explosion in the United States, as well as the 20th recorded in the state. It is also the 200th explosion episode overall as reported by There have now been 59 explosions on the west coast representing almost 30 percent of all global cases reported. This incident is, sadly, the 78th explosion in 2016, which places this year on track to exceed the combined totals from 2014 and 2015, 38 and 47, respectively, a total of 85.

As per a news story from, an Apple Valley man had to be airlifted to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center after his e-cig exploded causing severe damage to his face. The 40-year old victim called for help after the incident. A local police sergeant stated that their office receives, on average, one call per week similar to this incident.

Attorney Marc Freund of addressed the June 22nd explosion in Apple Valley. He is hopeful that the victim will make a complete and speedy recovery from his injuries and hopes he takes legal action for compensatory damages. Freund also noted that the frequency of e-cig explosions has increased significantly over the last few months and consumers need to be made aware of the potential risks of using the units.

It should also be mentioned that noted that the state of California has the highest incidence of e-cig explosions in the United States. Earlier in 2016, compensatory damages were awarded to a Los Angeles woman in the amount of $1,900,000 after she sustained second and third-degree burns to her legs when her e-cig exploded in her car as the unit was charging.

To ask questions or request additional information on e-cigarette explosions, please contact Attorney Marc Freund of Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman by calling 877-711-9545.



Marc Freund
40 Fulton St, New York, NY 10038

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