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Universal Towing Ramps Up Towing Service In Fredericksburg, VA

October 18, 2019 – – Universal Towing has recently announced the launch of its improved towing service in Fredericksburg, VA and nearby areas. The company was originally founded to provide convenient towing and roadside emergency assistance service for car owners and drivers. It has been known for its on-time response, transparent pricing policies and customer-focused service delivery. Headquartered in Fredericksburg, Universal Towing’s revamped services are back in full operation since August 22, 2019.

“Car owners are frustrated by the long waiting times and lack of price transparency of traditional tow providers,” says Matas Schwartz, the representative of Universal Towing. He explains, “We are offering more than a mere towing or roadside assistance; we are delivering an entirely new way to experience towing and emergency assistance backed by trusted honest pricing and quick and courteous booking platform while meeting the needs of motorists directly where they need it.” The company offers long distance towing, emergency local towing, motorcycle and car towing and auto wrecker services. They also offer locksmith services, battery jumpstarts, flat tire change, and fuel delivery. A complete catalog of their services with full descriptions can be found here:

When availing the company’s tow truck service, a certified towing technician arrives in a company vehicle, equipped with appropriate tools and gears to perform the various services offered by the company. If a stalled vehicle requires more complicated repair to get it working, the tow crew will haul the customer’s vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop to complete the repair. Either way, the company rescues a motorist from getting stranded on the side of the road. “Our services are simple, convenient and fast. Our objective is to help a stranded driver to get going as soon as possible,” says Schwartz.

Fredericksburg is one of the ideal places to live in Virginia because of its family-oriented spaces and sub-urban ambiance. Many of its residents commute to work by car to nearby areas like Washington and Richmond. People who encounter vehicular issues like mechanical breakdowns, flat tire, car lockout and the like along the road can count on the company for fast assistance. Their tow rescue team can arrive at the customer’s location in and around Fredericksburg, VA within 30 minutes. The company has set up 5 strategically-positioned stations with standby towing teams around Fredericksburg to provide quick responses to customers located within their service areas. They cover neighborhoods such as Maryton, Davis Corner, Highland Homes, Mccarthys Corner, Chancellorsville and Mchenry among others. A complete directory of their service areas can be accessed here:

Honest pricing is one of the best features of this towing company. Schwartz says, “We don’t surprise our customers with our towing bill. We are completely upfront about our fees.” To ensure accurate pricing quotes, a thorough inspection of the customer’s vehicles is performed to assess the kind of service one needs. And once done, a customer is assured that the quote he receives is what he will only pay for.

In its commitment to deliver a new customer experience in its towing services, Universal Towing has also launched a new website. Schwartz says, “The web has taken over how our customers are looking for towing services. This website ensures that our quality towing and roadside assistance services can be easily found on the web.” He adds, “Feel free to visit and look around our new website and let us know what you think.” The website is regularly updated so customers can come back often to see the latest news and promotions of the company. It also provides information resources for the general driving public. He adds, “Our company is taking a long-view of the evolving customer expectations and technology requirements in the towing industry to improve our customers’ service experience.” The new company website is accessible here:


For more information about Universal Towing, contact the company here:

Universal Towing
Matas Schwartz
(540) 361-6158
Universal Towing
8530 Jamison Ln
Fredericksburg, VA 22407

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Towing Washington Pros Announces New Towing Service in Washington, DC

October 18, 2019 – – Towing Washington Pros’ towing service in Washington, DC is back in full-scale operation after completing a company revamp in the second quarter of 2019. With its head office based in Washington, the company is set to expand its services to nearby communities of Washington, DC. The company spokesperson, Kali David, says, “We are reorganizing our network to achieve better agility and flexibility in responding to customers.” The company has set up 5 key locations strategically dispersed around the Washington area to allow their towing team to reach customer locations within 30 minutes. The company is providing towing and roadside assistance to areas such as Arlington, Ft Myer, Alexandria, Bethesda, Brentwood, and Chevy Chase among many others. For a complete directory of their service coverage, simply follow this link.

David also wants to emphasize that the company revamping was about improving customer towing experience. A conked out engine, a flat tire or a drained battery are a motorist’s worst nightmare. They happen in the least expected time and are dangerous and costly. With their customer-focused tow truck services, the company wishes to relieve drivers of the fear and stress of car breakdowns by improving quick response time, fast service delivery and affordable rates. The company vows to assist a stranded motorist or tow the vehicle to the nearest auto mechanic to receive the proper repair. They perform this fast to eliminate risks to stranded drivers and their passengers, prevent the blockage of traffic flow and cause hassle to other motorists.

David says, “The revamping of our organization and business is aimed at attaining excellent customer towing experience.” The company is available in providing all sorts of towing jobs including flatbed and long-distance towing, local and emergency towing, light duty towing and the like. It also provides roadside assistance, such as battery charging and jumpstarts, flat tire change and tire repair, fuel delivery solutions and lockout assistance. For more details about the services of the company, interested customers can check out this link.

There are many plausible scenarios why a customer may call for emergency assistance at the wee hours of the night or on a holiday. David assures the public that whenever anyone may need for a towing job or roadside help, one simply dials their phone number and their rescue workers will surely be on their way. He says, “We are open 24/7 including holidays, Christmas or New Year so you can get whatever towing assistance you need, whenever you need one. That’s our commitment.”

Towing Washington Pros is also proud to announce the launch of its new interactive and user-friendly website. The website provides a more efficient and more intuitive user experience in exploring its contents. It helps customers and the general public to learn more about the company and its services. In this way, customers can better decide what services are best suited to address their needs. It also offers site visitors to know about the company’s regular specials and promotional deals. Included in the new website are other valuable educational resources designed to better foster interaction between the company and its customers. “Our website functions as our customer portal to learn more about our company,” says David. “They can also directly call us at 202-719-0336 to inquire and determine their specific needs,” he adds.

An important section of the website features success stories which are comprised of positive reviews from their recent customers. As part of promoting the new website, David urges the driving public and other potential customers to visit the website and submit their reviews about the company. “Any feedback from you, whether good or bad, will be highly appreciated and be acted upon accordingly.”

The company is pleased that its services are now fully available to the Washington, DC area. David says, “We believe that our towing services are ultimately about helping and rescuing people. This is the higher calling that keeps pushing us to serve you better.” Those interested to know more about this premier towing service provider in Washington, DC can visit their website here.


For more information about Towing Washington Pros, contact the company here:

Towing Washington Pros
Kali David
(202) 719-0336
Towing Washington Pros
1250 Connecticut Ave NW #200
Washington, DC 20036

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Fun Factory Sensory Gym has a New Website

October 18, 2019 – – Fun Factory Sensory Gym, a company which designs, delivers and installs the world’s most comprehensive, innovative sensory gyms for children with special needs, recently released a completely redesigned website. The company, which is based in Wisconsin and provides their design, delivery and installation services across the United States, offers their sensory therapy gyms for children’s hospitals, community centers, schools, indoor play facilities, pediatric outpatient therapy clinics, and any other place where children could use their custom designed gyms, including in private homes.

The goal of Fun Factory Sensory Gym is to bring the outdoor playing experience indoors, into a private setting for children who need a therapeutic environment, such as children with sensory processing disorders or who are on the autism spectrum. To allow children to practice their sensory skills at home through active play in a sensory environment, Fun Factory Sensory Gym will design and install home gym systems to accommodate small spaces in homes, such as basements, attics, bedrooms and garages. They they build a home system, they design it to allow plenty of room for play as well as for life, since, unfortunately, not all of life is about play.

The company, which has a twitter showcasing their work at, designs their home systems so children can practice their fine and gross motor skills indoors, at home, regardless of what might be happening with the weather. They also design larger facilities for commercial spaces, such as therapist offices, hospitals and schools. These facilities include such features as swings, ball pits, monkey bars, zip lines, trampolines, seclusion areas and rock walls for climbing. They’re all designed with soft textures and appealing bright colors to make the space fun for children.

When designing a sensory gym, Fun Factory first has a design consultant contact the customer. This consultant works with the client to discuss the client’s vision and what they would like to accomplish with their sensory gym. Once they know what the goals of the gym and constraints of the space are, they design and redesign a space, answering customer questions along the way until they have a design for a sensory gym that is everything their customer ever dreamed of. Once the design process has been completed and a layout has been agreed upon, the company and the customer sign a contract agreeing to the layout and cost. At this point, Fun Factory Sensory Gym begins manufacturing the parts to the gym, which usually takes between three days and one week to complete. The gym is then delivered to the customer and custom installed by a team of professional installers who can also build additional parts if anything isn’t up to spec, or something wasn’t accounted for during the design process.

Fun Factory Sensory Gym wants to have happy customers long after installation, so they make sure to work closely with their customers every step of the way. This strategy seems to be working, as Fun Factory has a number of positive reviews from happy customers on their website. One customer, a physical therapy clinic owner named Jill Kissel, says “After five years in practice, I decided that I needed to upgrade the look of my office to allow for optimal patient care. Upon researching some possibilities, I came across the Fun Factory Sensory Gym. I immediately called the company to purchase my own gym unit. We scheduled an install date and in three short days, my gym and my vision were complete. My patients and their parents walk in and are amazed at the beautiful and fun set up. I truly feel that my patients are getting the most effective and efficient care because I have the best equipment to address their individual needs. With the Fun Factory Gym equipment, I am able to help these children improve by Leaps and Bounds!”

Anyone interested in learning more about the sensory gyms offered by Fun Factory Sensory Gyms can go to their website, or look at examples of gyms on their pinterest page,


For more information about Fun Factory Sensory Gym, contact the company here:

Fun Factory Sensory Gym
Tyler Pfefferle
+1(833) 438-6496
104 Park St
Bear Creek, Village of, Wisconsin 54922, US

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Whittier Towing Makes Headway with Expanded Towing Service In Plano, TX

October 18, 2019 – – Whittier Towing has announced the official business launch of its improved towing service in Plano, TX. Located at Capital Ave in Plano, the company officially opened its doors to nearby areas such as Coppell, Camp Dallas, Parvin, Balch Springs, and Eagle Ford among others. They arrange 5 key locations around the city so that they can provide swift emergency ETA response within 30 minutes to customers stranded within their jurisdiction. A full listing of their service areas is available at

Plano, Texas has earned a nationwide reputation as one of the best places in America for families to live and work. The city has family-friendly amenities and spaces in the DFW metropolitan area. Because of this, it has recently experienced explosive population growth while traffic congestion has also doubled. As more vehicles are expected to travel its roads and highways, Whittier Towing has intensified its reliable services by expanding its service coverage.

The towing company’s representative, Dawood Rawlings, says, “We are truly grateful to the public for continuously choosing us as its no. 1 towing service provider in Plano. We are once again calling for their unwavering support as we embark on a new opportunity to grow.” The company is bringing a diverse array of towing and roadside assistance services in and around Plano. They offer car towing, motorcycle towing, long-distance towing, flatbed towing, and emergency towing. They also provide jumpstart and charging services, wheel tire change, fuel delivery, car lockout assistance, winch out services and other emergency car solutions. For details on their services, please follow this link:

Included during their business opening celebration is the launching of their newly designed website, which features a simple yet sophisticated design. The site primarily contains information on the company, its services, news updates, and service areas. It also features new sections such as special offers which make the dissemination of important promos and discounts to the public a lot easier. The design also showcases a touch of the company’s new look.

“The website is important because it is our portal to the people in Plano, TX and the nearby areas that we serve. We wanted it to become presentable and we are happy about the outcome. The content available is already substantial but we will regularly update it to share more information about Whittier Towing,” Rawlings explains.

The company representative adds that the said site will also help increase interaction between the company and its customers. An online contact form is available on the website that allows site visitors to send messages and reviews online. They can also schedule for towing service through the website. However, those who need emergency towing and roadside assistance should contact the company via phone at (469) 609-6179.

Rawlings states that their emergency services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It operates daily including weekends and holidays. Anybody who needs emergency towing may contact the company even beyond regular business hours. “We have dispatchers available all the time to answer calls and assist customers. You can expect a prompt response in our emergency line and be assured that a ready tow rescue team is always on standby to be dispatched to the customer within 30 minutes after calling, ” he adds.

Rawlings adds that their company is pleased to provide fast and affordable towing truck services in the Plano, TX and its surrounding communities. He explains that they are making affordable towing services for the driving public. Their pricing strategy enables customers to pay a lower upfront cost that includes all their fees. The amount in the quote that customers receive is the only amount that they will pay. There are no hidden or extra charges. “We want our towing services accessible to the greater public whenever they need it,” he adds. For those interested to learn more about the company, visit them online at


For more information about Whittier Towing, contact the company here:

Whittier Towing
Dawood Rawlings
(469) 609-6179
Whittier Towing
1702 Capital Ave
Plano, TX 75074

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Express Employment Professionals, An Employment Company in Portland, Outlines Four C’s of Onboarding

October 18, 2019 – –

PORTLAND, Ore. – With unemployment at long-time lows, retaining talented employees is a top concern among employers, but many fail to realize that the right retention strategy begins before the new employee even walks through the door. In today’s hiring climate, a welcoming onboarding experience is essential to employee retention.

That is why Express, an employment company in Portland, has laid out the four critical components for keeping good workers right from the start — the Four C’s of Onboarding:

Company – Helping the employee understand the company’s mission, goals, policies, customers, organizational structure and how their job fits into the big picture.

Connection – Helping the employee build relationships and information networks with colleagues.

Culture – Ensuring that the new hire understands the company’s values, beliefs and environment and how they can thrive in that environment.

Career – Mapping out the employee’s personal objectives and how they are measured and realized, as well as setting out expectations for success and advancement.

Express provides these and other onboarding insights as part of its Engage to Retain initiative.

Express Employment franchise owners agree that employers must have a well thought out onboarding plan.

One of the most important onboarding tools is to pair new employees with a mentor or navigator. Another important onboarding strategy is to ensure new employees are immediately made to feel like part of the team, including being introduced to fellow team members on day one.

First impressions are everything, agrees Express CEO Bill Stoller.

“If an employee’s first week or first month is spent fumbling their way through a new job and new company without any help, they won’t feel like part of the team, and soon they will be looking for an exit,” he said. “But if a company invests in them, they are far more likely to be invested in that company for the long haul.”

The employment center in Portland is located at 4790 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97203 and serves the North Portland, St. Johns, Pearl District, Northwest Portland, University Park, Kenton and Swan Island areas. Local businesses and applicants are encouraged to stop by, visit or call (503) 735-1200.


For more information about Express Employment Professionals – N Portland, OR, contact the company here:

Express Employment Professionals – N Portland, OR
Bryan Baker
(503) 735-1200
4790 N Lombard St
Portland, OR 97203

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A Woodland Staffing Company Conducts Recession Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Businesses Don’t See One Soon

October 18, 2019 – – Woodland, Wash. – An overwhelming majority of business leaders, who surveyed in a new Express Employment Professionals poll, don’t expect a recession within the next six months, despite increased media focus on the possibility of an upcoming downturn. Here are the results of the survey from the Woodland staffing company.

In the survey, just 4% expect a recession in the next three months, while 14% expect one in three to six months. Nearly one-third (31%) predict a recession in six months to one year.

More than one-third (36%) expect a recession in one year, and 41% say a recession is likely two years away.

Q4 Outlook

Compared to the last quarterly survey, slightly more respondents now expect a recession in less than two years.

Q3 Outlook

In addition, only 5% of respondents say they live in an area that is currently in recession.

“The people we talk to don’t see a recession any time soon,” said Bill Stoller, CEO of Express. “There are some signs of an overall slowing of the economy—but a slowdown and a recession are two different things. Right now, the job market is strong. So, the most important thing is not to let our fears launch a recession.”

About the Survey
In August 2019, Express Employment Professionals surveyed 802 business owners, decision makers and human resource professionals about the overall national hiring trends in the market today and how their business is impacted. Respondents are current or former Express clients.

The provider of Woodland jobs near me is located at 115 Davidson Avenue Ste D, Woodland, WA 98674 and serves the Woodland, La Center, Ridgefield, Kalama, Amboy and Cougar areas. Local businesses and applicants are encouraged to stop by, visit or call (360) 225-0700.


For more information about Express Employment Professionals of Woodland, WA, contact the company here:

Express Employment Professionals of Woodland, WA
Lisa Straughan
(360) 225-0700
Express Employment Professionals of Woodland, WA
131 Davidson Ave. Ste BB
Woodland, WA 98674

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Vic’s Towing Launches Towing Service in Aurora, Colorado

October 18, 2019 – – Vic’s Towing announces the formal opening of their improved recovery and towing service in Aurora, Colorado. After embarking on a comprehensive revamp of their business, they are once again opening their doors to the public with state of the art equipment, better customer experience, and more affordable tow truck services to set the standards of the towing service industry in the city. Check out this link for further information.

Vic’s Towing representative, Inigo Hutton, says, “We understand how a towing service can be a frustrating experience because it means having car troubles. This is why we are making it a pleasant experience to stranded motorists and passengers.” The company provides fast, affordable and friendly services to customers thereby eliminating the common complaints against other towing providers such as long wait times, costly prices and aloof workers. All the firm’s employees from customer agents, dispatchers, mechanics and tow technicians underwent professional training on customer service.

Hutton adds, “We have set 5 key locations around Aurora so that our tow rescue team can respond to customer emergency in 30 minutes or less.” Customers who experience car troubles in an around Aurora, CO such as Ken Caryl, Acequia, Saint Vrains, Morrison and Golden, among others can expect prompt rescue to their location. Interested customers can check out this link for a complete listing of their service areas and zip codes.

He adds, “Aurora is the gateway to the Rockies that’s why our towing workers must be locals who are familiar with the mountain ranges. We don’t rely on maps or GPS for navigation. We know streets, roads, and places in the Rocky Mountains by heart.”

Aurora, CO is popular for its culinary, outdoor recreation, and relaxing atmosphere that is why many people tour the place. Car breakdowns due to battery drain, empty fuels, and flat tires are very common. Both residents and visitors can experience them. Vic’s Towing Company is operational 24-7 so that any stranded driver or traveler can call and expect help with their stalled vehicles any time of the day or night. Customers can call (303) 720-7745 to receive emergency support and assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays.

The idea of transparency in towing services is increasingly important to motorists. More than just an additional appeal to the public, the low price adds less problem to a stranded motorist who is already facing a challenging situation. Vic’s Towing prides itself on its complete transparency in price. Hutton explains, “Our company operates on principles of transparency, trust, and fairness when it comes to pricing.”

Vic’s Towing employees value every customer’s precious time and property. Their towing team acts fast because every minute counts to a stranded motorist. They understand that their customers are going somewhere. Thus, the more time spent by towing activities, the more they are delayed to their appointments and schedules. “We are doing our best to cut down the wait times by acting fast. We move fast but we ensure the safety of our customer’s vehicles from damages,” adds Hutton.

The company is also proud to announce the launch of its new website, which features a fresh look, simple navigation and better focus on customer needs. It offers an inventory of the company’s tow truck and roadside assistance services complete with full descriptions, and pictures. It can help potential and previous customers to find the information they need easily and quickly. Also, it provides articles that educate customers on important issues related to driving, traffic, and other subjects. Hutton says, “Our fully responsive website is designed with accessibility in mind. We invite everyone to visit the website and leave us any comment, feedback or message.” To view the new website of Vic’s Towing, please click here.


For more information about Vic’s Towing, contact the company here:

Vic’s Towing
Inigo Hutton
(303) 720-7745
Vic’s Towing
3390 Peoria St #307,
Aurora, CO 80010

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Haselden Construction Promotes JJ Rams as Chief Operating Officer; Rams to Support Organization’s Growth and Customer Relationships

October 18, 2019 – – Haselden Construction announced the promotion of JJ Rams to the position of chief operating officer. Rams has worked for Haselden Construction for more than 18 years, most recently as vice president of business development and previously as president of the company’s Wyoming office. In these roles, he focused on securing new business for the Haselden’s healthcare, education, and mountain divisions, as well as creating internal alignment to streamline and enhance relationships with customers during construction.

In August 2019, Haselden appointed Rams as chief operating officer to oversee its business development, preconstruction, operations, and human resources departments. In this role, Rams will expand the company’s strategy of “pursue, plan, execute, and reward” to create alignment across each of the departments he oversees, as well as integrate practices that enhance the customer experience and ensure smooth transitions between each phase of a project from preconstruction through project completion and warranty.

Rams states that his vision is to bring a collaborative “can do” attitude and approach to operations management. “When people come together in a collaborative manner, they become more invested in a project,” Rams notes. “When people are invested, they act as a project advocate, are working at their best and highest potential, are bringing solutions to challenges, and are meeting the needs and demands of the customer.”

With nearly 30 years of industry experience, Rams has held various positions within the operations, preconstruction, and business development fields, and has managed projects totaling more than $1 billion in value. He has created and implemented practices improving staffing and manpower, cost savings techniques, budget and timeline planning, interdepartmental communication, and transparency among customers and partners.

“Demands of the current construction climate in Colorado require more transparency with customers, more robust design collaboration, and earlier allocation of manpower,” Rams adds. “The industry requires companies to be innovative in their delivery methods and communication for a successful outcome.”

“JJ’s understanding of our industry and current market conditions has allowed us to successfully grow our business and customer relationships over the years,” said Byron Haselden, CEO and president of Haselden Construction. “He has worked on some of our largest projects and with some of our longest-standing customers. His collective approach will really support our mantra to be the most proactive, consistent, and innovative contractor anytime or anywhere by 2023.”

For more information about Haselden Construction, please click here.

About Haselden Construction

Haselden was founded in Colorado in 1973 and delivers sustainable projects throughout the Western United States. Named a Denver Post Top Workplace in 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016, and ranked number 13 on CoBiz Magazine’s 2018 Top Family-Owned Companies list, Haselden is deeply rooted in family traditions, prides itself on being A Great Builder, and is dedicated to fulfilling its customers’ needs completely. The company builds a diverse range of project types including office, education, healthcare, mountain resort, gaming, multi-family residential, and municipal facilities. For more information, visit their website. “Like” them on Facebook. Follow them on LinkedIn. Check out their Pinterest and Instagram pages.


For more information about Haselden Construction, contact the company here:

Haselden Construction
Julie Lougee
6950 S Potomac St
Centennial, CO 80112

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National Leaders in Cosmetic Cool Sculpting on Stomach in New Jersey

October 18, 2019 – – Many people have an area of their body that they aren’t completely satisfied with. Very often it just seems to be stubbornly staying the same despite careful diet and regular exercise. Putting all that effort into looking good with little or no result is incredibly frustrating.

There is a relatively new technique for physically contouring these stubborn areas of which the stomach is the most problematic for most people. Available right now, it is offered at the New Jersey Center for Cool Sculpting, a division of the well-known Ethos Spa in Summit, New Jersey.

Fat freezing treatments on many problem body areas have been offered for some time, but thanks to improvements to existing techniques it is now available for one of the most problematic areas of all, the stomach. CoolSculpting on Stomach is now the procedure of choice for those trying to improve their stomach’s physique.

“This minimally invasive treatment delivers impressive results for both male and female patients,” said Dr. Hardik Soni, the medical director of the Ethos Spa, Skin and Laser Centers in Summit and Englewood, NJ. The results are indeed impressive and there is a gallery of “before and after treatment” patient photographs on their website that should be viewed by anyone interested in improving themselves in this way.

The New Jersey Center for CoolSculpting has a thoroughly professional staff of board-certified physicians, certified aestheticians, as well as licensed physician’s assistants. Patients choosing to undergo stomach fat freezing there can be confident that they are in good hands and they have made the right choice.

“Dr. Soni has a very good reputation,” said Mara Thompson, a New Jersey Center for Cool Sculpting patient. “He is truly a caring person and he takes the time to make sure you are very clear on what your choices are and the results you can expect from each option. It makes it much easier to choose.”

“I have been to other cosmetic treatment centers and they always seem to be trying to pressure you into doing this or that extra treatment and it can be very confusing. Dr. Soni never does that,” Thompson continued. “Just the opposite in fact. He actually tried to dissuade me from some procedures I was thinking about doing. I decided to follow his advice and went with the Cool Sculpting procedure. I have to say I am very pleased with the results I got from the recommended treatment.”

Many patients will get the best results from a series of treatments rather than a one-off procedure. Because of this the Center for Cool Sculpting currently has an available promotion that allows clients to get up to $1,200 off selected Cool Sculpting on the Stomach treatments. This is a substantial saving and is the biggest discount they have ever offered. See their site at for contact details to find out more information.

In addition to the financial aspects of such a procedure, people also wonder about just how this system works and what to expect. The treatment itself causes the body to flush the unwanted fat cells out after they have been frozen. Most people do not experience any pain from the treatments.

Unlike many treatments offered elsewhere, there are no incisions involved at all. All this happens with the correct application of cold temperatures. Results will vary from person to person, but most people experience a reduction of between 20% and 26% of their unwanted stomach fat over time from a series of Cool Sculpting treatments.

The center makes it clear that the results don’t happen immediately. “The best candidates for this treatment are people who are currently active and pay attention to their diets,” Dr. Soni said.

Those interested can find out more about the services offered by visiting their Facebook page at This useful resource gives a great deal of information about the treatments, what to expect, and the experiences that other patients have had.


For more information about NJ Center for CoolSculpting, contact the company here:

NJ Center for CoolSculpting
Hardik Soni
+1 908-273-5400
89 Summit Ave Suite 100

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Wally’s Towing Leaps Forward with Better Towing Service In North Las Vegas, NV

October 18, 2019 – – Wally’s Towing has taken a big leap forward with the official launch of its newly improved towing service in North Las Vegas, NV. The company has broadened its emergency towing and roadside assistance services to those in and around the North Last Vegas region including Boulder City, Erie, Mountain Springs, Desert View Point, Kyle Canyon Summer and Mount Charleston, to name a few. A complete listing of their service areas plus zip codes can be found here:

John Lawson, a representative for Wallys Towing says, “Now that we got our newly expanded services off the ground, your support to our new venture will surely be much appreciated as we look forward to helping the community. We will give the people in North Las Vegas the finest tow truck services.”

The full operation of the company’s expanded services kicked off last August 28, 2019. Their head office is located in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Since launching, Lawson says that a few locals have already availed of their tow truck and roadside assistance service including car lockout services and fuel delivery options.

“We are back to serve you 24-7,” says Lawson. “We would like to inform the people that they can reach us at (702) 763-6498. Give us a ring and our dispatchers will answer your call and send a tow rescue team for any emergency road problem. We want to assure the people that they can trust Wally’s Towing for ‘round the clock help when they get stranded along the road.”

The company representative adds that the towing company has also just launched a newly designed website he believed will be a huge benefit to customers and the driving public. It is an important resource for people looking to explore everything about Wally’s company and its services. Some articles about the services provided by the company can be found at

“This is the soundest website we ever had,” Lawson says during the simple launch celebration. He also emphasized that the website is fresh and easy to navigate, and very easy to find all the information you need to know about the company. Lawson presented certain features of the website including detailed information about their different services, contact information and reviews from previous customers.

“The positive feedback we have been receiving is not that surprising,” says Lawson. He says, “We go all out to serve the people in North Las Vegas,” From prompt phone reply, quick arrival, fast service delivery to our pricing policies, we make it a point to make our customers our top priority by always considering their needs and wants.”

Lawson says “We have since adopted straightforward pricing policy when it comes to our services. We simplified billing and eliminated undefined surcharges and hidden fees.” The company’s honesty in their price quotes makes them affordable. Once the full evaluation of a customer’s needs is achieved, a final quote is immediately established which is absolute and fixed. Thus, customers need not worry about additional surprising fees that often appear to the bill once work has been completed.

Lawson further announces that their website contains information about discount specials or promos that the company offers now and then. He encourages people to regularly visit the company online to learn more about them. An online contact form is also available on the website which customers can use to schedule a service, make inquiries or send messages. However, those who need emergency towing are advised to dial the company phone number for faster response and transaction.

Lawson says, “I would like to thank the people in North Las Vegas for keeping our services the number one brand in town. We dedicate our expanded services to our customers who made us successful. Your satisfaction will always be our chief concern as we promise to stay reliable as always.” Those interested to reach out to Wally’s Towing can contact the company by phone or email at any time or visit their website here:


For more information about Wallys Towing, contact the company here:

Wallys Towing
John Lawson
(702) 763-6498
Wallys Towing
3850 Rockbottom St
North Las Vegas, NV 89030

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