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Dr. Jonathan Lasson: How to Avoid Fear of Hurricanes and Anticipatory Anxiety

Dr. Jonathan Michael Lasson has released a new how-to guide on the fear of hurricanes, natural disasters and anticipatory anxiety. Public in general and other interested parties can find the guide online at

Wilmington, United States – September 30, 2018 /PressCable/

Dr. Jonathan M. Lasson was recently shopping at the grocery store when he overheard two women discussing the upcoming hurricane. “Florence is coming. Better stock up on water,” one woman said. The other woman replied that they lived in Maryland and it was not coming anywhere close to there. But the first woman was still nervous and wanted to stock up.

Overhearing this conversation in the grocery store reminded Dr. Jonathan Lasson, how different people approach possible disasters. Not just natural disasters but interpersonal situations where the fear of the unknown is far greater than the fear itself. This, Dr. Lasson says, is what is termed as anticipatory anxiety. Anticipatory anxiety is where a person experiences increased levels of anxiety just by thinking about a future event of experience. While some have a nonchalant attitude and do not subject themselves to this type of irrational fear, others become debilitated by this type of anxiety to the extent that renders them dysfunctional.

Consider a non-natural disaster experience. Jane is applying for a job and begins to develop palpitations and tremors whenever she thinks about her upcoming interview. Instead of approaching the interview with excitement and enjoying the challenge of a possible new opportunity, Jane adopts a ‘gloom and doom’ approach and cancels her interview. Christine, on the other hand is actually looking forward to the opportunity and sleeps very well the night before her interview. Two people. Two entirely different approaches.

Dr. Jonathan M. Lasson is a certified school psychologist, writer and speaker who lectures frequently to parents and teachers about school related issues. Dr. Lasson likes to apply this to children as well. It is well known, he states, that children will often misinterpret the physical symptoms of anxiety in anticipation of an assignment, test or meeting a new friend and may end of developing mild physical symptoms such as stomachaches and headaches in anticipation of the unknown. We probably know these children. These are the types of children who do not like surprises. They want to know the schedule well in advance. Other children might go with the flow and not develop any of these symptoms. They simply approach each day by living in the present. How do they do this?

Children, Dr. Lasson says, learn by observation. If they see their parent or parents panicking before a storm that may or may not hit, they will observe the anxiety of their parents and incorporate it into their own mental framework. In other words, they will see it as perfectly normal to ‘freak out’ when confronting the unknown. These parents usually have difficulty enjoying the present and instead, worry about the future. When children grow up around such parents, where everything seems to revolve around “what else could possibly happen?”, they are missing out on life. Children need to observe their parents living in the present and looking forward to the future.

So, when Hurricane Florence makes landfall, these nonchalant, present-oriented children will look forward to playing with their parents and friends instead of worrying ‘what could possibly go wrong next’.

Dr. Jonathan Lasson recommends that parents listen to their children as they discuss their fears but quickly redirect them to a fun, planned activity that their children will be excited about. It is far more intuitive for parents to be present with their children and not to wear their anxiety on their sleeves. It is obviously easier said than done. Adults are more difficult to change than children. They will resign themselves to saying that this is just who they are. This is a fatalistic approach. Schools are an excellent place to teach this lesson when in is not being taught or modeled at home. Teachers and school psychologists can teach children to be excited about what is to come. If they model this behavior, children will be able to face challenges with a greater sense of confidence and resilience.

If you are suffering from anticipatory anxiety, therapists can be great resources to help you develop a healthier approach to living in the present.

Contact Info:
Name: Cecilia Nocetti
Organization: Anticipatory Anxiety
Address: 3422 Old Capitol Trail, Wilmington, Delaware 19808, United States

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IX Announces to Launch, The World’s First Exchange with BTC as Platform Token!

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 24, 2018 / On September 20, 2018, the digital asset trading platform, which invested $ 10 million on purchasing the unusual overseas domain name,, officially announced to launch. As the world’s first exchange with BTC as platform token, which one can get multiple high returns by the quantity of BTC he holds.

Through half a year’s endeavor, the founding team and early employees of IX try their best to build the corporate into international platform with strong industry impact. IX owns its unique three major technological innovations and five major operational characteristics. And it begins to open digital asset market from today.

International Top Technology and Operation Team

The founding team of IX is composed of industry specialists. All of the early employees have educational background of prestigious universities, including Yale University, Columbia University, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Tsinghua University and Peking university, etc., as well as all of them have majored in technology related disciplines such as Finance, Network Security, Economics, Computer, Software Engineering and so on. Moreover, the team members also own senior business background of Facebook, NTT DoCoMo, ALSTOM, LinkedIn, Ford, BitFlyer, Bitmex and FCoin, etc. global enterprises with sure influence power. It is worth mentioning that IX’s founding team members own the experience of leading a number of large-scale famous Internet projects as well as development and operation of several mainstream digital assets exchanges.

The First Major Technological Innovation in the Industry

The THREE MAJOR TECHNOLOGAL INNOVATIONS of IX involves its breakthroughs in digital asset security technology, namely, 100 percent cold wallet protection, which can achieve non-risk storage for users’ assets for its thorough isolation from the public network. Second, its self-developing high performance matchmaking engine supports the matching speed of trading pairs by 2 million TPS, as well as ensures the uninterrupted service and non-carton operation. Third, IX’s extensive trading depth can access to API of the mainstream exchanges, mines and institutions, in order to synchronize real time transaction depth and ensure technical support for huge volumes of users’ transactions.

Operational Rules to Maximize Users’ Benefits

Additionally, IX owns its FIVE MAJOR OPERATIONAL CHARACTERISTICS too. First, it originally creates BTC as one of the proofs of stake on the platform. As long as one holds BTC, and then he can get a high service charge sharing bonus of the platform; Second, IX originally creates 20 second trading rules. It means that if there is no new transaction in any 20 consecutive seconds, then the last trader will receive 40% of all transaction fees incurred by the current cryptocurrency; Thirdly, as long as one has platform token IX, he can not only get the service charge bonus, but also participate in the platform community governance; Fourth, one can be rewarded with commission by inviting friends. All the transaction charges generated by the invitee within 90 days will be rewarded to the inviter according to a certain proportion. At the same time, the early inviters will receive a series of benefits; Fifth, all users’ transaction fees will be refunded by platform IX according to 100 percent. Thus, it can be seen, IX’ s five major operating characteristics fully maximize the interests of users, with the industry’s unprecedented big innovations and powerful impact.

Of course, IX also hosts regular corporate events so as to attract the early participants. From the current planning perspective, we can see that the founding team of IX will continuously work on improving the products and services, devoting all their energy and time with courage, passion ambition, and vigor. In the meanwhile, it will promote the community building according to the actual situation. Finally, IX will realize free people’s free association and maximize the possibilities of everyone in the world of blockchain.

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Chinese Sailing Event – Lake Cup Regatta Welcomes You

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 30, 2018 / The Lake Cup Regatta, unfolded annually in October, is the first sailing race event held in Jinji Lake in Suzhou, China. The Jinji Lake is the largest intercity lake in China and is located in the business center equipped with many commercial complex, exclusive residential departments, cultural art galleries, expo centers, music halls and opera houses, and featured by a large population, prosperous economy and beautiful sceneries.

Founded in 2011, the Lake Cup Regatta has been successfully held for 8 editions and generated far-reaching influence in China’s lake sailing event. The past 8 races have witnessed not only the increasing influence of the sailing event, but its expansion from sailing race to sailing training, experience and original innovations and leisure tourism, which has earned great support from local government.

The Lake Cup Regatta begins at the second week of October and lasts for 4 days annually and has 30 plus standing awards. This year the 9th edition the Lake Cup Regatta will stage from Oct.11 to 14 on Jinji Lake in Suzhou, China. It has had J80, DC20, FH750S and OP teenager group and will add Round the Buoy Race of Powered Paraglider in the near future. We hope to see more and more international sailors and regatta lovers at the event.

Info of Company: Redant Multi-media Information Service Co., Ltd
Address: Floor 6, Wanli Huayuan Office Building, No. 179 Dongda Street, Gusu District, Suzhou
Contact Person: Angela
TEL: +86 0512-62990082

SOURCE: Lake Cup Regatta

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Redcliffe electrician and Electrician Brisbane North Announce New Partnership

Redcliffe Electrician and Electrican Brisbane Northside have announced a formal launch particular for onsite electrical repairs, their latest on call electrician for Brisbane north side home owners and local businesses.

Rothwell, Australia – September 30, 2018 /NewsNetwork/

Redcliffe Electrician and Electrician Brisbane Northside will be working together on their newest launch for onsite electrical repairs starting September 2018. These two companies have a wealth of combined experience in air conditioning installation, led lighting upgrades, and appliance installations. The new service area includes Kippa Ring, Clontarf, Scarborough, Margate, Mango Hill and North Lakes. By partnering and increasing the service area, potential customers will benefit from the efficiency and skills that this expanding team will offer.

Interested parties can view full partnership details on the following website:

With the launch of onsite electrical repairs, Redcliffe Electrician and Electrician Brisbane Northside will be sharing multiple responsibilities including:

Servicing the north side of Brisbane and Redcliffe – service an expanded area with more electricians, help Redcliffe business reduce downtime from electrical faults and provide emergency electrical repairs to Redcliffe businesses

The new partnership will also offer commercial shop fit outs, install lighting and electrical power points in commercial premises.

The new onsite electrical repair service has been created specifically for Brisbane north side home owners and local businesses with multiple features:

Mobile electrical repairs – enables customers to get repairs done quickly at a great price

Very competitive call out rates – for all electrical installations and fault finding

Commercial electrical installation – highly trained electricians

Mark Milo, experienced electrician of Redcliffe Electrician had this to say about the new launch partnership for onsite electrical repairs:

” With this new partnership Brisbane north-side residents have access to highly qualified team of local electricians that provide fast and efficient service for all electrical repairs and installations.”

For more information and an overview of the electrical services offered, customers can visit the company websites for full details.

Those interested in learning more about the partnership can do so here:

Those interested in purchasing onsite electrical repairs can do so here:

Contact Info:
Name: Steve
Organization: Redcliffe Electrician
Address: 2 Alambi Court, Rothwell, QLD 4022, Australia
Phone: +61-7-3123-6666

For more information, please visit

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SIBO Training Course Teaches Healthcare Professionals To Treat Digestive Issues

SIBO Mastery Course from the Integrative Medicine Academy, was designed for healthcare professionals. This course teaches biomedical intervention practices to treat gastrointestinal issues such as SIBO and more.

Pompano Beach, United States – September 30, 2018 /PressCable/

SIBO Mastery Course by Integrative Medicine Academy launches October 11th with curriculum for physicians and health care professionals to treat those suffering from SIBO, a chronic digestive system condition

SIBO, or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, is a gut related disease that occurs when there is a high amount of bacteria in the intestines. Unfortunately, this difficult disease is more widespread than originally thought in the US. The National Center for Biotechnology Information states, “SIBO may be more prevalent than previously thought. This apparent increase in prevalence may have occurred, in part, because readily available diagnostic tests have improved our ability to diagnose SIBO.”

The Integrative Medicine Academy created the SIBO Mastery Course to train physicians on how to treat individuals suffering from SIBO by using biomedical interventions.

Dr. Kurt Woeller and Dr. Tracy Tranchitella are two renowned integrative medicine physicians who have incorporated their collective 40 years of clinical practice into their SIBO treatment course so it may be easily understood and implemented in an accelerated time frame. The next course starts on October 11, 2018.

Dr. Woeller stated, “It is important that individuals are taught how to successfully diagnosis and treat SIBO and other common, but often misdiagnosed and overlooked gastrointestinal disorders using integrative and functional medicine. These various protocols have been fine tuned over nearly two decades which have helped 1,000’s of individuals with gastrointestinal disorders.”

Previous Integrative Medicine Academy Course participants had spectacular reviews. Kim M. shares, “The SIBO Mastery Course has expanded my knowledge base regarding gastrointestinal disorders and also provided me with new tools to allow me to better and more quickly assess and treat chronic GI issues. I have more and more patients telling me they could not find answers from their doctors. With this course, it has allowed me to provide them with the help they need as well as provide information they can take back to their doctor so they can re-open a dialogue.”

The SIBO Mastery Course is an online, 9 Module, intensive course presented by Drs. Kurt Woeller and Tracy Tranchitella on common, but often misdiagnosed and mistreated, conditions related to gastrointestinal disorders. The doctors approach various GI problems such as SIBO, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic candida, clostridia, parasite, and H. pylori infections from an integrative medicine perspective along with specifics regarding various diagnostic tests such as the GI Pathogen Screen from BioHealth Laboratory and the Organic Acids Test from Great Plains Laboratory. This course is both comprehensive and clinically practical for any health practitioner.

The course will begin on October, 11, 2018. For more information or to sign up for the course, you may visit the course website:

Contact Info:
Name: Brian Woeller
Organization: Integrative Medicine Academy
Address: undefined #282, Pompano Beach, Florida 33062, United States

For more information, please visit

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NC Inbound Lead Generation Reputation Management & Marketing Service Announced

ONeal Scott, a North Carolina based digital marketing expert, has announced it can help local clients improve web presence and get more leads. It offers custom, effective SEO and inbound lead generation services for every client.

Asheville, United States – September 30, 2018 /PressCable/

ONeal Scott LLC has announced it can help local businesses around North Carolina to build a stronger web presence, get more leads, and grow their business. It offers tailored digital marketing and reputation management services to ensure the success of its clients.

More information can be found at:

Most business owners know the importance of digital marketing for getting more leads, customers, and sales. However, often it’s the case that site owners don’t know the most effective ways of finding success with online marketing campaigns.

This is where the team at ONeal Scott can help through its cutting edge marketing services. The goal of the company is to help its clients grow and thrive, and it has a special focus on lead generation for local NC companies.

For any local North Carolina companies wanting more happiness, sales, freedom, peace, balance and fulfillment from their business, ONeal Scott can help. The team at ONeal Scott knows how hard clients work on their business, and want to help them succeed.

ONeal Scott will talk with each client to discuss their goals, and from there can develop the most effective strategies to get them the best results. Whether they want greater exposure and online presence, more ideal customers, or increased sales, ONeal Scott can help.

The expert NC marketing team says that an effective marketing plan is key to business survival and growth, and it’s this that underscores the company’s services.

ONeal Scott states: “We work to make sure your online presence is optimized and getting results. We design, build and manage dynamic, user-friendly websites; create and execute campaigns; develop lead generation; while using cutting edge tools to help you cut through the digital clutter to reach your target audience and get them to engage with you.”

Working with digital marketing specialists like ONeal Scott is highly important in today’s competitive environment, because Google ranking is so important.

Through expert media outreach, leads generation and reputation management services, ONeal Scott can help clients in any niche to improve their web presence and get more sales.

Interested parties can find out more on the URL above.

Contact Info:
Name: O’Neal Scott
Organization: ONeal Scott LLC
Address: 7Lunsford Rd, Asheville, `North Carolina 28805, United States
Phone: +1-828-528-3331

For more information, please visit

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Claudia Zanes Companies Proudly Sponsors the 2018 Executive Ethics Symposium

The ethics symposium is a signature event of the Eller’s Center for Leadership Ethics and Ms. Zanes is thrilled to be a part of it, announces

Phoenix, Arizona – September 30, 2018 /MarketersMedia/

Claudia Zanes, the former CEO at Zanes Law Group in Tucson, AZ, proudly announces she is sponsoring the 2018 Executive Ethics Symposium established by the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management. The 2018 Executive Ethics Symposium is a signature event for the Eller’s Center for Leadership Ethics and will include a panel discussion of the ethical implications of artificial intelligence. As artificial intelligence and automation are expected to lead to the loss of 38 percent of all American jobs by the 2030s, according to PwC, every individual in the legal services industry and many others needs to be cognizant of these advances and their implications.

“Artificial intelligence elements are seen in every part of daily life, yet many individuals aren’t aware of how this technology plays a role in their activities. They never consider the ethical implications of allowing this technology to influence their life. However, any time a person conducts a search on the internet, for example, artificial intelligence directs them to the information the system wishes them to have. What does this mean for the person conducting the search? This is one topic of many that may be addressed during the symposium,” Claudia Zanes, a business consultant and business turnaround expert, explains.

Google Home and Amazon Echo devices are present in many households. As of June 2017, seven percent of individuals over the age of 12 in America owned one of these devices and the number continues to grow. This is only one example of how artificial intelligence is becoming commonplace and there are numerous others. Gartner predicts that within the next two years 85 percent of customer interactions will be handled by devices making use of artificial intelligence.

“The world is changing and becoming more dependent on machines that make use of artificial intelligence. Medical professionals are using the technology to help in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The financial services industry is currently experimenting with the use of AI in credit scoring, and these are only two examples of how the technology may impact a person’s life. Regardless of what field a person works in or where he or she lives, AI has an impact on their life,” Zanes states.

Artificial intelligence is not going anywhere. In fact, Tractica estimates AI spending will increase to $59.8 billion by 2025, up from $1.4 billion in 2016. As a result, every person needs to be aware of the ethics involved when using this technology. The symposium will be of great help in achieving this goal.

“Learn more about the symposium today. Artificial intelligence can no longer be ignored. The more you know, the more you can determine how and when to let it impact your life. Everyone needs to take this into consideration and begin exploring this subject today,” Zanes declares.

About Claudia Zanes Companies:

Claudia Zanes is a business consultant and business turnaround expert helping business clients around the U.S. She is also an active Angel Investor. Prior to starting her consulting company, Claudia was the CEO at Zanes Law Group in Tucson, AZ. She currently has business consulting clients in the legal services industry, the financial services industry, the real estate industry, and clients in the B2B services industry.

Contact Info:
Name: Claudia Zanes
Organization: Claudia Zanes Companies
Address: 4222 East Thomas Rd. #230, Phoenix, AZ 85018
Phone: 520-250-4925

Source URL:

For more information, please visit

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Redmond WA Cosmetic Dentistry Orthodontics & Dental Implants Expert Adds Service

The award winning Redmond Way Dentistry, available at 425 898-2168, is offering affordable cosmetic and general dental care to patients of all ages in Redmond, Washington.

Redmond, United States – September 30, 2018 /PressCable/

The famous Redmond Way Dentistry is offering highly affordable cosmetic and family dental care so everyone in the community can go to dentist as often as they want and have a beautiful, healthy smile they’re actually proud to showcase.

More information is available at

The Redmond Way Dentistry is an award winning dental practice in downtown Redmond, WA, with decades of experience providing the community the very best in general and cosmetic dentistry.

So everyone, no matter the budget, can go the dentist as often as they need and have one of those beautiful, healthy smiles that boosts their confidence and self-esteem, the company is offering its dental services at really affordable prices.

These include routine exams and cleanings that keep the whole family healthy and the root canals, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns or fillings needed to create that dream ‘Hollywood’ smile.

And they include quality dental implants that look and feel really natural, Invisalign braces that straighten a smile in a discreet, comfy manner, and a state of the art Chao surgical Pinhole technique that treats gum recession with no grafts, incisions or sutures.

For added convenience and peace of mind, there are also emergency dental services that can help address any urgent, unexpected issues right away, Saturday service for those who can’t attend during the week and the latest in sedation so every treatment is comfy and painless.

All these services are delivered by seasoned dentists Dr. McNamara, Dr. Yu and Dr. Koogler, in a warm, welcoming and family oriented environment carefully put together to deliver every patient the most comfortable and convenient experience possible.

This commitment to comfort and patient care combined with the friendly, personable attitude of the staff and the gentle, skilled touch of the dentists has earned them a long standing reputation as the ‘go to’ dental practice in Redmond, WA.

To book an appointment at the Redmond Way Dentistry and find out more about the dental services they offer, the public can call 425 898-2168, visit them at 15946 Redmond Way #106, by Trader Joe’s, or check their website at the link provided above.

Contact Info:
Name: James Hogg
Organization: Redmond Way Dentistry
Address: 15946 Redmond Way #106, Redmond, WA 98052, United States
Phone: +1-425-898-2168

For more information, please visit

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Sydney Rubbish Removal Contractor Report Strong Demand For Waste & Junk Disposal

Sydney based Tipit Rubbish Removal has reported continuing strong demand for their junk & waste removal services.

Sydney , Australia – September 30, 2018 /PressCable/

Tipit Rubbish Removal has been working for several years on positioning themselves as the leading office and home rubbish removal contractor in Sydney. They have a comprehensive offering of services offering for business and home owners that includes hand loading of appliances, surplus desks and chairs through to home furniture & cabinets, as well as green garden waste.

The company’s positioning is now paying dividends as both city business and residential customers are seeking their services as the safer and economic alternative to traditional expensive rubbish removal methods. This positioning is contributing to the year on year growth they are experiencing.

Mr Luke Vella, Founder and Owner of Tipit Rubbish Removal said, “We have worked hard to establish ourselves as the leading office and home rubbish removal operator in Sydney. Our personal attention to client requirements by on occasions collecting surplus items after hours or on weekends has paid dividends in referrals and repeat business. He went on to say, “What has occurred is our services have come into their own and now being sort after as an alternative to other costly forms of refuge and junk removal.”

Tipit Rubbish Removal Services visit customer locations with their propriatory truck and two men hand load the rubbish with the minimum of fuss and interference with office work flows.

In a recent IBIS world report, it was noted that due to higher economic activity in New South Wales and Victoria, the rubbish removal industry receives the highest proportion of its revenue from these two States, and has the greatest number of enterprises. This is due to higher populations and greater economic activity, particularly for services, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, education, and other sectors that produce high solid waste volumes.

Tipit Rubbish Removal Services is working hard to keep pace with this increasing volume of office and commercial premises waste being generated, and provides the full array of services expected from a leading rubbish removal company.

To learn more about the business and their Sydney CBD Office Rubbish Removal services visit the website here :

About Rubbish Removal Services

Tipit Rubbish Removal Services is one of the leading office rubbish removal companies in Sydney. It disposes of any type of rubbish from office, commercial premises or industrial and factory sites.

The company prides itself on offering its comprehensive Rubbish Removal operation Sydney wide and with an approach of true customer care at all times. This includes deceased estate clean up services through to any household junk and garden waste removal.

Contact Info:
Name: Mr Luke Vella
Organization: Tipit Rubbish Removal
Address: Level 25 300 Barangaroo Ave, Sydney , NSW 2000, Australia
Phone: +61-401-222-155

For more information, please visit

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AML BitCoin Announces Listing on HitBTC Exchange.

AML BitCoin (ABTC) continues its banner inaugural year by being listed on one of the world’s largest digital currency exchanges, HitBTC.

Las Vegas, USA – September 30, 2018

ABTC is the future cryptocurrency with anti-money laundering and ‘know-your-customer’ (AML/KYC) technology built into the code of the coin.

About HitBTC Listing

Marcus Andrade, Chief Executive Officer of NAC Foundation and Creator of AML BitCoin, announced the HitBTC listing with great enthusiasm:

“Today is a banner day for our innovative project, and a continuation of our efforts to introduce what most consider to be the solution to the cryptocurrency conundrum: a secure digital currency based on AML/KYC technology. The tectonic shift by the world’s governments in the past year show the urgent need for a digital currency that can both attract the crypto community and be used in commercial and governmental transactions. We are that coin!”

A leader in the digital currency arena, HitBTC is the global innovative platform with multi-currency support, high liquidity and low fees, operating since 2013. Provided with rapid powerful API and outstanding matching core engine, HitBTC users are able to significantly enhance their experience.

“The reception for our digital currency has been far beyond our expectation and planning,” revealed Andrade. Who went on to comment:

“We were hoping that HitBTC would be the first of the larger exchanges to list ABTC, and are thrilled that this has come together.

“Our international team has been working for months with governments and industry worldwide to help introduce the AML Bitcoin into their payment systems. We expect to have a major announcement soon.”

David Mata, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Hedge and Venture Capital Fund Block Bits Capital typifies the excitement building in the investment community:

“We took a large early position in AML BitCoin because we had faith in the company and Marcus and without a doubt we see Marcus and his team doing something few other blockchain companies are doing, executing well, and building a sound business strategy. This industry doesn’t yet have a blockchain Page/Brin, or Bezos, but Marcus Andrade, with his AML Bitcoin is positioned to be precisely that in this industry.”

About NAC Foundation

NAC Foundation, headquartered in the U.S., is the creator of the AML BitCoin (ABTC), the future digital currency with anti-money laundering, know-your-customer, anti-terrorism and theft-resistant properties. AML BitCoin is compliant with all major national security and financial protection laws and regulations, including the USA PATRIOT Act and the Bank Secrecy Act. NAC’s mission is to strengthen the acceptance and use of digital currencies by advancing security compliance throughout the world, combined with blockchain technology.

Token Information

ABTC is still in the token stages. Upon completion and activation of the AML BitCoin, AML Token holders will have the opportunity to exchange them for AML BitCoins on a 1:1 ratio.

Visit the website:
Meet the Team:
Latest Press:
AML Bitcointalk:
Follow on Twitter:

Media Contact
Name: Bernadette Tran

AML Bitcoin is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. Cryptocurrencies and tokens are extremely volatile. There is no guarantee of a stable value, or of any value at all. Token sales are only suitable for individuals with a high risk tolerance. Only participate in a token event with what you can afford to lose.

Contact Info:
Name: Bernadette Tran
Organization: AML Bitcoin

For more information, please visit

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