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Shawn Kilgarlin Talks about Novelty in Testing Technology

According to Shawn Kilgarlin drug screening plays a key role in the criminal justice system, the workplace, and rehabilitation programs for people with addictions

Shreveport, LA – August 31, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

One of the scourges of modern society is drug abuse. This habit heavily impacts personal lives, the marketplace, and even public safety. The Recovery Centers of America released a report that says the United States loses $1.45 trillion due to drug and alcohol use. This figure includes $578 billion in economic loss and $874 billion in societal harm through the quality of life adjustment and premature loss of life. Shawn Kilgarlin, medical devices expert at American Screening LLC says that governments have been trying to address the problem through stricter regulatory and legislative measures, but much of the progress has resulted from growing awareness about substance abuse and the development of innovative drug testing products that deliver greater accuracy and minimize the risk of results manipulation.

According to Shawn Kilgarlin drug screening plays a key role in the criminal justice system, the workplace, and rehabilitation programs for people with addictions, yet it is obvious that the standard methods of testing (urine, blood, hair, or saliva) have their shortcomings. She adds that the medical devices community has stepped up its efforts to develop faster, simpler, and more reliable drug tests, focusing on solutions that can help combat addiction in a more non-invasive manner. An example is a fingerprint-based system which is especially suitable for drug treatment services. The compact portable device delivers results in less than ten minutes, collecting fingerprint sweat samples that are tested for various drugs and their metabolites. Aside from its speed and accuracy, the system has the advantages of being tamper-proof and capable of indicating when drugs have been handled but not ingested, which is useful when the tests are administered to law enforcement officers who come in contact with illicit substances.

Another novel solution is ocular scanning, which has been implemented in Montgomery County – Dayton (Ohio) and is being trialed in Lucas County – Toledo (Ohio). Court officials believe the system will accelerate and improve the drug testing process while also offering a more budget-friendly option for local authorities and a more dignified alternative for those tested. Shawn Kilgarlin says that developing systems that are tamper-proof and accurate is very important, but new drug testing technologies also have to be readily available. This means that public agencies, healthcare facilities, and business organizations should be able to afford them. Shawn adds that easy access to testing is crucial for combating substance abuse and addressing the economic, societal, and personal problems it creates.

Shawn Kilgarlin is a medical devices expert at American Screening LLC, a premier manufacturer, and distributor of diagnostic tests and medical supplies to the United States, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia. Headquartered in Shreveport (Louisiana), American Screening is among a handful of corporations to be certified under MDSAP (Medical Device Single Audit Program), making it compliant with the requirements for quality management systems in multiple jurisdictions. Shawn Kilgarlin has more than 20 years of experience in her field, successfully executing projects in new product development, as well as sales and marketing. Outside of work, the mother of four devotes her time to her family and pursues her passions of writing, painting, and helping those in need. Her charitable work includes support for Holy Angels – a non-profit organization caring for people with disabilities.

Shawn Kilgarlin – Inspirational Books Author & Speaker:

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The First Cryptocurrency Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) in DeFi Set to Debut Around Mid-September By DogeHouse Capital

Cryptocurrency ETFs are already making their way into the world of DeFi.

Manhattan, New York, USA – August 31, 2021

While professional asset managers on Wall Street continue to jockey with financial regulators over who will get the green light to create the first U.S.-based Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), international developers in decentralized finance (DeFi) are already moving forward with plans to offer a fully decentralized version of the industry’s first cryptocurrency ETF as early as mid-September 2021.

Created by DogeHouse Capital, which is a multinational cryptocurrency company based on the BSC, the first cryptocurrency ETF will contain wrapped digital assets such as Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), Cardano ($ADA), and Polkadot ($DOT) as well as other growth and meme-related digital currencies such as Kusama ($KSM), Doge Coin ($DOGE), and DogeHouse Capital’s native token ($DOGEX).

Named after the popular internet sensation – Doge Coin – DogeHouse Capital’s Doge Traded Fund (DTF) will begin trading on the company’s fully integrated decentralized application (dApp) in mid-September to coincide with the launch of the native token on the BSC. The company plans to unveil the integrated swap on its official website later this week.

DogeHouse Capital will offer a limited number of DTF tokens for purchase at launch with plans to mint additional tokens post-launch in anticipation of the coming Bitcoin “super cycle” this fall. The move, which would be a first in the industry, is aimed at capitalizing on first-mover advantage and bringing more traditional financial instruments to the world of DeFi, which is notorious for hype-related digital currencies with little to no value.

Although branded under the banner of “Doge”, DogeHouse Capital’s flagship DTF was designed as an aggressive growth fund for both passive and active trading. The wrapped digital asset will trade based on the underlying price action of the assets within the tokenized fund. Additionally, there will be a limited demand margin of 5 percent to both protect the integrity of the fund and create opportunities for arbitrage-related trading.

DogeHouse Capital will offer additional financial services aside from the DTF/swap including a staking platform and bridge to the popular Cardano Blockchain, which is scheduled to execute a major system upgrade around the same time known as the Alonzo Hard Fork. Indeed, the company has also expressed its intent to migrate to the Cardano Blockchain later this year following the successful completion of the upgrade.

About DogeHouse Capital

DogeHouse Capital is the only cryptocurrency company bringing professional digital asset management to meme-based digital currencies on the BSC, Cardano Blockchain, and beyond. DogeHouse Capital’s native token ($DOGEX) and a full suite of dApps will provide investors with opportunities to earn dividends in Cardano ($ADA), trade the first meme-focused Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), and invest in our exclusive fund for steady annualized returns across several emerging blockchains.

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Tony Amaradio – Talks about 5 Methods to Save Money by Default

Tony Amaradio recommends following the 10-10-80 Giving and Saving Lifestyle Plan, which emphasizes 10% of your income to your giving, 10% to your savings, and 80% to your expenses.

Aliso Viejo, CA – August 31, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

Tony Amaradio, CEO of Select Portfolio Management, Inc., and Select Portfolio Management, Inc., talks about 5 methods to save money by default. Tony believes that every penny saved makes a difference. In other words, when you don’t spend your income, only then have you truly gained something. Money that comes in and goes out is financially a wash. On paper, it’s a bit fat zero. Therefore, saving and eventually investing is how we build wealth and security. Tony teaches anytime you can save money doing the things you already do, you are exponentially increasing the monetary blessings in your life and overall spiritual well-being.

Tony Amaradio recommends following the 10-10-80 Giving and Saving Lifestyle Plan, which emphasizes 10% of your income to your giving, 10% to your savings, and 80% to your expenses.

1. Build a Budget – Review your needs, plan for your wants, remove the waste. Knowing where your money goes and how much you really have coming in is the first step. Record your re-occurring fixed bills such as utilities and loans. Next, track how much you are spending on groceries and eating out. Don’t forget to include that morning stop for coffee. Here’s where you will find a big chunk of wasted cash. Even just a few skipped cups of joe can add up to a savings of $25-50 a month.

2. Automate Deductions and Transfers – Out of sight, is out of mind. You can set up an automatic transfer from your checking to a savings account or you may be able to set up a plan to split up your paycheck deposit through your employer. If the saved coffee money is not in your spending account you can’t use it.

3. Get Cash Back – Many credit cards and websites offer cashback incentives. 3% cashback on gas or groceries can really add up. If you don’t take advantage of these programs, it’s money left on the table. You may have to read the fine print and sign-up, so check the promotions on their website when you log into your account.

4. Interest Rate Reduction or Pay Off Debt – This is money in your pocket right away. Many credit card companies will lower your interest rate by a point or two if you simply ask. One phone call could save you hundreds per year. Of course, if you can afford to pay off your debt, you could save thousands.

5. Lower Fixed Monthly Bills – Cable, Internet, and phone bills can often be reduced. As technology advances and competition increases companies are bundling services and creating new plans on a regular basis. You should be aware of their latest offerings and your current usage. Maybe you are paying for an extra cable outlet or a premium TV channel you don’t watch. Perhaps you could subscribe to a streaming service and eliminate your cable bill entirely. Think of savings!

Tony Amaradio advises that a Christian lifestyle asks for a commitment to evaluate your limitations and improve upon your faults every day. The same way we strive to be good Christians, so should we be faithful to our finances.

The leading financial strategist and proud founder of two highly regarded wealth management companies, Amaradio is also a sought-after speaker and former host of the popular financial radio show “Market Talk,” which he hosted for over two decades. Known for developing one of the first comprehensive wealth management models in the country, Tony currently dedicates a good portion of his time to philanthropy. He is also the co-author with his wife Carin of a book, Faithful with Much: Breaking Down the Barriers to Generous Giving, which is recognized as a comprehensive and inspiring guide to achieving effective financial management.

Anthony Amaradio – Visionary & Strategic Philanthropist:

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ICMediaDirect to Join LeadsCon New York

ICMediaDirect has long been a participant of the LeadsCon New York, as well as LeadsCon Las Vegas.

New York, NY – August 31, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

ICMediaDirect will introduce its innovative online brand repair and reputation management tools at the upcoming LeadsCon event, which will take place at the New York Hilton. LeadsCon has established itself as the premier conference in the ever-growing vertical media and direct response marketing industry. With its anticipated events and webcasts, it showcases the best talent in these fields and keeps attendees and listeners abreast of the latest trends.

ICMediaDirect has long been a participant of the LeadsCon New York, as well as LeadsCon Las Vegas. In line with the conferences’ desire to ask industry leaders to present their unique talents, the marketing agency is proud to discuss their unique ability to repair the reputations of individuals and companies that have had the unfortunate experience of a negative representation of their online image. While many other considerations come into vertical media and direct marketing, reputation and public perception are at the very basis of successfully marketing any entity. By describing the realities of how quickly an online reputation can be tarnished and the basics of what it takes to successfully reverse such a situation, the agency’s experience, and presentation are expected to be of great use for the event’s attendees.

ICMediaDirect will be joined by a plethora of businesses from every segment of the vertical media universe, including marketing service companies, technology solution providers, ad agencies, and venture companies searching for profitable investments. Speeches, discussions, and learning forums will offer valuable insights into the most effective strategies and latest trends. Speakers and moderators from major companies will share their knowledge, while targeted sessions focusing on lead generation and high-quality marketing strategies will result in the type of specific guidance to help bridge the gap between advertisers and consumers.

Full-service PR and reputation management agency, ICMediaDirect has been providing its groundbreaking expertise for over 20 years. One of the first marketing firms to truly understand the potential of the Internet in its early stages, they also noted the extent positive or negative internet reputations can have on an individual or organization. As a result, the New York City and Washington D.C.-based agency developed strategies that provide 100% control over online search results by pushing down undesirable results. Clients from Fortune 500 CEOs to top sporting personalities have relied on ICMediaDirect, while major marketing events and conferences including SES, Affiliate Summit, and ad:tech welcome the agency each year to share their knowledge and insight.

IC Media Direct – Reputation Management:

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Daniel Yomtobian Underlines the Most Important Metrics to Pay Attention to in Social Media Campaigns

The huge body of social media metrics may seem like rough waters to navigate, but this multitude can be grouped into four main categories

Los Angeles, CA – August 31, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

Whether people like it or not, social media has become so important that no company can avoid it when crafting its advertising campaigns. Despite the incredible opportunities presented by social networks, there are also significant challenges for advertisers, especially in terms of deriving actionable insights from the enormous amounts of data generated through social media participation. Daniel Yomtobian, a highly respected entrepreneur and business leader in the online media space, comments, “Tracking metrics to determine the success of a brand campaign or the effectiveness of a marketing strategy can be a daunting task since there are too many numbers to consider. However, advertisers now have access to sophisticated analytics tools, which leaves the question of which metrics carry weight in social media. The challenge is to identify the relevant data because the important numbers will be those closely linked to the specific business goals attached to the social strategy.”

The huge body of social media metrics may seem like rough waters to navigate, but this multitude can be grouped into four main categories: awareness, engagement, conversion, and customer metrics, Daniel Yomtobian explains. While every element in these categories can offer valuable insights, its overall usefulness will be determined by its contribution to the business objective in focus. In the awareness category, the most important metrics for social media strategists to track are brand awareness, audience growth rate, post reach, potential reach, and social share of voice. Generally speaking, this category provides numbers that reveal the current audience a brand has and the potential new additions. Engagement metrics are perhaps the most widely tracked group, possibly because these numbers are the easiest to obtain, but they are considered of little use when it comes to measuring return on investment (ROI) or customer lifetime value (CLTV). These so-called “vanity metrics” include likes, shares, comments, followers, views, impressions, traffic, and bounce rate. Even though they may not be helpful in measuring business goals, engagement metrics are still important because they allow brands to optimize their content.

With regard to determining the effectiveness of a social media campaign in terms of generating sales or prompting another desired action, the metrics in the conversion category are deemed the best indicator, says Daniel Yomtobian. Among the key stats to track here are conversion rate, bounce rate, social referral traffic, click-through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC), and cost per thousand impressions (CPM). The collective data will provide insights into the value of the content for the target audience and determine whether marketers are getting solid returns on their investment. As for customer metrics, these are essential for any brand that wants to be perceived as credible, trustworthy, and committed to keeping its clients happy. In addition to tracking customer testimonials, marketers should also consider utilizing customer satisfaction and net promoter scores, using these additional data to pinpoint areas in need of improvement and refine their message.

Daniel Yomtobian rose from the ranks of web designers to become one of the most prominent CEOs in the online media space. His passion for innovation and product development has been recognized through multiple awards, among them the SFV Business Journal Top 40 Under 40 Award. In 2014, C-Suite Quarterly described him as a “…young leader [who] will continue to play an important role in shaping the online world of tomorrow.” Daniel Yomtobian has been instrumental in the success of several business ventures, focusing his efforts on his number one goal – driving advertiser value.

Daniel Yomtobian News – Advertising Pioneer and Innovator:

Daniel Yomtobian – Explores the Benefits of Innovative Ad Formats:

Daniel Yomtobian on the Role of Data Analytics in Advertising:

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Tofer & Associates is one of the Fastest Growing Personal Injury Law Firms In LA

This Premier Law Firm is Changing The Way Lawyers fight for their Clients

Beverly Hills, California – August 30, 2021

Tofer and Associates is the barrier-breaking law firm that takes personal injury cases to the next level. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, this dedicated and motivated team offers an invigorating approach to advocacy and justice for their clients. With knowledgeable expertise of the law and morality based principles, they accomplish success within each client they represent.

Tofer and Associates offer a fresh perspective on what it takes to properly represent others in personal injury claims. This organization upholds belief, determination, and understanding as their pillar of defense when fighting for their clients.

At the forefront of this company is a group of prestigious lawyers who are committed to you and handle justice without showing partiality. This law firm has successfully represented numerous personal injury claims with cases related to bicycle, ridesharing, e-scooter, motorcycle, wrongful death, slip and fall, and bus accident injuries across California. They are dedicated to fairness and favorable outcomes for everyone.

With a commitment to time reconciliation, Tofer and Associates work expeditiously to assist clients with obtaining the compensation they deserve. This organization takes a no-hassle approach to serve others as they take your stress and instead, give you hope. As a business that understands how overwhelming accidents are for injury victims, there is no charge unless they secure the payment that adequately fits the offense.

“Here at Tofer and Associates, we realized that most law firms had a common problem. This problem motivated us to not only find a solution but to BE the solution for our clients. We recognized that there were core principles needed to ensure the success of a client’s case. They are often overlooked but we quickly noticed how vital they were. We built our law firm on a foundation of compassion, seriousness, and reassurance. We put our heart into every case and fight diligently on your behalf,” said Founder and Managing Attorney, Alex Tofer on the company’s innovative viewpoint.

This law firm supports and encourages their dependents during some of the most difficult times in their life. As a pioneer for changing the way lawyers assist their clients, this establishment takes the burden of legal issues, personally deals with meddlesome insurance adjusters, and gets the job done while their clients rest and recover.

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Address: 8889 West Olympic Boulevard Penthouse Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
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Australia’s Top Residential Home Builders Franchise Opportunities Near Me

The Australian property market is experiencing rapid growth. Integrity Franchising has a solution for builders and entrepreneurs looking to tap into this robust industry.

Coffs Harbour, Australia – August 30, 2021 /NewsNetwork/

Integrity Franchising, an Australian company specializing in new home construction, has announced franchise opportunities for builders across the country.

For more information, visit:

This latest announcement will enable builders, property developers, real estate agents and tradespeople to take advantage of Australia’s hot housing market by starting a new home construction franchise.

Integrity Franchising has also introduced the iBuild Builders Licence Scheme for potential franchisees who do not hold a builders licence enabling them to access a residential building licence in QLD, NSW, SA, VIC and WA.

The Australian housing market has experienced sustained growth over the last two years. The number of new mortgages taken out in March 2021 was 55% higher compared to March the previous year. There has also been a surge in the number of new homes built across the country. Indeed, the number of loans to build new houses has risen by 45% in 2021.

Integrity Franchising’s new home builder franchise opportunities will give aspiring entrepreneurs the tools and support they need to start their new business. Partners will gain access to the company’s proven model for building a highly profitable business.

Each franchise is independently owned and operated within an exclusive operating territory. Franchisees directly work with their clients, giving them increased control of their own business while getting the support of the Integrity Franchise System streamlining their operations and increasing profit with the flexibility to suit individual regional markets and requirements.

The company has designed a full onboarding and in-depth training program for new home builder franchisees. They will also receive continuous coaching to ensure the ongoing success of their business.

Integrity Franchising has developed a complete software system for new home construction. The software provides pre-contract estimations, design and drafting, accounting and contract preparation, and more.

Integrity New Homes has also developed a strong reputation for its large range of home designs organized, in a digital catalogue with over 1500 designs. The range of plans available is suitable for custom and project home builds as well as investment property designs.

One satisfied franchisee said: “I have been part of Integrity Franchising for over two years. The help I got in setting up the business was exceptional. Support staff are always available and give great technical and legal advice when needed. I will recommend new builders to use the Integrity Franchising platform to expand their business and be part of the brand for future growth in business.”

Interested parties can find out more about Integrity Franchising’s opportunities by visiting:

News Source:

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Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab Announces to Provide Perfume Testing Service

Earlier this month, Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab announces that the company starts to provide perfume testing services for organizations, academic institutions and government agencies who are seeking for complete analysis and testing for a wide range of perfume-, fragrance- or aromatics-related items.

NY, United States – August 30, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

Earlier this month, Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab announces that the company starts to provide perfume testing services for organizations, academic institutions and government agencies who are seeking for contract laboratories to complete analysis and testing for a wide range of perfume-, fragrance- or aromatics-related items, no matter they are finished products or in-process materials or simply raw materials.

Perfumes can cause health risks such as skin diseases, nervous system problems, and can reduce indoor air quality or even cause allergic reactions among some people exposed to the scent. These adverse effects may be caused by the fact that the perfume is not produced in strict accordance with industry standards, which proves the necessity of analytical testing for perfume product to ensure its quality and safety.

“The testing of perfumes, aromatics, and fragrances is a process that examines the physical and chemical structure of a product. This process is an indispensable step in the formulation of new products and can also aid in their quality control and certifications,” says the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab. “As a reliable third-party testing company, and with a professional analysis team and advanced instruments, our lab can provide customers with the most accurate testing results for a wide range of personal care & beauty products in the shortest time possible. Perfume testing is now a booming business in our labs.”

There are many types of perfumes that can be tested and analyzed at Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab, including but not limited to:

Parfum, contain 15–40% aromatic compounds
Esprit de parfum, contain 15–30% aromatic compounds
Eau de parfum, contain 10–20% aromatic compounds
Eau de toilette, contain 5–15% aromatic compounds
Eau de cologne, contain 3–8% aromatic compounds
Eau fraiche, contain 3% or less aromatic compounds

Generally, a comprehensive perfume quality assurance testing should generally cover the following testing items: allergen analysis, acidity, pH, microbiological testing, ester value, refractive index, essential oil content, non-volatile matters, alcoholic content, solubility, evaporation residue, saponification number, etc.

According to the specific needs of customers, Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab can make ensure the products meet various requirements, such as:
Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act (FD&C Act), EC NO 1223/2009, EC NO 1907/2006, EC NO 1907/2006, EU NO 528/2012, EC NO 1272/2008, Regulations Related to Cosmetics, Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA), Safe Cosmetics Act 2011 (HR 2359), SCCS’s Opinion On Skin Sensitisation Quantitative Risk Assessment for Fragrance Ingredients (QRA2), etc.

“To make sure that the items or commodities being tested are in compliance with industry standards is always the top priority for all our analytical work. All our lab’s staff bear that in mind,” the Marketing Chief further added. Visit to explore more perfume testing capabilities of Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab.

About Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab
Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab is globally respected as a trust-worthy provider of various analytical testing services. It is committed to promoting long-term development of the analytical testing industry, offering a very extensive testing range, covering materials testing and characterization. The laboratory staff are very familiar with all the important international standards and guidelines including ISO, GOST, TQSA, USDA, FDA, FOSFA, GAFTA, IFT, AOCS and SAL. The experienced technical team can meet the needs of different customers by using advanced analytical equipment and technology.

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Amazon FBA Podcast Lunch With Norm Announces Guests for the Upcoming Week

This week, Adrian Savage, Patrick Stox, and Clement Wan will appear on the Amazon FBA podcast “Lunch With Norm.” Host Norman Farrar invites the most prolific business personalities to share the secrets of their success on the show.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States – August 30, 2021

“Lunch With Norm” is happy to announce that Adrian Savage, Patrick Stox and Clement Wan will appear on the program this week. Norman Farrar started the Amazon FBA podcast to allow small business owners to learn from the greatest minds in the business and e-commerce world.

More about “Lunch With Norm” can be found at

Adrian Savage leads off the week with Monday’s episode. Savage is the creator and founder of Deliverability Dashboard, which helps measure email delivery and engagement. By making timely and sensible improvements, it helps businesses reach more inboxes and get better marketing results. He is passionate about helping businesses reach out to more people by increasing their open rates and avoiding the spam folder.

On Wednesday, distinguished SEO professional Patrick Stox sits down with Farrar. He is currently associated with Ahrefs as a brand ambassador, technical SEO, and product advisor. He is also the organizer of America’s most successful SEO Meetup, the Raleigh SEO Meetup. In collaboration with JR Oakes and Paul Shapiro, Stox runs a Technical SEO Slack group and is a moderator for /r/TechSEO on Reddit.

Clement Wan will be Farrar’s guest on Friday. He is the Director at The Capitalism Initiative, a business that builds, buys and scales brands. He is also the Director at Riverstone Manufacturing, serving small and medium-sized OEMs in local markets. Wan has specialized skills in various competencies, including purchasing, procurement, sourcing, microfinance, investing, mergers and acquisitions, accounting, and much more.

Please tune in to the upcoming episodes of “Lunch With Norm” to learn more about these business leaders.

About Norman Farrar

Entrepreneur and businessman Norman “The Beard Guy” Farrar stands at the forefront of the economic mega-machine known as Amazon Marketplace. As a leading expert with over 25 years of product sourcing, development, and branding expertise, Norm is an advisor to many and an inspiration to all.

Throughout his career, he has worked with big brands including Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, Dell, Microsoft, Target, Hershey, 20th Century Fox, Molson’s, Cadbury and a wide variety of emerging businesses that are celebrating sudden escalation in profitability and sales as a result of taking action on his advice and proven methods. | | | | | | |

About Adrian Savage

Founder and creator of Deliverability Dashboard. Adrian is based in the UK and has been a geek since he was age 7. He’s been developing email deliverability software for more than 5 years and loves creating cool new reports and integrations. His passion is helping businesses avoid the spam folder, double their open rates and be heard more by their audiences. | |

About Patrick Stox

I’m Patrick Stox, an SEO professional located in Raleigh, NC. I’m Brand Ambassador, Technical SEO, and Product Advisor at Ahrefs and I live and breathe SEO. I love understanding how things work and all the weird and interesting issues.

I’m an organizer for the Raleigh SEO Meetup, the most successful SEO Meetup in the US, and also the Beer & SEO Meetup. I currently write on Ahrefs blog and have contributed to Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, and Search Engine Journal. I also speak at search conferences like SMX, Pubcon, UnGagged, TechSEO Boost and help run a conference with the meetup, the Raleigh SEO Conference. I run a Technical SEO Slack group with JR Oakes and Paul Shapiro. I’m a moderator for /r/TechSEO on Reddit. Finalist for SEO Speaker of the Year and SEO Contributor of the Year at the 2018 Search Engine Land Awards.

I was honored to be a judge for the 2017, 2018, 2019 US Search Awards, the 2017, 2018, 2019 UK Search Awards, and the 2018, 2019 Interactive Marketing Awards. I had 2 of the top SEO columns for 2016 on SEL, 1 of the top paid columns for 2016 on SEL and 1 of the top Link Week Columns for SEL in 2015. | |

About Clement Wan

At the Capitalism Initiative, we acquire and build consumer brands with purpose. At Riverstone, we serve small and medium-sized OEMs in local markets providing contract manufacturing services. With Ironwood Extrusions, we manufacture aluminum extrusions to specification in China and Malaysia. We aim to be low-cost producers in the specific processes and fields we enter and we focus on process improvement to improve the buying experience of our clients while reducing the costs of each transaction.

I’ve had experience in accounting, investment banking and managing a turnaround. I’m interested in economic development in transitional economies and private equity/venture capital in developing countries.

Specialties: Contract manufacturing, aluminum extrusions, purchasing, procurement, sourcing, microfinance, investing, mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, project management, accounting, managing in China







About Us: Lunch With Norm is your resource for everything from Amazon, to e-commerce, to digital marketing, to social media, all in the form of a live stream podcast. We aim to arm the small business owner with the latest tools and advice from the experts making waves in the online space. Tune in to our Facebook page each week to have your questions answered live and on air.

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Organization: The Beard Guy
Address: 701 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33311, United States
Phone: 1 (888) 300-1001

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Autism Parenting Summit Returns to Address Diverse Array Of Topics

The Autism Parenting Summit, scheduled for September 2021, will bring together some of the world’s top autism experts to help answer some of the most common parental concerns.

London, United Kingdom – August 30, 2021 / /

Hosted by Autism Parenting Magazine, the previous virtual event brought together thousands of parents and a panel of autism experts with years of experience. Many parents wrote to the magazine thanking the organizers for the help. Now, after seeing the overwhelming response, the magazine has announced a second Autism Conference with an even bigger line-up.

The Autism Parenting Summit will run from 7th-9th September and is FREE to attend. The online event will feature a panel of autism experts, including doctors, therapists, educators, psychologists, and people on the autism spectrum. These professionals will deliver presentations and Q&As on a variety of key topics such as social skills, communication, behavior, picky eating, executive dysfunction, education, and so much more.

Many parents with children on the autism spectrum are confused about how to address many of their kids’ needs. Experts advise children with ASD should receive support right away and getting an official diagnosis should not be delayed. Early intervention helps support a child’s development and can reduce some of the symptoms experienced over time. That’s why events like the Autism Parenting Summit are so important.

“We were delighted with the response we had to our first Autism Parenting Summit earlier this year. So many parents and caregivers tuned-in, and it was clear the audience was hungry for more,” said Mark Blakey, CEO of Autism Parenting Magazine.

“We wasted no time arranging a new, bigger panel of experts, and we have introduced more topics for the event such as sleep solutions, picky eating, and motor development.”

Readers can sign-up and learn more about the Autism Parenting Summit by visiting the official website at

About Autism Parenting Magazine

APM is an award-winning publication mainly aimed at helping parents improve the quality of life for their families and children affected by autism. The publication strongly emphasizes helping parents of children on the spectrum, essentially becoming a resource for autism parents worldwide.

Since its initial publication in 2012, the magazine has remained objective with stories, topics, developments, events and treatments. The magazine also covers a selection of inspiring success stories, designed to help parents make informed decisions while updating them about the latest treatment and therapeutic options available.

Contact Info:
Name: Mark Blakey
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Organization: Autism Parenting Magazine
Address: Autism Parenting Magazine Limited Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, UK
Phone: –

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