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The Rising Star: Anthony Williams Prepares to Release (EP)

TMLB is about the hardbody work & journey of Anthony Williams from hardship to being a rising star and the Lead Single “Manila”.

United Kingdom – September 30, 2022

Anthony Williams is in preparation to release his extended play record (EP). He was born and raised in London, United Kingdom and is a famous Christian rapper who has released a single called “Long Way“. This single gained popularity on its release day and was ranked No 26 on the iTunes US Christian Charts. 

Anthony has recently released a new single called “Empty”. The song brings a flow that starts with a traditional old skool original style. The next verse will then show listeners why a relationship with Christ will never let their cup run dry. The gospel rap and flow are impressive as it moves smoothly. There is a fine line between lyrical ability and poetic stamina. Anthony blurs that line as he is gifted on both sides.

“Empty” is not what one would expect from a typical hip-hop song. The music bed is haunting as if to create a narrative of rising from the darkness. The tone is heavy but not oppressive. With a sharp movement, the music floats around the vocals and bass. A purported organ electrifies, refocusing attention on its slightly distinctive sound push. 

As an artist, Anthony Williams has constantly been reinventing his sound and bringing new things to the table. This keeps his music interesting, dynamic and full of surprises for the listener. One of his talents is to make catchy hip hop sounds that are soothing to the listener’s ears and makes them beg for more. Apart from that, he has put much thought into the lyrics and production quality to ensure the best is released.

Anthony has loved music since he was a kid and hoped to be able to inspire other people through this music. He also hoped to let people know how good God is through music. He hopes that in five years, he will be able to travel the world touring and performing for his fans.

Interested music fans can listen to his music by clicking here.

About Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams is born and raised in London, United Kingdom and has built up quite a following for himself as an artist. His music has touched listeners with heartfelt renditions of realness and raw emotion. He works hard on his music to stay original and different so that his audience has something new to listen to.

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Contact Info:
Name: Anthony Williams
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Organization: Anthony Williams Music
Address: Elite Music Studios, 136 Tudorleaf Business Centre, Tottenham, London, N15 4QL
Phone: +447958778399

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Top Elder Law Attorney Rory Clark Explains Impact Of A Disputed Trust Or Will – Leesburg, VA

Leading Elder Law Attorney Rory Clark founder of The Legacy Elder Law Center in Leesburg, VA, explains the process of disputing a trust or will. For more information please visit

Leesburg, VA, United States – September 30, 2022

Disputing a family trust or will requires skill, hard work and, often, a thick skin to reach a successful conclusion, advises Elder Law attorney Rory Clark.

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The Founder of The Legacy Elder Law Center, in Leesburg, VA., said that potential benefactors, heirs and creditors – almost anyone with a stake in a person’s will or family trust – can contest one.

Clark commented: “Speed is of the essence in challenging a trust or will, given the window for contesting an estate is relatively short and varies from state to state.’’

“With emotions naturally running high at such a sensitive time, a person seeking to contest a will or trust should consult a litigation attorney to understand what they are planning to take on.” 

He explained that a family trust helps an estate avoid the probate process with assets placed in a trust and distributed to beneficiaries based on the conditions drawn up before a person’s death.

Someone who wants to invalidate or dispute a trust must launch a civil lawsuit. Through a skilled probate attorney, this can be done on the grounds of undue influence, forgery, fraud or incapacity.

“An attorney is best placed to advise beneficiaries thinking of contesting a trust or will. They can assess the key strengths and weaknesses and advise the costs of taking such action. If a contest is successful, the trust becomes void,” Clark said.

The primary contest is usually between siblings seeking a more significant share of assets from a parent’s trust or estate. They will usually find out after a person has died and how their assets are intended to be distributed.

If they seek to contest a will, they need a copy of the document and have it reviewed professionally by an attorney to work out the best strategy. If a court judge rules in favor, the document will be void, and the estate’s assets will be distributed per state law, Clark concluded.


Contact Info:
Name: Rory Clark
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Organization: The Legacy Elder Law Center
Address: Market Station, 108 South Street, SE, Suite 112, Leesburg, VA 20175
Phone: 703-783-1195

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Leading Elder Law Attorney Robert Brumfield Shares Tips When Choosing A Estate Planning, Probate Or Trust Administration Lawyer – Bakersfield, CA

Top estate planning lawyer founder of the Law Offices of Robert H. Brumfield, P.C., in Bakersfield, CA indicates that not all probate attorneys are the same. For more information please visit

Bakersfield, California, United States – September 30, 2022

Caution should be the watchword when selecting a probate attorney, advises California Elder Law attorney Robert H. Brumfield.

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The Founder of the Law Offices of Robert H. Brumfield, P.C., in Bakersfield, CA, suggests choosing an attorney who practices exclusively in estate planning, trust and probate law.

He cautioned: “Anyone licensed to practice law in the relevant state can act as your legal representative during probate or trust administration.”

But hiring an attorney dedicated to probate and trust administration is advisable as they will have ample experience in estate planning, trusts and probate law.

“This is where they dedicate their time. They can offer competent legal advice, help navigate a client through the process, and deal with issues such as trust administration and taxes after someone has passed,” he said.

Establishing a timeframe to resolve a probate case is also crucial. Brumfield added: “If an attorney is vague, be wary as they might try to drag it out and overcharge you.’’

“There’s no question probate and trust administrations can be both costly and lengthy. But a competent probate and trust attorney should be able to give you a timeframe for how long your case may take after reviewing your estate.”

Understanding a law firm’s communication skills should also be high on the list of must-knows. He said: “Communication should be a priority. Some offices might leave questions unanswered for days, but the best answer them quickly.”

Brumfield asserted that knowing how a probate or trust lawyer charges for services will undoubtedly help and ensure you don’t face surprise bills later. A competent and experienced law firm should be able to explain how much your administration will cost.

Establish whether a lawyer charges a flat fee, by the hour, or on a sliding-scale basis, and if there’s a possibility of other fees being added.

Brumfield cautions that while an hourly rate may seem the least expensive, a client is engaging the lawyer on an open-ended project where the lawyer alone decides how long that project lasts. 

Equally, being charged an overly-high flat fee is one way lawyers ensure they don’t get stuck in an unprofitable administration. 

“A great way to ensure you don’t get overcharged is to look for a lawyer who charges based on that same court-accepted, customary sliding scale basis,” he concluded.


Contact Info:
Name: Robert H Brumfield
Email: Send Email
Organization: Law Offices of Robert H. Brumfield, P.C.
Address: 1810 Westwind Drive, Suite 100, Bakersfield, CA 93301
Phone: (661) 416-3735

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Top CPA Pauline Ho Offers Top Tips On Choosing The Right Small Business Accountant – Orlando, FL

Leading business accountant Pauline Ho founder of Orlando’s Laus Consulting Services LLC in Orlando, FL explains how choosing the right accountant for your business can make a huge difference. For more information please visit

Orlando, Florida, United States – September 30, 2022

Leading Business Accountant & CPA Pauline Ho this week highlighted critical tips for choosing the best accountant to fit all your small business needs.

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The Founder of Orlando’s Laus Consulting Services LLC said that getting the right accountant is essential if your business is to flourish, meet tax deadlines and manage other financial responsibilities.

She said that human dynamics is one of the significant factors often overlooked in the recruiting process. “Can you see yourself getting on with an accountant on a personal level? You may want to look elsewhere if you don’t feel comfortable with your choice or the answer’s no.”

Try to choose an accountant with the right qualifications, accounting experience, and knowledge in managing financial affairs. “Choosing one who is a Chartered Professional Accountant with wide experience will be a major plus point for a small business owner,” Ho asserted.

Small business owners should not be afraid to do due diligence by seeking references and checking the accreditation of the accountant they may have in mind.

She added: “Consider asking them for potential client references so you get a clear idea of their experience and question them whether they have experience in the industry that your business is trading in, as that can also bring added value to the role.”

Another key tip is not just to accept the first accountant that comes along. Draw a shortlist of potential candidates and understand how they operate and communicate. 

Traditionally, many would meet with clients annually, but in today’s world, accountants are in regular contact through Zoom and Teams to keep the small business owner updated.

“You should also check that your potential accountant has time for you and your business, and don’t be afraid to be selective, as you are, after all, making a long-term investment in their skills for the good of your business,” she added. “Accountants are often integral to a business’s success.”

Ho also advised entrepreneurs to fully appraise an accountant’s fees and obtain a quote based on their workload. Accountants often provide added value through recommendations, exceeding expectations and ensuring regular reviews of the financials.

Another key issue that might matter is the accountant’s location, as most can now use cloud-based technology and real-time data to keep an eye on accounts. You may even seek, through your business networks, a recommendation from an accountant that can do the job effectively. 

She asserted: “Accountants that come highly recommended are a key bonus and will help you strive for the quality and standard in an accountancy service for your company.”

The best accountants are proactive about a business’ accounts, offering advice on long-term planning, tax advice, and monitoring overheads that could be draining a company’s liquidity. 

“Ultimately, a proactive accountant will help a business grow for the long-term,” she concluded.


Contact Info:
Name: Pauline Ho
Email: Send Email
Organization: Laus Consulting Services LLC
Address: 879 Outer Rd B, Orlando, FL 32814
Phone: 407-401-9768

Release ID: 89082416

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Recruitment Wing, A One Stop Website For Job Seekers in Nigeria.

Recruitment Wing is a website that is built to help job seekers find job by posting about various ongoing recruitments that are happening in Nigeria.

Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nigeria – September 30, 2022

Recruitment Wing is a platform built to cater to the needs of Nigerian job seekers. The platform is created out of a passion for meeting the demands of Nigeria’s fast-growing employment industry. The website provides the best quality information on ongoing recruitment and helps offer job seekers various opportunities.

The website also provides various recruitment forms available in the government sectors. Currently, multiple recruitment types are happening and features on the website. The official Nigeria Police Recruitment form is out. The article provided by the website has a complete guideline on how to apply and what essential details are needed. Information such as the minimum requirements to join the Nigeria Police force can also be found.

The Nigeria Airforce Recruitment is also available on the website. The Nigerian Air Force is the air wing of the Nigerian Armed Forces tasked with defending the nation’s airspace against foreign attacks and during military combats. There are various positions available in the force that interested applicants can find. Interested applicants must select the position they want to apply for and submit the free application form.

Once the recruitment drive is over, the shortlisted details will be updated on the official website of the government sector. The website will also provide an update when the shortlisted candidates’ list is released. There will be a guide posted for applicants on how to check if their applications are successful.

“The parent company, Conquest Media Inc, has been a top-notch media brand that is producing content in diverse niches,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Recruitment Wing’s target is to reach 500 million Nigerians with the right information they need to apply for any government jobs in Nigeria. The platform also provides scholarship opportunities to students in Nigeria looking to enter Tertiary Institutions.”

To find out more visit the website 

About Recruitment Wing

The Recruitment Wing website was built to cater to the needs of Nigerian Job Seekers. The main goal is to help provide users with quality information. The website will provide all the various recruitment forms that are available in the government sectors and job vacancies in private companies. The website also provides general tips on how one can get a job in Nigeria.

Contact Info:
Name: Recruitment Wing
Email: Send Email
Organization: Recruitment Wing
Phone: +2348118319838

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Next-gen Power Station: VTOMAN launches the all-new, powerful & green Jump 1000

The VTOMAN Jump 1000 Portable Power Station delivers more than you might expect

California, United States – September 30, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

VTOMAN launched the long-awaited next generation of its Jump 1000 Portable Power Station, which compared to the previous generation, is both upgraded on the inside as well as on the outside. The power station is capable of supplying 1000W AC power at 1408Wh capacity and 110 Volts (AC), with plenty of tech features and functions built around its LiFePO4 Battery, making the battery not just last longer, but also safer in usage.

Safety is embedded into everything

Because power stations are replacing conventional fuel aggregators, their power capacity becomes bigger and bigger, which also brings an increased safety risk. This is why VTOMAN uses the LiFePO4 lithium iron phosphate battery technology, which is undoubtedly the safest type of lithium battery available on the market today.

VTOMAN is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and developers of lithium-ion battery products. The Jump 1000 uses the LiFePO4, enhanced further with software to oversee the power bank in operation. VTOMAN’s self-developed battery management system, LIFEBMS, protects the power station as well as the user from a wide range of safety hazards, such as over-current or over-voltage damage. The Jump 1000 has several smart safety protections such as:

● Over-Charge Protection

● Over-Current Protection

● Over-Voltage Protection

● Over-Discharge Protection

● Short-Circuit Protection

● Reverse-Polarity Protection

● Reverse-Charging Protection

● High-Temperature Protection

These functions aren’t just for safety, they also prolong battery life. VTOMAN ensures the Jump 1000’s battery capacity is still above an impressive 80% after 3000 cycles of use.

Versatile in Use

VTOMAN Jump 1000 features 12 different plugs, including:

● 3* 110V/1000W AC Outlets

● 2* Regulated 12V/10A DC5521 Output

● 1* Regulated 12V/10A Car Port

● 4* USB-A Output (with Quick Charge 3.0)

● 2* TYPE-C PD100W Output

With so many output ports, Jump 1000 power source can charge up to 12 devices simultaneously. The 110V/1000W AC outlets can power fan, lamp, router, TV, refrigerator, coffee maker, blender, etc; The 12V/10A DC5521 output and car port is good for powering refrigerators, CPAP machines, portable tire inflator, etc; The USB-A and Type-C output ports can power your electric devices such as smartphone, tablets, cameras, laptop.

Furthermore, VTOMAN Jump 1000 power station supports pass-through charging, which enables you to use Jump 1000 while charging itself.

Expandable Capacity

With a huge capacity of 1408Wh, Jump 1000 is powerful enough to power most electrical device and appliances, from fridges to electric barbeque, from laptops to construction equipment such as drills and grinders. And if you feel that 1408Wh isn’t enough, it’s expandable to 2956Wh with a VTOMAN extra battery. Plus you can also hook it up to VTOMAN’s 100W solar panels to recharge.

1000W Constant-Power Emergency Supply

VTOMAN has been committed to solving various emergency power problems in life. Except the 12V car emergency jump starter feature that can jump start a 12V disabled car, another innovation for VTOMAN power stations is constant-power supply. If an electrical appliance’s power input is higher than the Jump 1000’s rated power output, the electrical appliance will keep running at the Jump 1000’s rated power, instead of being incompatible and turning off. The Jump 1000’s 1000W power is powerful enough for most appliances, but this is a great feature of safely widening the range of eligible appliances. It makes it possible for the VTOMAN to power some equipment that exceeds the VTOMAN’s rated power, though some voltage-sensitive appliances may not work properly.

New Appearance Design

Like all of VTOMAN’s power stations, the Jump 1000’s appearance is also upgraded. The new design includes a tiny screen that shows remaining power left and other relevant information, clear ventilation rosters (in yellow accents), and labels for each plug. There are new ventilators and an improved interior layout for components to improve efficiency.

Green energy off the grid, accessible to everyone

More and more appliances on our planet are being electrified, and VTOMAN aims to make sure portable power is accessible to everyone. This further enables a transition to renewable energy.

The VTOMAN Jump 1000 is available on Amazon through this link for $1,299.99 at this time of writing.

Also make sure you follow VTOMAN on social media for updates on industry leading lithium battery powered tools by VTOMAN, or for tips and social media giveaways: Facebook and YouTube.

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Name: John
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Klikin For Love: From Blind Date To Love of a Lifetime

Klikin is a dating app developed by an Israel-based company Klikin Ltd. The app – over a year in the making – is now available on the Google Play and Apple app stores.

Israel – September 30, 2022

After years of dating app frustrations, Texan Ora Diskin of Klikin Ltd in Jerusalem used her frustrations and her research on personalities from childhood and set out to create the algorithm for an app specifically engineered to attract soulmate options. 

Ora Diskin collaborated with several experienced professionals to design Klikin, including Michael Horesh of Mati Jerusalem, Avi Elias as her strategic advisor, and learned heaps from tech guru Hillel Fuld before diving deeper into the Israeli high-tech scene on LinkedIn. An acquaintance referred her to Ari Friedrich, who was instrumental in the development of the Klikin app.

After several months of brainstorming, development, and fine-tuning, Klikin-App has soft-launched its Android and Apple iOS Apps. According to Ora, the Klikin app was meant to cater to all users, stating the following:

“While divorcees should be especially excited about the possibilities (the app offers), it’s for everyone seeking a soulmate – whether for marriage or friendship,” said Ora.

User data protection was highly important for Ora and her team. Klikin-App ensured that the entirety of user information remains confidential, with users’ photos and screen names being the only things other users can see. Klikin-app users can invite potential matches to a video chat, which will prompt both sides to verify each other’s images. The video aspect of Klikin Chat then becomes an optional feature.

The decision to exchange contact information and any other personal content needs to be mutual. The sophisticated algorithm built into the Klikin application also features matchmaking aid while users can search for their soulmates by using a variety of selectable filters.

Klikin-App soulmate options are presented to users in their inbox sections, enabling them to manage requests at their leisure.

More information about Klikin-App is available on the company’s official website.

Contact Info:
Name: Ora Diskin
Email: Send Email
Organization: Klikin Ltd
Address: Israel

Release ID: 89082209

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“Pimpin Change” Announces “Stress Free & Real” Album

Pimpin Change is a Southern Hip-hop/rap artist from Texas. The artist has announced that his newest album “Stress Free & Real” will soon arrive after launching several mixtapes.

United States – September 30, 2022

With thousands of views across various social media and streaming platforms, Pimpin Change has garnered nationwide acclaim in record time. This young artist has surfaced on the Texas hip-hop stage and within months of his initial releases became tremendously popular in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and Seattle. 

Hailing from Texas, Jeremy Hill popularly known as “Pimpin Change” is on a mission to “pimp his own change”. He is using his hard-earned money to build his business, delivering quality hip-hop and rap tunes to music fans of all walks of life globally. 

Ever since a young man, Jeremy was a fan of expressive lyrics, bluesy rhythms, and melody. He first performed live while he was in the sixth grade, during which time he was a part of the school band playing the trumpet. As a free creatively-minded thinker, Jeremy felt stifled by the band’s director who put restraints on virtually all aspects of the music group’s performances. 

Jeremy turned to his idols for guidance, quoting that “emotional storytellers like Z-Ro, expressive innovators like DJ Screw, and ambitious rebels like Pimp-C” formed the “pyramid of his creative inspirations.” 

Jeremy Hill began creating music and was committed to his building a career in the industry last year. Releasing “Making You Better”, “Gotta Keep It Going”, and two EPs “Something for the Weekend” and “Underground Soulja”, he became known as one of the most prolific rap and hip-hop artists of his time.  

With his latest single “Cuffin the Doe”, Pimpin Change established his name in the big leagues of American rap and hip-hop.

The year 2022 was highly productive for Pimpin Change, as he released another EP “Life Lessons” and three singles “In the Right Way”, “Take a Picture” and “Hop in the Whip” during this time. He announced that he plans to release a full-length album called “Stress Free & Real” for his fan soon. 

More information about Pimpin Change is available on his official website

Contact Info:
Name: Jeremy Hill
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Organization: Pimpin Change
Address: United States

Release ID: 89082304

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Master Phung Phuong – Journey of youth from a student to member of the International Feng Shui Association – IFSA

More than 10 years ago, when “righteous” feng shui was still a strange concept to Vietnamese people, Mr. Phung Hoai Phuong (Master Phung Phuong) began to study with a clear vision to bring this knowledge to Vietnam.

Vietnam – September 30, 2022

Although he is not a real chip off the old block, he is very interested in reading books about feng shui, horoscopes, and physiognomy. When facing the crossroads of life, instead of following a family-traditioned military career, he decided to go to Singapore alone to study High-class architectural design of gardens and exteriors at the National University of Singapore, and also studied Master of Computer Science – Informatics Academy. It was there that he found his passion for life, which is feng shui.

The meeting between Phung Hoai Phuong and Vice President of the International Feng Shui Association was a life-changing occasion to Mr. Phung because it brought him into the field of feng shui. “It’s like the Law of Attraction. I was so passionate about feng shui that it only took 7 days for me to read and understand the first feng shui book in English.

After that meeting, Master Feng Shui Tan Khoon Yong – Vice President of the World Feng Shui Association accepted me as his student.”

Then fate followed, Phung Phuong worshiped Master of Feng Shui Yap Boh Chu, and Doctor of Theology Stephen Skinner.

From then on, the name Phung Phuong is associated with a new title: Master Phung Phuong – a member of IFSA – the International Feng Shui Association.

Typical works of Master Phung Phuong

Master Phung Phuong returned to Vietnam due to the spread of Covid-19. He was dedicated to becoming a famous feng shui master, helping thousands of homeowners apply feng shui into their lives successfully. Master Phung Phuong made his marks with the works of Communal Houses, Temples and Pagodas. He applied the feng shui standards to the contruction of Mau Thoai Temple (Long Bien district, Hanoi), Ba Chua Then Temple (Bac Giang Province), Dong Hoi Pagoda (Hanoi), Church of the Nguyen family (Bac Ninh Province)…

Besides, Master Phung Phuong is a trusted name to businessmen in the neibourhood. A few examples of famous projects in Vietnam under his consultants include Remax – technology supermarket chain; JT Angle Hospital – Vietnam’s largest aesthetic system…

Application of righteous feng shui to become a million-dollar entrepreneur

Not only is a famous feng shui master, Master Phung Phuong is also a successful businessman. On the business path, Master Phung Phuong always takes the spirits of feng shui as a lighthouse guiding his way.

What makes him more proud of is that a lot of businessmen who had houses that he consulted on feng shui have become close friends. They supported him in both business and social work later on.

In recent years, Master Phung Phuong has opened dozens of training sessions to share feng shui knowledge to thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners, helping businesses overcome rough time and business challenges.

In 2018, Master Phung Phuong founded Phung Gia Feng Shui Joint Stock Company with more than 70 associates. Many of them are currently the leading feng shui masters in Vietnam with the following services: Overall feng shui consultation for homes, metropolis and urban areas, luxury resorts; Zone planning, consulting and building spiritual works: communal houses, temples, pagodas, shrines, relic areas…; Basic and advanced feng shui courses, physiognomy…

In addition, Master Phung Phuong also owns 4 businesses in other fields which made him a dollar millionaire at the age of 25. In specific,

After only 2 years, Phung Gia Feng Shui Joint Stock Company became the leading feng shui company in Vietnam with more than 200 employees.

Realizing that there are tight bonds between architecture, feng shui and spirituality, in 2022, Master Phung Phuong founded Phung Design Architecture Joint Stock Company. He is also a shareholder of Nhat Thai Duong spiritual company, all together creating the “Phung” Group ecosystem.

“Phung” Group sets a vision to become a dominant feng shui – spirituality – architecture enterprise in Southeast Asia and also reach out to the world.

Feng Shui helps people understand themselves      

Before the claim that “feng shui may make people become passive”, Master Phung Phuong shared his opinion: “The righteous feng shui is Feng Shui based on science, directing people to understand themselves and to comply with heaven’s mandate. Having good feng shui is like going on a long journey on the back of a good steed.” True feng shui helps people understand what they want and helps us to choose which is the best. Master Phung Phuong think that “The deepest root of feng shui is the Heart, the highest morality of feng shui is the accumulation of Virtue and Good Deeds”.

Contact Info:
Name: Phung Hoai Phuong
Email: Send Email

Release ID: 89082428

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Shanghai Shindig Launches the 7lovesbeauty Face-Lifting Tape, an Innovative New Beauty Product and Cosmetic Surgery Alternative Which Creates a V-Shaped Face Shaping

7lovesbeauty is a revolutionary beauty product that gives users a v-shaped face in an unnoticeable and very comfortable manner

China – September 30, 2022

Cosmetic surgery has become a popular way to improve one’s facial appearance by changing the shape, size or structure of facial features. It is a type of plastic surgery that has become widely accepted around the globe by medical practitioners and people who want to improve their facial appearance. However, cosmetic surgery often comes with dangerous side effects and there has been a growing interest in safer alternatives.

Shanghai Shindig’s 7lovesbeauty branch is a novel establishment that provides safer alternatives to cosmetic surgery. The company is pleased to announce the addition of its face-lifting tape to its lineup of cosmetic surgery alternatives. With the 7lovesbeauty face-lifting tape, users can achieve a v-shaped face which would typically require cosmetic surgery. Since its launch, the face-lifting tape has become the trendiest beauty product in recent years. It is totally invisible with only 0.02mm thickness and is strongly adhesive that can wear all-day long. The tape is favored by celebrities such as Lady Gaga and many social influencers on Instagram and TikTok.

Speaking about the 7lovesbeauty tape, CEO of Shanghai Shindig International Trading Co., Minton Li had this to say, “We know that our clients from around the world rely on us for the best beauty products. We, therefore, take it upon ourselves to exceed their expectations by providing top-notch products and excellent customer service.” As facelifting continues to be a global trend and cosmetic surgery appeals to more and more people, the 7lovesbeauty face-lifting tape will be a gamechanger for the market.

“7LovesBeauty Face-lifting Tape is ready for market and has great market feedback in many countries and areas,” said Jerry Lin, Business Development Management at Shanghai Shindig. “Our products are fully developed and functional with market tests.”

7lovesbeauty is a multinational cosmetics/beauty B2B brand which provides high-quality products and services to clients all over the world. The agency is committed to providing the best beauty/cosmetic products and customer service to clients around the globe. While dealing with clients, 7lovesbeauty operates by establishing helpful aspects for them to ensure they are satisfied, including:

●     Flexible MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) to meet the customer’s requirements

●     1-2 months of free storage when customers order goods in bulk. This resolves several challenging issues faced by e-commerce customers.

●     A safe, reliable, and worry-free service right from the production stage to the time an order reaches a customer’s doorstep.

To order 7lovesbeauty Face-lifting tape, log on to

Contact Info:
Name: Jerry Lin
Email: Send Email
Organization: Shanghai Shindig International Trading Co., ltd
Phone: +1 6268865015

Release ID: 89082362

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