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Female Latinx Creator Unveils Perpetual Calendar With Hand-Lettered Motivational Quotes & Phrases

The beautiful flip calendar was designed without dates to allow users to enjoy over 365 thoughtfully curated inspirational quotes and messages throughout any year

USA – October 31, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

Female Latinx creator, Dee, has unveiled a beautiful new undated calendar on Amazon, designed to function as a personal women’s empowerment book. The amazing flip calendar contains over 365 hand-lettered motivational quotes and phrases, with inspirational decor that provides positivity each day for women to stay motivated throughout any year.

Dee, who was born and raised in the Bronx, NY to Dominican parents, is the founder and owner of DILLEN & ARI brand which she named after both her kids, Dillen and Arianna. In 2020, the talented creator was listed as one of NY NOW’s emerging brand mentors with a specific inclination toward minority-owned businesses, while her brand’s greeting card design was featured in the 2020 Spring edition of Stationery Trends Magazine.

Driven to inspire women everywhere to find the courage to be their most authentic selves, Dee is particularly passionate about representing her culture, her people, and the multi-generational impact of Latinos. 

The new inspirational undated flip calendar is currently available for purchase on Amazon and can be accessed via the following link:


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Austin, Texas Author Pens ‘At The Table with LBJ and Lady Bird: History, Humor, and True Texas Recipes’

Jean E. Schuler’s New Recipe Book Out In November

Austin, TX, Texas, United States – October 31, 2022

University of Texas Alum Jean Schuler’s book will be released in early November. At The Table with LBJ and Lady Bird: History, Humor, and True Texas Recipes​​ are all the true Texas recipes you will ever need to be a Texan and all the favorite recipes that we share with people we love.

Welcome to the table! This is a love story about an ambassador and two Texans. Not any ol’ ambassador or any ol’ Texans. He was Lyndon Baines Johnson, and she was Claudia Alta Taylor, better known as Lady Bird Johnson. The ambassador is food. Food connects us. Food is culture and memory. We all have favorite recipes that we share with people we love. Lady Bird collected recipes her family loved, a lot of them exclusive to Texas cookin’. Two copies of each of her favorite recipes were always made: one for the Texas ranch she and LBJ both so dearly loved, the other reserved for the cookbook in progress that sat on her desk at the White House

At the Table with LBJ and Lady Bird shares menus, events, weddings, and outrageously funny anecdotes from the lives of LBJ and Lady Bird. Included are LBJ’s favorite recipes for Texas beef barbecue, smoked ranch beans, sourdough biscuits, Lady Bird’s famous pecan pralines, lemon cake, and more. Homestyle illustrations illuminate the distaff side of the thirty-sixth presidential administration, with recipes galore, history, and humor throughout

Order through TCU press, AMAZON, Barnes & Noble, or your local bookstore.

About Us: Jean E. Schuler resides in Austin, Texas, and is a graduate of the University of Texas and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Currently, she is her 90-year-old mom’s caregiver, and when time permits, she continues work on her second “At The Table” book.

Contact Info:
Name: James Lehr
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Organization: LBJ and Ladybird
Phone: (817) 257-6874

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Sustainable Scents without the Chemicals— CŪRATA Aims to Disrupt the Fragrance Industry

Live on Kickstarter, CŪRATA introduces handmade perfumes with clean materials and ethical sourcing.

Montreal, Canada – October 31, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

CŪRATA, the revolutionary new fragrance startup brand offering handmade perfumes with clean materials and ethic sourcing, is live on global platform Kickstarter and a breakout crowdfunding success story having already raised more than 100% of their initial raise goal. 

Many consumers today incorrectly believe they are allergic to perfume. The truth? It is most likely one of the untold and unlabeled chemicals causing people to experience headaches, nausea, dizziness and more. While the ingredient list might read short— Alcohol, Water, Parfum; corporations have convinced consumers that ‘trade secrets’ can be protected and withheld. What this means is fragrance blends don’t have to disclose which of the over 3,000 stock chemicals were used; many of which are potentially hazardous or derived from petroleum. CŪRATA is pioneering a new class of natural perfumery, with scents that are designed intelligently and intentionally using only natural materials perfectly proportioned in their complexity. Their groundbreaking new transparent blends feature 100% organic grain alcohol with clean materials to deliver a truly non-toxic fragrance.

“After traveling internationally for several years while consulting in the spa and wellness industry, I began working with a skin-care line that was truly natural. This opened my eyes to the world of ‘safe’ personal care products. What stood out was how fragrance or ‘parfum’ seemed to remain a mystery— even in so-called ‘clean’ products,” says Founder and Co-Creative Director Serena Rogers on the inspiration behind the project. “It became a mission for me to understand and share truly transparent scents – though I did not know how or through which medium.”

Each of CŪRATA’s sustainable and certified non-toxic perfumes are developed with care, conscientiousness and countless reformulations, ensuring a positive impact on people’s daily lives, while having the least impact on the planet

“CŪRATA’s commitment to sustainability is unwavering which means we must adapt and innovate our products to align with our ethos. We monitor the harvests and production of the precious raw materials that go into our perfumes. We trust and respect these aromatics in their holistic state and work to create perfume experiences that reconnect wearers with the natural world while guaranteeing safety and integrity,” adds Artisan Perfumer and Co-Creative Director Beckie Sheloske.

CŪRATA’s first scent DULCEO, which was awarded a Finalist title in the prestigious Art & Olfaction Awards of 2019, is being followed up with two new scents in VERDE and FLOREALE for the Kickstarter campaign. DULCEO is also the only perfume certified non-toxic by Made Safe – a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, that provides America’s first comprehensive human health and ecosystem-focused certification for nontoxic products. Manufactured under the same high standards, VERDE and FLOREALE are also expected to be certified with the same distinction.

“The mystique surrounding perfume was intriguing and I was drawn to understanding how to produce such elixirs. I could sense the layers of synchronicity between the notes. I read many books on perfume construction, history and the industry, and discovered an opinion that perfumes consisting of only naturals would be boring and flat and without dimension,” adds Artisan Perfumer and Co-Creative Director Beckie Sheloske. “This sparked me to dive into naturals and dis-prove this thesis. The journey to designing perfumes using strictly naturals, creating unique formulas and establishing proprietary techniques began. I’ve come to deeply believe that beautiful, full bodied perfumes can be achieved using only naturals and that is artistry and passion that speak through my perfumes.”

Experience decadently disruptive scents. CŪRATA is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:


Curata (Latin roots) means to restore or care for. CŪRATA was built from the ground up in Canada by two dedicated women with a passion for improving the way we interact with scents in our daily lives. They are on a mission to show that the experience of smell is extraordinarily powerful, and we should not have to give it up to preserve our health. All products are decadently disruptive sustainable scents made using quality ingredients that never compromise on being safe for both people and the planet.

For more information on CŪRATA, please visit


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East China’s Binhu district embraces $8.23 billion investment via trade fair

Binhu district of Wuxi in East China’s Jiangsu province secured more than 80 projects with a combined investment of over 60 billion yuan ($8.23 billion) at the 2022 Wuxi Binhu Golden Autumn Economic and Trade Fair, which was held in the district on Oct 28.

Wuxi, China – October 31, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

Binhu district in Wuxi, East China’s Jiangsu province, boasts strong industrial vitality.

Binhu district of Wuxi in East China’s Jiangsu province secured more than 80 projects with a combined investment of over 60 billion yuan ($8.23 billion) at the 2022 Wuxi Binhu Golden Autumn Economic and Trade Fair, which was held in the district on Oct 28.

Among these projects, 12 are foreign-funded projects with a total investment of 12.4 billion yuan, and 12 have an investment of over 1 billion yuan each.

The district also launched an international investment attraction partner campaign at the event and nine highly reputable Binhu natives were hired to support the district’s thinktank.

The event was also held in four sub-venues where seven activities focused on the international industry alliance of innovative pharmaceuticals, Tencent’s smart industry headquarters in Binhu, integrated circuit industry, innovation valley, and Binhu’s natives in Shanghai were held.

Sun Donghai, Party secretary of Binhu, said at the event that the district is now in a crucial period of accelerated development. He also expressed hope that more people will learn about Binhu’s opening-up and invest in the district through the event.

Located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta, Binhu is home to two universities, seven key laboratories, 12 research institutes, and leading enterprises such as WuXi AppTec, Fresenius Kabi SSPC, and Maxscend.

Presently, Binhu has developed five competitive industrial clusters including life health, IC, software information, intelligent connected vehicles, and tourism. Four special industrial clusters featuring digital film and television, aero engines and gas turbines, low carbon and environmental protection, and creative design, as well as three future industrial clusters such as metaverse, quantum, and intelligent manufacturing have taken shape in the district.

In 2021, the district’s GDP totaled 98.26 billion yuan. The figure reached 76.676 billion yuan in the first three quarters of this year.

The output value of high-tech industries in Binhu accounted for 75.5 percent of its GDP during the two periods, ranking first in Wuxi. 

Learn more about Binhu district, please click

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VANKYO has unveiled its ESG-friendly New Model

The VANKYO ESG-friendly New Model V700W delivers more than you might expect

BELTSVILLE, Md – October 31, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

The pioneering projector manufacturer VANKYO has unveiled its ESG-friendly New Model V700W. This new model, made of environment-friendly materials, has been created based on 100% ESG-friendly ideology from the very beginning, and boasts various cutting-edge technological highlights.

ESG has dramatically become the essence of neo-development mode for every ambitious enterprise across the world. With environment-friendly packaging materials such soy ink, new molded fiber pulp tray, as well as reducing plastic materials, each V700W package can reduce carbon emissions by about 564.5 grams.

VANKYO V700W also has more powerful performance to make it stand out in the market crowded with projectors.

Immersive 360° Sound

Surround yourself with incredible sound. With advanced surround sound engineering algorithms and tuning technology, the powerful dual 5W speakers — supported by Dolby Digital Plus — create a 360° panoramic soundscape. Feel the rumble of the bass and the trilling of the treble and experience your sound like never before.

Bring the Cinema Home

The entire idea about V700W is about FEEL IT AT HOME. The latest LCD technology provides a broader range of colors and a 1000:1 contrast ratio, allowing you to enjoy rich, detailed 1080P pictures. With 420 ANSI lumens of brightness, enjoy remarkable clarity that transforms virtually any space into a private cinema. Enjoy Hollywood movies as they were meant to be seen or put yourself in the front-row center for sporting events or concerts.

Besides, the picture quality, clarity and sharpness are directly linked to a true full HD 1080p image. V700W will never allow blurry presence of images. No more blurry for outdoor movies and home theatre enables the users a fancy image quality. The upgraded brightness is 80% brighter than other projectors. With higher contrast, V700W projector can deliver superior color gamut and the best ability to reproduce the authentic color of the film. The aspect ratio is 16:9/4:3. Incredible 1080P supported V700W Projector is ideal for users’ home environment and outdoor activities. The color saturation is actually quite high and will give users vivid colors whether they are watching animated or live action content, and a more pleasing image in comparison.

Care about Your Eyes

VANKYO leverages low blue light emission and optimal color performance in accordance with IEC 62471-5, ensuring that eye strain is minimal, which shall better protect the users’ eyes on a gentle basis. Certified by TÜV Rheinlan, a leading independent testing, and certification institution, therefore the users do not need to worry about the eye health of the users when enjoying the beautiful pictures displayed.

See it Bigger & Enjoy it Better

The Design has made a 60-inch TV based on the idea of AS THIN AS POSSBILE. The screen will further span your content across 120 inches on the free included screen to put yourself in the middle of the action. Dance with your idols at 1:1 height or reduce the scale without moving the projector to create a more intimate experience with remote-controlled focus. Enjoy your media precisely the way you want.

Bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1

With the wireless connection to an external Bluetooth speaker or soundbar to enjoy your sound the way you want or freely link a mobile phone, iPad, or other devices to use your V700W as a high-end Bluetooth speaker.

The V700W projector adopts the latest WiFi mirroring connection function that ensures hassle-free WiFi connections and lower input lag. Brings the users accessibility, affordability, and wireless freedom. The users can enjoy the wireless mirroring experience for both gaming and outdoor movies by Smartphone Synchronize.

VANKYO not only provides high-quality products for consumers, but also advocates for a concept of Green Life to promote global sustainable development, meaning that VANKYO will plant 5 trees for every order of $100 or more. Till now 1398 trees have been planted by VANKYO.

For more information, please visit

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PT Distinction Releases New Group Feature Update

PT Distinction, a leading personal trainer software platform built to help PTs reach and manage clients, has launched a major update to its app. The Groups feature now allows clients to be added even easier, improving the speed of onboarding and managing clients.

United Kingdom – October 31, 2022

There has been a new update to PT Distinction, a marketing, client management, and training management platform for personal trainers. Built to give personal trainers the tools they require to build a thriving business, the app has now been updated with an improved Groups Feature. Now, trainers are able to add clients even quicker

PTD Groups is a feature of PT Distinction that allows trainers to improve their online training sessions and to save time when managing clients and what their business offers. It allows trainers to create trials, challenges, and packages they can sell online, as well as to offer Group training. What’s more, the Group feature allows for a high degree of time-saving. Users can quickly copy any program or task and deliver it to any and all members of the group, as well. As such, there’s no need to create programs from scratch for individuals, especially not if it’s the same program each time. Users can manage a multitude of groups, as well, as many they need to organize their business.

The new update improves the Group feature by improving how clients can be added. Each client managed through PT Distinction has its own client profile and dashboard that can be found in the app. From there, users can click on the new Groups button to see what groups the client is a part of, to remove them from any groups they may want to  There is also a quick button that allows users to tick which groups they wish to add their client to. Users can also schedule an addition to a group if, for instance, they plan to begin a new, pre-prepared nutrition program with a client in the coming weeks, rather than immediately. All of this can be done from inside the Group dashboard, making it easier for users to manage clients wherever they are in the app.

Founded with the ambition to help personal trainers build and manage their businesses with much less effort through the use of intelligent software, PT Distinction has been providing their software solution for eight years, becoming a wide-used platform by thousands of trainers across the globe, and helping to reach millions of clients each and every day. It is the number 1 personal trainer software across Capterra, Get App, Software Advice, and Trustpilot.

To learn more about PT Distinction, the features of the app, and the new improvements to the Group feature, you can visit their website at

Please send any press inquiries to John Robertson, who can be reached at 7 Quakers Road, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 2FH, or by phone at 07970699828. All email inquiries can be sent directly to

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Finest Car Mats Aims To Become The UK’s Leading Car Mats Supplier

A UK-based online retailer, Finest Car Mats has launched a store allowing customers to find a wide range of car mats to suit their car. With this launch, they aim to become a leading supplier of car mats in the country.

United Kingdom – October 31, 2022

Supplying across the entire UK and based online, Finest Car Mats is an internet-based retailer that stocks a wide range of car mats for cars of all shapes and sizes. Having launched four months ago, the founders of Finest Car Mats have announced their intention to become the UK’s leading car mat suppliers through their extensive catalogue of products on top of top-notch service for customers across the nation.

Callum Devine and Sal Patel are the two founders of Finest Car Mats. Having launched the website,, 4 months ago, they have set out with an aim to hit a million pounds in revenue within 12 months of opening doors. From what started out as an idea, Sal Patel reached out to Callum Devine, a marketing specialist, to create an online store which customers can use to build car mats for their vehicles with many options to select from.

Since then, the business has been growing month on month. Initially working remotely, the 2 partners have since found and moved into an office space in London with multiple contractors and staff in the team.

Finest Car Mats are available 24/7 and offer customer live chat for any customers who require assistance in selecting the correct car mat for their vehicle. Customers can customise the mats for quality, material type, trim colour and even add sporty logos. The site offers mats with shapes built to match the interior of a wide range of vehicles, including Audis, BMWs, Fords, Kias, Nissans, Citroens, Minis, VWs, and much more.

The business also offers free delivery, available on all car orders, as well as Next Day Dispatch, to ensure that getting one’s hands on a car mat is easy and quick. The store also aims to make it more affordable, with a Price Guarantee that it won’t be beaten on the price of any of its mats. Accepting all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, and Klarna, it aims to provide the most accessible online store for car mats.

To learn more about Finest Car Mats, their range of products, and the story behind the business, you can visit their website at

If you have any press inquiries, please send them directly to Sal Patel, who can be reached at 18-20 Fordham Street, Whitechapel, E1, London, UK or on the phone at 07480595498. Email inquiries can be sent directly to

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Name: Sal Patel
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Organization: Finest Car Mats
Address: 18-20 Fordham Street, Whitechapel, E1, London, UK
Phone: 07480595498

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If you detect any issues, problems, or errors in this press release content, kindly contact to notify us. We will respond and rectify the situation in the next 8 hours. Offers Legal Assistance For Vets Affected By Camp Lejeune

Activist and environmentalist, and owner of, Hart Pearson Sebastian Cunningham, has announced a callout for veterans and families affected by the contaminated drinking water between 1953 and 1987 at Camp Lejeune, offering the legal help they need.

United States – October 31, 2022

Hart Pearson Sebastian Cunningham, the owner of, a legal resource for plaintiffs, has expanded his North Carolina focus over the last decade. In particular, this environmentalist aim to connect with U.S. veterans and their family members who may have been exposed to contaminated drinking water between 1953 and 1987 at Camp Lejeune and have experienced health consequences as a result.

Harts’s father, Jere Cunningham, trained across North Carolina and Tennessee in his early 20s at a variety of military bases, before passing of brain cancer on Jan 23, 2018, in North Carolina. During his childhood, Hart spent time rooting for Tar Heels in basketball, while deciding to attend Claremont Colleges, over Duke.

During his education, Hart’s focus as an environmentalist, combined with his extensive time in NC, as well as supporting his father through his cancer, empowered his drive to help veterans whose health was affected by their duty. As such, he has now turned that into a professional drive to connect those affected veterans with qualified attorneys, especially those who have suffered health impacts related to Camp Lejeune.

Hart Cunningham is the founder of dozens of vertically focused communities, including for gaming, for finance, for marketing, and for education. Hart’s focus on the legal sector, with ownership and growth of, begins with his love of his father and Mother Nature.

Hart Cunningham was also an environment and climate-focused POTUS candidate for 2020, campaigning in North Carolina from 2017-2019. Hart is an active yogi, with a focus on inversions and meditation.

U.S. Veterans, their family members or others may have been exposed to contaminated drinking water between 1953 and 1987 at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and developed cancer or other serious health issues years later. Some of these servicemen, families or others present at the base had been deemed ineligible or had their claims denied by the Veterans Administration, but as part of the recently signed PACT Act, the new Camp Lejeune Justice Act of 2022 may allow them compensation.

Camp Lejeune vets can connect with attorneys on, a leading Plaintiff resource to connect with attorneys, at

If you have any press inquiries, please send them directly to Hart Pearson Sebastian Cunningham, who can be reached directly at 415 Dairy Road, Suite 131, Kahului HI 96732 or by phone at 4157176087. Email inquiries can be sent straight to

Contact Info:
Name: Hart Pearson Sebastian Cunningham
Email: Send Email
Address: 415 Dairy Road, Suite 131, Kahului HI 96732
Phone: 4157176087

Release ID: 89084032

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Freelandpyles Is Creating A Safer And More Reliable Cyber Environment.

Freelandpyles is a global financial investigative firm making the internet less dangerous by putting an end to the phenomenon of online trading scams.

United States – October 31, 2022

In 2020, the US reported a total loss of 19.7 billion dollars to scams. Back then, one in ten American adults fell victim to scams and fraud yearly. These numbers have drastically increased in the past year as online trading scams hit an all-time high. Scammers have devised countless ways to target unsuspecting people in every corner. Today, it is harder to tell apart scams from genuine investment opportunities.

Freelandpyles Recovery Inc. is a global financial investigative firm that provides consultancy and monetary recovery services. The growth of online trading scams is getting out of hand, and Freelandpyles is dedicated to making the internet safer for users. Freelandpyles provides comprehensive services to help people recover their money and learn how to spot and avoid scams in the future.

According to the Freelandpyles Recovery Inc. team, to combat online fraud and scams, it is essential to educate people through engaging content. Providing monetary recovery services is only the first step; education and awareness will help dismantle scam rings terrorizing people worldwide.

Freelandpyles was established with a very clear mission, to provide “a safer and more reliable cyber environment.” The company believes in the development and implementation of online security systems. “We are living and breathing a 24/7 struggle against online trading scammers worldwide.”

Freelandpyles’ private investigation and funds recovery system has maintained a reputation for successfully tracing and recovering funds. The company has dealt with cases of fraud, phishing, advanced fee, investment scam, and information compromise.  

To provide speedy assistance to clients, Freelandpyles Recovery Inc. simplifies the process of getting help. All clients need to do is fill out a form on the company website describing their issue, and then an agent will be in touch and immediately begin working on the case. Freelandpyles agents ensure that they work until the client has recovered their money. 

“We work with hundreds of foreign intelligence firms. This association aims to get justice to the clients across the globe and to reduce the international statutory obligations worldwide.”

Freelandpyles Recovery Inc. also emphasizes the importance of victims coming forward. There has been widespread victim blaming, but this only serves scammers as they make it impossible for victims to seek assistance. Freelandpyles explains that there is no statute of limitations for victims to file a claim for monetary recovery against online fraud. The more victims speak up and expose scammers, the easier it becomes to create a safer environment for everyone.

For more information about online trading scams, fighting fraud, and how Freelandpyles Recovery Inc. can help, visit the company website. 

About Freelandpyles Recovery Inc.

Freelandpyles Recovery Inc. is a leading global financial investigative firm specializing in recovering funds from fraudulent online activities. The recovery firm has helped many clients recover their money from online trading scams dressed as investment opportunities all over the world. FreelandPyles investigates, reviews, and liaises with relevant entities to recover money for clients.

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Organization: Freelandpyles Recovery Inc.
Address: United States

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HRV Global Life Sciences honoured with two prestigious Leadership awards as the leading pharmaceutical company in India and Middle east Middle East

HRV Global Life Sciences, a trendsetter in the pharmaceutical industry has been honoured with two prestigious awards: the Middle East Healthcare Leadership Award for “Best Pharmaceutical Market Expansion Company” and the “ET Global Indian Leaders Award 2022.”

Estonia – October 31, 2022

HRV Global Life Sciences, a trendsetter in the pharmaceutical industry has been honoured with two prestigious awards: the Middle East Healthcare Leadership Award for “Best Pharmaceutical Market Expansion Company” and the “ET Global Indian Leaders Award 2022.” 

Hari Kiran Chereddi, Managing Director of HRV Global has been ecstatic about yet another award “ET Global Indian Leaders Awards 2022 – Excellence In The Field Of Pharmaceuticals”. “We help pharmaceutical manufacturers ‘expand’ into a market, especially the not so easy to access ones” said Hari Kiran Chereddi. 

HRV Global is a market expansion company and is uniquely placed in the Indian pharmaceutical sector. The company is helping pharmaceutical manufacturers to expand in the markets other than India. We have been sourcing, manufacturing and providing these services in the pharmaceutical industry value chain with a strong portfolio of over 400 different products to 50+ global corporations” said Chereddi. 

The company has penetrated deep into the geographies like Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Cuba. Despite of several challenges to expand their footprints in these markets, the company has been successful with their unique business model of catering to local pharma compliance, cutting-edge supply chain logistics, and addressing banking challenges.

Talking about their core presence in the Middle East market, Chereddi said, “Middle East market is a potpourri of cultures, very similar to Indian culture. They work on ‘trust’ as a major credo and also are cost sensitive. Their geopolitical situation is also quite diverse and thereby demanding partners to be agile and adaptive at the same time.

According to Chereddi, opaque geographies due to their socio-political climate, do not have the ability to provide their people with quality and timely medication. One of the key pillars of the business HRV Global has created is around this and is an area which is ‘often’ blindsided. HRV Global’s vision is to become one of the largest players in the Market Expansion domain and expanding beyond pharmaceutical products.

Contact Info:
Name: Chereddi
Email: Send Email
Organization: HRV Global Life Sciences

Release ID: 89084010

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