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Innovative Design Meets Timeless Luxury with Paramount Development Group

United States – March 31, 2024

Paramount Development Group specializes in high-end custom residential construction, offering over 30 years of excellence in the greater Long Island area. With cutting edge technology and meticulous attention to detail, they transform dream homes into luxurious realities, ensuring a seamless, client-focused experience that consistently exceeds expectations in craftsmanship and quality.

Paramount Development Group (PDG) has continuously been leading the charge in the high-end custom residential building industry for well over 30 years, carving out a distinctive niche for itself. The Paramount Team is passionate about their craft and highly detail oriented. The dedication and determination this team shares is unwavering, as they have produced and sustained a reputation for turning average homes into “Homes of Distinction.”  

Custom homes are more than just properties; they represent desires, aspirations, and the essence of individuality. Paramount Development Group is aware of this profound connection and work diligently to turn vision into a reality. As a result, Paramount has made it their duty to ensure that the entire process, from the initial concept to the most crucial, fine details are executed seamlessly. Their objective is not only to construct quality homes but also to leave a lasting impression for their clients.

The Paramount Development Group uses cutting edge technology in the office and out in the field to ensure that every step of the building process runs smoothly and quickly. By combining modern methods with traditional skills, even the most complicated plans can be carried out in a way that looks effortless. This ensures that every home is a unique work of art with a touch of elegance.

Paramount’s hard work goes beyond the size of the project; they pay attention to the smallest details that turn a blueprint into a living and breathing place full of luxury and comfort. Paramount Development Group is a symbol of trust and excellence, and their team gives close attention to every detail. They guarantee that every project will meet and exceed their client’s specific expectations.

One satisfied customer said, “Paramount knows how to persevere throughout even the most precise custom home builds to ensure every detail is finalized with accuracy and quality.” This sentence shows that the company knows how to handle the complicated process of building a custom home and ensures that every detail is done with the highest level of accuracy and quality.

The Paramount Development Group provides a comprehensive range of services, including the ability to revise and revamp pre-existing designs as well as the ability to supervise the construction process across its whole. Using Computer-Aided Design (CAD), their Design Department is prepared to architect and design full-scale projects, demonstrating their capacity to manage every step of the construction process.

The trust Paramount Development Group has cultivated over the years is built on a foundation of transparent communication, exceptional craftsmanship, and a deep understanding of the nuanced desires of their clients. Paramount’s reputation in the greater Long Island area and beyond as a provider of luxury custom homes is not just a result of their construction acumen but also their client-centered approach.

The process of building a unique home for a client is thrilling and complex. It requires a profound comprehension of the client’s vision and a meticulous translation of that vision into reality. When it comes to providing a bespoke service, Paramount Development Group excels, ensuring that each client’s journey is as singular and exceptional as the homes they construct.

Paramount’s commitment to quality, innovation, and the satisfaction of their clients is demonstrated by PDG’s continued success in maintaining their legacy in this industry for more than three decades. Paramount Development Group has established itself as a top competitor in high-end custom residential construction and as a trusted partner in our clients’ building journey that truly reflects their visions and aspirations for their home. This dedication to transforming dream homes into realities has established them as leaders in the industry.

Starting the process of making a dream home is a major undertaking, and picking the most suitable building partner is pivotal. With over 30 years of experience building high-end private homes, Paramount Development Group is the best and most reliable company. They do not just build houses; they create unique havens for each homeowner, where every detail reflects their goals and way of life. Paramount Development Group has the skills, dedication, and personalized service to make any client’s dreams come true.

Contact Info:
Name: steven
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Organization: Paramount Development Group
Address: Long Island, NY
Phone: (631)-909-7115

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Democratizing Private Jets: JetClass Takes the Mystery Out of Private Aviation with Groundbreaking, AI-Driven Platform

Propelling the private aviation sector into a new era of efficiency and effectiveness.

Austria – March 31, 2024

Private jet pioneer JetClass is revolutionizing private air mobility with the launch of its industry-first AI-driven platform and app, finally answering the age-old question: How much does a private jet cost?

When it comes to pricing, the private aviation industry has been shrouded in mystery. According to JetClass, this has largely been facilitated by the industry’s reluctance to adopt innovative technologies. However, in the new age of rapid digitization, JetClass is breaking the mold. Renowned for making private jets more accessible and affordable, the air travel innovator is lifting the veil of secrecy around private jet travel. The company’s tech-driven, user-friendly, transparent booking platform and app demystifies business travel, making private travel more accessible. 

Air mobility has entered a new era, driven by a growing desire for safety, flexibility, time-saving, and improved asset utilization. However, the lack of transparent pricing has been a huge hindrance, leaving travelers to contend with opaque quotes, hidden fees, and drawn-out booking processes. JetClass strives to meet the surging demand for private jets in the post-pandemic era with tech-driven solutions – a groundbreaking private jet booking platform and an app that sets standards. 

By bringing clarity to private aviation through innovative technology, JetClass offers an air charter marketplace that directly interfaces with the world’s leading operators. With over 60 European private jet operators on board, the private jet booking platform allows flyers to explore jet options, from very light to heavy jets, choose from various aircraft operators, and receive instant estimates on all available jet options for their requested route. Moreover, the newly launched platform and apps are designed to simplify private jet travel by providing real-time pricing, facilitating instant booking, and offering detailed jet comparisons.

Speaking about the launch of the booking platform and app, Ludwig Waldmann, the COO of JetClass, expressed his delight in the company’s progress in revolutionizing air mobility. He shared that the platform and app functionality present a remarkable breakthrough in transforming private aviation, especially at a time of increasing demand. “JetClass fills a crucial gap in the market by inspiring journeys beyond the jet. We recognize that the private aviation sector is ripe for innovation, and our job is to propel it forward with tech-driven excellence. We are the first B2C private jet charter sourcing and booking platform directly linked to private jet operators. Our mission is to make private jets as easy to book as a conventional airline ticket.”

Beyond facilitating access to instant pricing and seamless booking for private jets, JetClass integrates sustainable practices to ensure eco-friendly air travel. Through its platform, JetClass is optimizing the utilization of empty-leg flights, significantly reducing the number of empty flights. This, in turn, contributes to decreased fuel consumption and lower emissions. “We are gradually shifting the perception of private flying. Not just making it more accessible but also encouraging customers to adopt more eco-conscious travel habits.” Rooted in its core values – client centricity, sustainable leadership, and innovative excellence, JetClass is paving the way for the transcendence of private aviation. “We’re not just in pursuit of innovative excellence; our future-focused simplified approach fosters a culture where client delight is the standard.”

Since its founding in 2017, JetClass has always tried its best to blend business and commercial aviation to bring flyers the most dynamic and efficient options. JetClass uses its proprietary big data technology to enable travelers to compare and book private jets within minutes. The company is now utilizing Artificial Intelligence and data analytics to further simplify access to private aviation. Its revolutionary AI developed in-house and trained under the supervision of aviation and tech experts on a decade of historical flight movements and pricing data, provides a simple booking process by sourcing the most competitive flight options. Where many have tried to provide instant estimates for charters, and more often than not miscalculated by up to 30%, JetClass offers unmatched accuracy.

The capabilities of JetClass have gained global recognition and roused interest from operators and customers alike. Travelers appreciate the platform and app for its convenience and efficiency, while operators value the exposure that JetClass provides. JetClass operates globally, but its AI for instant pricing estimates is currently operational for European routes. However, as its revolutionary AI continues to evolve, becoming more and more accurate and expanding the platform’s coverage and capabilities, the air charter marketplace has its sights set on global expansion for automatic estimates with simplified instant bookings. 

But that’s not all. JetClass is driven by the spirit of challenging the status quo. The company is committed to pushing the limits of business aviation to bring the industry to a new age of efficient, affordable, transparent private jet booking with personalized service. On the one hand, JetClass’s innovative AI technology and team of aviation and tech experts ensure that the human experience remains at the forefront. Flyers get to experience a customer-friendly private jet booking experience powered by AI.

On the other hand, the company is exploring sustainable aviation fuel solutions and carbon off-setting as part of its commitment to sustainable leadership. Recognizing the environmental impact of air travel, JetClass is on the leading edge of exploring revolutionary advancements, such as eVTOL.

Luxury skies await. Visit JetClass to experience a new way of private air travel.

Contact Info:
Name: Miraal Salahuddin
Email: Send Email
Organization: JetClass GmbH
Phone: +971 58 248 9455

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RenovationFind Introduces “Best in Edmonton” Service Highlighting Premier Home Improvement Companies

RenovationFind unveils “Best in Edmonton” service, spotlighting top home improvement companies in various categories like painting and roofing. The platform allows homeowners to post projects and receive three free estimates, simplifying the contractor selection process.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – March 31, 2024 /MarketersMEDIA/

[Edmonton, AB – March 30, 2024] – RenovationFind, a trusted online platform connecting homeowners with certified home improvement contractors, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative “Best in Edmonton” service. Designed to streamline the process of finding top-tier home improvement companies in Edmonton, this service will showcase outstanding businesses across various categories, ranging from painting to roofing, plumbing, electrical, and more.

RenovationFind’s “Best in Edmonton” service is a testament to its commitment to facilitating seamless home renovation experiences for homeowners in the Edmonton area. By curating a comprehensive list of the finest home improvement companies, RenovationFind aims to simplify the daunting task of selecting reputable contractors for various projects.

“We’re thrilled to introduce our ‘Best in Edmonton’ service, which is tailored to meet the diverse needs of homeowners seeking reliable and skilled contractors for their renovation projects,” said Keith Riley, CEO of RenovationFind. “With this new feature, we’re empowering homeowners with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions and achieve exceptional results in their home improvement endeavors.”

RenovationFind’s “Best in Edmonton” service will feature informative articles spotlighting the top-performing companies in each category. Whether it’s the best local painters, roofing specialists, flooring experts, or kitchen remodelers, homeowners can access valuable insights and recommendations to guide their selection process.

As part of this service, RenovationFind also offers a convenient platform for homeowners to post their projects and receive three free estimates from certified contractors. For example, homeowners seeking House Painters & Painting Companies can utilize this tool to streamline the bidding process, saving time and effort while securing competitive pricing and top-notch workmanship.

“We understand that finding reputable contractors can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve integrated our ‘Best in Edmonton’ service with our free estimate feature,” Riley explained. “This combination empowers homeowners to not only discover top-rated companies but also obtain competitive quotes tailored to their specific project requirements.”

RenovationFind’s dedication to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction has earned it the trust of homeowners and contractors alike. With the launch of its “Best in Edmonton” service, RenovationFind continues to set the standard for excellence in the home improvement industry, providing a one-stop solution for homeowners seeking reputable contractors and unparalleled service.

About the company: RenovationFind is a leading online platform connecting homeowners with certified home improvement contractors. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, RenovationFind simplifies the process of finding reputable contractors for various renovation projects. From painting and roofing to plumbing and electrical work, RenovationFind connects homeowners with skilled professionals who deliver exceptional results.

Contact Info:
Name: Keith Riley
Email: Send Email
Organization: RenovationFind INC.

Video URL:

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Johnson Property Co.: A New Era in Real Estate, Led by Award-Nominated Founder Kristan Johnson

Australia – March 31, 2024

Johnson Property Co., the brainchild of Kristan Johnson, is redefining the real estate landscape in Sydney’s Inner West with a unique approach that combines empathy, strategic digital marketing, and firsthand property investment experience. Founded by a former mental health nurse turned digital marketing expert, the company has quickly risen to prominence, offering unparalleled service to homebuyers in one of Australia’s most competitive markets.

From Compassion to Commerce: The Journey of Kristan Johnson

Kristan Johnson’s unconventional path through mental health nursing and digital marketing has equipped him with a rare blend of skills, setting the foundation for Johnson Property Co. His journey into real estate was sparked by his own experiences as a young property investor, navigating the challenges of buying and selling in the dynamic Sydney market. This personal journey, combined with professional expertise, has fueled Johnson’s passion for making the property buying process more transparent, empathetic, and effective.

Innovative Real Estate Solutions for the Inner West

Since its establishment in 2022 as a Buyers Agent in the Inner West of Sydney, Johnson Property Co. has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, securing numerous properties for clients and earning a reputation for its thoughtful, client-centered approach. In 2024, the company has already completed 5 purchases by March, with several more in the pipeline, showcasing its rapid growth and effectiveness in securing prime real estate for its clients.

Recognition of Excellence and Innovation

The unique approach of Johnson Property Co. has not gone unnoticed. The company, alongside Kristan Johnson’s digital marketing agency, Altitude Digital, has been nominated as finalists in the 2024 Local Business Awards. This dual recognition in both real estate and digital marketing underscores the innovative strategies and commitment to client success that are hallmarks of Johnson’s businesses.

A Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Johnson Property Co. plans to expand its team with more Inner West locals and an associate, deepening its commitment to the community and enhancing its services. “Our mission is clear,” says Kristan Johnson, “to redefine the property buying experience, offering not just a service, but a partnership. Our nominations for the Local Business Awards are a testament to our impact and dedication. We’re here to guide our clients every step of the way.”

Johnson Property Co. invites prospective buyers and the community to join them in this exciting journey. With a foundation built on empathy, strategic innovation, and a genuine commitment to client success, Johnson Property Co. is poised to continue its trajectory as a leader in the Sydney real estate market.

For more information, please contact:

Kristan Johnson, 

CEO and Lead Buyers Agent

Johnson Property Co.

Contact Info:
Name: Kristan Johnson
Email: Send Email
Organization: Johnson Property Co.
Address: Suite 104, 1 Erskineville Road, Newtown NSW 2042
Phone: 1800 413 747

Release ID: 89125794

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Lawn Care Revolutionised: Mowrator Launches Mowrator S1 via Kickstarter Campaign

Mowrator is offering customers the experience of the future of lawn care with advanced Mowrator S1.

Hongkong, China – March 30, 2024

Mowrator, a pioneer in innovative lawn care solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Mowrator S1 lawn mower on Kickstarter, commencing from March 27th. The Mowrator S1 sets a superior mowing experience in lawn care, offering cutting-edge features that promise to transform the mowing experience for users worldwide.

Mowrator launches Mowrator S1

The Mowrator S1 aims to provide a highly accessible remote control lawn mower tool for lawn owners of all kinds, pushing the revolution from traditional lawn mowing to a smart, hands-free mowing generation. The Mowrator S1 packs an array of advanced smart features and especially, the 4WD design, durable construction helps enhance stability and handle rough terrain, uneven ground and challenging conditions with ease.

Drawing inspiration from their expertise in drone technology at DJI, the core team at Mowrator initiated a mission to revolutionize lawn care by harnessing the same technological advancements that transformed drone technology, resulting in the inception of the Mowrator S1.

Among the world’s first consumer-grade remote-controlled mowers, the Mowrator S1 is engineered to handle the most demanding mowing tasks with ease. Featuring a robust 21-inch blade and a reinforced metal frame, the Mowrator S1 is built to tackle tough grass and navigate challenging terrain, including slopes of up to 75%.

For a limited time, backers of the Mowrator S1 campaign on Kickstarter can visit here: Mowrator Kickstarter Campaign Page.

In addition, a key performance feature of the Mowrator S1 lies in its intuitive smart remote control system. Designed with features reminiscent of a video game, including L2 assisted driving for large lawns and hands-free remote dumping, the Mowrator S1 offers an unparalleled level of precision and control. At Mowrator, safety is paramount. That’s why the Mowrator S1 is equipped with advanced safety features, including long-lasting power and a safety-first design, ensuring a worry-free mowing experience every time.

With it’s innovative features of the new Mowrator S1 and a commitment to making lawn maintenance easier, safer, and more enjoyable from the team, the launching of this product is catching a lot of attention. People can join Mowrator S1 Law Mower Launch Group to get notified instantly when the product goes live.

For more information, please visit:

About Mowrator

Mowrator is passionately dedicated to driving innovation and reshaping the landscape of lawn care. Drawing inspiration from their deep-rooted expertise in drone technology gained at DJI, the core team at Mowrator is committed to revolutionizing the field of lawn maintenance. Mowrator is focused on pioneering advanced solutions that not only simplify lawn care but also elevate the overall user experience. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, Mowrator aims to set new standards in the industry and empower users to achieve pristine outdoor spaces effortlessly.

Contact Info:
Name: Eason Chan
Email: Send Email
Organization: MOWRATOR
Phone: +1 562-568-8868

Release ID: 89125747

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Groundbreaking Documentary ‘Project Whistleblower’ Pulls Back the Curtain on Corporate Misconduct

Discover the inspiring story of Justin Leslie, a 27-year-old defender who fearlessly challenges industry norms and exposes hidden truths in the documentary ‘Project Whistleblower.’

New York, NY, United States – March 30, 2024

With unwavering courage and determination, 27-year-old whistleblower and former Pfizer employee Justin Leslie announces the launch of the Just Integrity Network and his two-part documentary ‘Project Whistleblower.’ Justin Leslie, the creator and narrator of the documentary, is dedicated to shedding light on the realities obscured by misinformation and deceptive practices. To watch the documentary, visit

“I embarked on this journey as a whistleblower to shine a light on the truth behind the scenes. Through ‘Project Whistleblower,’ I aim to empower individuals with knowledge and inspire change,” said Justin, “This documentary is not just about exposing wrongdoing; it’s about reclaiming integrity and accountability in an age where transparency is more important than ever.”

“Project Whistleblower” is the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice of Justin Leslie, a courageous individual committed to truth and integrity. As a former insider of a pharmaceutical giant and alternative media outlet, Justin witnessed firsthand the inner workings of their industry. His documentary promises to unravel the facade constructed by deceitful media narratives, bringing to light the systemic lies and corruption that have plagued the industry for decades. 

Justin Leslie’s message extends beyond the confines of “Project Whistleblower.” He actively engages with influencers and podcasts to share his story and shed light on critical issues, including health, COVID-19, the pandemic, child trafficking, etc. Justin is actively speaking at events and showing the film throughout the USA. 

Justin Leslie’s commitment to truth is evident in his creation of Just Integrity Network, an organization and platform built on the principles of integrity and transparency. With a core mission to deliver truth and dismantle deceptive practices, Just Integrity Network is a beacon of veracity in a world riddled with misinformation. Visit to join Justin Leslie and Just Integrity Network on their mission to expose the truth and hold those responsible accountable.

“Project Whistleblower” is more than just a documentary; it is a call to action for individuals to reclaim their right to truth and transparency. Through alternative reporting and complete transparency, Justin Leslie and Just Integrity Network aim to empower men and women with insight and understanding, restoring the public’s trust in journalism.

“Our allegiance to integrity isn’t just a slogan—it’s woven into the fabric of our organization,” explains Justin Leslie, founder of Just Integrity Network. “With every piece we publish, we uphold a standard of honesty and accountability, striving to illuminate the truth in an era plagued by deception.”

Just Integrity Network provides a range of resources to enhance well-being and promote natural health solutions. From energy-boosting products to herbal wellness enhancers, Just Integrity Network offers a curated selection designed to invigorate and revitalize both body and mind. Explore the resources and store for wellness products at

To join the team and support the mission of “Project Whistleblower” and Just Integrity Network, visit

About Just Integrity Network:
Just Integrity Network is a platform dedicated to delivering unalloyed truth and dismantling deceptive practices in modern media. Founded by former Pfizer employee and whistleblower Justin Leslie, It is a beacon of veracity, committed to restoring the public’s trust in genuine journalism. Through alternative reporting, transparency, and accountability, It empowers citizens with insight and understanding, fostering a more informed and equitable world.

Contact Info:
Name: Justin Lesley
Email: Send Email
Organization: Just Integrity Network
Phone: (203) 312-4490‬

Video URL:

Release ID: 89125800

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Artists Santiago Ribeiro, Nikolina Petolas, Paula Rosa and João Duarte exhibit at Sete Quintas Olive Oil Museum in Portugal

Exhibition at the Sete Quintas Olive Oil Museum in Portugal

New York, United States – March 29, 2024 /MarketersMEDIA/

COIMBRA, PORTUGAL, March 29, 2024 — The Sete Quintas Olive Oil Museum, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Coimbra, Portugal, proudly announces an upcoming exhibition poised to redefine perceptions of art. From July 10th to August 30th, visitors will be invited on a mesmerizing journey through the surreal at the exhibition “Exploring Surrealism.”

This groundbreaking showcase will feature the visionary works of esteemed artists Santiago Ribeiro, Nikolina Petolas, Paula Rosa, and Joao Duarte. Hailing from diverse backgrounds, these artists converge under the banner of surrealism, challenging conventional artistic norms and inviting viewers into a realm of boundless imagination.

Santiago Ribeiro, a luminary of the Coimbra art scene, will unveil his captivating paintings alongside the mesmerizing digital art of Nikolina Petolas from Zagreb and the enchanting creations of Paula Rosa from Lisbon. Complementing these visual delights, Joao Duarte’s sculptures will add a tactile dimension to the surreal experience, promising an immersive encounter with art.

As esteemed members of the International Surrealism Now movement, these artists represent the vanguard of contemporary surrealism, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. Through their works, viewers will embark on a transformative journey, where reality intertwines with dreams, and symbolism reigns supreme.

Nestled amidst the tranquil landscapes along the Dueça River, the Sete Quintas Tourism / Olive Oil Museum provides an idyllic setting for this extraordinary exhibition. Rooted in history, the museum offers a glimpse into the traditional olive oil production methods of the region, echoing the harmony between nature and human ingenuity.

Presented by Turismo Sete Quintas / Museu do Azeite in collaboration with surrealist artist Santiago Ribeiro, “Exploring Surrealism” promises to be a cultural highlight of the summer season. Visitors will have the opportunity to unravel the mysteries of surrealism, where every brushstroke and digital creation narrates a tale waiting to be discovered.

Experience the fusion of art and heritage at the Sete Quintas Olive Oil Museum, where the surreal transcends reality.

Event Details:

Exhibition: Exploring Surrealism at Sete Quintas Olive Oil Museum
Dates: July 10th – August 30th
Location: Sete Quintas Tourism / Olive Oil Museum, Coimbra, Portugal

Anna Clarke
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Contact Info:
Name: anna clarke
Email: Send Email
Organization: surrealism now
Address: 4 Times Square
Phone: 239718541

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Outdoor Living Launches New Range of Inflatable Hot Tubs and Outdoor Gas Grills

Sheridan, Wyoming – Open Air Luxury, a premium outdoor living store in Wyoming, is excited to announce its new range of inflatable hot tubs and outdoor gas grills that have been chosen to help customers elevate their outdoor space into a relaxing sanctuary. With a mission to bring the beauty of the great outdoors to […]

Sheridan, Wyoming – March 29, 2024 /MarketersMEDIA/

Open Air Luxury, a premium outdoor living store in Wyoming, is excited to announce its new range of inflatable hot tubs and outdoor gas grills that have been chosen to help customers elevate their outdoor space into a relaxing sanctuary.

With a mission to bring the beauty of the great outdoors to a customer’s doorstep, Open Air Luxury’s new outdoor grill and hot tub range has been carefully curated to provide top-quality outdoor furniture that seamlessly blends style, comfort, and durability. Offering some of the biggest and most reputable brands in the upscale outdoor living industry, Open Air Luxury’s goal is to enhance every customer’s outdoor living experience.

“What sets Open Air Luxury apart is our unwavering commitment to quality,” said a spokesperson for Open Air Luxury. “Each piece in our collection is crafted with artisanal expertise and sourced from renowned manufacturers who share their vision of blending elegance with durability. From the finest materials to the most meticulous craftsmanship, Openair Luxury ensures that our customers have access to outdoor furnishings that will truly stand the test of time.”

Dedicated to offering customers a wide variety of stylish and functional outdoor solutions as well as exceptional customer service, Open Air Luxury’s bespoke collection of fire pits, outdoor grills, gazebos, hot tubs, and saunas is designed to help customers create lasting memories in the comfort of their home. Some of the premium outdoor living store’s new product range include:

Inflatable Hot Tubs: Open Air Luxury inflatable hot tubs have been hand-picked to transform a customer’s backyard into their own indulgent oasis. With brands such as the renowned MSpa Frame Mono Round Bubble Inflatable Hot Tub, which comfortably sits 6 bathers, customers can enjoy a quick heating system, variable bubble speeds, and a smart filtration system.

Portable Hot Tubs: Open Air Luxury portable hot tubs, such as The Toronto SE hot tub by the Canadian Spa Company, deliver LED lighting, a built-in Bluetooth audio, an aromatherapy system, and a cascading waterfall to offer families an all-inclusive full-sensory experience, making it the perfect complement to every backyard.

Outdoor Grills: The stainless steel KoKoMo 5 Burner 40 Inch Built In BBQ Island Grill is one of the leading Open Air Luxury outdoor grills due to its complete control with 5 independent heat controls for indirect cooking and 1 control knob for the Infrared Rotisserie Back Burner, which is perfect for entertaining on warm summer nights for friends and family.

Gas Grills: Open Air Luxury gas grills make dining outside simple. They feature reliable flames on every start, as well as stainless steel frames, warming racks, and grills. Like KoKoMo 3-burner Built in outdoor grill, that delivers complete control with 3 independent heat control for indirect cooking, families will find the ideal grill to fit their outdoor kitchen area.

Open Air Luxury encourages customers who have questions about any of its products or would like advice on discovering the art of outdoor indulgence to fill out the convenient contact form on its website today to hear back swiftly from a professional member of its team.

About Open Air Luxury

Open Air Luxury was born out of a love for nature and the desire to enhance it through products that provide customers with unparalleled comfort and style. With elegantly crafted hot tubs and picturesque gazebos, each item in Open Air Luxury’s collection has been meticulously chosen to offer customers the ultimate luxury outdoor experience.

More Information

To learn more about Open Air Luxury and its new range of inflatable hot tubs and outdoor gas grills, please visit the website at


About the company: Openair Luxury takes the concept of outdoor living to an extraordinary level. With a dedication to providing unparalleled comfort and style, Openair Luxury has become the go-to destination for those seeking the ultimate luxury outdoor experience.

Contact Info:
Organization: Open Air Luxury
Address: 30 N Gould St Suite R
WY 82801
United States
Phone: 888-680-0034

Release ID: 89125775

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We Are Polymer, Premier Performance Marketing Agency Launches WRP TV

We Are Polymer is a digital marketing firm specializing in impact-driven Amazon strategies, SEO services, and PPC campaigns. The company has officially launched the first episode of its brand-new YouTube channel.

United Kingdom – March 29, 2024

Seasoned marketing, planning, copywriting, PPC, and Amazon specialists gathered under the We Are Polymer umbrella with a simple vision – to help SMEs and entrepreneurs maximize their retail sales. The company launched in 2020 and has since worked with a host of fashion, retail, and beauty brands. 

Striving to educate its clients about the importance of Amazon ads, product descriptions, A+ content, and top-tier search engine optimization, We Are Polymer launched its official YouTube video channel. 

WRP TV is now live, and its debut episode is making waves among both emerging and established brands. The episode’s key speaker is WRP’s founder, CEO, and direct response marketing expert Gary Reid, joined by the company’s Head of Performance Jennifer Grant, and Paid Media Director Lucy McNeile. 

The core team at We Are Polymer dives deep into the importance of Amazon Ads and how impact-driven marketing strategies can shape SMEs into successful retailers, high fashion brands, and trendsetting beauty companies on the world’s largest online marketplace. 

In four short years, We Are Polymer rose to prominence by delivering consistent, quality results and has achieved monumental success by working with numerous high-profile brands. Its impressive portfolio numbers a range of prime movers the likes of Net-a-Porter, John Lewis, Chanel, and New Look, as well as Trilogy, SunnaMusk London, Code8, and many others. 

Gary and his team boast decades of combined experience on strategically placing advertised content across all major platforms like Google, Facebook, Shopify, and X while specializing in Amazon marketing.  

Relying on unrivaled Amazon Ads experience, the team at WRP is able to boost its clients’ sales by a whopping 34.1%. Performance reviews & auditing, bespoke marketing solutions, in-depth SEO, and comprehensive Amazon Ads action plans are but a fraction of what the We Are Polymer suite of services has to offer. 

The agency’s Head of Performance, Jennifer Grant, spoke at length about the importance of Amazon advertisements for retailers, underscoring that most consumers not only start looking for products on this marketplace first but rarely even consider alternatives, noting:

“One reason why Amazon is becoming more important to retailers is the fact that a lot of customers start their journey on Amazon. In the last few years, Amazon use has become more prominent. Around 60% of users now start their product searches on Amazon, so if the user is primed and ready to buy, they might not even go on to Google,” Jennifer said.  

We Are Polymer helps clients set up appropriate accounts, optimize product listings for ideal visibility and message, implement A+ content to ensure sold products distinctly stand out from contemporary alternatives, and dramatically enhance selling performance via sponsored product and brand ads. 

Through unified reporting systems, account health monitoring & management, and customized marketing guidelines, We Are Polymer is creating personalized Amazon Action Plans – a recipe for success, tried and proven to be effective for all clients WRP has worked for. 

The launch of WRP TV marks an important milestone in the company’s existence, demonstrating its commitment to educating its clients about services and benefits offered. 

Jennifer continued, underpinning how We Are Polymer’s approach to ad performance optimization targets one of the crucial pain points of most retailers – data processing and reporting:

“Reporting is notoriously difficult on the Amazon platform, not so much through the Seller’s Central, more through Amazon Ads. Basically, within Amazon Ads you can’t download all of your account data in one go, you have to download separate reports for your sponsored product campaign and sponsored brand campaigns, and if you’re doing any sort of sponsored display, that’s separate as well,” Jennifer said. 

The main draw of We Are Polymer and the reason why more and more beauty, travel, fashion, hospitality, and retail brands seek its Amazon and Google PPC advertising services lies in unmatched expertise. As professionals with a wealth of experience, We Are Polymer Ltd is helping brands reach the next stage, experiencing substantial growth and drastically enhanced sales.

More information about We Are Polymer is available on the company’s official website.

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My Spanish Village Pleasant Hill – Preschool & Kindergarten School Announce “La Galeria” Program to Expose Students to Artists from Around the World

Pleasant Hill, California – My Spanish Village Pleasant Hill – Preschool & Kindergarten School, an award-winning full-time Spanish immersion school in California, is excited to announce its “La Galeria” program which will help expose students to new and well-known artists from around the world. With the belief that art is a language that allows children […]

Pleasant Hill, California – March 29, 2024 /MarketersMEDIA/

My Spanish Village Pleasant Hill – Preschool & Kindergarten School, an award-winning full-time Spanish immersion school in California, is excited to announce its “La Galeria” program which will help expose students to new and well-known artists from around the world.

With the belief that art is a language that allows children to express and develop ideas and emotions while also being full of processes that help stimulate creativity and nurture the soul, My Spanish Village Pleasant Hill – Preschool & Kindergarten School’s “La Galeria” program is designed to expose children to artistic activity to increase neural connections in the brain while strengthening and exercising it through sounds, movements, colors, and sizes.

The process offers a significant benefit for children at very young age since their brains are maturing and highly sensitive to external stimuli. It can offer a wide range of benefits, such as stimulating both sides of the brain, increasing the capacity of memory, attention, and concentration, and helping develop reading skills and a heightened ability in maths and science.

Due to offering these pivotal advantages in child development, My Spanish Village Pleasant Hill – Preschool & Kindergarten School “La Galeria” program exposes students as young as 18 months to art in its preschool in Pleasant Hill. Exploring both new and well-known artists from all around the world every month, the new program empowers children to make their own art and artistic interpretations inspired by the artist’s work before having it displayed in an art gallery hosted by the school to show everything they have learned about the artist.

“As one of our new preschool programs, “La Galeria” has helped us to introduce so many artists to our students and, in the long run, expose our students to so many different cultures, historical figures, and stories about the days before our time and how talented people changed the world throughout art and creativity” said director and owner of My Spanish Village Pleasant Hill – Preschool & kindergarten school – Ita Perez. “Besides all of those amazing things our students learn through, art is also a way for kids to entertain themselves. They can learn to cope with different situations and, of course, fight anxiety, express their emotions through colors and shapes, and have the freedom to keep the final product or destroy it to build another one; that means art gives kids a kind of power according with their ages and in addition to helping develop observation and interpretation skills.”

My Spanish Village Pleasant Hill – Preschool & Kindergarten School invites parents interested in its “La Galeria” program or who have any questions about the admission process for its Pleasant Hill kindergarten or kindergarten school to fill out the convenient contact form on its website today.

About My Spanish Village Pleasant Hill – Preschool & Kindergarten School

My Spanish Village Pleasant Hill – Preschool & Kindergarten School was founded by Ita Perez in 2006 to provide families in Pleasant Hill, California, with a Preschool, Kindergarten, and Summer Camps Immersion Program with instruction in 100% Spanish and a daily age-appropriate curriculum. Focusing on providing a strong foundation for children to learn socially and academically, My Spanish Village Pleasant Hill – Preschool & Kindergarten School delivers specialist bilingual education, summer camps, and child care in Pleasant Hill with enthusiasm, energy, and a fun attitude.

More Information

To learn more about My Spanish Village Pleasant Hill – Preschool & Kindergarten School and its “La Galeria” program, please visit the website at


About the company: We have developed our own Spanish Preschool, Kindergarten, and Primary School Immersion Program with instruction in 100% Spanish and a daily age appropriate curriculum. We believe that a bilingual education is both possible and enjoyable when approached with enthusiasm, energy and a fun attitude.

Contact Info:
Organization: My Spanish Village Pleasant Hill – Preschool & Elementary School
Address: 1601 Mary Dr
Pleasant Hill
California 94523
United States
Phone: (925) 822-4871

Release ID: 89125766

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