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Data-Science Learning Platform to Offer 1-Month Free Access to Online Content

Month-long promotional campaign by 365 Data Science Ltd. to coincide with launch of learning platform’s revamped website

New York, United States – October 18, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

365 Data Science, an online training platform for aspiring data science and business analytics professionals, will provide 100% free access to all its online content for a one-month period starting Monday (Oct. 18). “Along with showcasing the features of our new website,, the campaign will give students and people without prior experience a chance – without cost or commitment – to discover the data science field for the very first time,” Ned Krastev, CEO of 365 Data Science Ltd., says.

The initiative will provide 100% free access to the revamped website’s entire content library for a full 30 days, from Oct. 18 (15:00 GMT+1) to Nov. 18 (14:59 GMT+1).

‘Unprecedented Levels of Engagement’
It won’t be the first time that 365 Data Science has offered free access to its online content. A similar campaign in March and April of last year was met with phenomenal success, drawing more than 100,000 new students from all over the world, including both experienced and aspiring data science professionals. During last year’s campaign, visitors to the site viewed a combined total of between 1 and 2 million minutes of educational content per day. “We saw unprecedented levels of engagement that clearly demonstrated the rapidly growing interest in the field of data and data science,” Krastev says.

“Now we want to celebrate our rebranding efforts, along with our new-and-improved product line, by bringing back the Free Month initiative,” he adds. “And we expect to see an equally positive response this time around.”

Designed for Optimal Learning Experience
The upcoming campaign will coincide with the launch of 365 Data Science’s redesigned website, which, company officials say, will be bigger, better, and more user-friendly than its predecessor. “After months of hard work and user-experience research, the website has been completely retooled with a view to providing the optimal learning experience,” Krastev explains. “Along with helping users expand their skill-sets, the site – and its many upgraded features – can provide invaluable assistance in the job-seeking process.”

365 Data Science Ltd. offers industry-leading courses designed to assist aspiring professionals interested in data science and related fields. Since it was founded in 2017, roughly 1.5 million people have trusted 365 Data Science to improve their skills, compile resumes, and launch – and maintain – successful careers in the industry.

Contact Info:
Name: Nedko Krastev
Email: Send Email
Organization: 365 Data Science Ltd.
Phone: +359887742780

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Dog Missing for Seven Years Back Home with Help from CitizenShipper

A missing puppy was found after seven years. CitizenShipper and Word of Life Transport worked together to bring the dog home.

Tyler, Texas, United States – October 18, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

When a little, malnourished dog matted with dirt, flaky skin and knotted fur arrived at a Mississippi veterinary hospital, no one knew her secret. But a quick microchip scan helped deliver incredible news. Sissi, a 14-year-old Maltese went missing in 2014 from her Florida home – over seven years ago and more than nine hundred miles away.

Stunned and overcome with excitement, Sissi’s owner, who lives in south Florida, quickly utilized CitizenShipper to bring her long-lost pooch home. She found Word of Life Transport, an animal and furniture shipment service, on the CitizenShipper site and booked the company to reunite her with Sissi.

Jennifer and Brandon Tyler, co-founders of Word of Life Transport, saw the shipment pop up on their feed and knew this one was destined for them. The Tyler’s are animal lovers and have five pets of their own. “Honestly, we felt called to manage the transport of Sissi,” said Jennifer. “It wasn’t a matter of if we should do it or how much money we made from the transport. We just were compelled to be part of this sweet puppy’s journey home.”

During the 16-hour car ride, Brandon Tyler shared photos and videos of Sissi cuddled in a Scooby-Doo blanket, accompanied by a pink sloth plush toy, with her owner. He describes the experience of pulling into the owner’s driveway and witnessing the joyous reunion as a privilege. ““By the time it was all said and done, I was crying too,” said Brandon.

Richard Obousy, Founder and CEO of CitizenShipper was thrilled to be part of another successful pet transport story. “These never get old,” said Obousy. “While we have been part of tens of thousands of excellent pet journeys, there are some that stand out as particularly satisfying and this is certainly one of them. Congratulations to Word of Life Transport for a job well done!

For more information about how to find a professional vetted transporter for pets, boats, motorcycles, cars, RVs, and furniture, go to CitizenShipper.

CitizenShipperAbout CitizenShipper
CitizenShipper is a third-party online marketplace where people with something to ship connect with professional, vetted transporters willing to deliver items for a fee. The company prioritizes technology, service, and support enhancements and innovations to provide an industry-leading customer experience.

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Name: Julie Bina
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Organization: CitizenShipper
Address: 5380 Old Bullard Road, Suite 600, #119, Tyler, Texas 75703
Phone: 708-243-0084

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Introducing Augusta & Adeline— Moto Gear for Badass Women

Live on Kickstarter, Augusta & Adeline makes amazing fitting motorcycle gear that women will want to live in.

Calgary, Canada – October 18, 2021 /MarketersMEDIA/

Augusta & Adeline, the revolutionary new made in America motorcycle apparel line designed by and for women, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

In 1916, before paved roads, maps of the US, and women being allowed to wear pants, Augusta and Adeline rode their motorcycles across the continental US. They were the first women to accomplish this feat riding solo, facing arrests for wearing men’s clothing, crossing rugged mountain paths and unknown countrysides as they rode into the Wild West. Over 100 years later and millions of women riders following in those iconic footsteps, Augusta & Adeline is launching a line of stylish moto gear exclusively for women.

“Women have been riding motorcycles for over 100 years, but the industry still overlooks us. We’re here to change that, to celebrate women’s motorcycle history and build a sisterhood of motorcycle enthusiasts. I’m launching this brand to show women that there is a place for all of us in the motorcycle world,” says founder Brittany Crook on the inspiration behind the project. “At Augusta & Adeline, we design products that wear in, instead of wearing out. Our timeless gear is designed to protect, support and empower you on your next adventure, whether it’s to the corner store or across the country.”

Augusta & Adeline is launching two signature pieces all manufactured in the U.S. less than 200 miles from where Augusta and Adeline started their ride:

• Adeline Chaps. These easy-on-and-off chaps have a streamlined, slim-leg design with signature women’s specific articulated fit means wearers don’t feel them no matter how far they bend. Hidden snaps at the bottom of inseam zippers give extra security when riding and an adjustable waistband belt customizes the fit and eliminates any gap on the back.

• Augusta Jacket. 1mm Thickness Full Grain Leather Motorcycle Jacket with all the features including four deep hand & storage pockets, six zippered vents, two zippered gussets at the cuff for adjusting layers and two hidden zippered gussets for extension in the hips. Women’s specific articulated fit means the jacket fits comfortably with all riding positions

“Augusta & Adeline is here to create a new standard in women’s motorcycle gear and to cultivate a community around women who love motorcycles. Our timeless gear is designed to protect, support, and empower you on your next adventure,” adds Crook. “Women have been riding motorcycles for about as long as bikes have existed, but the motorcycle industry continues to focus on men. Augusta & Adeline is determined to chip away at that imbalance by making gear for women riders by women who ride!”

Augusta & Adeline: Moto Gear for Badass Women is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Augusta & Adeline

Augusta & Adeline, is a trail blazing women-owned performance motorcycle apparel company who is here to create a new standard in women’s motorcycle gear, build community around women who love motorcycles and make timeless pieces that wear in instead of wearing out. The founder and creator has more than a decade of experience designing and developing technical performance apparel for leading outdoor brands, and has been riding and wrenching on motorcycles for just as long. She is bringing together the best in the biz to form a team of women who love motorcycles and have the skills needed to develop top of the line motorcycle gear.

For more information on Augusta & Adeline please visit:


Contact Info:
Name: Chris Woods
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Organization: Augusta & Adeline

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Bling Jewelry Stands With Amazon To Defend 3rd Party Sellers Against Antitrust Bill In Congress

Bling Jewelry has published a response to the Antitrust Bill that is currently being discussed in Congress. They have come out in support of Amazon, opposing the bill’s potential harm to 3rd party sellers.

October 18, 2021

Bling Jewelry, an online jewelry and accessory retailer based in New Jersey, is coming out publicly against the Antitrust Bill that is currently being discussed through the United States Congress. The bill, which is ostensibly designed to mitigate the power that Amazon has on the online retail market, could cause undue harm to third-party retailers, as both Amazon and now, Bling Jewelry, has stated.

“Congress has no clear idea of how Amazon and 3rd party sellers will only get hurt by their bill, almost all retail chain store and even other online marketplaces, sell their own branded products alongside all their third-party seller’s products for decades. Most Amazon 3rd party sellers became entrepreneurs because Amazon created a platform that gave them access to millions of customers and a minimal cost”. said Elena Castaneda CEO of Bling Jewelry

Bling Jewelry warns that the Anti-Trust Bill as it stands now may force Amazon to remove third-party sellers from their platform leaving sellers to have to create and market their own websites at an unrealistic cost and loss of millions of potential customers. Bling Jewelry has found this potential demand to be “unrealistic.”

The support comes out after Amazon has launched their own Antitrust bills website, as well as having sent emails, to several of its sellers to warn them about the potential repercussions of Congress’ Antitrust bills. Amazon’s Antitrust bills website gives sellers the chance to sign up for any updates on the legislation and aims to share resources to help sellers get in touch with their elected officials to speak out against the bill.

Bling Jewelry is an online jewelry and accessory retailer that aims to provide stylish and high-quality jewelry to a wide audience through its team of internal designers and manufacturers, as well as through the partnerships that they have built up through the years. Founded by Elena Castaneda, who began the business in a single apartment in Manhattan, they have since expanded to become a top seller of sterling silver jewelry and a multi-million-dollar company with manufacturers across the globe.

To learn more about Bling Jewelry, their range of products, or to find out more about their stance on the Antitrust Bill moving through Congress, you can visit their website at


Notes for the Editor: Please address any and all press inquiries to Elena Castaneda, who can be reached by mail at 5901 West Side Ave Suite#401, North Bergen, NJ 07047. Email inquiries can be sent directly to

Contact Info:
Name: Elena Castaneda
Email: Send Email
Organization: Bling Jewelry
Address: 5901 West Side Ave Suite#401, North Bergen, NJ 07047


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Sport Fanatics in Wisconsin Can Get The Latest News From Wisconsin Sports Heroics

The sports blog covers all the latest news involving Wisconsin Sports teams like the Brewers, Bucks, Packers, and Badgers.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – October 18, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

Wisconsin Sports Heroics is the ultimate site for all the latest and hottest sports news happening in Wisconsin.

The blog covers all the latest news and outlooks involving Wisconsin Sports like the Brewers, Bucks, Packers, and Badgers.

Wisconsin Sports Heroics is best known as the top source for the latest Green Bay Packers news, analysis, rumors and statistics.

For those football fans who missed out on the game can get a quick recap in the Wisconsin Sports Heroics blog page.

On the other hand, Wisconsin’s baseball fans can catch up on the latest news of Milwaukee Brewers for the recent Major League Baseball 2021 season.

As President of Baseball Operations David Stearns said that they had a successful year, however, everyone is disappointed in how it ended. Fans can check out Stearns’s insights on the end of the season in the Wisconsin Sport Heroics blog page.

Besides news and blogs, audiences can also listen to the podcasts available as well as purchase merchandise such as t-shirts and hoodies.

For more information and the latest news and updates of your favorite Wisconsin Sports, please visit

About Wisconsin Sports Heroics

Wisconsin Sports Heroics is the one-stop Blogspot featuring all the news, updates, opinions of Wisconsin Sports like the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers, Bucks, and Wisconsin Badgers. Bloggers are welcomed to post their sports blogs regarding any of these sports teams in Wisconsin Sport Heroics.

For business, writing or general inquiries please email

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Name: Wisconsin Sports Heroics
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Organization: Wisconsin Sports Heroics

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Business Podcast Lunch With Norm Announces Guests for the Week of October 18

Popular Business podcast “Lunch With Norm” features e-commerce and social media experts Vinay Patankar, Nick Penev and Cassandra Craven for the week of October 18. The podcast arms small business owners with the latest tools and advice from the top players in the industry.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States – October 18, 2021

Norm Farrar is happy to announce that Vinay Patankar, Nick Penev and Cassandra Craven will appear on “Lunch With Norm” this week. Farrar hosts the free, live interactive business podcast that provides invaluable tips and advice from leading industry experts. The show focuses on all facets of business, including social media, digital marketing, and all things Amazon.

Find all “Lunch With Norm” episodes at

Vinay Patankar appears on Monday’s program. He is the co-founder and CEO of Process Street, the widely used workflow software for businesses. Industry giants such as Salesforce, Airbnb, Yale, GAP, and thousands of other companies rely on Process Street to manage and automate repetitive work in their teams. Process Street is designed to help businesses streamline their operations with a simple yet powerful way to manage their recurring checklists and procedures.

Wednesday’s show features Nick Penev. As a digital marketing and business development expert with more than ten years of experience working with different companies and distributed teams in Europe and the US, Penev has an impressive business resume. He is the Partnerships Manager with hellotax, a financial services company that offers online VAT registration and filings and software designed to help reduce company workload. Penev is also a webinar host and the co-founder and advisor with XTREME POWER brands since 2010.

Cassandra Craven completes the week’s power lineup on Friday’s episode. For over a decade, Craven has been making strides in organic social media. She has played a pivotal role in the growth and evolution of Helium 10, where she has provided her expertise in community management, influencer relations, content creation, social strategy, and analytics. With a successful history managing and producing content for national and international brands in the television, film, and advertising industries, Craven can teach individual sellers how to implement her strategies to effectively drive traffic to their listings and increase revenue.

Those interested in additional information about the “Lunch with Norm” podcast or to access Farrar’s extensive resources for businesses should visit

About Norman Farrar

Entrepreneur and businessman Norman “The Beard Guy” Farrar stands at the forefront of the economic mega-machine known as Amazon Marketplace. As a leading expert with over 25 years of product sourcing, development, and branding expertise, Norm is an advisor to many and an inspiration to all.

Throughout his career, he has worked with big brands including Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, Dell, Microsoft, Target, Hershey, 20th Century Fox, Molson’s, Cadbury and a wide variety of emerging businesses that are celebrating sudden escalation in profitability and sales as a result of taking action on his advice and proven methods. | | | | | | |

About Vinay Patankar

Vinay Patankar is the co-founder and CEO at Process Street. Salesforce, Airbnb, Yale, GAP and thousands of other companies rely on Process Street to manage and automate repetitive work in their teams. Process Street is designed to help businesses streamline their operations. |

About Nick Penev

Nick Penev is the Partnerships Manager with hellotax. He’s also a webinar host and the co-founder and advisor with XTREME POWER brands since 2010. Hellotax offers online VAT Registration & VAT Filings and free VAT software to reduce your workload. We put your VAT compliance in Europe on autopilot. |

About Cassandra Craven

Cassandra is a social media maven. She has been making strides in organic social media for over a decade, bringing her edge and expertise in community management, influencer relations, content creation, social strategy, and analytics to the Helium 10 social storefront. At the forefront of cutting-edge tactics and trends, she has been a pivotal part of the company’s growth and evolution.

On a daily, she advances the company’s social media accounts and acts as the company liaison in Facebook groups. In her earlier years, she managed and produced content for both national and international brands in the television, film, and advertising industries, including two Emmy-nominated TV series and the 2018 top-grossing films, Aquaman and Marvel’s Venom. Using marketing techniques previously reserved for large-scale firms and name brands, Cassandra can teach individual sellers how to implement these strategies to effectively drive traffic to their listings and increase revenue. | | |







About Us: Lunch With Norm is your resource for everything from Amazon, to e-commerce, to digital marketing, to social media, all in the form of a live stream podcast. We aim to arm the small business owner with the latest tools and advice from the experts making waves in the online space. Tune in to our Facebook page each week to have your questions answered live and on air.

Contact Info:
Name: Norman Farrar
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Organization: The Beard Guy
Address: 701 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33311, United States
Phone: 1 (888) 300-1001

Release ID: 89049519 Offering New Range Of Gin Glasses For Christmas

Preparing for the holiday season, Lincolnshire-based home, kitchen, and garden item provider,, has updated its kitchenware section with a selection of high-quality gin glasses and gin glass gift sets that can make an excellent present for a loved one.

United Kingdon – October 18, 2021 is offering a wide variety of gin glasses, gin glass sets, and gift sets just in time to get a loved one a present they will appreciate for Christmas. This new selection includes a wide range of designs, suited to meet present budgets of all sizes to make it easier to find the right gift for your friends, family, and close associates.

Gin glasses make great Christmas gifts for a variety of reasons. If your loved one likes a gin and tonic with their brunch, or are something of a connoisseur with a collection of gin bottles that likes to share their favourites with their friends, these glasses can help them present and serve them in the most pleasing manner possible. Gin glasses are also very popular at dinner parties, where they can help the table setting look just that bit extra fancy. is offering a range of gin glasses and gin glass gift sets that run from prices as low as £11.99 to the more prestigious sets of £60 and over. They carry designs from brands such as Dartington Crystal, Durobor, Royal Scot Crystal, Luigi Bormioli, Ella Sabatini, and Wrenbury gin glasses which are exclusively available with aesthetics that can fit all tastes and sensibilities when it comes to glassware. From bubble gin glasses to crystal cut glasses, from tumblers to thick stem glasses, there is a very wide selection to meet all needs.

The home, garden, and kitchenware website makes it easier for browsers to find the right gift for Christmas, or to stock up on the special glassware they might want to make a Christmas dinner or party feel a little extra special. Visitors can filter and sort depending on the prices they prefer, by the designers that they like, or can even look specifically at the best-sellers to see the most popular styles in fashion at the moment. is an online homeware store originally established as a physical store called the Emporium Cookshop in Lincolnshire by the current owner’s parents. After the current owners, Miia and Jody Wren, took over the business, they expanded the business to online, growing from selling just kitchen items to serving the whole home and the garden, and designing a site to provide a shopping experience that was as smooth as possible.

To learn more about, their selection of gin glasses, or the other products they serve, you can visit their website at


Notes for the Editor: Please address all press inquiries to Chris Randle by mail at Unit 9, Sandars Road, Gainsborough, DN21 1RZ or by calling directly on +44 (0) 1427 610682. Email inquiries can be sent directly to

Contact Info:
Name: Chris Randle
Email: Send Email
Address: Unit 9, Sandars Road, Gainsborough, DN21 1RZ
Phone: +44 (0) 1427 610682


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Devcubbies introduces affordable cloud coding environments that are fast and out of the way

The startup company helps developers, designers, and industry professionals migrate their work to the cloud.

United States – October 18, 2021

Monday, October 18th. USA – A new startup launched by a group of industry professionals has created an affordable and convenient workflow migration solution built to help the “builders of the cloud” bring their operations into the modern age.

A Solution For Professional That Work In The Field

In the same way that a decorator never gets around to painting their home living spaces, web designers and developers are often the last people to migrate their own workflows to the cloud. This is despite the fact that they provide this service for their clients on a daily basis. Devcubbies sets out to finally make this a thing of the past.

As a team of industry professionals in the field of digital product development, the brains behind Devcubbies noted the lack of support for “builders of the cloud” and have launched the niche startup to plug that gap in the market. Their goal is to help as many developers and designers finally embrace the power of cloud computing for themselves – and not only on behalf of the clients.

The company’s simple and efficient cloud coding enables industry professionals to modernize their approach without the need to rebuild their processes or workflows. Crucially, the cloud tools overcome the biggest obstacle often standing in a developer’s way: affordability.

Devcubbies offers three main tiers of packages (individual, Pro, and Business), all of which can be broken down further to ensure that clients can tailor all services to their budgets and needs.

Those package configurations include the ability to select the appropriate number of CPUs, as well as RAM and Solid State Drive storage requirements. With prices starting at just $13.95 for a small individual cubby, the service has quickly established itself as one of the most affordable on the market.

Unlike most solutions that operate 24/7, Devcubbies uses technologies that automatically turn themselves off when not in use before instantly returning to where they were left once the user resumes their work.

Other key features include super tech stack capability, the ready-to-go cloud development environment and cubby cloning capabilities, along with a range of collaborative tools. As a cloud-based operation, all coding environments can be picked up from anywhere in the world, making it the ideal solution for coders and developers of all backgrounds and sizes.

About Devcubbies

Launched in 2021, Devcubbies is a cloud coding platform made by a group of professional digital product developers who quit their jobs to produce a solution specifically designed for the “builders of the cloud” who needed an affordable, robust, and efficient way to move workflows and coding environments to the cloud.

The company is already working with dozens of developers and designers, from individual workers to experienced organizations in the field of web development and coding.

More information is available at Alternatively, Devcubbies press contact Jim Powell can be reached at +1 (888) 585-2363 or Postal queries can be addressed to 24853 Chris Dr.

Contact Info:
Name: Jim Powell
Email: Send Email
Organization: Devcubbies
Address: 24853 Chris Dr
Phone: +1 (888) 585-2363


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Hacker Block Hosting Offering New Secure VPS Web Hosting Options

Hacker Blocker Hosting has launched a new software and service that blocks billions of IP addresses used by hackers and hostile entities to target users. It has a variety of secure VPS hosting options for a wide range of needs.

United States – October 18, 2021

The newly launched Hacker Blocker Hosting is the first VPS hosting service that aims to protect its clients from hackers, spammers, and bots. This new service comes as a response to rocketing rates of digital attacks, with one business falling victim to ransomware every 11 seconds in 2021. US businesses lost 74 billion dollars last year alone to ransomware.

Hackers overseas have access to computers all over the world through hacked websites and other public-facing servers they corrupt every day. They send out legions of ‘bots’ through this network of hijacked servers to further infect the web with their malicious code to test defenses, launch specific attacks, or harass small business owners by leaving unwanted comments on all their website’s posts.

Hacker Blocker is new software and service that blocks billions of IP addresses hackers and hostile governments use to attack us. Consolidated into a compact list, Hacker Blocker updates the native firewall of any computer it’s installed on and stops attacks instantly. It then updates the firewall every 15 minutes from our master blocklist, which is updated 24/7 based on reported attacks. When one client of Hacker Blocker is attacked, all users are protected from that attacker.

Hacker Blocker Hosting is the first and only hacker-proof hosting solution for websites, Intranets, and now, Windows Servers. This new web host can also offer up to a 300% increase in speed and performance and a significant reduction in spam. Each of their clients receives a free Attack Detection & Reporting Tool that reports all attacks to our central station, where it is researched and added to Hacker Blocker’s blocklist within minutes.

The new Windows Version of Hacker Blocker Hosting will be available to the public starting December 1st, 2021. This version can be used on any PC, laptop or Server, even in a Virtual Environment to protect all users of a network. The service is currently blocking over 2 billion IP addresses without blocking any legitimate traffic.

Some may not believe they are under attack, or that their security measures will protect them. Every day, 30,000 of them are proven wrong on both counts and Hacker Blocker provides an opportunity to prove it to them before they even sign up. The team can provide a plugin for WordPress or Joomla that detects and reports attacks to them. When their email box fills up with these reports every hour, they can see a need for the secure managed VPS hosting that Hacker Blocker Hosting offers.

For more information on Hacker Blocker Hosting, their secure managed VPS web hosting packages, and other services they offer, visit their website at

Notes for the Editor: Please send any and all press inquires to Charles Triglianos at 33A Rebecca Circle, who can be called on 617-819-5877. Email inquiries can be sent to

Contact Info:
Name: Charles Triglianos
Email: Send Email
Organization: Hacker Blocker Hosting
Address: 33A Rebecca Circle
Phone: 617-819-5877


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Comparison website supports the homeless by raising over £2,000 in September 2021

Compare Your Business Costs plans to keep raising awareness of homelessness with ongoing endeavours

London, United Kingdom – October 18, 2021

Monday, 18th October. London – One of the capital’s most reputable B2B comparison websites has proudly announced a fundraising total of over £2,000, which will be used to help the UK’s homeless community throughout the difficult winter to come.

Two Thousand Pounds And Growing

Compare Your Business Costs is a company that prides itself on saving money on behalf of its clients but its latest initiative has focused on raising funds to help out the UK’s homeless community instead. In the first month of official fundraising, the firm has raised over two grand thanks to contributions from staff members, clients, and followers of the brand.

The fundraising endeavours follow a long-term advocacy of supporting the UK’s homeless community and the business has already confirmed a commitment to keep raising awareness for the cause in a bid to help the nation’s 200,000 people living on the street.

All funds raised through the initiative have been donated to registered UK homelessness charities and will be used to support individuals through the difficult winter season, providing everything from healthcare or temporary shelter to food and clothing. The charities continue to provide year-round care that can also extend beyond immediate needs and focus on helping homeless people on the journey back to normal civilian life – if that’s what they desire.

Having already performed well with its early fundraising endeavours, Compare Your Business Costs hopes to keep raising money throughout the rest of 2021 and beyond. While welcoming further donations either through them or directly to the charities, the firm is actively looking for ways to maintain momentum and build upon the initial successes.

With homeless people having life expectancies in the forties (43 for women, 45 for men), supporting homeless communities continues to be one of the most important charitable causes, not least because even small amounts of funding can make a huge difference to a person or family’s lives. With this in mind, Compare Your Business Costs will continue to work with appropriate charities to make the biggest impact throughout the winter and beyond.

About Compare Your Business Costs

Compare Your Business Costs is a B2B comparison website that aims to help businesses save valuable money on business energy, cloud computing, insurance, telephony, and a wide range of other items even down to office coffee machines. Having already supported over 10,000 companies, including major brands like Rolex, McVities, and Nikon, it continues to increase its network of providers by the month.

The company additionally provides valuable insight and content to business owners across multiple industries. This covers a wide range of topics relevant to startups and established organisations alike.

More information is available at Alternatively, Compare Your Business Costs’ press contact James Ward can be reached at +447786146250 or

Contact Info:
Name: James Ward
Email: Send Email
Organization: Compare Your Business Costs
Phone: +447786146250


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