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Top Estate Planning & Probate Attorney Robert Brumfield Explains Key Tips To Stress-Free Estate Management – Bakersfield, CA

Estate planning lawyer founder of the Law Offices of Robert H. Brumfield, P.C., in Bakersfield, CA reveals essential guidance can help reduce stress levels when handling a relative’s estate. For more information please visit

Bakersfield, CA, United States – September 30, 2021 /MM-REB/

Being armed with essential guidance can help reduce stress levels when handling a relative’s estate, revealed Elder Law attorney Robert Brumfield.

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Someone named as a trustee or executor brings with it an added level of responsibility and closer examination from interested parties, emphasized the founder of the Bakersfield, CA, Law Offices of Robert H. Brumfield, P.C.

Mr Brumfield sought to clarify his comments by adding: “A stress-free approach to trust management begins with having all the relevant documents in hand to manage a trust.

“All these vital components related to the estate, such as the trust agreement, will, powers of attorney, and any related healthcare directives, are essential for a smooth and successful conclusion.”

He advised executors and trustees to take their time to read, review and re-assess all the documents, take notes and be sure of where they stand. “If drafted correctly, there will be information for the successor trustee(s) and beneficiaries, how assets should be distributed and under what circumstances.”

Next, they will have to obtain the contact details of beneficiaries and notify them. It is also advisable to copy the trust agreement and send it to beneficiaries as they have a right to it.

A trustee needs to send notices to the Social Security Administration, post office, banks, financial advisors, a decedent’s place of employment, insurance companies and others.

Mandatory filings of the documents, such as the original will, the death certificate and filing a notice of trust with the probate court or clerk of court, is another crucial step.

Mr Brumfield said dealing with a relative’s financials is among the trickier aspects of being a trustee. They have to locate and take custody of assets, such as bank statements, life insurance policies, and federal and state tax returns.

“A trustee will also have to understand the decedent’s debts which can include hospital, medical and funeral costs. All can have a claim on the estate. They should assess potential claims carefully before agreeing to stand any debts against the estate.”

He added that anyone unsure of their role or responsibilities as trustee/executor should consult an experienced estate planning attorney for guidance. “That extra helping hand can play a significant part towards a stress-free approach to an estate’s administration.”

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Name: Robert H Brumfield
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Organization: Law Offices of Robert H. Brumfield, P.C.
Address: 1810 Westwind Drive, Suite 100, Bakersfield, CA 93301
Phone: (661) 416-3735

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Leading Orlando Accounting Firm Laus Consulting Reveals How To Avoid The Guessing Game Of Growing A Small Business

Leading business accountant Pauline Ho founder of Orlando’s Laus Consulting Services LLC in Orlando, FL urges company owners to get organized from the outset if they are seeking to grow their businesses. For more information please visit

Orlando, FL, United States – September 30, 2021 /MM-REB/

Florida-based Corporate Accountant Pauline Ho has urged company owners to get organized fast from the outset if they are seeking to grow their businesses.

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Ho, of Orlando’s Laus Consulting Services LLC, pinpointed several areas where a company should take time to consider a more structured approach and cut out the guessing game that can sometimes afflict businesses.

She said: “Having the right infrastructure in place will be essential to taking out the potential unknowns in business and offer a smoother journey in growth prospects.”

Ho said that one area that requires attention is organizing your business growth into manageable, actionable activities. These can include focusing on critical areas such as sales and marketing and business development.

“Business development is not only about your company ambitions but developing long-lasting client relations with suppliers, partners and clients. These can offer channels for future growth,” she added.

Business growth often relies on you having to put effort into increasing your marketing and sales strategies, so keep them focused and up to date at all times.

Ho advised: “Adopting effective strategies means your business can reach out to new audiences and consumers, and by understanding these, you can zone in on better marketing at the right time in the future.”

Naturally, business growth will occur with an uptick in sales, but this can be underpinned by either adding value to services, developing stable partnerships and identifying consumers’ needs.

“If you want business growth, then you will need to be creating a dialogue with your clients, partners and industry stakeholders,” she added.

“Investing in your time, identifying your strengths and preparing for business growth are all pivotal in gaining a competitive advantage. By combining all this in an organized, efficient and calm manner will also take out the stresses and worries of
evolving the business.

“It may well be best to sit down and map out certain things such as identifying growth potential, the targeted areas, the messaging, the brand and the service you seek to bring to the table,” Ho emphasized.

She concluded that developing an infrastructure that reflects your desires, ambitions, and potential outcomes will also hone your skills in those specific areas. Never stop re-assessing your market messaging, your strengths and reviewing your business from a consumer’s standpoint to fully develop a holistic approach.

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Name: Pauline Ho
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Organization: Laus Consulting Services LLC
Address: 879 Outer Rd B, Orlando, FL 32814
Phone: 407-401-9768

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California Attorney Jeffrey Nadrich Quoted By KRNV Regarding Dixie Fire Lawsuits

Attorney Jeffrey Nadrich is delighted to announce that he has been quoted by NBC-affiliated KRNV in Reno, Nevada

Los Angeles, United States – September 30, 2021

Attorney Jeffrey Nadrich, managing partner of Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers, is delighted to announce that he has been quoted by NBC-affiliated KRNV in Reno, Nevada regarding lawsuits accusing Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) of starting the Dixie Fire.

Nadrich told KRNV that PG&E is liable under California Public Resources Code § 4293 for any damages that are caused by the Dixie Fire. The code requires four feet of clearance between vegetation and any power line between 2,400 and 72,000 volts. PG&E has acknowledged that one of its 12,000 volt lines may have started the Dixie Fire when a tree came into contact with it.

“PG&E had a duty to not cause these fires and they breached this duty under California law and as a result will have to pay damages… everyone evacuated from the Dixie Fire has a claim and can be compensated,” Nadrich told KRNV.

Nadrich also stated that PG&E has the funds to pay Dixie Fire victims with, saying that PG&E can use money from the California Wildfire Fund, which was established in 2019 as a source of money to pay or reimburse utility companies with. Nadrich also said PG&E has Dixie Fire insurance coverage.

“There is an insurance policy that they have covering the Dixie Fire. It’s approximately $300 million but that’s not going to satisfy the losses which will be easily over $1 billion,” Nadrich told KRNV in an interview which was aired on the station.

PG&E, in a report it sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), acknowledged that a PG&E troubleman found a tree leaning into their power lines and a ground fire near the base of the tree on July 13, 2021. The utility also acknowledged in a separate SEC filing that it is “probable” that they will see financial losses in connection with the Dixie Fire.

KXTV ABC 10 reported that a worker for the utility told one of the utility’s dispatchers that “there’s a tree on a line that started a fire,” and that it “fell into the line.” Those who negligently allow fires to escape onto the property of others are liable to property owners for fire damages under California Health & Safety Code § 13007.

Article 1, § 19 of the California Constitution states that just compensation must be paid to property owners when private property is damaged for public use. California courts have ruled that this means California utilities can be held liable for any damage caused by fires they are responsible for starting. This concept is known as inverse condemnation.

The California Public Utilities Commission placed PG&E into enhanced oversight in April after finding the utility wasn’t doing enough to clear vegetation from high-risk power lines. September 2020’s Zogg Fire, according to CAL FIRE, started when a tree fell onto PG&E power lines in Shasta County. PG&E was recently described as “criminally liable” for the Zogg Fire by the office of Shasta County District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett.

The Dixie Fire, as of September 23, has burned 963,276 acres of land in Butte, Plumas, Tehama, Shasta and Lassen counties in California, has destroyed 1,329 structures and has led to one fatality, according to CAL FIRE.

Jeffrey Nadrich is the managing partner of Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers, a California personal injury law firm which has been helping injury victims obtain justice since 1990. The firm has obtained over $350,000,000 in recoveries for clients since 1990 and currently represents victims of multiple PG&E-linked California wildfires, including the Dixie Fire, Kincade Fire and Zogg Fire. For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at

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Name: Jeffery Nadrich
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Organization: Nadrich & Cohen Accident Injury Lawyers
Address: 12100 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1250 Los Angeles, CA
Phone: (310) 826-8082

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Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Attorney Bryan Keenan Discusses Chapter 13 Options To Save Thousands From Foreclosure After COVID-19 Financial Support Withdrawal

Top bankruptcy lawyer founder of Bryan P. Keenan & Associates, PC in Pittsburgh, PA reveals way to save your home from foreclosure now that COVID-19 assistance has ended. For more information please visit

Pittsburgh, PA, United States – September 30, 2021 /MM-REB/

Foreclosure and eviction are everyday concerns for many Pennsylvanians as they deal with the disruptions caused by COVID-19. For the most part, Pennsylvania state and local eviction and foreclosure moratoriums have ended, although there are some exceptions in some counties and for tenants in certain rental assistance programs.

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If you have a government-backed mortgage, such as an FHA, VA, USDA loan, or a loan backed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, you may have received forbearance from three months up to a year. The specific payback options include adding the forbearance amount to the end of the loan (deferral), paying back the full amount in a lump sum, or a payment plan.

If your mortgage loan is not government-backed, there is no forbearance requirement. However, some such lenders offered forbearances. These lenders are not required to allow you to tack the forbearance amount to the end of the loan. Therefore, even if the lender offers a forbearance, you may not be able to fulfill the repayment terms.

When facing financial challenges caused by COVID-19 your home should be the priority. But how can you manage to keep a roof over your head, when all of your creditos are knocking on your door to get paid?

Bankruptcy attorney Bryan Keenan of Pittsburgh’s Bryan P. Keenan & Associates in Pittsburgh, PA disclosed in a recent interview several options open to people under Chapter 13 to save their home from foreclosure.

He said that to apply under Chapter 13, a person would have to demonstrate several conditions, including the ability to make ongoing mortgage payments and catch up on mortgage arrears between three and five year period. If you are faced with a multitude of problems, deferring your payments to the end of the loan may not be your best option.

Under Chapter 13, if the value of your home is less than what you owe on the first mortgage, you can strip a second or third mortgage as a loan on your home and discharge this debt. This includes Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit.

He added: “They won’t lose property under Chapter 13, as long as they can afford your payment plan. The whole process is designed to save your home while coming up with a compressive plan to address any additional debt you may have within a three to five year period.”

When a Bankruptcy is filed a federal injunction goes into effect referred to as the automatic stay, which prevents all legal and collection activities. This includes foreclosures. If your plan provides for ongoing payments to the mortgage holder and cures the arrears within a three to five year period, then the mortgage holder cannot foreclose on your home. At the end of the case your mortgage will be current.

Mr Keenan said: “A Chapter 13 can also help them significantly in shedding junior mortgages or a home equity line of credit. However, it would be advisable to seek professional guidance to ensure that you make the right choices before committing to a final decision.

“Even if a second mortgage is partially secured by their home’s equity, they won’t be able to strip away that second mortgage.”

He added the complexities of stripping off mortgages falls solely on the person and can be contested in court by a creditor. “The burden of proof will be on their shoulders,” he asserted.
“So, before moving forward with a Chapter 13 repayment plan, the onus is still on them to prove they have sufficient income to cover other priority debts in full.”

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Organization: Bryan P. Keenan & Associates
Address: 993 Greentree Rd #101, Pittsburgh, PA 15220,
Phone: 412-922-5116

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Outdoor Furniture Company Announces New Product Categories For Customers

Outdoor furniture company is announcing an even greater variety of products for customers to choose from. It is their next step in delivering the best service possible to all clients.

September 30, 2021 / /

Outdoor furniture company Cosiest is pleased to announce that they have more products for customers to choose from than ever before. The company now has three major kinds of products: rocking chairs, sectional sofas and fire pits.

Each product that Cosiest offers is incredibly popular on the market. The business believes that the reason for this is a superior level of quality as well as fair prices.

The extraordinary hand woven wicker craftsmanship is one of the features that ensures their products stand out. Cosiest wicker furniture is made of durable weather-resistant PE wickers.

The clean lines and appearance refuse any extra unnecessary decorations, presenting a sense of lightness compared with the impression of heaviness to the furniture.

The wicker element also stresses the design idea of naturalism. Balancing industrial and organic beauty, these lovely outdoor furniture create quite an exciting silhouette.

Cosiest is always focused on ensuring that they satisfy the needs of customers looking for great outdoor furniture. They are devoted to making the outdoor space become a place that is able to connect people and families, combining living room styles with nature in spectacular fashion.

The brand has always worked to ensure that they deliver unique, custom products to the market. Their new lineup of products certainly fit this mould with beautiful pieces that standout from items that are available from other companies working in the same sector.

About Cosiest

Established in 2018, Cosiest is a company specializing in the design, manufacturing and trade of outdoor furniture. Cosiest currently has 30 core employees and services more than 100,000 customers. By 2020, the all-american businesses’s volume had reached 25 million dollars.

The business integrates supply-chains and actively works to expand trade channels. They cooperate with multiple partners and organizations to build a mutually beneficial industrial environment, pushing the improvement of manufacturing and development of digital economy ecology.

Cosiest has also worked to create lots of employment opportunities and brings tax contributions for the local economy. The business also understands that a professional team has always been key to the success of the company.

The company works to ensure that every client can create the inspiring innovative outdoor location of their dreams. With their products, Cosiest believes that an outdoor space can become more than just another piece of a home. It can be a trendsetting example of both style and comfort.

More information about Cosiest can be found on the business website. Alternatively, a representative for the company can be contacted directly using the information provided below.

Contact Info:
Name: Gavin Hao
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Organization: Cosiest Furniture
Address: 1312 17th Street Suite 692, Denver, CO 80202, United States
Phone: 909-312-3668


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Chinese Bag Producer Joins Movement To Provide Products For World’s Returning Students

Honeyoung is joining other producers in China to ensure that children across the world have the school bags they need.

September 30, 2021 / /

Top bag producer and supplier Honeyoung is pleased to announce that they are working overtime to ensure that children returning to school across the world have the school bags that they need.

China has the largest population in the world. With a light industry like bag production, suppliers such as Honeyoung are able to keep production costs low for their buyers and provide better value on the market. With an efficient solution, Honeyoung is also confident that they can deliver any products to order on a tight deadline.

Honeyoung recognizes that various top brands such as Nike, Adidas, FILA, Disney, Marvel and countless others have built their bag production based in China. These brands are famous for high standards of quality and fantastic designs. They want to make sure that more companies follow suit by providing the best quality of service that clients demand.

With the coronavirus pandemic starting to show signs of improvement more students are returning to school. Children of all ages across the world are now in need of sturdy, durable and stylish bags that they can use on a daily basis. Honeyoung is ready to cater to that need and confident that they can deliver the fantastic products children and parents demand. With a keen commitment to quality and a strong sense of work ethic, the brand is ready to meet any deadline and ensure that school bags are available for children around the world.

About Honeyoung

Honeyoung Enterprise CO., LTD was founded in China in 1998. During this time, the company began to export bags, stationery, exercise books as well as countless other cultural and educational products.

Anhui Honeyoung Travelling Products CO., LTD was founded in 2008. A branch of Honeyoung, it specializes in producing backpacks, travelling bags, promotional bags and school bags.

The business has advanced production machines as well as teams in design, research and production. With more than 300 people working in the business, the company has more than 20 inspectors to guarantee that they always reach the right standards of quality.

The business annual gross exceeds 20 million. A professional backpack producer, Honeyoung aims to offer high quality products for the best possible price on the market to their clients. They are passionate about client care and are always ready to take their service one step further.

More information about Honeyoung can be found on the business website. Alternatively, the company can be contacted directly using the information provided below.

Contact Info:
Name: Steven Zhang
Email: Send Email
Organization: Honeyoung
Address: Qiyun Road, HeFei Economic & Technology Development Area, Hefei, Anhui, China
Phone: +86 18297923615


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IRIS CRM Adds Merlink Integration to Dispute Responder Functionality for TSYS FSP ISOs

IRIS CRM’s enhanced Dispute Responder builds on existing TSYS reporting and TurboApp boarding integrations for a fully integrated experience for TSYS FSP ISOs and their merchants.

Brookyln, United States – September 30, 2021

IRIS CRM is pleased to announce the latest enhancement to its Dispute Responder which now includes support for TSYS FSP ISOs to manage their merchant disputes through IRIS CRM. TSYS FSP ISOs using Merlink, TSYS’s internal dispute management system, will now be able to provide access for merchants and agents to receive notifications of new chargebacks and retrievals for merchants within 24 hours of a dispute being filed. Once notified, merchants, agents, or the ISO can easily reply with supporting documentation directly from IRIS CRM. Near-instant notifications, electronic replies, and automated reminders will help the merchants of TSYS FSP ISOs win more disputes and retain more of their hard-earned revenue.

TSYS FSP ISOs can leverage IRIS CRM to attract more merchants by giving them the ability to digitally respond to disputes through their custom-branded merchant portal. Merchants will be able to see all of the key information they need regarding the disputed transaction including the Incoming Chargeback Documents, Transaction Date, Transaction Amount, Dispute Amount, Chargeback Reason, Cardholder Number, ARN Number, Family ID, and more.

The dispute status will automatically be updated within IRIS CRM to help ISOs and merchants stay on top of the dispute process in order to increase the number of disputes they win. When a reply is required, the dispute responder will indicate a reply is necessary. From there, merchants simply need to submit a comment with supporting documents attached. The reply with the supporting documentation will then be submitted to TSYS for processing.

Automated notifications can be sent to associated merchant and ISO users when a new dispute occurs as well as when a dispute is updated such as when a case number is updated or the document status changes. Response reminder notifications are also sent 7 days, 3 days, and 1 day prior to a response being due to make sure the merchant submits a reply.

IRIS CRM’s enhanced Dispute Responder builds on existing TSYS reporting and TurboApp boarding integrations for a fully integrated experience for TSYS FSP ISOs and their merchants. A fully integrated system puts all of the ISO’s and merchant’s data at their fingertips for more efficient workflows. More time saved and more revenue generated is a win-win for both ISOs and merchants. To learn more about the power of IRIS CRM’s TSYS FSP integrations, schedule a demo with our team!


IRIS CRM is a leading merchant services CRM designed specifically for the unique needs and challenges of independent sales organizations (ISOs), payment facilitators, and their merchants. IRIS CRM provides reporting on more than 300,000 active merchants each month and offers ISOs the ability to handle all of their merchant acquisition, onboarding, support, and residual income calculations through a single platform. By automatingand streamlining the most repetitive and time-consuming tasks performed by ISOs, IRIS CRM enables agents, support staff, and management to spend less time on manual processes and more time on generating new revenue.

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Name: Ivan Szabo
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Organization: IRIS CRM

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Leading Divorce Attorney Daryl Weinman Reveals Mistakes To Avoid In High-Net-Worth Divorces – Austin, TX

Top Divorce Attorney Daryl Weinman founding partner of Weinman & Associates, P.C in Austin, TX, pinpoints errors people make when working through a high-net-worth divorce. For more information please visit

Austin, TX, United States – September 30, 2021 /MM-REB/

Divorce attorney Daryl Weinman, founding partner of Weinman & Associates, P.C in Austin, TX has pinpointed five mistakes people tend to make when working through a high-net-worth divorce.

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Expanding on the topic, the Austin-based Weinman & Associates, P.C lawyer said that one of the most common mistakes is trying to settle quickly to speed up the divorce.

Weinman advised that evaluating a proposal from the other side needs to be considered carefully without the pressure to settle as quickly as possible.

“Rather than thinking about severing ties as fast as you can, consider whether the settlement is fair for you overall, taking into account all aspects. Don’t let emotion cloud your judgment”

Recognize that not all assets are alike. You need to consider tax implications, liquidity, balancing retirement and non-retirement assets, etc. Either paying out too much or settling on too little could put a strain on your ability to keep up with expenses in the short term, or your ability to support yourself through retirement years.

Weinman warned people against undervaluing their assets in a divorce settlement or trying to hide them from court view. If hidden assets are found out or you do not fully disclose your financial position, you may not only lose the chance to settle reasonably, you could be sanctioned by the court for fraud and you could lose those hidden assets completely.

On the flip side, a person may be too trusting about their spouse’s filing of financial details. Negotiating in the dark could leave you with much less than your fair share.

“An experienced lawyer may well advise on hiring a forensic accountant to help value complex financial assets, such as executive compensation packages, closely held businesses, and intellectual property. Without proper valuation, you could be agreeing to much less than the settlement you deserve. The decision about whether or not to liquidate an asset needs to be considered as well — the tax implications or current market conditions could make such liquidation a bad idea for both sides”

Weinman added that high-net-worth divorces can be settled calmly and quickly with the assistance of a skilled lawyer on board. In doing so, you could avoid a long-drawn-out, acrimonious and costly divorce battle through the court system.

“The key to a quick and fair settlement probably rests on getting good advice and representation.

“Choose the right attorney that is the right fit for your circumstances, and with the skills and resources to bring your divorce settlement to a fair and just conclusion,” Weinman asserted.

Contact Info:
Name: Daryl Weinman
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Organization: Weinman & Associates, P.C.
Address: 8200 N Mopac Expy #230, Austin, TX 78759
Phone: 512-472-4040

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Common Myths About Estate Planning Exposed By Elder Law & Probate Expert R. Sam Price – Redlands, CA

Leading Estate Planning Attorney R. Sam Price, founder of Price Law Firm, APC, reveals common mistakes and misconceptions around estate planning. For more information please visit

Redlands, CA, United States – September 30, 2021 /MM-REB/

California Elder Law Attorney Sam Price has spoken of the common mistakes and misconceptions revolving around estate planning.

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The Redlands-based Price Law Firm, APC, founder asserted: “Estate planning, and more importantly, total Family Protection planning are some of the most important things you can do to ensure you and your loved ones are taken care of.”

He said one widely held belief is that estate planning can sit on the backburner as many believe they are too young even to contemplate it.

Mr Price reacted: “The only constant in life is change. Things happen that are out of our control. But what we can control is planning for our loved ones in life and after we’re gone.”

He revealed the myth that family will manage your estate in the true sense of the word, without an estate plan, is probably one of the worst to believe.

“Where family and inherited money comes into play, it often proves more challenging. Estate planning puts in place legal structures to protect your assets and offer clear guidelines on how assets should be distributed. If you want to know how truly dysfunctional your family can be, die without a plan!”

Mr Price highlighted the need for those thinking about estate planning to consult a lawyer in that field rather than being tempted down the DIY route to save money.

“Estate planning doesn’t boil down to appointing an executor for your will or trustee to manage a trust,” he added. “The whole process takes into account several possible circumstances such as what would happen if your beneficiary were to become incapacitated or to pass away before they receive all of their share of your assets.

“Estate planning also brings into play retirement accounts and insurance policies that people often overlook. Both are part of your wealth portfolio and should be considered as part of the estate planning process. Improperly drawn beneficiary designations can have a disastrous effect.”

He also exposed the myth that estate planning only applies to the rich and famous.

“Estate planning doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter how much money is in your name or how widely known you are. It is there to make sure that what you do own is handled properly if you ever become incapacitated and is passed down to the person(s) of your choosing when the time comes.”

Contact Info:
Name: Sam Price
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Organization: Price Law Firm, APC
Address: 300 E State Street, #620 Redlands, CA 92373
Phone: 909-328-7000

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Leading Criminal Defense Attorney Edward La Rue Reveals Mistakes To Avoid In A Federal Drug Case – Cleveland, OH

Top Criminal Defense Attorney and founding partner of the Law Offices Edward R. La Rue in Cleveland discloses potential mistakes that can affect the outcome of a federal case. For more information please visit

Cleveland, OH, United States – September 30, 2021 /MM-REB/

Cleveland criminal defense attorney Edward La Rue has disclosed several key areas that defense counsel make mistakes in federal cases that can affect the outcome for their clients.

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The founding partner of the Law Offices of Edward R. La Rue said that one such area is a defense attorney unnecessarily waiving a defendant’s right to a detention hearing. This can determine where they reside until sentencing or trial, or whether they remain in custody in the first place.

It is sometimes waived, based on the assumption that an Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) may consider a lower potential sentence assuming that the defendant makes a timely plea of guilt to resolve the case, and clearly the agreement to detention is a concession to the Government from the very beginning.

“I wouldn’t necessarily waive that right because AUSAs may very well assume there will be a detention of our client (depending on the kind of case). Yet, while a hearing is sometimes an exercise with little upside, the Court may become educated as to issues critical to the client, and the Government may offer information that would not have been shared without such a hearing being held,” he said. Also, an AUSA may be either under-prepared for a case or unfamiliar with it.

Mistakes made at this stage can be capitalized upon by a seasoned attorney.

As detention hearings are recorded, they can also be fertile ground for a lawyer to challenge the government’s case assertions against the Defendant and allow us to present evidence of a client’s links to an area with a minimal threat of absconding.

La Rue said lawyers often unnecessarily waive detention hearings and probable cause hearings because of the potential threat that sentencing will be tougher on the defendant if they are ultimately found guilty or even plead guilty. Usually, a defendant is arrested on a federal complaint and can be detained for up to 30 days before indictment. However, prior to indictment, a defendant can have a probable cause hearing.

He added that lawyers should actively file a Letter of Discovery which enables a defendant to review many of the items that are compelling to a case.

This type of letter can be useful if a Federal Speedy Trial Act is enacted on the case, which seeks to hear trial no later than 70 days after a not guilty plea is entered. If a Letter of Discovery goes unanswered, then a Motion for Discovery filed with the federal court is required.

La Rue revealed that some lawyers failed to anticipate a federal case, as most investigations and charges begin as state cases.

“A defense lawyer should examine a case like a federal prosecutor to see whether a federal case is coming. There are many opportunities a lawyer can exploit in state court that he may not get later on in federal court.”

In some circumstances, a lawyer can force a federal investigation’s hand, allowing the attorney to exploit issues at future hearings on behalf of the client.

He advised that defendants should decide quickly to hire a lawyer so they can communicate with investigators before a case is filed. This can be a significant advantage in some cases when entering pleas of guilt.

La Rue added: “Defendants shouldn’t give up when facing a federal case because often a lawyer can negotiate a resolution prior to an Indictment being filed. Clients should ensure they have a lawyer that can tell them all the guidelines and the different charges that could result in significantly lesser sentences.”

Equally, La Rue argued you shouldn’t be compelled into a plea deal by your lawyer without anything in return, and always be guarded in trying to help the government in their case against you, as you could be unwittingly increasing your chances of a longer stay behind bars.

Contact Info:
Name: Edward R. La Rue
Email: Send Email
Organization: Edward R. La Rue, Attorney at Law
Address: 323 W. Lakeside Avenue, Suite 210, Cleveland, Ohio 44113
Phone: (216) 600-0663

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