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Dive into Comfort with Andrew & Cole’s Sustainable Swim Shorts

A radical transformation is taking place in the clothing industry, one that prioritizes kindness to the oceans.

Newark, Delaware, United States – January 31, 2024 /Baden Bower/

A radical transformation is taking place in the clothing industry, one that prioritizes kindness to the oceans. In a time where people are fixated on fleeting trends, Andrew & Cole, a Swiss-based brand, has chosen a different path, focusing on what matters most: sustainability and comfort.

We’re not just designing stylish pieces; we’re crafting a statement about our planet’s future,” Cole, its co-founder, reflects on the growing demand for eco-friendly fashion. The line has been shaking up the sector with various products, including caps, UV shirts, swim trunks, and leisurewear, each imbued with a commitment to ecological sustainability.

Conscious Consumerism on the Rise 

Long scrutinized for its environmental footprint, the fashion industry is finally making big, positive changes. In 2023, the global swimwear market, valued at over $20 billion, saw a significant tilt towards earth-friendly practices.

A deeper exploration of their collection reveals the standout classic swim shorts. Crafted from recycled materials, this product resonates with the transition towards conscious consumerism. This bestseller features a mesh-free design that prioritizes comfort without sacrificing style.

Reinventing the Classic Swim Shorts 

Through a partnership with Repreve, a leader in recycled performance fibers, the swim shorts represent sustainable fashion at its best. The swim shorts feature a clean, regular fit, with two front pockets, and one with a secure zipper. This thoughtful addition ensures that personal belongings are safe, a feature particularly appreciated by active beachgoers.

The trunks boast a game-changing lining that offers superior softness than traditional mesh, offering wearers enhanced breathability and quick-drying capabilities. Each pair is crafted from five recycled PET bottles and reflects the brand’s commitment to reducing waste and providing practical solutions for today’s consumers.

The Eco-Fashion Dilemma 

The path to sustainable fashion is teeming with challenges. Despite growing consumer demand for eco-friendly products, a disparity exists between aspirations and reality. The company aims to bridge this gap, marrying practicality with environmental accountability.

However, an anonymous industry expert raises a critical point: “Sustainability must complement desirability. The real challenge for brands like Andrew & Cole is maintaining consumer interest beyond the initial appeal of eco-consciousness.

Andrew & Cole’s Vision for the Future 

As the company plans ahead, they are at a crucial moment in the fashion sphere. The sector, especially when it comes to sustainable choices, is thriving. Cole remains optimistic: “We are pioneers in a movement. Our swim shorts and designs are just the beginning.”

Their dedication to using recycled materials significantly contributes to the industry, signaling a broader shift in the market towards enduring style over fads.

Igniting a Transformative Influence on Fashion 

We are promoting a lifestyle that values our planet as much as self-expression through clothes,” Cole muses. The brand’s journey transcends a mere business venture; it starts a major shift in the clothing space. 

Andrew & Cole’s narrative is not solely about crafting sustainable pieces but inspiring change within the fashion world. They prove that the coexistence of style, comfort, and environmental responsibility is no longer a distant aspiration but an immediate possibility.

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Source: Baden Bower

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CD ComputaBio Expands Protein Modeling Services with Advanced Technology

CD ComputaBio has recently expanded its Protein Modeling Services, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to advancing scientific research.

Shirley, New York, United States – January 31, 2024 /MarketersMEDIA/

CD ComputaBio, a renowned company in the field of bioinformatics, has recently expanded its Protein Modeling Services, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to advancing scientific research. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, the company is dedicated to providing accurate, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to researchers in the biological, biopharmaceutical, and related industries.

Protein modeling serves as a vital tool in unraveling the intricacies of protein function and its interactions with other molecules. It plays a pivotal role in drug discovery, target identification, and understanding pathological conditions. CD ComputaBio’s enhanced service aims to empower researchers by unlocking the full potential of protein research, facilitating a more streamlined scientific discovery process.

The expert team at CD ComputaBio employs a diverse range of advanced computational methods, including homology modeling and ab initio protein structure predictions. This enables them to create detailed representations of proteins, offering valuable insights into their structural nuances. A senior scientist emphasizes, “Our protein modeling service empowers experimental biologists to understand the impact of a protein’s structure on its function and how structural modifications can influence its interaction with drugs.”

Noteworthy is CD ComputaBio’s commitment to industry-leading modeling tools, allowing for accurate predictions of protein structures even in the absence of a crystal structure. This capability provides researchers with a deeper understanding of protein interactions within biological systems.

The comprehensive approach of CD ComputaBio’s protein modeling service extends beyond computational tools to incorporate extensive expertise in molecular biology. This unique synthesis enables the company to offer a wide spectrum of solutions tailored to the specific needs of its clients.

In addition to its technical prowess, CD ComputaBio ensures the seamless integration of its service into clients’ research workflows. The company is dedicated to providing a fast and efficient project turnaround time while prioritizing the confidentiality of proprietary information.

This development by CD ComputaBio not only signifies a significant contribution to the bioinformatics field but also highlights the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of protein research. With a steadfast focus on precision and the delivery of high-quality results, this service emerges as a valuable asset for researchers across diverse scientific disciplines.

As protein modeling assumes an increasingly indispensable role in biological and pharmacological research, CD ComputaBio’s new service is positioned to meet the emerging needs of scientists. It adds a new dimension to the understanding of protein function and interaction, contributing to the evolving landscape of scientific exploration.

About CD ComputaBio

With years of experience, CD ComputaBio can provide customers with professional computational biology services. Utilizing rich experience and powerful technology in computational science, the company can provide customers with assorted computational biology analysis services, such as molecular dynamics simulation, drug design, virtual screening, quantum chemical calculation, etc.

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Nieto Landscaping & Maintenance Provides Affordable Lawn Care and Fencing in Santa Rosa, CA

Nieto Landscaping & Maintenance, with 15+ years of local experience, specializes in practical landscape solutions for residential and commercial properties. Their services aim to change ordinary spaces into unique environments.

Santa Rosa, California, United States – January 31, 2024 /Nieto Landscaping and Maintenance/

Designing or maintaining an outdoor space with a beautiful landscape requires knowledge and continuous effort. Many Santa Rosa homeowners today design their outdoor spaces with proper fencing and hardscaping elements to make them a perfect spot for recreation activities and improve the curb appeal of their homes. However, not everyone has the time, skill, or necessary tools to maintain their lawn’s beauty and aesthetics or build an outdoor kitchen. Perhaps outsourcing these tasks to local lawn care companies would be a good idea. Although it’s understandable to consider cost and expertise before choosing a company for lawn care, hardscaping, or fencing in Santa Rosa, CA, some services offer affordable and excellent craftsmanship for designing and maintaining a beautiful outdoor space. Nieto Landscaping & Maintenance is one such company in Santa Rosa, with over 15+ years of experience in landscaping construction, maintenance, and hardscaping services.  

“Nieto landscape did an excellent job on our front yard landscape! After a failed attempt from our previous landscapers, Jerry was a breath of fresh air! He is knowledgable and most importantly saw our vision!!! Also, Very reliable and affordable! We are beyond pleased with their hard work! We get so many compliments from our friendly neighbors. I highly recommend Nieto for any landscape changes or maintenance. We will be reaching out soon for some rock work/pavers in our backyard very soon! Thank you guys for your hard work! I will continue to refer to you any chance I get!” – Meredith J., Google Reviews

Maintaining a lush and healthy lawn is a familiar challenge property owners face. Issues such as overgrown grass, pest infestations, and inadequate irrigation systems can hinder a property’s overall appeal. Inconsistent weather patterns and busy schedules further complicate keeping lawns in optimal condition. Fencing serves as a crucial element for security and privacy purposes. However, traditional fencing materials may succumb to weathering, leading to deterioration over time. 

Creating visually appealing and functional outdoor spaces involves complex hardscaping designs. Including patios, walkways, and retaining walls requires expertise and creativity. Property owners often struggle to envision and execute these designs, leading to underutilized outdoor spaces. Budget constraints and a lack of awareness about the benefits of professional lawn care and hardscaping services hinder the creation of captivating outdoor environments.

Nieto Landscaping & Maintenance, a locally owned and operated company, specializes in comprehensive residential and commercial landscape installation and maintenance services. They aim to enhance property beauty and value by creating outdoor spaces through exceptional customer service, high-quality materials, and sustainable practices. The team prioritizes continuous improvement through training, promoting a positive work environment, and building long-lasting client relationships based on trust and integrity. With a commitment to exceeding expectations, Nieto Landscaping & Maintenance focuses on open communication and collaboration to ensure the result surpasses client visions. Their standout approach is genuine dedication to quality work and exceptional customer service.

About the company: Nieto Landscaping & Maintenance operates as a locally owned and run business specializing in complete landscape installation and maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. With a history spanning over 15 years in the field, they focus on converting spaces into unique environments. Originating from the founder’s familial connection to the landscaping industry, shaped over 30 years, Nieto Landscaping & Maintenance was established to offer Sonoma County and its surroundings quality services at affordable rates. Their commitment lies in providing practical landscape solutions, whether building from scratch or refining existing properties, with a touch of creativity and a personalized approach.

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Phone: +1 707 239 0158

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WaterCure USA Launches Water Filtration Systems Services in Grand Island, NY

Based in Western New York, Watercure USA is an accredited full-service water treatment provider offering customized water filtration system solutions, repair, and maintenance for homes and businesses.

Lockport, New York, United States – January 31, 2024

Tap waters appear clean in New York. But how to ensure the water is free from invisible contaminants and bio-organisms? There can be subtle differences in the water quality from one neighborhood to another. For example, in Grand Island, NY, where water quality can vary, having a reliable water filtration system is crucial. Consulting a professional specializing in Water Filtration Systems in Grand Island, NY, can be a practical solution. For instance, WaterCure USA offers a free water quality evaluation to determine the exact pH balance and contaminants. This expert evaluation helps customers decide whether to replace or repair their existing unit. 

When someone notices a strange taste or odor in the tap water, the water filtration system might not be operating at its best. Possible causes include impurities that the system cannot eliminate or filters that have become clogged. This could also reduce the water pressure and, if left unaddressed, can cause significant problems and expensive replacements. That’s why periodic testing becomes crucial. Suppose the results reveal the presence of contaminants despite having a filtration system. In that case, it’s time to consider repairs or an upgrade. That means searching for “Water Filtration Repair Grand Island, NY” to locate a professional for water filtration system testing and repair. The good news is that WaterCure USA has certified technicians for complete water filtration evaluation, repair, and maintenance to ensure homeowners and their loved ones can access clean and safe drinking water.

“I highly recommend Watercure USA. The Orton’s are a great family that provides an honest and true product. Allison on the office wS friendly and efficient. James and Kevin O and Kevin H were great to work with and answered all our questions. I am very excited to use the new system.” – Janis Lombardi, Google Reviews.

Upkeep of water filters is essential since even high-quality filters have a shelf life; after that, they might not work as well as brand-new ones. Ensuring the filter doesn’t get clogged up with sediments, grime, organic debris, bacteria, etc. is essential to keep it efficient. Contaminants attached to the cartridge’s outside will eventually return to the water, which can affect the efficiency and functionality of the system. For this, scheduling proper water filtration maintenance can be a good idea. Investing time and effort in regular maintenance pays off in the long run. For instance, water filtration maintenance in Grand Island, NY, and services from WaterCure USA extend the system’s lifespan, reduce repair costs, and ensure continuous access to clean water.

In conclusion, water filtration systems are indispensable for maintaining clean water in Grand Island, NY. WaterCure USA, since 1986, has been a reliable service for proactive repairs, regular maintenance, and water filtration installation.

About the company: For over 30 years, WaterCure USA has been a trusted name in serving Buffalo and the Western NY area with top-notch water solutions. With an impressive track record of installing over 8,000 water filtration systems, WaterCure USA is dedicated to ensuring clean and safe water for its customers. As members of the Water Quality Association and holding Water Quality Tested and Certified status, they uphold the highest standards in the industry. This full-service water purification company offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including filters, softeners, UV light treatments, and more.

Contact Info:
Name: Drew Orton
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Organization: Watercure USA Water Softener & Water Filtration Systems
Address: 318 Center St, Lockport, NY 14094, United States
Phone: 1 716-946-3598

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The Pique Lab Launches Visionary Rebrand For A New Decade

The Pique Lab’s newly launched tagline “Curious Inside. Limitless Outside.” reaffirms Singapore’s leading private enrichment organisation’s commitment to nurturing every child’s curiosity, the driving force for unlocking limitless potential in the new generation.

Singapore – January 31, 2024 /MarketersMEDIA/

The Pique Lab takes a bold leap into the new decade with the launch of its visionary rebrand, aimed at strengthening its position as Singapore’s leading private enrichment organisation.

Over the last decade, The Pique Lab has been successful in empowering more than 20,000 students to build meaningful links between different concepts in Science and Mathematics, inspiring wonder and achieving academic growth fast.

The visionary transformation encompasses a new logo, typography, colour palette and retail design, aligning the organisation’s visual identity more seamlessly with its core values.

Revolutionising Education Through Creativity, Commitment And Curiosity

The Pique Lab is well-loved by its parents and students for its in-house learning materials and dedicated team of Science and Mathematics Specialists.

Since 2013, The Pique Lab has committed to transforming mundane, text-heavy learning materials that students typically use into vibrant, concise resources, shortening their learning curves and inspiring joy in learning.

Globally, The Pique Lab champions the cause of education through its topical Science animation videos as well as Science and Mathematics question explainer videos, providing free and enjoyable learning experiences for children around the world. These in-house videos have amassed more than 1.3 million views and garnered widespread acclaim for their engaging and informative Science and Mathematics content.

The Pique Lab’s distinctive approach to teaching is also demonstrated in its Teaching Associate Programme, transforming fresh university graduates without a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) certificate into highly competent and engaging teachers with long waiting lists for their classes.

The Teaching Associate Programme’s success lies in its commitment to engaging lesson delivery. During the programme, new teachers are trained to use powerful in-class engagement methods such as analogies, anecdotes and acronyms to create fun and impactful learning experiences for students.

Renewed Commitment To Education For The New Decade

The rebranding initiative by The Pique Lab reflects a strategic commitment to meeting the needs of parents and students by consolidating the operations of its sister Mathematics brand, The Pi Lab.

Under The Pique Lab—whose name is synonymous with the first-choice Science enrichment provider in the industry—The Pique Lab seeks to strengthen its foothold within the Mathematics enrichment market in Singapore.

“When we celebrated our tenth anniversary last May, we had to ask ourselves: Who do we want to be in the next decade? One thing is certain, and it’s that our hearts haven’t changed. We want to stay committed, creative and curious, but amplified,” said Mervin Soon, Co-founder of The Pique Lab.

Driving The Pique Lab’s Science and Mathematics programmes is its highly-acclaimed learning methodology, the Complete Concept Integration™ (CCI) methodology. Beyond equipping students with examination-centric skillsets, it has helped many of its students develop a stronger appreciation for Science and Mathematics at work in daily life.

“Children are born curious. They have an innate desire to learn about the world around them and discover their place in it. As educators, we have an important responsibility to nurture their curiosity and journey with them on that path of discovery and wonder,” reiterated Kenneth Mak, Co-founder of The Pique Lab.

The Pique Lab is set to continue its transformative journey, inspiring young minds and reshaping the landscape of Science and Mathematics education in Singapore and beyond.

About the company: Driving The Pique Lab’s Science and Mathematics programmes is its highly-acclaimed learning methodology, the Complete Concept Integration™ (CCI) methodology. Beyond equipping students with examination-centric skillsets, it has helped many of its students develop a stronger appreciation for Science and Mathematics at work in daily life.

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Address: 10 Jalan Serene, #02-05A Serene Centre, Singapore 258748
Phone: +65 6909 1063

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Out Loud Media: “Now You Can Afford” Ushers the Dawn of a New Sales and Marketing Paradigm – More with Less

“Now You Can Afford” by Tarek Abdel Salam emphasizes a ‘More with Less approach’ for business growth.

United Arab Emirates – January 31, 2024 /MarketersMEDIA/

As marketers rush to spring clean their strategies to keep pace with the rapidly shifting landscape, Out Loud Media presents “Now You Can Afford,” a digital marketing guide wrapped in inner-circle tactics of successfully selling anything online. Authored by industry luminary Tarek Abdel Salam, the groundbreaking book details a comprehensive three-step framework dubbed READY-SET-MULTIPLY and rooted in a ‘More with Less Approach’ to sales and marketing.

While savvy companies are quick to embrace the ‘More with Less approach,’ the dynamic nature of online commerce has made it increasingly more challenging as businesses face competition that grows faster than the market and ever-changing consumer behaviors. Out Loud Media stresses the need for more success-driven sales and marketing strategies. The good news is that “Now You Can Afford” puts practical solutions within reach to enhance sustainable scaling and improve business value. This essential read for business owners, freelancers, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs in various industries offers the blueprint to driving growth in today’s competitive business world. 

In his original READY-SET-MULTIPLY framework, Tarek outlines the play-by-play marketers need to supercharge their sales strategies. The international digital marketing expert aims to break the barriers of traditional sales and marketing through the strategic approach of doing more with less. Through his knowledge and expertise, garnered in over two decades, Tarek guides entrepreneurs and startups beyond the familiar and into a new world of building and marketing businesses to success without big marketing budgets or technical experience. 

Crucially, the ‘More with Less approach’ relies on more than just developing and implementing effective sales and marketing strategies. Tarek explains that it also heavily relies on identifying and eliminating strategies that do not contribute to the marketing objectives. This means focusing more on targeted, revenue-driven strategies that maximize impact and drive growth with limited resources. More broadly, the ‘More with Less Approach’ plugs the sales and marketing structural gaps plaguing most businesses. The hands-on guide promises a comprehensive distillation of various topics, including social media, digital marketing, sales techniques, and business strategy, to provide an in-depth understanding of customer psychology, competitive intelligence, and offer creation.

Tarek’s expertise is evident throughout the book. As the former Publicis Group director and an internationally recognized strategist for global brands, Tarek has graduated from shaping businesses through effective marketing strategies to teaching entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital marketers, coaches, and more about the sales and marketing landscape to help them meet their top and bottom line. His passion for developing sales and marketing strategies that elevate businesses has been instrumental in shaping key business goals and clarifying shared objectives to drive businesses from zero to 7-figures.

The industry has long needed a simple way to navigate the grow-or-die nature of online commerce. Packed full of valuable insights, insider secrets, a guide to doing more with less, and strategies for market-leading success, “Now You Can Afford” has quickly taken the Amazon bestseller crown in multiple countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia, making it the certified ‘playbook for financial freedom.’ The invaluable resource for building and marketing businesses from scratch to success has given rise to the new marketing paradigm – doing more with less to turn up volumes on sales.

“Now You Can Afford” is the map guiding businesses toward scalable sales and marketing success.

The groundbreaking book is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About Out Loud Media:

Out Loud Media is a pioneering digital agency committed to empowering solopreneurs and businesses with innovative marketing strategies and educational resources. Co-founded by industry luminary Tarek Abdel Salam, the company stands at the forefront of the digital marketing revolution, providing actionable frameworks and insider knowledge to drive financial freedom and business success.

About Author Tarek Abdel Salam:

Tarek Abdel Salam is an award-winning entrepreneur and co-founder of Out Loud Media, who aims to help solopreneurs achieve financial freedom. From a broke door-to-door salesman to a global marketing sage, Tarek proves that success is within reach for anyone who desires it. Teaching his three-step framework, READY-SET-MULTIPLY, the leading marketing strategist is opening people’s eyes to the world of possibilities waiting to be claimed.

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Organization: Out Loud Media

Release ID: 89120238

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Sellou: The New App Dominating the Middle East

Bahrain – January 31, 2024

An Art Exhibit at Nanzuka Shibuya City, Tokyo. Japan and its aesthetics served as an inspiration in the creation of Sellou’s design.

In a little-known area of Bahrain, a woman frantically starts packing dishes to take to a photo shoot. Nadia Al Amarr is the owner of a kitchen that serves traditional Middle Eastern dishes – with her own twist. “I really didn’t think people would like my unique twists to these meals, turns out all I needed to do was tell them about it.” She struggled with marketing before Sellou came along and gave her a reason to start filming her food. She doesn’t fit the Gen-Z TikTok-savvy demographic, and filming seemed like more of a chore – before it became a doorway to advertise her business for free.

Sellou launched last month, an influencer posted a brief video on TikTok explaining what it was, and that pushed the app to stardom in the tiny island of Bahrain. It was ranked #1 on the App Store for a week straight. 

It opened a door for businesses to start filming videos of the products they have for sale. Previously, TikTok was the only reason for people to make short videos, and a lot of products get lost in the mesh of dance videos, travel videos, and thirst traps. Now, it’s all about products, and all about how they are presented – on Sellou.

The app was built by a scruffy Arab designer, and his far-fetched co-founder from rural Utah. The two met online and decided to change the way people shop. They started with a very simple idea: film what to sell, and the app will do the rest. This turned into a grueling two years of trying to get to product market fit: a term used by startup founders to describe the moment where the product becomes useful to the masses. Today, the product looks nothing like its original idea. It’s a stream of short videos, showcasing everything people have for sale: cars, catering services, soap businesses, all rolled up into one space, it’s a far cry from the original throw-it-in-the-cart-and-checkout concept they had in mind. It filled a need no one knew they had.

Appearing on the local morning show, the founder, Sal, mentioned that it’s, quote, “a place for people to sell unique things.” 

Sal, a designer and art critic, decided to delve into software engineering after graduating college with the goal of making something beautiful and easy to use. Sellou was meant to be a curated feed of unique bits and bobs by artists and creatives. Jared, his co-founder, a self-made YouTube star in the Apple-obsessed Swift community, brought in his unique taste in design to shape the product into what it is today. Every icon, every screen, carefully laid out by his hand, much like how an artist would carefully touch up a painting. The icon, a minimalist yarn ball, designed by a small creative collective in Fukuoka, Japan, meant to signify craftsmanship – ties the product together in a poetic way.

On release, it turns out a lot of people had things to sell, and the app appealed to a lot more than creatives.

With every passing month, the app seems to shift and change into more of a unique space on the internet. Still missing the glitz and glam of mainstream tech products, Sellou shows a shred of what might be popular in the years to come. 

Sellou is available today on iOS only.

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Name: Michael Shields
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Organization: Sellou

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OTSAW CEO’s Coffee Call to Robotics Companies Sparks Excitement for Collaboration on their Groundbreaking In-House Robot Base

Singapore’s OTSAW invites robotics companies to collaborate and adapt their new in-house robot base for industry transformation.

Singapore – January 31, 2024

OTSAW, a pioneering global robotics and AI company, is extending a heartfelt invitation to CEOs, Founders, and fellow Colleagues within the Robotics Industry. Although separated by thousands of kilometers, a shared passion for robotics unites all robotic players as one global family.

With a remarkable 9-year journey of relentless robot innovation, OTSAW proudly unveils its latest marvel in robotics, Camello+. The echoes of this groundbreaking multi-purpose robot have likely reached your ears by now, serving as a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to technological advancement.

“We scoured through the market, and after using many 3rd party robot base options, we realized that none could fit all our requirements. Taking matters into our own hands, we crafted a robot base that exceeded expectations in safety, durability, and affordability. It almost feels wrong to keep it exclusive, but if you’ve been through the same struggles as we did, we have exactly what you need.” Says Ling Ting Ming, the CEO and Founder of OTSAW.

He continued: “ ‘Accelerating Robotics Globally’ is my mission for OTSAW. I’m convinced that if we work together, we can speed up how quickly robots can integrate into our daily lives. That’s why we’re welcoming all robotics companies to collaborate with us. We want to set the foundation for you to achieve your company goals. Just like how cars become the norm, we dream of a future where robots are just as common, making life simpler for everyone, everywhere. Let’s make this happen together.” 

The introduction of the Camello+ multi-purpose robot and its Singapore-crafted in-house base is merely the prologue to a transformative journey. For those who seek a superior robot base, OTSAW invites you to engage in a conversation over coffee. As fellow visionaries, the discussions are likely to extend beyond a single cup.

To initiate this conversation, kindly share your contact details here, and OTSAW’s dedicated team will reach out to schedule a coffee chat. The letter can be found on all their social media platforms.

About OTSAW:

Each year, countless businesses turn to OTSAW for innovative solutions. But for OTSAW, innovation is more than just progress — it’s disruption. OTSAW is a Singapore-based robotics & AI company disrupting sectors such as Security, Healthcare, and Logistics through the use of autonomous robots. It empowers businesses in 20+ countries with 1000+ robots deployed and tallying over 3 million days of robot operations.

Social Media:    Facebook |  LinkedIn |  X (Twitter) |  Instagram |  Youtube


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Name: Jonathan Ng
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Organization: OTSAW

Release ID: 89119492

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Harcourts Christchurch eases the path to Healthy Homes compliance

Harcourts Christchurch is providing property owners with clear and concise information about the extended Healthy Homes Standards (HHS), what they need to do to comply and the benefits of compliance.

Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand – January 31, 2024

Harcourts Christchurch, an industry leader in Christchurch property management, is navigating the evolving landscape of Healthy Homes Standards (HHS) compliance, which encompasses stringent criteria for heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture and drainage, and draught stopping in rental properties.

The Government, on 26 November 2022, extended compliance deadlines, so private landlords now have until 1 July 2025, to adhere to HHS, with the timeframe for compliance for new or renewed tenancies extending from 90 to 120 days.

As Harcourts Christchurch explains, the fundamental goal of these standards is to elevate living conditions for tenants. A property achieving full compliance under the HHS becomes more attractive to quality tenants. Homes that are compliant with HHS are healthier, more comfortable and energy-efficient, and can therefore result in longer tenancies. In an increasingly competitive market, compliant properties can be the decisive factor between immediate occupancy and prolonged vacancy.

Investors delaying HHS compliance may face challenges meeting the compliance deadline, given the scarcity of available tradespeople and rising costs of building materials due to inflationary pressures, advises Harcourts Christchurch.

To meet the heating standard, landlords must provide one or more fixed heaters that can directly heat the main living room. The heater(s) must be an acceptable type and must meet the minimum heating capacity required for your main living room. It is imperative that landlords assess the heating capacity required correctly and often this is by using the services of a professional to ensure that costly mistakes are not made.

Ceiling and underfloor insulation has been compulsory in all rental homes since 1 July 2019. The healthy homes insulation standard builds on the current regulations and some existing insulation will need to be topped up or replaced.

Rental properties must have efficient drainage for the removal of storm water, surface water and ground water. Rental properties with an enclosed sub-floor space must have a ground moisture barrier. Landlords must make sure the property doesn’t have unreasonable gaps or holes in walls, ceilings, windows, skylights, floors and doors which cause noticeable draughts. All unused open fireplaces must be closed off or their chimneys must be blocked to prevent draughts.

Additionally, rental homes must have openable windows in the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedrooms. Kitchens and bathrooms must have extractor fans or an acceptable continuous mechanical ventilation system.

Harcourts Christchurch says all new or renewed tenancy agreements must disclose the property’s current HHS compliance level, with breaches relating to disclosure potentially resulting in exemplary damages up to $750. Failure to comply with the HHS may result in exemplary damages of up to $7,200.

While there are some exemptions to these standards, they typically apply when completing required work is not reasonably practicable to do so, however landlords must still take all reasonable steps to ensure the rental property or building complies with HHS to the greatest extent reasonably practicable.

As the leaders in property management in Christchurch, Harcourts stands ready to guide property owners through this compliance maze, ensuring a smooth transition towards Healthy Homes.

About the company: Harcourts Christchurch, consistently voted the Most Trusted Real Estate Brand for 11 years, is the preferred choice for property management in Christchurch. The dedicated team expertly manages investments, providing peace of mind through local insights and a commitment to excellence in the dynamic rental market.

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Daniel Yomtobian Talks About the Use of Big Data in Advertising

In the fiercely competitive advertising industry, the utilization of data analytics tools has become absolutely crucial, especially as consumer behaviors and preferences keep changing and raise the bar for end-user experiences,” Daniel Yomtobian adds.

Los Angeles, California, United States – January 31, 2024 /MarketersMEDIA/

When it comes to advertising, it is easier to attract consumers once the target audience is discovered. However, that in itself is a significant challenge, which has made Big Data one of the most precious assets for advertisers, comments Daniel Yomtobian, a prominent entrepreneur and business leader in the online media space. “Using their huge troves of information, brands can send the right message to the right audience, thus ensuring the success of their ad campaigns and achieving the desired returns on investment. The caveat is that Big Data on its own is more of a hindrance than an aid: the raw, unstructured sets of information require proper analyses to deliver actionable insights. In the fiercely competitive advertising industry, the utilization of data analytics tools has become absolutely crucial, especially as consumer behaviors and preferences keep changing and raise the bar for end-user experiences,” Daniel Yomtobian adds. 

Given the staggering amount of data generated worldwide on a daily basis, advertisers need to go a step further and not simply analyze the information but employ predictive models to gain real benefits. In doing so, they will be able to identify details that truly matter, including shopping patterns and trends, interests, user habits and behaviors, and the likelihood of conversion or defection. With the insights gleaned from predictive analytics, brands can fine-tune and personalize their messages, which vastly increases their chances of resonating with the intended audience and executing a successful campaign, Daniel Yomtobian notes. In addition to improved targeting, customer acquisition, and retention, analytics tools also provide marketers with insights that can reveal new product opportunities and facilitate content monetization. 

It can be argued that brands clinging to the old ways of analyzing their ad campaigns put themselves in jeopardy in a world where “consumers are exposed to an expanding, fragmented array of marketing touch points across media and sales channels,” as stated in a Harvard Business Review article. Nowadays, the deluge of data requires what the author refers to as “Advertising Analytics 2.0.” He goes on to say, “Enabled by recent exponential leaps in computing power, cloud-based analytics, and cheap data storage, […] predictive tools measure the interaction of advertising across media and sales channels, and they identify precisely how exogenous variables (including the broader economy, competitive offerings, and even the weather) affect ad performance. The resulting analyses, put simply, reveal what really works. With these data-driven insights, companies can often maintain their existing budgets yet achieve improvements of 10% to 30% (sometimes more) in marketing performance.”

Daniel Yomtobian has come to be regarded as a pioneer and innovator in the online media space, receiving a number of awards for his contribution to the digital advertising ecosystem. Relentlessly committed to helping advertisers and publishers maximize their ROI and monetize their solutions, he has been the driving force behind several business ventures, including PPC network Daniel Yomtobian attended California State University-Northridge. 

Daniel Yomtobian News – Advertising Pioneer and Innovator:

Daniel Yomtobian Joins Board of Directors at YPO Beverly Hills as Membership Vice Officer:

Daniel Yomtobian – Explores the Benefits of Innovative Ad Formats:

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